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The Legend of Wild Hill Bigcock
« on: June 22, 2019, 02:07:22 PM »
Well it was long, long ago, way out in the West
Where there rode a man that the women loved best
From the teenage queens right up to the moms and the aunts.
He was tall and erect, stood about six foot one
And the bulge that he carried said he's looking for fun,
And he made his legend by getting himself in their pants.

His brother was Willard, but they called him Will.
And his folks named him Hillard, so they called him Hill.
Which tells you how he came by his famous name.
He didn't like courtship and he weren't much for dancin'
And he had little use for no fancy romancin'
To Wild Hill, making love was only a game.

Now the townsfolk always confused him with Hickok,
And he'd have to correct them "No. My name is Bigcock!
That other fella, he always carries a gun.
Now I don't like guns, even though I'm well armed.
But the weapon I carry leaves 'em mostly unharmed.
'Cause I only use mine just for having some fun."

Now he loved the vagina and he sure liked the mouth
And he wasn't reluctant to please her down south
A man's man he was, and a credit to those of his gender.
He was nine inches long and as thick as your wrist
He was longer and thicker than most fella's fist
And when he finished, her feminine parts were both sore and quite tender.

They remember the time that he started in Boston
And fucked his way south, he got clear down to Austin
Where he ran into some saloon cutie's hot-tempered beau.
How he stormed down the street and how he'd bellow and page
With his hands balled up into two fists of rage
Yelling "Bigcock! I think it's high time for you to go!"

Now Wild Hill was some things, but he weren't no fool.
And he remembered his daddy gave him one hard rule.
He said "Son, a man's gotta know when he's run outta luck."
So he gave the stage driver a handful o'money
And said his goodbyes to that sweet little honey
Sayin' "Time for Ol' Hill to go find someplace else I can fuck!"

Now the years have long passed and the days have gone by
But it still brings a gleam to the oldtimers' eye
When they tell the story, as they like to tell it still.
About the guy whose name sounded a lot like Hickok
And how he made his legend as the lover named Bigcock
The story they tell of the famous Wild Hill.


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