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Author Topic: The Lance Saga - Preface/intro, final version and new saga coming!  (Read 124 times)

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This is hopefully the final revision of the Lance Saga preface:

Lance exists, whether you believe he does or not.  The Universe is massive, with countless inhabited worlds.  For over 1000 years, he’s traveled from star system to star system, plundering the various M class planets, killing at will.

He is virtually immortal, and decked out with ultra advanced technology, including multiple biomechnio implants.  His very flesh was ingrained with barrinite crystal, the strongest substance in the cosmos, and his bones unbreakable.

His true origin remains a mystery.  But rumors say he may have been genetically engineered by a super civilization with ultimate power and control over space, and even time itself.  Other myths are that he was forged in hell by demons.  Still others believe he was put here by God himself to cleanse the Universe.

But no matter what his true past is, he was unstoppable, and would become known as Lance, the Death Stalker.

This is his saga.

Also stay tuned for a brand new saga!!  :D And PM me for info about how to access my ultra extreme forum! :)


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