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Author Topic: Detention: from zero to nothing [Contest Entry]  (Read 734 times)

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Detention: from zero to nothing [Contest Entry]
« on: October 03, 2019, 01:20:07 PM »
Detention: from zero to nothing

--- Dedicated to my fellow switch and tender soul zero  ---

She took a deep breath as she put the last of her history books into her briefcase, careful as not to scratch the expensive leather exterior. The noise of chattering students shuffling impatiently out of her classroom like a bunch of crawling ants trying to find their way home slightly masked the unnervingly long metallic droning of the school bell. Friday afternoon. The weekend beckoned. As the last student hurried into the hallway and she was about to close the classroom door behind her she suddenly overheard her name being used amidst a chorus of laughter.

“Man, I’m telling ya, Sullivan first needs to be dusted for spiderwebs down there! She’s so friggin’ uptight she ain’t gotten laid since dinosaurs..” He abruptly stopped mid-sentence as he noticed a wide-eyed silence descend over his classmates.

“Billy….. Beasley.”

He visibly shrunk under the condescendingly sharp tone with which she uttered his name. Turning crimson he slowly turned around, his eyes trying to flee from under her stern glare. A quick dismissive glance of hers to the other students was their cue to get the hell out of there.

“Well…? You were saying, Billy?” She raised her eyebrows inquisitively as she positioned herself in front of him.

“Since dinosaurs…whàt? Hm?”

“N…nothing ma’am.” All the bravado had left him together with his friends.

She couldn’t stand the sight of him. From his wispy, unkempt hair down to his worn out sneakers. Everything about him screamed loser. His grades were appalling, his demeanour even more so. Always late in class, late for turning in assignments, skipping school, fighting in the schoolyard, you name it. It didn’t matter if she’d noticed he actually rarely started a fight and was mostly the one being picked on by bigger guys. He made the school look bad, and by implication its teachers.

He wasn’t even supposed to be there. This was a school for A-grade students from middle to upper class families, not trailerpark trash like his. But alas, nowadays there were government projects sprouting up left and right to be more ‘inclusive’ of disadvantaged minorities. That was of course just euphemistic speak for ‘every deadbeat belonging to minority xyz must get a degree, earned or unearned.’ To refuse to take part in such a project could get your school the infamous ‘racist’ brand and possibly deter monetary donors. Hence, once toptier and respectable schools now had to balance a tightrope of keeping up their good name and educational standards whilst navigating a minefield of politically correct codes with regards to a number of subsidised lost cause students. And apparently Billy’s parents could claim to be one gazillionth part Cherokee. Not that you’d notice by looking at his pale, lanky ass. She was sure they were just gaming the system.

And their son wasn’t a disaster waiting to happen, no, that train had already arrived. At birth. And no amount of schooling was ever going to change that. Kicking him out of school however was no option with discrimination charges hanging overhead like a sword of Damocles. So, damage control was the current and only recourse. Detention in other words.

She’d had about enough of seeing him in detention. For years she’d voluntarily put her name on the detention duty roster every September, knowing full well it was one of the easiest and minor jobs with such a large body of upperclass students who actually cared about their grades and their parents’ opinions. With the arrival of Billy however, it had become an annoying weekly chore. Every goddamn Friday since the start of the school year she’d had to sacrifice to watch his irritating scribbling and miss out on evenings she would otherwise spend with her friends, going to the theater or dining somewhere fancy.  She didn’t even have to look at the detention roster anymore, his name might as well have been engraved there for the rest of the year.  And here they were once again. Mid November. A friend of hers was having a reception for the opening of his new gallery this evening. She ground her teeth.

“So, which class did you manage to fail this week, Hm?” She sighed as she let the dinosaur comment slip. Why even bother anymore? He’d already raked up the maximum of detention.

“Maths, ma’am…”

“My, my, …isn’t that a new low, even for you, Billy.” She frowned in feigned disbelief. She couldn’t tell whether Mr. Higgins had ever given a student detention in all these years. The man had the patience of a saint.  Of course, it would take a Billy Beasley to accomplish that. She tucked a loose strand of her dirty blonde hair back into her bun and looked at her watch.

“Five minutes, you know the drill.”

He hurried to the restrooms. It was the mandatory break he was allowed to have between class and detention. If it had been up to her she would have made him keep it in for the entire bloody two hours. Shitty little misfit. She walked over to the teacher’s room for a final check of her mailbox and then installed herself in the classroom next to it for her weekly Friday evening ordeal.

“On duty again, Virginia?” The low and gravely but friendly voice of Edgar Simmons, the school principal, standing in the door made her look up.

She sighed a cordial and slightly defeated smile. “Alas Ed, alas.” She shrugged.

“You don’t mind locking up again?”

“Oh no. Ed, you know I don’t.”

“You sure?” He was such a caring principal. After all these years he was more than just a boss even though they would never use the term ‘friends’ in the open.

“Ed…” she winked “I’ll be just fine. Give my regards to your wife. And have a nice weekend.”

