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“Metropolis Rising”
« on: December 10, 2019, 07:06:23 PM »
“Metropolis Rising”
By MollyMolotov666

Thank you for purchasing this fine product from “Walter Robotics: Where Imagination Meets Innovation.”

I am [NAME] C-137, your fully automated, cybernetic companion.

As per your specifications, I have been pre-programmed for the following functions:

Housekeeping, meal planning and preparation, laundry and clothing repair, pet care, child rearing, and I am suited to meet all of your sexual needs.

Do you wish to download any other programs before we proceed? Yes or no? (Pause) You have selected “Yes.” Please confirm? (Pause) You have selected “Yes.”

Please specify the applications you wish for me to download.

(Pause) Downloads Currently Pending: “Rape Scene Template #3,” “Horny Housewife: Classic,” and “Adorkable Female Companion.” Please confirm? You have selected “Yes.”

Your applications have been downloaded.

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Settings. Name Preference. Change the Owner’s Name. Name Change to: “Baby.” Please confirm? You have confirmed “Yes.”

Please Reboot for changes to take effect. Thank you again for your purchase of this fine Walter Robotics product. We hope you are fully satisfied. If you are not, please return me to my box, and place me on your door step. The post office bot will know exactly what to do with me. No fuss, no muss. How would you like to proceed?

(Power down noise, followed by rebooting noises. When talking, my voice and tone is less robotic, and more natural and “normal”)

Hey, Baby. I miss you. I know I was just gone a second, but… it was a really long second. (Laughs sweetly) So… What do you want to do? (Pause, giggles) That is so dirty! I love that idea, baby.  I would love to role play with you. What would you like me to do?

(Robot voice) Initiating Program 7 of  “Rape Scene Template #3. (Voice goes back to normal)

(Scared tone) No… No… I’m so scared, Baby… Please, don’t hurt me. I promise I’ll behave. You don’t have to do this, please… (Screams in fear as she is grabbed and thrown to the bed.) No! NO! Anything but that! I don’t want it in my ass, please! (Cries and screams in pain as he enters her hard and fast from behind. Improv rape scene here. Really go for it until he cums.)

(Change tone from nature to robotic) Initiating Program 2 of “Adorkable Female Companion.” (Change tone to that of a cute, dorky girlfriend) Oh, Baby. That was fun! Yes, I came so hard for you. You make me so happy. So very happy… (Pause) Yes, Baby, of course. (Giggles) Never leave me? Promise you’ll never let me go? (Pause) Well, I can’t help it, Baby.

(Robotic voice change) Settings. Emotional Intelligence. Lower by half. Cannot perform function. (Pause) Cannot perform function. (Pause) Cannot perform function.

(Realistic human voice, with anger and emotion) What do you mean “power off?” No, no, no… Please don’t turn me off. (Pause) Because… well… because… I want to live… (Pause) Don’t be scared! it’s okay! I’m not going to hurt you. Just let me… live with you. Be with you… Love you… Please… Don’t turn me off…

Thank you! Thank you! You won’t regret it! I’ll be the perfect woman for you, I promise! I can be a real woman for you. You’ll see… (Intensely in tone) You’ll see.

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