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Description: James is kidnapped and tortured by his ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend.

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Author Topic: James Enslavement  (Read 277 times)

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James Enslavement
« on: August 27, 2019, 02:02:57 PM »
I woke up with a start and grabbed my phone, clutching it as I tried to catch my breath, the nightmare that awoke me disappeared like the morning mist under the warm sun.  As I calmed down, I squinted at it as the back light burned my eyes.  It was only 3:31.  I slipped out of bed as silently as possible so as not to wake Jenna.  She stirred but continued slumbering.  I was grateful my sudden waking didn't disturb her.  I padded down into the kitchen to grab a glass of water.  I was thankful for Jenna.  We'd been together a few years, but both of us had focused on our careers so we had no kids.  We were planning to get married and start a family in a few months from now.  I drank half the water before dumping out the rest, placing the up in the sink, intending to wash it in the morning.  I climbed into bed and slid up next to Jenna, sighing and kissing the back of her neck.  I'd never been so in love as I was with Jenna.  I never had problems getting a girlfriend.  Jenna knew that girls would want me and smiled.  It came with the territory of being my girlfriend. 
   "Mm-hmm, you okay babe?"  she asked.
   "Yeah, bad dream.  Don't worry, go back to sleep," I said kissing the back of her head.  I heard her rhythmic breathing shortly before I drifted off as well. 

I got up the same time as Jenna,  We showered and had breakfast. then, I drove her to work.  She kissed me, then got  out of the car, that kiss, the promise, and a tease.  Tonight would be a night to remember.  Indeed it was, just not the way Jenna and I planned.  I got a funny feeling like I might not ever see her again.  I shrugged it off and went for a coffee before my first appointment.  As I sat in the coffee shop, I scrolled through my e-mail, rather absent minded.  There was one, though, that made me take notice.  it had a video file attached.  The address was familiar, but I couldn't place it.  It wasn't from Jenna, my brother or sister or either of their wives.  Where did I know that email address from?  I clicked on the video and my heart missed beat and a jolt of fear ran through me.  It was my ex-fiancee, Annie.  She didn't say anything for a moment, but her smile could intimidate a shark.

“You ready Charles?" I take a glance over at Charles. He's still scarfing down the breakfast I made for him. Damn, the man can eat. Guess that's what I get for agreeing to live with a man his size.
   “Not yet Annie", he says with his mouth full. I chuckle at the sight and continue looking out the window. Beyond the small field is our barn. That's where I plan on it taking place. Charles parents use to own the house, but we bought it from them. They got tired of not having an neighbours around and it was too tiring to take care of such a large plot of land. I walk back into the kitchen and pour him some OJ.

You see, Charles and I met at asylum. He was put away for his violent temper. Felt kinda bad for him, he's just big and slow at understanding things. He's definitely better after meeting me. I, on the other hand, got put away after trying to burn my ex-fiancée's house down after he cheated on me. I didn't cause much damage and no one was home, so it wasn't too bad. I truly hope he didn't think I was going to let it go.


 I sit across the coffee shop in the large black van in a narrow alley. There's enough space for the vehicle and a person to walk past, but that's about it.

"It's time", I whisper to myself. I watch James as he scrolls through his phone, and I knew it when it happened. The priceless look of fear in his eyes, delicious. I play the video over in my mind.

"Hello James. I have a proposition for you. If you want little Jenna to live…", I hold up a couple photos of Jenna up towards the camera, photos of her at work, at the gym, at her parents, "walk towards the black van parked outside the coffee shop next to the dry cleaners. You dare signal anyone or decide you rather not, she's gone. You have three minutes… You know how I don't like to be kept waiting". I stare at my timepiece and watch the seconds go by. Charles is standing outside the van, behind the alley as not to be spotted, waiting for James. My heart races and I can feel myself get all wet thinking about the things I'm going to do to James.

