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The Bleeders
« on: June 07, 2019, 05:20:23 AM »
// Part 1 //


That thoght flashed thru my head, as i sliped his punch, by a meazured twitch of my head to the left of its path. I culd feel his knuckles graze my right cheek, geting hanged-up sligtly on my high cheekbone, just for a briefest mili-second. The puff of wind, in my face, leaved in the wake of his fist.

Or not.

Too bad actualy. I like tasting my own blood. That warm, fuzzy feel in the mouth, vhen a hard punch conects. Delicius.

Even as i sliped him, my right fist curved up, almost on its own acord, past his retracting arm, to bash the under-side of his jaw, half a moment before he culd jerk his head back out of the way.

Over-extending is something i punish. Always.

Pure instinkt. Muscle memory. Vhen it comes to counters, my fists have a mind of there own. Thoght process not rekuired. Or dezired.

It wuld just slow me down, to even waste a mili-second, thinking about it.

A sharp clack of his jaw, partialy muffled by his mouthguard. A drop of blood on his chin. He stagered back, tightening-up his stance a bit, his guard going a touch rigid, his eyes narrowing past his wraped-up hands.

My own narrowed too. He vas geting frustrated. Angry. Anger is good. Frustrated anger, is bad. It wuld make him tense up, and lose his flow.

"Loosen up." I growled, a touch of my anoyance seeping in-to my voice. His eyes flicking to my hands, down my body... insted of staying locked on mine. His feet, splaying out-ward from each other, as he un-consciusly shifted his stance, leaving himself less balanced. And telegraphing... ohhhh telegraphing, his gaze burning thru my left-side ribs... he shifted, pivoted 90 degrees, and lashed out vith a hard, but obvius side-kick to my sternum. Oh for fucks sake... culd that be any more predictable?

Bad idea, buddy

Flashed thru my mind, as i shifted a half-step back, pivoting slightly vith the blow, absorbing and diverting it, and looping my right arm under his out-stretched right leg, at the ankle, preventing him from retracting it. I lifted his foot up sligtly, as i puled on it, it being solidly vedged now, in the crack of my elbow-pit, and secured from above by my massive right breast.

Twist the ankle, leverage it.

Take him off his feet vith a low sweep to his other leg.

Pull in, elbow to the temple.

Roundhouse to the flank.

Lots of options, to name just a few. But i got cocky. I just smirked, holding his foot as my hostage.

He vasnt amused, as he snarled. Kicking-of the mat vith his other foot, he broght it to slug me acros the face, even as he fell down to suport him-self on his arms.

Smel of his bare foot in my nostrils. Blood pouring in a tiny trail, out of one. I licked my lips, almost smiling.

So, you can think outsyde the box. Good.

But not necesaryli practical. I stil didnt release his other leg, and now he vas only suporting himself by his arms, on the mat. One leg trapped by me, the other now flailing around. He didnt hit me hard enogh to make me let go. Thats the danger of desperation-moves. They can backfire, if not executed vith enogh determination. He didnt land that kick vith much force, he didnt put his hip in-to it, as he kicked up off the mat. It culd have worked. Hell - it culd have seriously phazed me, if he did it right. He didnt.

I pushed down, pinning him to the mat, vith his leg bent painfuly behind his back. He groaned in pain. That bringed a smile to my sligtly-bloodyed face, and i pushed down harder, enogh to provoke a sharper grunt of pain out of him.

"Stop it! Your hurting him!" a worryd voice snaped, from off to the side.

That vas his girlfrend. Pretty girl, roughly about 18-19, by my estimate. Blonde hair cascading down her neck to about her mid-back, delicate yet expresive face, adorned vith startling blue eyes. She vas dis-tasteful of the session since the start. One of those 'fighting sports are evil' types. Vhich maked me wonder why did he even bring her along. Looked like the... 'barbarity'... of it vas starting to get to her. And we barely started! I just smirked.

"Thats the idea. What, you think the other guy wuld go any easyer on him in the cage, huh?" roling my eyes at her. She glared at me vith a venomous glare, but stayed silent. Or hell, for all i know, maybe she vas just jealous, that his foot vas now basicly resting betwen my tits? He groaned.

" its ok. I... got it!" his pride obviusly wounded, that she wuld even say something like that. I culd empathize. He didnt want to look weak in front of her. I rezisted the urge to order her out of the garage vhere we wer sparring, and insted pushed down even harder. This provoked a scream out of him, as his hip extenzors wer strained to the limits, and a frantic tapping on the mat, persuaded me to release him.

