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Author Topic: police boat under siage part 1  (Read 245 times)

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police boat under siage part 1
« on: July 10, 2019, 01:58:58 PM »
Police boat unde siage.
There was warm day In Rostock .The all- famele patroll boat was geting  read for patrol It's crew was Lt Hilda krueger  beautiful 35-years blond  with sarash connor look brasth dd long legs and good ass She loked verry good in her uniform slaks, she worked in Duesseldorf crime devisio but must quit this job whe the police van full of rookie copgirls wos ambushed and disapired. There was rumours that bihind it stand the famous polish gangster and white slaver Wanda Wiśniewska but no one find a trial. Now Hilda wants rebuild her Karier in kuestenwache, her seccond in command w Charlotte von rausch sergant with short aurban hair someething in type of sabine Petzl ,there was also Kterine Kield tall dirty blond in type o polish jurnalist Anta Werner junger sergant Anja Witkowski  she looks likeDaniela Katzenberge there was aither two rokies Melanie Werner i type o young navratilova and Matha Wagner who had lok of Pamela anders. All tHe Copgirl was werr good skiled and loved swimm  towatch border and fight with the criminals .  The patrol was good Charlot was by starring wheell  when hilda filled the raport other officer were watching the coast there was 12:00 and all officers drinki coffe when there was amayday calling on radio
"Maday Mayday" It's black pearl  we need your help!
- "black parl" It's somethin lak piretes Hilda was suspicious
calm dawn hil Iknow about your trauma, but finaly we are the police we should help people! Iil get it! - answered Martha.
Good but be cereful!
Young copgirl taked pontoon with motor and swimed out to the directioof calling soon she saw old yacht on shoal and someone waving to her. "here miss officer weneed your help"
when Martha came onboard tall blond man showed herway here, she followed him to the center of the deck. where' the victim? asked copgirl right here said the voice behind her. She turned back and saw tall blod woman pointing gun on her. Hands on your head and don't mowe Du Nutte
your are.. yes
Yes I am unfamos Wiśniewska and you are my kaptive now! Let's go with the hands.
trembling Mrtha Wagner complied . „Good disarm her Martha!  Short redheired girl in Chucky dolly type took Martha’s gun from her holster and tapped her on her head eine artige Maetchen! she said
„Now co pif you wonna live you will follow instruction How meny cops are on the boat ?”  „Two women five men tried to bleff Wagner Martha Deegiert Wonda’s secound in commend pressed big electrical prod to policewoman’s beck and pressed buton Martha didn’t expirie so much pain in whole live tears have blured in her eyes the nasty red gangster have laught „We know it’s all fem police boat, try to lie one more time and you’re history do you anderstend? Asked Wanda. Frighted blod policewoman noded „So-how-meny-copgirls –is-there?
On..only five six with me please don’t harm us! – „We won’t if you cooperate” now call your boat and tell tchem to swim near to our yacht. Said Wanda. Martha did so and soon the police boat showed up on the horrizont when they came closer to left boardside Hilda took a notice that something is wrong.
„Martha what’s wrong? You look like if you pissed in your pants!- shauted Hilda.
I’msorry,Hilda”. For what?
For that! Said Wanda and pressed gun in Martha’s temple Everyone stand still wiith your hands on your heads. The Wanda men have rounded all cops „you in the duty room! Come out with hands on your heads! Anja Kerstin and Melanie were frog marched on the deck wth their hands on their heads. „You! In th stearbooth don’t cover yourself come out and join your friends. Charlotte came out with hands on her head Hilda clasped dutyfull on her head and standing with her legs spreeded Martha joined her in the same position all six policewomen were staring wideeyed on their captors.,All right artig litle pigs loos your dutybeldsand lay facedawn on the deck! Ordered Wanda all policewomen did as ordered. And soonallsix copgirls wer laid out fecedown on the deck hands behind their backs It cant b heppening again shouted Hilda. Ac loutenent Hilda! I  remember this action don’tworry you’ill meet your former pupils soon! The policewomen lay in their black and white uniforms looks lik fortepiano’s claviature.
OK hogtie and gag tchem! Every poliicewoman was gagtaped and hogtaped with their bended legs striking up.


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