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Description: A science fiction style fantasy

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Author Topic: advanced technology  (Read 99 times)

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advanced technology
« on: September 04, 2019, 11:13:55 PM »
   This is me trying something new, as a lifelong fan of science fiction, I always wanted to write story in a science fiction setting. This is that attempt, please bear with me if it is going to take me a while to get the story going.


Disclaimer: this is a fictional story, concerning fantasy. Rape is a heinous crime, that should in real life be punished by the full extent of the law. If you can’t distinguish between fantasy and reality, you lack the moral maturity to to continue reading.





Advanced technology


Terrania Utopia, April 2nd 2232

Ramona Nunes cringed with the sudden pain, her insides felt as if they were on fire. She had been diagnosed with advanced intestinal cancer, 16 months ago and so far all attempts for treatment had failed. The 36 year old woman had been told repeatedly that her particular form of cancer defied all current medical expertise. Some of the specialists had already started to get off on the wrong foot with her, when they had asked her if she had spent any time in space. Hell couldn’t those morons even read a medical file, especially one identifying her as member of the Space Force, where did they expect her to have worked, the Marina trench?

Until a year ago she had been a Major in the Terran Marine Corps. The TMC’s creation had quickly followed the discovery of faster than light space travel. As soon as mankind began expanding it’s sphere of influence outside of the solar system, they felt they needed some military capabilty as well, after all if movies had taught them anything there were aliens out there and they needed marines to counter it. So far a bit over 100 years into its creation the TMC still waited for it’s first encounter with another life form. But this didn’t mean that the corps and it’s members were considered obsolete. The well trained and professional men and women that wore the uniform, acted as protection details on space convoys, law enforcement and general peace keepers on colonies and space stations. Their motto was “anytime and anywhere”, and anywhere included a lot of time in space. Of her 14 years in service Major Nunes had spent, 9 years out there. A joker in her detachment had crunched the numbers when she left and informed her it was a cumulative 9 years and 275 days of space duty. She had told him were he could put those numbers, and they parted ways forever.

Leaving the Corps wasn’t her preferred choice, but her health had begun to deteriorate, and after a huge battery of tests, she was grounded as unfit for space duty. The powers that be had offered her a desk job, which she flat out refused. So she retired on half pay and began to scour the civilian specialists, with mainly negative results until she had found Dr. Pederson who was not exactly a physician, but an expert for advanced nano technology. As this last attack of pain was hitting her she sat in his office, while he was perusing her collected medical file, by now more a book with a multitude of co authors.

She watched him with some interest as he read her file on his tablet. A tall man with an angular face, dark hair with some gray on the temples. He had broad shoulders, but wasn’t muscular, actually she had thought him to be rather soft around the belly. To Ramona Nunes he looked overall unremarkable, if she had met him in a bar, she most likely would have looked for somebody more interesting. But this wasn’t a bar, and she wasn’t looking to get laid either. He looked up and met her eyes.

“Miss Nunes, or would you prefer Major Nunes? You have a most interesting case her.” he said.
As if she hadn’t heard that line a dozen times but she tried to remain friendly “Either would be ok with me, since leafing the corps, most people I know are calling me Ramona.”
“If you don’t mind I stick with Miss Nunes for the moment. As I have said your case is very interesting, some of your doctors have formed the theory, that your case of intestinal cancer is a further mutated form, due to hard radiation from your space duty.”
Ramona only nodded, she knew that already
“In my opinion this is utter bollocks, if you excuse my french.”
Ramona allowed her eyebrow to rise at this outburst, something she hadn’t expected from an academic. She smiled at him before responding “Please believe me Dr. Pederson, if you manage to say something that will shock me after 14 years in the service, I will be very surprised.”
“Of course, I was just going to say that any form of cancer is a degeneration of genetic information and as such a mutation. If cosmic radiation had anything to do with your case is completely meaningless, and has no impact on possible treatment. From the lengthy list of treatments you have received, I can see that the cancer can’t be removed by surgery, has resisted radiation and chemical therapy. And here I do disagree with the rest of the medical world. I think the cancer itself isn’t the problem, but the shot of combat nanites each member of the TMC is injected with as part of general readiness.”