The gf was glaring bullets at me, mixed vith glances of worry at him. I winked at her.

"Look on the bright side! He maked me bleed. I didnt make him. Yet." as he rubbed his thigh extenzors, and sore ankle. The pinched look on his face told me it hurt. Good.

Honestly, his gf looked cute vhen she vas scowling. I wiped the blood off my nose, and motioned him to get up, vith a smile. He glared, as he did, about half-way up... and then he rushed me, going for a takedown.

I lost my smile, as i backpedaled, going to a half crouch to prevent it and lock him down, vith a iritated scowl.

Really...? A bullrush?

His pride and obstinacy vas starting to piss me of. The idea vas for him to start learning to make his anger vork for him, NOT give in-to it like this. It vas why he lost his last match, and why he came to me, for extra training. I culd almost smel his frustration.

I locked his head in a choke, as it conected vith my rock hard abs, his arms snaking around, as he tryed to pick me up off the mat. Then I slamed my elbow down to the side of his neck, just below the ear, stuning him, careful to miss the spine, as i pivoted, making his rush take him past me, to land back down on the mat, on his belly. Angry red bruize on the side of his neck, as he moaned in pain... and rage.

"STOP IT!" the gf's shril scream sounded out thru the garage, as she rushed, to comfort her fallen bull.

I just steped away, shaking my head. Pathetic. Predictably, he just shoved her away, vith a in-articulate roar of rage and frustration, as he scrambled back to his feet, face twisted in anger, coming at me again, behind a barage of punches. Breathing hard and fast, gassing him-self out vithout even realyzing it.

Hook. I ducked it.

Follow-up cross. I blocked it.

Roundhouse. I checked it.

He stumbled to the side, un-balanced. I steped in, planting a nice crisp straigt-punch to his nose. I culd feel his cartilage flatening under it. Maybe a frakture. Definitly painful for him.


His head jerked back, eyes squinting in teary pain. Blood painting his nose. I folowed-thru vith a left low kick, vhich he checked, but only to set him up for a high, from the other side, vith my right leg. His forearm came up to check it, but too slow, and too weakly. My shin batered thru his flimsy guard, and bashed agenst the side of his head, in a very satisfying tonk of bone-on-bone.

He reeled to the side, stumbling, swaying, KOd on his feet, eyes rolling. I frowned a litle, as i reeled-in my folow-thru, a cross, leting him be for the moment. I didnt kick him that hard. Lousy chin.

"STOP! STOP IT! You'l kill him!" the girlfriend screamed, rushing tovard him to steady him.

I just shruged. There seemed to be no point continuing, he vas out of it. Undoing the gloves, i steped off to the side.

"If i wanted to kill him, i wuld have kicked harder, and lower, to the neck." i threw over my sholder, heading to the sink in the corner, to wash up.

She glared angryli. "Damn it, cant you see he's frustrated?! Cant you see he feels vulnerable?" as she used a hankerchif from her pocket, to wipe the blood from his nose, helping him sit down at the edge of the mat.

No shit Sherlock...

I smirked at that. "He dont have to feel vulnerable, he is. I didnt see his last fight, but i can see how he lost it."

She given me that patented "i cant belive you wuld be so heart-less" disbeliving look, that some women like to use so much. Then she sayed as much, or to the gist of it. Oh boy. This vas starting to get sad.

"Vhat did you expect, lady? That i'd go easy on him? Feed his ego? Go 'there, there you poor thing' and kiss his litle bruizes? Feeding his ego is vhat got him in the state hes in. And not training hard and brutal enogh, is vhat makes him this vulnerable. Now, he came to me, and payed me, to help prep him for his next match. And i plan to do just that. I'l either shape him up and toughen him up, or i'l break him. Vhich-ever comes first, honey." I culdnt rezist adding that last. Her wussy-mussy atitude vas practicaly asking for it.

"I am NOT your honey, you animal! You'r nothing but a savage slut who likes beating people up! You... you disgust me!" she screamed at me.

"Oh yea? And you'r cute when you'r pissed of like this." i retorted, meazuring her out, as i wiped my face vith a towel. She sputered.

"Wh-what?! You beat the shit out of my boyfrend, and now you'r HITTING on me? What the fuck...?"

I shruged. "Wel you like savages, so i figured i'd try." non-comitally, vith a grin, motioning at her boyfrend, who vas now slowly focusing again.

She turned furious.

