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Author Topic: Tonight  (Read 126 times)

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« on: June 08, 2019, 11:41:52 PM »
Tonight, I raped a woman.
She was...
An ebony beauty, barely five feet tall.
She struggled and kicked as I gave her it all.
Her shoulder length hair matting her face.
As I raped and abused her all over the place.

Tonight, I raped a woman.
She was...
Tall, blonde and slender, a mother and wife.
She'll never forget me, the rest of her life.
She fought and resisted 'til her resistance wilted.
I buried my cock 'til deep in her I hilted.

Tonight, I raped a woman.
She was...
A young Asian coed, a raven haired lass.
First raped her vagina, then ravaged her ass.
Told her I'd not cum, but alas how I lied.
As I spasmed inside her, she whimpered and cried.

Tonight, I raped a woman.
She was...
A business executive, a stern CEO.
Assaulted and ravaged as a cheap common ho'.
She sucked me so deep that her nose in my scrot'.
She choked and she swallowed my cum down her throat.

Tonight, I raped a woman.
She was...
A mother, a daughter, a sister a friend.
It doesn't much matter, they're all mine in the end.
They struggle and fight and resist with their best.
But in the end each a successful conquest.
They all start out proud and with spirit unshaken.
They all end up drained, violated and taken.
I barely remember how I met them or picked them.
My only concern is to meet my next victim.

Tonight, I raped a woman.
She was...


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