He wished her likewise and in passing a returning Billy in the hallway, shook his head wearily. In her peripheral view she caught Billy flipping Mr. Simmons the middle finger behind his back. What? That rotten little shit! She suddenly felt a rage boiling up inside of her.

How fucking dare he! Stealing her every Friday for almost an entire semester, dragging down the class mean performance grade, making her school look bad, making HER look bad and now insulting the principal who had been trying to get his white trash ass back on track?! Trying to talk some sense into the boy, trying to contact his parents who -of course- were never home. Probably spending all their foodstamps on booze and drugs somewhere. Fucking retards.

She rose out of her chair just as he carelessly plumped down on his.

“What the fuck was that?”

His head jerked up and he looked at her with wide-eyed bewilderment, probably wondering whether he had actually heard her use the F-word.


“You heard me.” Her voice had turned vicious.

“What. The fuck. Was that. Billy?”

She towered over him with a malicious glare in her eyes. Enough. She wanted him gone. Out of this school. Out of HER school. But how? The charges would have to be severe. Skipping school or flunking simply didn’t suffice. That idiotic committee for minorities would pass it off as if it was the school’s fault for ‘not lending enough support to a vulnerable student’. Fuck that. She needed something irrefutably incriminating. Something. Anything. In a sudden impulse she furiously grabbed the backpack he’d set on the floor beside him. Billy’s eyes grew even wider.

“Nooo!” He cried out as she tore the zipper open.

It took her a moment to register his objection. Sooo, what was in the backpack that he didn’t want her to know? She dug in and barely had to rummage around before she found the small plastic bag. Could it be…? She smelled the bag. Oh yes, there it was. Bingo. A shrewd, triumphant smile split her attractive face as she dangled the little bag of weed in front of him. She almost couldn’t believe her luck.

“Well, well, well, Billy. What do we have here?” She sat herself down on the desk that was right in front of his.

“Looks like a little bag of …expulsion to me.” She almost hissed the word.

Billy looked almost frozen in terror for a moment, his eyes darting left and right as if looking for a way out. Oh, it was priceless. His agony, her sweet, sweet revenge. For just a second it looked like he was going to try and deny it was his, then realising she would never fall for that, he suddenly started pleading with her.

“Ma’am, please…Please don’t kick me out, please!” He squealed.

“My parents they…they don’t give a shit. They just send me here for the free lunches and to keep me off the streets. I…please don’t send me back to Bayside, they’ll kill me!”

He was on the verge of crying. She had no doubt the ghetto trash would rough him up daily if he were to return to his shitty old public school. Putting him back in his place after spending time in an elite school. And rightfully so.   

“Ma’am, I…I’ll do anything! I’ll be on time, I swear. I…I’ll make the assignments. I won’t cause you any more trouble! Please! Just don’t send me back, please!” He looked scared and pitiful.

As she watched him beg, she became strangely aroused. It wasn’t enough, the begging nor the crying. It just wasn’t enough.

“Silence!!” She yelled at him hatefully. She knew she had him. She knew she needed nothing more than to take that small bag to Ed and be rid of this little pest and yet… she suddenly didn’t want to anymore. She now had power over him. And she rather liked the idea. This little hoodrat was now at her mercy and she wanted …compensation. For all those stolen Friday nights and all the disrespect she’d had to endure. He had to pay. He had to pay now.  She wanted to humiliate him, the way he had humiliated the school by disrespecting it, by disrespecting her.

“Sooo… “she closed her fist around the little bag and tilted her head “…now all of a sudden you’re going to be…what Billy? A model student?” She chuckled mockingly and tucked the bag into her vest.

“I…I..” He stammered.

“Shut it, Billy” she spat at him condescendingly. “You’re nothing more than white trailerpark trash and you know it, don’t you?” She stood up from the desk and positioned herself right in front of him, lowering her face down to his. He clearly didn’t know what to do anymore. Barely dared to look her in the eye.

“You are such a fucking failure.” She whispered in his ear.

That seemed to trigger him. Suddenly his eyes grew defiant and he tried to stand up. She smacked him hard across the face. Flabberghasted and in pain he sank back in his chair. Next thing he knew her hand was on his throat, squeezing it painfully.

“The fuck you think you’re doing, Billy?” She snapped at him. “Remember ex-pul-sion?” Her face was now only an inch from his. He looked petrified and confused and was now breathing hard.

“Would you like to keep your free lunches, Billy?” She barked at him.

He blinked rapidly to control the moisture in his eyes.

“Wh..what?” He replied with a flustered voice. “Y…yes, m…ma’am.”

“Good!” She let go of his throat and straightened her expensive two-piece that snugly fit her athletic form.

“Take your clothes off.”

“My wha..?” A quizzical frown distorted his youthful face.

“If you want to keep your free lunches…and your life, you will do as I fucking say, Billy.”

He still didn’t move.


Startled, he sat there motionless, mortified, gaping at her. Then it finally seemed to sink in. He looked down for a moment still somewhat in disbelief, looking back up he met her icy glare as an air of defeat crept over his posture. Slowly, slower than ever, he took his shirt off, laying it on the desk with trembling hands. He got up and hesitated unbuckling his belt but continued under her menacing stare. When he was down to his underwear he stopped.