Ramona was now listening very interested, nobody before had even explored that idea. Pederson was of course right, each marine received a shot of nanobots upon enlistment. Those little machines in her body, helped with fighting infections, and wound healing. Ever since she had received those little helpers she hadn’t had any wound that was bleeding for more than 10 seconds, no matter how deep. The eggheads in the Corps had rightly decided that this would make for tougher soldiers.

Pederson continued “ As you are aware, my specialty is nano technology, and I have a special interest in nanites. While I can’t say how you have contracted the cancer in the first place, my theory is that the nanites in your body, might have actually countered all treatment attempts. Shielding your body, and by extension the cancer cells, from the effects of the attempted treatments, it’s after all their primary function to counter outside influences.”
Ramona was floored, this actually made a lot of sense “Let’s assume you are right, why did nobody else think of this option? After all I must have spoken with every medical specialist on the planet.”
“Medical specialist” Pederson smiled benignly “I’m afraid most of my medical colleagues, have no real concept on what nanites are capable of doing. For them it might as well be magic, as long as it works.”
“How about the specialists at the Corps?” She interjected
“Pretty much the same thing, but in their case they have a better grasp on the technology, but no clue how the human body works. I might not practise medicine, but I am a qualified medical doctor as well as nano engineer, so my perspective might be unique.”
“And if my only tool is a hammer, a lot of problems begin to look like nails” Ramona responded acidly.
“Touche.” Pederson smiled again “But didn’t you come to me for an alternative option? I certainly hope so, because if I read your file correctly the rest of the medical world gives you about 3 more months live expectancy.”
Her face fell, she was very aware of the prognosis, with a lot less attitude she said “What is your proposal then?”
“A nanite cure of course.”
“But didn’t you just tell me that my nanites are the actual problem?”
“They are, but I have a newly developed type that can attack specific cells in the body to atrophy, while  excite healthy cells to grow. But there are some drawbacks, that I need to discuss with you.”
“I assume my TMC health care package doesn’t cover it?”
“This is experimental treatment, so no normally it would not cover it. But this is tied in to my research, so that will cover the expenses. The problem is that, while I have proven that the nanites are not acting harmful, I haven’t fully mapped possible side effect on a long term study, so there is a risk involved.”
“Dying a painful death within three months, is more than a risk to me, so I would be willing to take those risks.”
“Very good, but I’m afraid that isn’t all. Your combat nanites are likely going to interfere with the treatment, and there is no way of just deactivating them. For security reasons the TMC guards access codes to the nanites like the holy grail, if you were still in active service it would be even illegal to try to tamper with them. But since you are retired, there is an option but it’s going to be very unpleasant.”
“For the sake of argument, please define unpleasant.” Ramona’s voice was as calm as she could make it. This was a very unexpected chance, one she hadn’t even dreamt of.
“The deactivation of the nanites, will be physically painful, as we need to fry their circuits with a magnetic, oscillating field. This will take about 30 minutes during which your body temperature is going to rise. There might be some further discomfort, when the dead nanites are excreted out of the body via regular bodily functions.  And lastly, you will lose a protective factor, that you have subconsciously relied on for all of your adult life.”
“I have made it through basic training, and have served as a Marine for 14 years, I think I can handle pain and discomfort. How soon can we begin the treatment?”
“If you have made up your mind we could start right away.” he shoved over the tablet towards her. “Would you please sign, this acknowledging that I have informed you about the need to disable your nanites, your consent to this and the subsequent treatment with the new strain of nanites with the description of M1.”
Ramona carefully studied the document before signing it. If the Marines had taught her one thing it was not to sign anything blindly, that was one certain way of becoming responsible for say 20 space suits that had been missing from inventory for years, or extending a tour of duty for another year. But as far as she could see the paperwork repeated everything Dr Pederson had said, so she signed and looked expectantly at Pederson. “What’s next?”