"I DONT LIKE SAVAGES, you fucking beefy manly-looking plastic slut! And my boyfrend is NOT a savage!" she snarled, her pretty face all twisted up, as she stood up from him, and murder-glared at me.

Manly-looking. Oh boy... how original...

"Nope, he sure isnt. If he wer, he wuldnt be content vith a whiny litle princess like you. He'd find a real woman, one who can satisfy him properly." i nodded in agreement, goading her on, vith a fake-thoghtful expresion on my face. Then i deliberatly turned my back on her.

I chuckled, as i heard rapid footsteps aproaching from behind, at a run, under a thinly veiled growl. Yea... little girl vas pissed! This vas going to be fun.

"BITCH!" she screamed, throwing her-self at me, her delicate hands grasping for my neck and throat. Damn, temper! I take it back... i culd see what he saw in her. That temper vas a keeper!

I reached up, for her hands, pushed my hips backvard, as i grabed them, into her, and pivoted, executeing a throw, sending her on her back to the mat. She landed vith a semi-hard impact, moaning a litle.

"Wel wel... litle girl has some spunk, huh? Keep that up and i might start to like you." i smiled at her, meazuring her out. I had to admit, the sight of her lying half-out-of-breth, on that mat, did get some of my lesbian juices flowing. 

"SHUT UP!" she screamed again, scrambling to her feet, giving me a murder-glare mixed vith a touch of iritation. She looked a litle wobbly, but the fury on her face vas evident.

Behind, her boyfrend vas finaly back on his feet, staring in bewilderment at his squeeze. I culd tell he didnt expekt that reaction, either.

"Whoa, calm d--" he started, rushing over, but cut him-self off, as she launched her-self at me again, vith a very obvius, very wound-up, but determined right hook.

Honestly, i vas suprized at the amount of rage, so much so that i didnt react until her fist batered agenst my cheekbone, and slyde-over at my nose, at vhich point i traped her arm in a leverage, and puled her in tovard me. The impact didnt hurt at all, she had very low power in that strike. The pinched look on her face told me that the impact hurt her knuckles a lot more then it did me.

"You...YOU BITCH... you..." she snarled, tears in her eyes, kicking at me, trying to break free of my hold. I had to admit, the feel of her squirming, soft body against me, all sweaty and worked out from the spar, turned me on even more.

I griped her tighter, raizing her chin vith my free hand, to force her to look me in the eyes. I didnt say anithing, i just stared her down, holding her tightly, pressing her to me. She spat at my face. I bitchslaped her lightly over her own, then squezed her arm harder. provoking a moan of pain from her. Then i puled her head roughly in, to my own, and forced a kiss on her mouth. She screamed in-to it, tensing up.

"Let her go!" the fallen bull growled, rushing up to the two of us, and punching me hard in my flank. Both my hands busy, all i culd do is endure, as his fist batered hard against my ribs. I culd feel a spike of pain in my liver, but i pushed thru it. It did make me loosen my grip on her, as i stumbled to the side, and she broked free, a mix of disgust and... suprise... on her delicate face.

"How... how DARE you...?" she breathed, wiping her mouth, and glaring at me in fury. But vith that fury, i culd see... interest... in her eyes, too. I culd see them flicking over my body. Interest, fear... and a trace of lust.

Not that i had time to reply, as he folowed-thru vith a snap-kick to my jaw. Stil reeling from the liver shot, i vas too slow to block, and i saw stars, as i stumbled two more steps to the side. I culd feel more blood in my mouth, vhich i spat out.

"That's my girlfrend, you fucking pervy bitch!" he roared, pressing his advantage.

"Yea! Beat her up! She fucking KISSED me!" the girl's voice whooped, stil furious, but also strangely... longing.

I side-kicked, bracing my-self to the wall, hoping to stall him a litle, but he twisted, slipping it, in the same movement bringing his right fist hard into the base of my neck. The stars in my head wer replaced by a black nebula, as i stagered along the wall. Shit... this vas starting to get ugly.

Your not KOd yet. Come on - FOCUS!

Yea. Easyer sayed then done. I tightened up my guard, going in-to a lower stance, backpedaling away and away from the wall, as i vigorusly shaked my head, to try and clyar it. Taste of blood stil in my mouth.

Teep. Checked it.

Another. Checked it.

He keped coming.

Feint to the left. I didnt fall for it, only lowering my stance even more.

Straigt-punch. I sliped it... barely, his fist batering the top of my left sholder. But that left him over-extended. I grabed on-to his outstretched arm, pinning it, then puled him in-ward, straigtened, as my right knee shot up to his solar plexus.