“Off.” She flatly ordered him.

He turned crimson taking off his boxer briefs and quickly covered his family jewels with his hands. She closed in on him and stared him in the eye which made him look away. They were about the same height. Both slender, with the exception of her bosom, which had drawn many a male student’s attention. Billy’s as well. She’d seen him steal glances at her bosom, that sneaky little prick. 

“Hands by your sides.”
She enjoyed the embarrassment on his face as he reluctantly complied, chuckling and savouring the moment. Oh, this wasn’t over yet. Suddenly she kneed him, hard and precise. He buckled over and cried out in pain, grabbing his crotch. Tears were now streaming down his face. She backed away for a moment looking at the weeping bundle of misery at her feet. Then she kicked him in the ribs. He yelped and curled up in the fetal position. Oh it was marvellous, but she wanted more.

“Had enough, Billy?” She took off her vest and repeated the question since he was still curled up and sobbing. He nodded under his elbow.

“Good. Then get on your back.”

He glanced at her with watery eyes from under his wispy hair, still shivering with pain.

“On. Your. Back!”

She saw the welt on his chest as he tried to stretch himself as best as he could on the cold tiles, one hand between his thighs still on his genitals. Then she placed a heel in his ribs and bent over him. He winced and looked up at her with pleading eyes.

“Let me get something straight here, Billy. If you want to keep your free lunches at this school, you’re going to have to do something more than just being on time and working for your assignments, do you understand?”

He was sobbing and shaking under the painful pressure of her heel. 

"You owe me compensation, Billy. And I will have it any which way I want. Got it?”

Torn between pain, humiliation and bewilderment he watched her step out of her pumps and slide off her panties. She hiked up her skirt, positioned herself over his chest and kneeled down till she sat on top of him, her knees pinning down his arms, her bare pussy just inches from his face. Even if she wasn’t a heavy woman by far, she noticed he still had difficulty breathing with her full weight on his chest. Saucer-eyed and petrified he stared at her.

“You will satisfy me, Billy. Because…if you don’t…" she made a bye-bye gesture with her hand.

“Now lick me!”

She saw the panic, a split-second refusal and revulsion in his eyes, as she slid her cunt onto his face and grabbed a handful of hair. Squeezing his eyes shut he turned his face away in an attempt to escape her smothering depths. Oh no, she would have nothing of it. Vengefully she pulled on his hair and hissed.

“Fucking lick me or else…”

Suddenly she felt his tongue tentatively probe her flesh like a young wolf trying to taste if the cadaver was stil edible. Then he coughed and gagged, tears rolling down his temples. She tightened the grip on his hair which send a shiver though his body but had the desired effect. Slowly he started licking her, still reluctant and under a shaky breath. She instructed him to alternate licking and sucking and started riding his face. Soon her breathing got heavier as she felt her orgasm approaching and ground down harder on his face, smearing her juices all over and hearing him gasp for air. Then in a shuddering climax she grabbed his head and pulled it hard into her crotch. He bucked, nearly suffocating which only intensified her satisfaction. As her orgasm subsided she let go of his head, freeing his face from its acidic prison, and heard him wheeze and cough. Now THAT was payback she smiled to herself. Glorious payback. As she stood up from his wrecked face and lowered her skirt she grinned at him.

“Well Billy, you didn’t do too bad this time.”

He lay there, a tormented pile of nothing, seemingly not grasping the implication of what she just said.

“Whaat?” She mocked “You thought this was it?” A maniacal laugh rose up from her throath. “Oh Billy dear…” her eyes turned dark “We’ll be seeing eachother every Friday! Dinosaurs, remember?” She stepped into her last pump and walked back to her desk.

“Now get dressed and get the fuck out.”

She watched him shakily put on his clothes and try to clean his face the best he could. With red eyes he took a last glance at her and then left the room, his hurried footsteps trailing off in the distance as she looked at her watch and smiled. She would be on time for the opening of the gallery. Marvellous.

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Re: Detention: from zero to nothing
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Ahhh yes good it deserves to be on the board  :* also I can't get over the fact that you called me a tender soul aww
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Re: Detention: from zero to nothing [Rape Fantasy]
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I wish I had a teacher like you when I was in school.......sigh
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Re: Detention: from zero to nothing [Rape Fantasy]
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@Mercurial Brilliant job getting into the head of a quite frankly repulsive character! I hope Billy gets his revenge at some point! :evillaugh:

Don't hurt him too much, especially his face. I want to use it as my throne at some point. -cosmicwitch
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Re: Detention: from zero to nothing [Rape Fantasy]
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@Mercurial Brilliant job getting into the head of a quite frankly repulsive character! I hope Billy gets his revenge at some point! :evillaugh:

Thank you @RayPistonprowl ! It was a challenge writing such a vile female character. Male subs tend to complain that female doms are too nice, so I gave it my best shot... Thanks for the kind words!


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