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Author Topic: Fatal patroll part 1  (Read 234 times)

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Fatal patroll part 1
« on: September 30, 2019, 09:36:30 AM »
This was very nice evening in Duesseldorf 5 femel rookie cops had served duty in their silver-green
radiocar Volkswagen bus T3. Thay were: 20 years old Pia Rostow tall blonde bomshell with big 34 dd breast,  her friends Anna Shtrop equally beauty blond girl with shoalder light hair, 19 years old with big breast  two blond bombshells Kristin Kield 19 years old  and Eva Novak both in  Pamela Anderson type fifth was Vera Shultz Boxom brunete in Lt. Vera Armt from old DDR series polzeiruff 110 type. 20 years old They were very etusiastic new cops mostly from a cops families only Vera came from good lawyer familie her parends didn't like very much hercarier path.,  but she forced her will. The girls were gossiping and laghtig in  the radiocar when the call came  Vera took the mike answered it ' Condrad 13 call in over what s up?
This is Conrad 25 we have an emergency by th abdomend Inn i Nikerdorf we need rokie cops to savety the place We are going answered Vera and turned light on
.They didn't know that in silver green BMW 7  car 25 the two pale faced policewomen stared in two silenced guns wich cared tall blonde and shord redhead in Chucku doll type that wer Wanda Wiśniewska and Martha Degierd two ifamos white slawers who ambused th radiocar just when it came on the free way. It's good ,good girls Wanda said to the two midleaged policewomen Petra Shubert and Greta Bruner. Now stand out from the car two trambling policewomen, did as ordered.
On your knees!! the degraded  blond copgirls did as ordered  have fallen on the knees and ruthless     
women cuffed their hands behind their backs. The friting women waited for their fate.
Meanwhile The radiocar came to the spot. Are you sure is it save? Lt. Krueger warned that wee shouldn't go to the calls without back up?  Asked Kristin Don't wory We're cops doing it is our duty.
Cmed her down Vera . After all what wrong could happen it's ordinary car accidend.
But when they reached to the abdomed inn parking lot they've realized that something is wrong.
Wait  Petra and Greta are kneeling before thair car! Is it some joke? Just when the police car stopped from the bushes two women and tall blond point gun to Vera's temple „noone of you dare to move or speak! Shouted Wanda from the secound side of police van Martha covered scared to dead copgirls with shotgun. From behind of the secound radioocar showed two male gangsters pointing guns in two midlaged cops heads  Al right all of you step out of the van ! The cops as quickli as possible leave the radiocar and stand in row before it with hands behind the heads. All of you misss Pigys get on your knees! One and two all five pairs o dark green police trausers hit the ground only one who resist was Vera but Martha quikly subdued her with electrick prot. Ok cuff thecops behind their backs ordered Wanda. The five copgirls were quickly cuffed behind thair backs OK take them
to the van all seven policwomen were druged to the bleck Mercedess van whitch pol;ed over from behind the inn the gangsters poured gasolin on both radiocars an burned it.In the van the cuffed cops were gagged by nearly fiftywraps of duct tape. Sitting in van they watchet each other wide eyed. What is in store for them? When the van finali reached  the abdomed warehouse Wanda ordered: everyone out! On the double ! For hacuffed policewomen it was hard to run but they were to frighten to resist You! The old ones! The older couple over her! Two older policewomen were forced to kneel down in the center of the hall then Wanda aproached them andstarted to speak: Well you girls were very good girls, we don't any cotumers for older ware so.. execute them!!!
Martha and the secound tall girl who was in the warehouse put the clear bags arond the polce women heads began to stranle thm the desparete polcewomen facess want from red to purple and green. They finely died and fel to the ground.  The same thing will happen to you when you try to resist. Now strip! Ordered Wanda. Scared to death young policewomen began to strip they unbottoned thair blousess and slit them from the shoulders tok of thair boots and socks unbelted  pants silt them to t ankles and step of it. When they were just in underwear they were showed to big saind Andrew's crosses and pined to it tthem Martha and Wanda cut their underwar and said Ok let's the fun begin! The gangsters put one spreading electrot into each policewomen cants and began shocking them tem the   secount electrots was placet on thair nippless the pain was horible it run for over half hour over and over again. When they stopped  cops cunts  were claret and their nippless were blleding. Then Wanda shut the show for tonight and hlorofomed girs for the nigt.


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