Pederson got up and asked her to follow him, he lead her into a small well lit room that looked like a laboratory. There was a padded examination table in the center of the room, with a big metal circle above and below it. Pederson pointed toward the table and explained “Before you get on that table, I must ask you to remove all metal in either your clothes or on your body, since those would interfere with the magnetic field. Would you like a gown to protect your modesty.”
Ramona started to laugh out loud. “Dr. Pederson you are one of a kind, I assume nobody has ever told you that for the ease of logistics, the Corps has adopted the concept of unisex showers and quarters many years ago. If you are easily offended on who sees your skin, you don’t belong in space.”

With that she began stripping out of her clothes, because of course there were metal plaques and zippers on her pants and her blouse. Her bra had a wire frame, so it had to go, releasing her breasts. Ramona believed to have seen an embarrassed look on Pederson’s face as he glanced at her breasts. For somebody of her short stature, 156 cm wasn’t all that much in height, 75D breasts were an impressive sight. Tipped with perky brown nipples sitting in the center of large brown areolae, she had always considered them one of her better assets. She hesitated for a moment about her panties, while they didn’t contain any metal, it was tempting to just shed them as well increasing Pederson’s discomfort. At the end she decided against it. So she laid down on the table clad in only her white conservatively cut cotton panties.

After confirming with her that she was alright, Pederson said he would now switch on the magnetic field generator. She heard a deep thrum from the rings above and below her, with the pitch increasing to a higher tone. At the beginning she didn’t feel anything, but then there was a warmth emanating from her body. She began the first sheen of sweat forming on her body. As the progress continued the warmth pulsing through her body, became constantly hotter, the sweat now flowing in rivulets down her naked form. And then the heat reached a level that she felt she was burning from the inside out. Only her pride kept her from crying out loud, and the heat continued to increase. When her pride was used up, she kept silent out of pure stubbornness, and the heat kept on rising, and so did the flow of her sweat, she must make quite a mess on this table. In the end she began to groan in pain.

And as sudden as it had started it stopped again, the thrumming as well as the built up of heat. She continued to sweat profusely, Pederson came to her and handed her a large glass of water. “I thought you would need it” he said.

She gulped down the liquid greedily, feeling she must have sweated liters. The cloth of her panties were sweat soaked and clung to each curve of her body, and had absorbed so much moisture, to make them largely transparent anyhow. Ramona was suddenly aware of how visible the thatch of her dark blonde pubes were. After leaving the Corps she had taken pleasure in growing that bush as well as letting her hair grow out to shoulder length. During her active service, not only her head had sported a very short buzz cut, some things were not practical in low G environments, and long or lose hair was extremely high on that list.

Pederson lifted a hypo injector and looked her in the eyes “Are you ready for the new shot?”
“Go ahead.” she agreed.
A quick prick, a short hiss and she felt something injected into the muscles of her right upper arm. She felt a manacle closing around her right wrist.
“What is that for?” she asked looking at a bracelet of dark, brushed metal.
“This is the control unit for the nanites, allowing me to modify the program externally. This might become necessary to have the best effect for your treatment. At the moment you won’t be able to remove the controller, but as soon as we are done, I will take it off. If you don’t have any further questions, I would suggest you get dressed and go home. Your next checkup is going to be in one week from today, should you experience any problems, please contact me immediately.”


After Ramona Nunes had left his office, Pederson started to make some notes on his tablet.

Nunes, Ramona, Maj. TMC ret.
Age: 36
Military defense system deactivated
injected with nanites of type M1 on  April 2nd  2232, and equipped with change program.

At this point he grinned maliciously, he was fairly certain to see the charming Ramona again a lot earlier than in 7 days.


To be continued.

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Re: advanced technology
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2019, 04:30:28 AM »
Very good start, and can’t wait to see how this develops


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