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Pussy Fortuna
« on: September 30, 2019, 12:47:00 PM »
“It’s simple, Ma’am. The terms of entry are that you consent to any and all footage of you taken in this establishment may be used and distributed by Perfect Use Corporation as they see fit. I’m sure you can find some other club with a privacy policy more to your liking, but the USP of our venue is precisely that patrons may end up appearing in our high-quality erotic films. So either you consent, or you leave.”

I watched the feed from the door. So far the only naked or near-naked people inside were the servers behind the bar. Two women, two men, like usual. There were maybe two dozen patrons milling about and, while their outfits naturally displayed a LOT of flesh, no one had discarded any clothes yet. They were still feeling each other out (in the figurative sense mostly, although I had already watched a couple of the women fondle a few crotches, and a few more men cop a feel of a boob or two each).

Of course we kept the footage of the door. Sometimes it made great scene-setting stuff for the releases when we edited them together. And right now, the bouncer was doing his job perfectly. We didn’t want anyone in here not knowing what they were signing up for, and we didn’t want anyone who objected to the concept suing us later, so if they weren’t okay with it, they could fuck off and fuck elsewhere.

The two women looked at each other. This was the moment of truth. Did they want the hotness of our high-end sex & fetish club, or did they still believe in privacy? If they entered, this was definitely going into the video.

But no: they liked naughtiness, but still felt porn stars were beneath them. The leader of the pair stamped her foot and glowered but my bouncer is big enough and unmovable. The pair turned their backs and stalked out the main entrance to try their luck somewhere else. Good riddance. Soon enough, another group of young women turned up and I knew immediately they would be getting in. You can just tell, sometimes, from the body language, the excitement. These three looked to be a cut above the last bunch. Any richer, and I’d have the bouncer turn them away anyway. Why? Because their parents might just have the clout to challenge the legality of the contracts they signed to get in. They were the sort who did risky things because they fundamentally believed they were invulnerable. We’d get some usable footage from them, I was sure. Then I realised there were four of them: the meeker, bespectacled girl behind was with the group. She stumbled on the steps and I saw her friends roll their eyes. Physically, she wasn’t that different from the rest. Her boobs were natural, and her lips unenhanced, and she hadn’t joined the others in the tanning salon, but basically they did the same kinds of workout, ate the same kinds of food, had the same long legs and slender arms and flat tummies.

The newcomer was the only one wearing an actual dress - the others were in microskirts and boobtubes. The dress was nearly as short as the skirts, and the way she tugged at the hem, I knew the bookworm of the group wished it was longer. I guessed her friends picked it for her.

Goldmine! This was going to be our newest starlet.

I noticed she was also the organiser of the group, making sure everyone had their things together, checking their bags and coats into storage, and also - important this - the first to sign the consent form and give her screen name: “Pussy Fortuna”.

Now, this may come as a shock to you, but even the most “real” of reality TV has a script planned in advance by the producers. And our star videos are no different. Sure, we get random “lucky moments” with patrons engaging in utter filth for our cameras, but we don’t leave it to chance. In order to make money, we need to guarantee every night we open, we get at least one good story and feature video for our buyers and subscribers. There are professional porn actors on retainer posing as patrons in the crowds every night and their job is to make sure I get the footage I want. I didn’t care how they did it: seduction, getting the starlet drunk, a dare, a bribe.

Over the next few minutes, they would each receive pictures of “Pussy Fortuna”. I had until then to decide how I wanted her fucked. I scribbled a basic script on my notepad and sent the relevant info to my actors.

* * *

Step one was isolating the target. Sometimes you could rely on friends to urge the target into doing more than she’d be comfortable with, but here I felt that might make “Pussy” more reluctant and friends are more likely to intervene if they think the target is genuinely distressed. So this time, it would be easier to get them separate. The confident ladies didn’t take long to start flirting heavily and once I saw Pussy looking lonely at the bar I triggered Curtley to start things rolling.

Curtley is a tall young man of West Indian ancestry, with an incredibly smooth and cultured accent. A simple Van Dyke beard and high cheekbones make him a natural charmer. He puts up with the usual remarks about Black men’s cocks because let’s face it, he’s in no position to disprove the myth, and I know his sexual tastes run to the more vigorous end. I was okay with Pussy rejecting him at first. His job was to open the moves, and the ideal script made him the last to actually have her. If she acquiesced now, the running order could be changed up, of course.