A grunt from him, but no more. He inhaled and tightened-up in time. I folowed up vith a bodyshot to his own liver, but he checked it.

That left my guard open, and his elbow came-in hard, spliting-open my left arcade. The sharp pain vas delicius.

Blood in the eye.

...vas not. Depth-perception fucked. And he just keped coming.

"Get her! GET HER!" she crowed, sadisticly. Yea... i started to like her a bit more!

I backpedaled again, as i checked his folow-up hook, then tryed to return it. But it vas too short.

But the sharp pain it-self helped focus me. The black nebula in my head vas clyaring up. As he pursued, i stomped hard on his leading knee. He angled in time, but it stil compresed a little, under my heel. Sore, it made him shift his guard. As he did, I got in a overhead punch, to his nose. Mmmm... his alredy-dented nazal bone cracking sligtly, under my 2nd knuckle. Lovely.

Fraktured nose. Bleed some more for me, stud...

His nose gushed blood. The cut on his head stil bleeding sligtly. My arcade gushing blood, half my face covered. Him, favoring his right knee. Me... dull pain stil spiking in my liver, and my hind-brain feeling wobbly. Not KOd. Not yet. But definitly dazed.

"Come on! Dont let this manly bitch beat you up! Come on, you pussy!" the gf snarled indignently.

"SHUT UP!" he roared over his sholder, momentaryli distrakted. The gf looked hurt. Aww. Poor litle bitch, not used to geting yeled at.

I culd definitly empathize. He needed to fokus, not get scolded from behind. Not that i wuldnt take advantage of the distraktion... i almost smiled.

As my shin shot-up in a roundhouse to his sternum.

Thanx honey. JUST the diverzion i needed!

I culd feel his ribs compress, as my shin sank prety deep. Didnt break any, he vas prety conditioned there, but a bruize - definitly. I didnt hold back, i put the full angular momentum in-to the kick. I culd feel, transfered thru his trunk, the massive impact-shock reverberating back. It actualy maked my shin hurt a litle.

His air left him, in a audible whoof sound, as he stagered to the side, holding his ribs and moaning very softly, clyarly trying to hide it. Good. He caughed... and a drop of blood came out. Stil, the caugh vasnt repeated, so it vas probably not bad.

"NO! Are... are you ok?!" the girlfrend screamed, rushing in again to help steady him.

"Oh... here we go again!" i smirked, some pain in my voice, as i took the oportunity to wipe off my face of blood. I walked-of, to wash up once more.

"You gona pamper him evry time he takes a bad bump?" i aded over my sholder.

"Fuck you! You... you'r enjoying this, arent you?" she screamed after me, but there vas... a cry... in that scream. Oh boy... vas she actualy crying?

I turned to glance at her. Yep. Eyes sparkling vith tears, glaring angryli at me. Awww. I chuckled.

"I didnt. Not until now. Tell me sweetie, are you gona cry?" i teased, my voice now patronizing.

"Y...YOU are... you are a ANIMAL!" she growled, in a half-cry half angry moan, as her big bull stagered, vith her help, to the wall, vhere he slowly slumped down, wheezing. Caughing some more, some more blood coming out. Huh. Guess it vas a litle more serious. I shruged at that. True, i didnt temper that kick, but i asumed his body culd take it. Guess he needed more conditioning.

Stil, that gave me a leverage. I turned my atention back to his crying girlfrend. And she pised me off enogh, to give in-to it.

Ok litle girl. You wana be a pussy-block? Lets play that game.   

"Come here." i ordered her, as i washed-of some more blood. Looking in the miror, the arkade looked nasty, but it vas just a cut, even if alot of blood came out. But the trickle vas slowing. My neck vas a bit sore, but other then that... nothing to wory about.   

My eyes meazuring her out some more. Oh yea... she noticed it. I culd see her stifen-up sligtly.

"Wh-what? Why...?" she snapped, stil trying to put up a tough front. But the tears down her cheeks wer giving it away easy. She presed-in tighter agenst her bull.

"Cuz if you dont, i'l beat up your honey some more. Now get your skinny ass over here." i growled. That soft skin, that delicate, tear-streaked face surounded by golden hair... mmm. Yummy.

She glared, some fear apearing in her teary eyes.

Fuck it. I didnt even bother pretending animore. I sliped out of my sweat-soaked top, my tight, large, fake, pierced breasts on full display. I looked at her like a cat wuld look at a mouse.