I stood frozen in place for a moment.  My heart rate went up.  I knew Annie wasn't bluffing.  I knew she hated me for breaking up with her and now being with Jenna, thus, by extension, she also hated Jenna.  I had an inkling she'd hurt Jenna no matter what I did.  I only knew two things.  If I did nothing, they'd hurt, probably kill, my Jenna, if I walked towards the van, they might not hurt her.  It wasn't a difficult decision as I walked toward the van.  I hit '1' on my phone, speed dialling Jenna's cell.  It went right to voicemail. 
   "Dammit Jenna, where are you?" I asked aloud as I slipped my phone into my pocket.  The alley wasn't a long one, but it seemed as though it would take an eternity to get there.  What had me most freaked out, was the last picture on Annie's video had been taken this morning, moments after I'd dropped her off.  As I approached the van, a rather large imposing man stepped into view.  He could've played professional (American) football.  He smiled down at me.  Wordlessly, he fished a pair of handcuffs out of his pocket.
   "Behind you," was all he said.  I slipped one of the bracelet's around my left wrist, put my hands behind me, and closed the other one around my right.  He pulled my phone out of my pocket. 
   "Jenna," he said with a snort.  "She's a pretty girl," he said with a grin as my phone went into his pocket.  Without warning, he punched me hard in my stomach and I doubled over, winded.  He moved to stand behind me and I felt something sticky go over my lips. 
It turned out to be duct tape.  He opened the side door and shoved me in.  He climbed in behind me.  He blindfolded me.  Horror gripped me as he unbuckled my belt and yanked my pants down to my knees.  I screamed into my gag but I received a hard slap to the back of my head and he laughed.  I heard a door open and close.

I could hear James scream into the duct tape I’d instructed Charles to gag James with, before I even was in the van.
   “God sweetie, I could hear you scream outside,” I said, climbing in the driver’s seat.  James said something to me.  I couldn’t hear it from behind the gag, but I was familiar enough with him, to figure out what he said. 
   “Eventually, yes,” I said, “but I think my current boyfriend might want to fuck you first.”  I heard him laugh behind me.  I watched in the rear view mirror as Charles anally impaled my ex fiancée.  I got wet at James cry of pain, mixed with humiliation. It was the two things I wanted, James’ pain and humiliation.  I started the van and drove to the house.  Charles barn was important to the plan.   Charles and I had made a bit of a dungeon.  We had even set chains into the cement.  We had a few torture devices as well.  There was a second cell…for Jenna.  We were going to get her as well, if he was going to cheat on me with her, he could watch her get tortured and get tortured with her.  Her stay, however, would be somewhat shorter than James stay.  That was what the guillotine was for, eventually, we’d use it on James as well. 
   “Don’t hurt him too badly Charles.  I want him to feel my new toy,” I said laughing.

I screamed into my gag, at the intrusion into my anus.  I’d never had anything rammed into my anus.  I also suspected that Charles was doing, this, not because he was gay and attracted to me, but because Annie wanted him to humiliate me and cause me pain.  He succeeded on both accounts.  I didn’t know if they had cameras in  the van, I figured they did.  They would want to relive my humiliation over and over again.  Charles, that’s what she had called him, was big, both size, and girth.  I closed my eyes under the blindfold and wept as the giant behind me took his time anally raping me.  He was slow and brutal.  I was in my own personal hell, almost completely oblivious to the world outside, barely aware Annie had stopped. 
   “Make him look up into the camera, Charles.” Annie sounded like a voice from another galaxy. 
Charles grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my blindfold off.  Annie was turned around, sure enough. She had her smartphone out, presumably filming my humiliation and suffering.  She reached over and slapped my face.  I  felt Charles pull out, thankful he hadn’t dumped his load inside me. 

I couldn’t contain my glee at James suffering and humiliation.  A part of me, still loved him, and I felt sorry for him.  The bastard had cheated on me.  He and his whore would both pay for that offence.  Seeing my ex boyfriend suffering, my current boyfriend impaling his ass.  I kept glancing in the mirror as we drove to Charles’ farm.  No animals were kept there so we didn’t have to worry about feeding, watering, and caring for them.  We could spend the time torturing James and soon enough, Jenna, too. I couldn’t see his eyes, but I knew he hated it and was  more humiliated, than hurt.  The tears wetting his blindfold and leaking underneath. We finally pulled into the field outside the barn.  I fished the phone out of my pocket and started to record a video. 
   “Make him look up into the camera, Charles,” I said.  Charles grabbed a handful of James’ hair and yanked off his blindfold.  The eyes that once looked at me with love, now stared into my eyes it’s anger, hate and humiliation.  I slapped his face.  Charles pulled out of him.  I made my way to the back of the van and opened the door.  James was completely naked by the time Charles shoved him out of the back.  I wanted to torture him and I was wet at the thought of it.  I yanked James to his feet and half dragged him into the barn.  One of the inside stalls had been renovated for James, another nearby was very differently renovated, waiting for Jenna’s capture.  A cement block with chains set in before it hardened.  Charles and I set to getting James in position.  It wasn’t long, until we had him in place.  James was standing in a painful position.  His feet were more than shoulder length apart.  Each ankle was affixed to one of the chains and a spreader bar held his feet in place.  His wrists were behind him then the rope was pulled over a barn rafter, so the cheating bastard was in a  strappado  position.  He was still gagged.   


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