“Feeling out of place, maybe not sure what’s going to happen, huh?” He stood himself side by side with Pussy and leaned in conspiratorially to speak to her. His concealed microphone caught everything perfectly, of course. The dialogue was important.

Pussy nodded. “Is it that obvious?”

“Only because I feel the same way!” Curtley laughed, faking nervousness himself.

“But you’re really good-looking! What do you have to be nervous about?”

“Look who’s talking! You’re stunning.” He glanced away. Fake bashfulness. “I’d like to see you without your glasses. Don’t worry, I’m not doing that stupid Romcom thing of the nerdy girl loses her glasses and has her hair done and suddenly she’s super-desirable, cos trust me, you already rock my boat! But I’m still kinda curious.”

Pussy nodded slightly and Curtley lifted his hands slowly by her face and eased the glasses off. Pussy blinked rapidly all the time he held them, but struck a “sexy” pose, or her idea of one. after a few seconds she fumbled for his hands.

“I’m sorry, I’m practically blind without them, can you put them back?” Curtley eased the frames back behind Pussy’s ears, taking care to brush her cheeks and shoulders with his hands. Sensuous, intimate touches. I watched with delight as she squirmed and rubbed her thighs together, practically simpering for him. The seed was planted, though it wouldn’t come to fruition yet, I was sure.

Curtley moved his hands lower, fingers gliding down her arms to her elbows, then moving inwards. He’d subtly turned her so she faced him now, part of the routine with her glasses. His fingertips brushed the outside of her breasts, before he asked, “May I?”

Pussy took a step back and folded one arm across her middle, shook her head no and then glanced to her right at the floor. The cameras caught it perfectly, almost like she was doing it for my benefit, to fit the script.

Curtley mirrored her step back, let his hands move out and down to rest easily at his side. “Sorry. But thanks for the confidence boost, you’re a really hot girl and I know you’ll get lucky tonight if you want to.” He smiled and stepped his other foot back and sideways so he turned side-on to her again, out of her personal space and yet not breaking the connection entirely. This was crucial. Pussy would be feeling much safer now. She rejected a guy, and it had no consequences. And everything so far would go in the finished movie. The set-up for where Curtley gets to fuck her hard and fast at the end was in the bag.

That meant it was Rohanna’s turn. I had a hunch that little miss Fortuna might be more receptive to her own sex than to men, though if she was here at all it implied she would definitely go both ways. We just needed her on that slippery slope now. This was another warm-up act, but if it paid off then that would be very profitable, too.

Rohanna is the epitome of the “pornified” look. Big enhanced boobs, long hair extensions, teetering on ridiculously high heels, lots of make up and an artificial tan. She fixed Pussy Fortuna with her big blue eyes and flicked her black hair back over her shoulder to take a seat beside her target, reaching out and brushing the back of Pussy’s hand with her finger.

“Hey, gorgeous! Just taking in the sights tonight? Most girls would literally die for a chance with Curtley. When I saw him talking to ya, I thought I’d missed out my chance.”

My cock twitched at the delightful look of confusion on Pussy’s face as she processed the bombardment of different messages - first the appearance, then the implied criticism, then the not-so-subtle expression of interest. It took her a few seconds to work it all out into a coherent response, and I knew that that sequence would make it into the final cut. Maybe not in context. But definitely it would set up the fuck-vibe for the vid.

Pussy finally settled on what was the most important part for her: “Wait - are you a lesbian, then?”

“Bi, baby! Bi! I get turned on by anyone who’s unashamed of being sexual. I’m a total regular here because who would come to a porn bar except someone really cool with people knowing they fuck?”

Camera zoomed in on Pussy’s face. The colour of her cheeks glowing red, the slight quiver of her muscles, the faint bite on her lower lip, the glance away. Pure gold. Almost more valuable than the proverbial money shot.

Rohanna pressed her advantage. “Nerdy, shy chicks are my kryptonite, though. If they have the courage to, you know, say what they like?”

“Well, you know, I actually am bi. Actually. Um.” Poor Pussy Fortuna. Rohanna is an expert at pushing the right buttons. She let her fingers drift up Pussy’s arm to her shoulder and leaned in to listen, resting her chin on the back of her other hand. When Pussy didn’t add any more after a second or two, Rohanna continued.

“Looking at you, I bet you love having your breasts played with. I know I do.” Pussy nodded. Rohanna breathed, “Tell me more!”