He glared at that, thru his wheezing. Look of pure hate in his eyes. "Dont... y.... you dare..." he wheezed, vith another caugh, trying to get back on his feet. Another caugh racked him. On second thoght... maybe i did break a rib? That sounded prety bad.

"How you gona stop it? You cant even stand up. You want me to agravate that? Shut the fuck up and enjoy the show." i growled, flexing.

"NO! I'm NOT a lezbian! I'm NOT going to--" she screamed, her terror out fuly now. But even now, i culd see that under-tone of... interest... in that cry.

"Do i look like i give a shit? GET THE FUCK OVER HERE, or i'l put your boyfrend in intenzive care." i snapped, taking a menacing couple steps tovard the two.

She recoiled, glancing back at her wheezing bull. "No! No... no... I'l... I'm coming..."

He shook his head at that, pleading in his eyes, but she pushed of, and took a few un-steady steps tovard me.

"YOU BITCH! I'll k...kill you for t...t..." he started to yell, but another round of wet, bloody caughs stoped him.

"If i wer you, i'd stop straining those lungs. You'r just making it worse." I chided. I vasnt kidding. I had a busted rib, a couple times, in fights. Its never a good idea to put exertion on ones lungs, after that.

The girlfrend sayed nothing, teary-eyes murder glaring at me, as she aproached to stand before me, trembling a litle.

"Wh... what wil you t-to me?" she stutered out.

I didnt reply, reaching one arm out, to grip her betwen her legs. No bulshit. She stifened, reflexivly slapping me acros the face. I smirked, catching her arm, and twisting it painfuly at the wrist, vith my free hand. Her delicate wrist feled like a twig in my grip.

"A-ah. Bad girl. You do that again, i'l dislocate your wrist. You got me? And then i'l break a few more ribs, on your boytoy. Clyar?" I growled lustufly, puling on her arm, to yank her vithin 10cm of my face. My heat and sweat washing over her. Her terifyed, yet excited gaze on my stil-partialy-bloody face.

Mmm. She trembled like a leave in the wind. Her tears flowed, from the pain of the twisted arm. I bit my lip.

Oh god dont tempt me honey...

I didnt want to hit her. Or hurt her in any way. No... her beutiful, tear-streaked face vas lovely, just as it vas.

"Y-yes. I..." she stamered, shying-away, her gaze going down. I let go of her arm, then forcefuly yanked her head back up, puling on her golden hair. Then i kissed her, deeply, my grip on her nethers tightening. Her silky thighs tightened-up around my hand, as my finger feled her womanhood, thru her pants, and panties.

He glared, wheezing. But as i glanced at him, i culd see a sligt bulge, forming on his boxers. I winked.

"BITCH! I'LL K---" he roared, then caughed agen, doubling over brifly. But his growing erection vas telling enogh, to me.

She started strugling agenst me, as i keped the kiss up, for a while. Vhen i finaly released, she panted out of breth, a look of pure rage, and un-willing lust, in her eyes.

I loved it. My head vent side-ways, to her neck, as i started to lick it lustily. Mmmm so soft. At one point, i sinked my teeth in-to it a litle, tasting her blood.

"You taste good." i growled to her, then gave her a light bitch-slap acros the face. Just enogh to get her atention fuly.

"Now, suck my nipples." i ordered her, forcing her head roughly downward, to my buxom pair of tits. My pierced nipples wer alredy rock-hard, the studs in them gleaming.

For emphazis, i started riping-off her jeans. Zipper... button... my hand sneaked-in, to her silk panties... mmm... i culd feel some hairs... not kuite shaved, but she did keep her nethers in some order... and the soft, inviting labia. I started rubbing her forcefuly, thru the panties.

She moaned, in-volunterily, but jerked her head away, trying to get away from my sweaty breasts.



I forced her head back, pressing her lips, to my left nipple. I looked intently, down, in her eyes. Then i griped the back of her neck, vith my free hand.

"Now." i intoned calmly, yet darkly, puling her up brifly, to plant another kiss on her lips. My forceful glare breaking her down, as much as the more tangible thret of phyzical force.

She shudered in my grip. Tears streaming freely from her eyes. But she nodded, as she leaned down, to trace her delicate tongue, around my aureola, acros the stud in my nipple, then, looking up at me again, she started gently suckling on it.

"Good girl." i purred, kissing her fore-head, continuing to rub her thru her panties. Mhm... she vas wet. Slowly, but surely.

// Part 1 done // - my kink list. Read it and bust a load! 4 years out of date, but stil prety much accurate.


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