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Author Topic: Quantum Indeterminacy  (Read 980 times)

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Quantum Indeterminacy
« on: January 31, 2015, 12:09:03 AM »
Quantum Indeterminacy


Write about what you know, they say;
But I know nothing –

It's all unknowable guesswork

"But the sun…" you say


If I die in a police shootout tonight
The sun will never rise again


The world become a cold, dark, dead place
Like that which lies deep down within me

Unprovable, all…

So how to write what I know not
With true conviction?

If I die in a police shootout tonight
I will never be convicted

Unprovable you, I know not,
'cept as a late night electron glow
Of words upon a screen

My unconvictable words flung forth
Into a land of fantasy

I'll never know: did you read,
Did it seem true, was there a shiver,
A shuddering release of breaths pent up?


I know you not

Photon wavicles bear a reflected image
To my burning retinas - of a face –
Is it yours? Is it real to you?

That long hair framing the face
Isn't real; the color added in, the strands
Forced against their natural shape
And clipped regularly to size

I feel it's a wonderful face, lovely

Wanting only in that it needs a tinge
Of cruelty smashed upon it in startlement
To make those eyes widen so

I love large eyes

Yours could be large with fright and so
Made beautiful

Are they brown? blue? green?

I cannot know, I've not observed them yet

Let them be hazel, like Jessica's eyes;
Her lovely orbs of brown flecked with gold,
Ringed with green

They looked at me once and I plucked them out
To reside in my memory:
Ghost eyes haunting my steps

I can give them to you to wear –
Nothing's been determined yet


You are deaf to the click-clack
Of your own fleeing heels

If I were not here they would make no sound
In the lonely, concrete canyon you hurry through

Hurry away from my observations –
Away from the reality of my gaze –
Attempting to slide back into the haze of maybe

Your turnings followed through streets unknown
To you perhaps – I see them clear beneath
A wrack of clouds scudding quick

Quickly cutting through a side alley
To intercept your scurry

Will the clouds part?
Allow a ray of moonlight dapple
To beam upon my grasping hand
Snaking out of shadows?

Will she look down from above
And make the nightmare real
With pallid silver gaze?


What do you see?

A stir of dark inside a shadow;
A blankness unknowable,
Nullity made solid and quick,
Hungry and eager to swallow


I am deaf to the screams of your fright
Bursting from the unreal crimson gape of mouth

Were you not here (as you no doubt pray)
There would be no sound shattering
This lonely, brick lined space

I pull you to me in the unrelieved dark
Where you are nothing, a nullity of flesh:
Unknown and unobservable

You are nothing
And anything – everything – at one moment

Not seeing you in the cold, dark, dead place
I lie down with you, longing to be deep within


Unseen in the dark you are free
For me to dress you with my mind's eye:
Jessica's hazel eyes (yours),
Kathy's long brown hair (yours),
Deborah's full lips (yours),
Your features given names you know not,
Your struggle become Lisa's reticence

Even as my hands are free
To undress you with rending cruelty
I can know not –
The tearing of cheap rayon from me
Never felt as it is by you now,
How the tops of your pantyhose feel
Rolled halfway down your thighs,
The quick rip of nylon panties
Shorn asunder,
Your bare ass ground onto dirty cement
As I enter you forcefully

Your panties wadded into your mouth
To silence Kate's impertinent mouth,
Heather's legs held crooked in my arms
As I pin you down and fuck,
Haven's frightened tears
Drip slowly down your cheeks

My millions of sperm swim millions of wombs
As they flood into you

You are pregnant now, or not –
Nothing's been determined yet
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Re: Quantum Indeterminacy
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2019, 08:30:00 AM »
A beautiful combination of hypnotic and paralyzing. 
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