“Well, I, um, I really REALLY like my butt being fondled. And just being touched all over, you know, caresses and licks and feeling like the centre of someone’s attention like that. Does that make sense?”

“Any preference for men or women? What do you like guys to do with you?” The hidden mic on Rohanna’s costume could barely pick up the sound, it turned itself up to maximum and her breath in Pussy’s ear was loud through the system. But I knew that would add to the effect if I used this part. Reality TV at its finest.

“I much prefer women, really, I don’t think about guys that much.”

“I bet you did when you knew you were coming here though, right? Was it the same, lots of hands and touching, or did you think about more? Because I want to hear about it so I get super hot and wet for you, sweetie.”

Rohanna’s technique in this role is sublime. At once drawing out the admission that would make the actual fucking part seem reasonable, and also offering the fuck right there. Pussy would either reject everything now, or she’d agree to have sex with Rohanna. And, by extension, everyone else I had lined up for her.

“I, well, I sort of daydreamed about fondling a big, hard cock with my hands and I guess putting it somewhere else, but I didn’t think much about that part to be honest.”

“Oh, honey - have you never been with a man before? And you thought you might have your first time here? That is so brave!” Rohanna hugged Pussy.

Pussy stammered, “Well, I mean, I had a couple of boyfriends at college, I even sucked their dicks a couple of times, but I never actually, screwed them. Strap-on valley for me!” She giggled nervously.

“Maybe before the night is done, that will have changed!”

“Maybe…” Pussy sounded doubtful.

“Trust me - Curtley’s not the only one who’ll find you stunning. You could drop your cunt on any guy’s dick here and he’d be grateful, so you should give it a go.”

Pussy paused for half a second, then, “Maybe I will!” Her face lit up, like she’d never considered that she might actually have sex and Rohanna had just turned on a lightbulb for her. Rohanna pressed her hand down firmly on Pussy’s wrist.

“But not until after I’ve fucked you, yeah? Cos girl, I saw you first!” Rohanna grinned. “Come on, we can go to a private room and I can get my hands all over your delicious body. I can’t tell you how much I want you right now. Just be honest - do you want me, too?”

Pussy nodded and squirmed. I realised she must already be getting wet from Rohanna’s attentions. And that Rohanna had known this several beats earlier. That woman deserves a raise. She’s a true pro and could have been a Hollywood star if she wasn’t such a slut and actually preferred working for me. She’s not getting one, of course. The profit margins aren’t great in the age of tube streaming sites (fuck you, MindGeek!) but I would find some way to give her a bonus.

She led Pussy by the wrist towards the back and I signalled to the guys to get ready. I explained the details Pussy had mentioned, hands everywhere and fondling cock.

There’s no such thing as “private” in the club, of course: everything is recorded. But the “private” rooms meant you didn’t have all the other patrons watching when you did your thing. Rohanna laid Pussy on her front over the bed to unzip the nerdy girl’s dress and the bed head camera caught every moment of Pussy Fortuna’s nervousness and whimpers. Rohanna peeled the dress from Pussy’s skin, brushing her palms and fingers across the young woman’s shoulder blades. Lifted her up onto her elbows to pull the dress down Pussy’s front, cupping and squeezing slightly on her breasts, pulling the dress down to the floor.

“Oh, God, I’m so not sure I want to do this!” Pussy murmured, and tittered nervously.

“I’m sure I want you to, sweetie.” Rohanna’s hands rested on Pussy’s hips, her thumbs pushing up to cup the buttocks as Rohanna descended to her knees and reached with her tongue from behind to find Pussy’s pussy. The cameras didn’t have the perfect angle to see the contact, but the wide shot was so good, I wasn’t bothered. And Pussy’s excited, surprised gasp. I was tempted to start stroking myself right then and there. Pussy shyly parted her thighs, shuffling her feet apart. As Rohanna went to work with her tongue, Pussy’s feet eased wider and wider in time with her whimpers of pleasure. The face shot from the bed head showed Pussy’s nerdy glasses slightly askew, her mouth open and panting, her eyes half-closed. The difference from the reserved, uncertain nerd who arrived was precisely the transformation I wanted. It was time to get the fuck scenes I wanted to complete the shoot.

I gave a whispered instruction to Rohanna. She eased herself away from Pussy’s cunt and reached under the bed to the store of equipment there, pulling out a blindfold. She relieved Pussy of her glasses and eased the blindfold over Pussy’s eyes. Pussy lifted her hands to her face instinctively.

