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Author Topic: Fear - A Vex Darkness Story  (Read 314 times)

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Fear - A Vex Darkness Story
« on: September 01, 2019, 03:26:55 AM »


She was a young girl of 22, petite, at five feet, three inches tall with slightly longer than shoulder
length light brown hair. She wore it down, it was straight, parted in the middle, and flowed
across the slightly tanned skin of her neck and very upper back.

She was walking through a fairly large secluded park, alone at 2 o?clock in the morning. It was a
dark, cold night, and she was carrying her coat, shivering in the breezy air and returning home
from an after hours party in a small downtown nightclub. Her nipples begin to harden and goose
bumps formed up and down her slender arms.

After several minutes of brisk walking, she finally put her coat on and tried to warm herself
against the fabric, but it didn't work, and she was still chilly. The wind began to pick up, making
it even colder, and almost as if a dark presence had called it forth and she felt someone watching
her movements from a slight distance.

Her pace quickened as she tried to hurry across the park, passing a few benches and then into the
last section, made of dense woods with a single dirt path leading almost directly in the location of
her home and winding through the darkness.

She heard a noise behind her, and a shadow flicked across the path just as she turned to look. Her
breathing intensified and she could hear her heart beating in her ears, so loudly that she thought
someone might hear it and sense her growing fear. Her pace quickened again, but she was still far
from home.

A looming figure darted in and out of the shimmering moonlight and between the large trees that
surrounded the path. He was trailing her, a black hunting blade held tight in his hand. He wanted
her. Not just for sex. But for her life.

Once again she turned her gaze behind her, the shadow appearing more frequently and her
instinct told her to run, her warm breath misting in the cold night air. She had no doubt that there
was someone, or something following her, and warm tears begin to sting her cold cheeks, black
streaks of eyeliner and mascara stained her nearly pale face. Her heart was slamming against her
chest, her blood pumping furiously.

Suddenly the shadow grabbed her hair, nearly picking her up off her feet, and she was stopped in
her tracks. A razor sharp knife was pressed against her throat with him behind her. "Don't move
or make a sound, or I'll fucking gut you right here." he whispered in her ear with eerie calmness
as the blade cut her just enough so that a trickle of blood came out.

She forced a scream back down deep into her throat as the shadow in her mind became a solid
reality. As she felt the blade cut into her soft neck a bit more, she squeezed her eyes shut and
tears streamed down her face, poured down her chin, and mixed with the several trickles of blood
running down the cleavage under her revealing top. Her heart still pounded and she knew now
that she had become nothing but a thrill for a monster.

Her thoughts raced, seconds become hours as she saw in her mind's eye the horrible fate that had
befallen her. Her captor held her closer, he was breathing down the back of her neck and taking
in all her fear. He fed off it. She felt his erection grow almost instantly and he blatanly pressed it
against her, holding the knife so tight now against her neck she feared he'd end her right there
and now.

Holding her by the hair with one hand, and the knife to her throat with the other, he again spoke
into her ear. This time with a simple question, "Where are you going in such a hurry, my

She winced with pain and answered in as steady a voice as she could muster, "I was on my way
back to my house...I...I...I'm not supposed to be here, I was supposed to be looking after
someone." After a brief moment of silence, as her fear again literally permeated into his flesh, "I
don't want to die....I...will do anything you want, anything."

"I'm gonna handcuff your arms behind your back and I'll be holding them tight. You make one
move, and your pain will be unimaginable." he told her and clasped the cuffs on her wrists,
closing them so tight, the metal cut into her skin. Now holding her by the cuffs and still with the
knife at her throat, he led her off the path into the dark woods and far enough in so that they
would not be seen. He knew no one traveled the path that late, but it was part of his game.<br>
They came upon a small clearing, with a nice view of the full moon. He found a tree large
enough to suffice his needs and pressed her against it, finally removing the blade from her throat.
She still had not seen his face and was sweating profusely despite the temperature continuing to
drop. Feeling his cock pressed against the small of her back, she knew what he wanted, but the
full horror had not yet set in.

She heard the sound of what could only have been a belt un-buckling. As she listened in terror,
he took the long leather belt off and looped it around her neck. He pulled the slack out of it with
extreme force and she choked immediately, not even able to gasp. After holding it that way until
she almost passed out, he let go, and her head slammed against the rough bark, drawing a lot
more blood than the knife had.

"Please, please don't do this..." she managed to say with a wispy voice. He removed her
mini-skirt, and she wore nothing under it. Holding her in bondage, he made several precise cuts
and as to remove the remainder of her garments. "Are you going to kill me...?" she had the
courage to ask him between her now sudden shivers of cold, her only defense against the near
arctic weather now gone.

He got up real close to her ear again, using her hair to arch her head back so she nearly was
staring at the moon and using his other, guided himself into her cunt. It was dry, her fear
preventing any sort of arousal. It didn't matter, the head of his cock parted her labia and he inched
into her.

"Yes, I am." He was now fully inserted and began to rape her. She wept and he held her hair
with a python's grip as his assault became more savage. She could not help but get wet, her
natural juices starting to flow about his cock making it easier to fuck her deeper. He put himself
into her as far as he could and now raped her with the hardest and deepest thrusts possible,
wanting to hurt her, wanting to somehow tear her cunt open. She only whimpered, appearing to
accept it, to accept this is the end of her life after he finished degrading her.

The vicious rape lasted as long as he could go without cumming. He tried to hold back, wanting
to see blood. Something suddenly popped, and he not only saw blood, but even felt it on his
cock. She was a virgin.

He exploded into her at almost the same time and grunted heavily, thrusting faster and faster as
he still came inside her. She cried loudly at this new pain so he bashed her face against the tree as
his orgasm finished.

She was not knocked out, but was dazed. He slowed his rape now, still pumping, wanting to
extract all he could from her. Finally he let himself slide out of her and nearly collapsed from
exhaustion. He let her fall limply to the dirty ground, completely naked, and handcuffed, her first
and last sex being the sadistic rape.

He looked down at her, not betraying any emotion, his face almost blank of expression entirely,
except for the very slightest of smiles. He noticed the belt still wrapped around her throat and
knelt over her, turning her on her stomach and straddled her. He took hold of it and pulled it tight
once more, not as much as last time, but enough to torture her. She was still able to breath, but it
was very labored. He held it tight with one hand and used the other to take hold of his knife. He
rubbed his fingers, which were gripping the handle, down her rib cage, feeling each one under his
knuckles. He turned the knife straight down towards her and ever so slowly stabbed the knife
between her ribs and into one of her lungs while at the same time tightening the belt, now
completely choking her.

Her convulsions were expected and he managed to use his body to keep her still enough to stab at
her in this manner but between each and every rib a number of times, totaling at least 20.

Blood now covered almost her entire body and she choked not only from lack of air but as her
lungs filled with plasma. The sensation she must have felt was overwhelming to him. Her terror
sent shock waves into him that were far beyond description.

As quickly as it had begun, it was over. She was dead, gone. He finally looked into her eyes,
cupping her head and turning it around. They were frozen open in shock, staring back at him. It
only added to his dark elation, and after gazing into her dead soul he stood up and slowly walked
away, with the moonlight to guide him.


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