“Don’t worry, dear. I have a nice surprise for you,” Rohanna breathed in Pussy’s ear. She manoeuvred Pussy onto her back, pressed a finger to Pussy’s mouth to hush her, then beckoned in Harry Vast.

Harry Vast has possibly the most beautiful cock in the business. It’s not the biggest or broadest, but it just looks like it was sculpted on purpose. Like the rest of his body, which in a sense actually is sculpted: he spends a lot of time in the gym to create a lithe, muscular figure. He does life modelling for art students during the day.

Harry stood by the side of the queen-sized bed and Rohanna took Pussy’s hand between her palms to guide it onto Harry’s cock.

“What- What the fuck is that?!” Pussy exclaimed.

“Meet Harry’s cock. He’s happy for you to stroke it as much as you like,” Rohanna’s smile resonated through her voice. Rohanna’s reassuring, confident hands stroked Pussy’s hips and thighs. “I’m right here, honey, don’t worry.”

I saw Pussy’s throat gulp but tentatively she curled her fingers around the proffered dick, already lubed up and ready for her attention. Her thumb experimented stroking across his glans, brushing against the opening and down the other side. Her jaw fell open slightly as she explored, grew more sure of herself and her freedom to feel him, experience the sensation of his stiff, veiny meat twitching from her attention. Rohanna eased two fingers inside Fortuna’s pussy, rested her free hand on Pussy’s other wrist. She knew I wouldn’t accept no for an answer when it came to getting the shots I wanted, and it was time for the next one. There was no escape from being a porn star now, not for little Pussy Fortuna.

Harry moved from her side to grab her ankles and pull her to the edge of the bed. Rohanna made sure to take control of Pussy’s wrist, her grip gentle and reassuring still, but there was no question who had control here.

“No, wait! I don’t think…” But Harry cut her off with a perfect thrust, burying his cock inside Pussy’s cunt. Not deep or hard enough to hurt her, but fast enough to make her notice and shut up. Reluctance is easier to sell safely, than outright nonconsent, although I do have outlets for that, and the best-selling vids are the ones that skirt that line. Like I said: Pussy Fortuna was going to make me a lot of money.

Already the other guys, Lee Nin and Curtley, were moving into position either side of Pussy Fortuna. Harry wasted no time between Pussy’s legs, screwing her with athletic pace and precision. I knew now that Pussy didn’t want his cock inside her. Too bad for her I needed her screwed on camera. She was struggling against Rohanna’s hold, and Harry’s hold on her thighs. But she didn’t have the confidence in her own actions, so a viewer wouldn’t know she genuinely wanted out of there. Not for sure, anyway. She made vague pleading sounds, asking him to stop, or slow down. Again, enough ambiguity that a viewer could comfort himself that she wanted it really.

Lee and Curtley oiled up their hands. Pussy was going to get her wish for “lots of hands all over her body”. Too bad she didn’t seem in the mood to enjoy it. But we had her on camera saying she liked this, so that was too bad, right?

They rubbed the oil into Pussy’s belly, then turned their attentions to her breasts, stroking, squeezing, caressing, rubbing her nipples between their fingers, all the while the steamhammer of Harry’s cock slipping in and out of her dripping hole (oh yes, I knew she was physically turned on. Also a good prover for covering ourselves). Rohanna knelt at the head of the bed (a good job there’s also a camera at the ceiling edge there for the higher angle, right?) and held the helpless slut’s hands beneath her knees. She stroked Pussy under her chin, brushed her cheeks, cooed meaningless reassurance and praise against Pussy’s protests and struggles. I knew I was going to have to beat one out several times while editing the footage together!

Harry jerked sharply and Pussy wailed, “Oh, please, not inside me! I’m not on birth control!” Like anyone would care. That might even make an extra tag to sell more copies on. Harry grunted as his cum spurted into Pussy’s tunnel. He slipped out and stepped aside so I could get the close up of his semen dribbling from Fortuna’s reddened pussy.

I also got a close up of Pussy’s face: the tears streaming down her cheeks. There are some guys who find that sort of thing an extreme turn-on.

Lee’s turn next. He’s our anal specialist, and he is extremely good at the techniques of hard buggering. He swapped places with Harry, who wiped his cock clean on Pussy’s breast before massaging the cum into her skin.

Lee lifted Pussy’s ankles up over his shoulders, lubed himself up, and bent his knees to get down and find the right angle to push into her tight, dark rear hole.

“No! No! I don’t do anal! Please, stop!” Oh well. This was going on the noncon list after all. Or I could edit it carefully to make it seem less blatant.

Rohanna’s mood changed. At least, from pussy’s point of view. “You do now, bitch!” She cackled, and slapped Pussy’s face at exactly the moment Lee pushed his strength against Pussy’s butthole. The shock made sure pussy couldn’t fight him and her ring muscle didn’t tighten until it was too late and Lee’s cockhead was already forcing it open, leading the way for the rest of his shaft to plunder her bowels.

The other three performers knew their jobs, the hands on her breasts and body, Rohanna keeping the slut from escaping. Lee started slowly, loosening up Pussy’s sphincter as he rocked his hips back and forth, just an inch or two to start. Close up from the various angles, showing the anus dragged back and forth by his cock. I gave him a quick instruction, and he upped his depth, moving faster only to keep the same rate of in-out strokes. Pussy wailed in despair and, I guess, pain. But Lee was too good at this to risk doing any real damage. She might feel like she’s being torn, but he would never do any provable damage that would actually leave her bleeding.

I knew Lee was ready to come almost as soon as he got started, but he has enough self control and he held on to make sure we had a good five minutes of assfucking footage before he exploded inside Pussy’s bowels, making her howl in despair.

Dirty semen oozed from her punished rear hole as Curtley moved into place. Plenty of close-ups to emphasise the size of his dick. I noticed Rohanna manoeuvred herself over Pussy’s face, pressing her own pussy down onto the slut’s mouth. The mics didn’t quite catch the words, but I imagined Rohanna had threatened her to make sure Pussy got her tongue to work. It wasn’t in the script, but I approved of the improvisation, and made sure to have one close-up locked on that action while I filmed the immense member pressing into the victim’s pussy and stretching her painfully wide, Harry’s semen working as extra lube for her but still it looked like it hurt. Her hands were clenching and unclenching.

I muttered into Curtley’s earpiece, “Make her suffer, the ungrateful bitch. We gave her everything she wanted and more!” He grinned, and the others knew what the instruction was.

Pussy screamed over and over as the monster-sized cock ploughed and pounded her passage, bottoming out against her cervix again and again. Her chest convulsed and writhed but Rohanna muffled every protest, every effort to escape, with her cunt pressed down on Pussy’s face, her fingers pinching savagely on Pussy’s tits, punishing her for her efforts, not that Pussy could control her anguish any more, but it made great footage and that’s all that matters. I told Rohanna to remove the blindfold so that Pussy could see who was brutally raping her. I felt we needed that reaction, that understanding, to frame the story. The gasp and expression fo pure horror was exactly what I expected. Perfection!

Curtley was brutal, savage, monstrous, leaving the tear- and sweat-streaked Pussy an exhausted, frantic mess. Her legs hung limply either side of his as he ravaged her cunt with his cock. I could see the fight had completely left her. She was sobbing and desperately licking Rohanna’s cunt, just hoping it would end soon. I saw Rohanna meet Curtley’s eyes. They were going to time their orgasms together. Rohanna moved her hands to her own breasts as she rode Pussy’s face, I saw her bite her lip and I knew the signs from watching her so many times before. Her body went faster and faster, building over just a couple of seconds into a scream of ecstasy, putting on a fabulous show for our buyers; Curtley held on just a few seconds longer before driving himself deeper and harder into Pussy, and giving himself permission to peak, closing his eyes, arching his back and spurting his load over Pussy’s belly. “Oh fuck yes, that was good!” He wiped himself on Pussy’s thigh.

The four of them manhandled Pussy and forced her into her dress again, the semen leaking from her holes still, and the cum on her belly smeared against it from the inside, then Rohanna escorted the limp, defeated slut back to the bar. She was going to keep her company until her friends were ready to leave. To my pleasure, i could see one had found a back room of her own with someone, and the other was slowly riding some guy’s cock behind a table in front of everyone - useful movies, both, but nothing like the headline feature we made of Pussy. They weren’t going to be there to support or comfort poor Pussy, and I could make sure Rohanna kept her from ever being a credible witness.

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Re: Pussy Fortuna
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2019, 09:01:39 PM »
Really, truly an amazing story, @kittyumbrass. Your writing skill and your imagination are both just astonishing.


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