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Author Topic: Vows [Winner of November/December 2019]  (Read 515 times)

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Vows [Winner of November/December 2019]
« on: November 09, 2019, 10:18:29 AM »

I was remembering on how beautiful the wedding ceremony had been, as I squeezed Ella’s fabulous breasts through the layers of silk and lace of her wedding dress. They were only 36C and on most other women they would have looked good, but on Ella’s 5 foot nothing frame they looked massive and stunning.
She had looked so pretty and pure, dressed all in white while reciting her vows, meaning every word of them. The dress was of virginal white, which was only appropriate  as she had decided long ago to keep her virginity for her wedding night. And she had worked hard to keep this vow, this didn’t mean she had abstained from sexual activity. Ella was a revelation in bed, she just made up for her restrictions with those luscious lips and taking guys between her magnificent breasts. And many of her lovers including myself had been introduced to the loophole – poophole way of doing things by her.
But this was the past this was her wedding night, and she was finally all mine. And mine alone to do as I please.

She looks at me with fear and anger blazing in her eyes. I’m pretty sure she wants to shout at me, but my left is clamped around her throat leaving her only very little breath, and she is actually wasting it on making strangling sounds. Still holding her, my right hand slips into the cleavage of her dress, I find a breast grab it and force it out of its fabric cocoon. I give her a hard push and she falls onto the bed, and I have to stifle a lough as I see her flailing on her back, one big breast hanging out of the dress. It’s the asymmetrical look that gets to me, with a quick stride I’m atop of her. A quick ripping noise of fabric later, now both breasts are liberated. I resume my stranglehold on her throat to keep her quiet, that is all that I need to control her at the moment, as my own body weight exceeds her by easily 70 lbs, as long as I lay on top of her she isn’t going anywhere. But her continued attempts to cry out are beginning to annoy me.

My free hand slides down her body, along her calve and leg until I reach the hem of her pretty dress, there it then reverses direction, sliding upwards, but now underneath the fabric. Do you know the children’s game where you are searching for something blindly told if you are getting colder or warmer? Well this was similar, the closer my hands got to the junction between her thighs the warmer it felt. There was first the cool touch of silk of her stockings, followed by the warm touch of the naked flesh of her thighs above, and then the heat of her body, when my hand reached her crotch. My fingers felt the lacy bit of nothing she wore for panties today. They were clearly meant to be torn off in a manic rage of passion, so I obliged her.

I wadded the flimsy material into a small ball and forced her mouth open. The tiny garment didn’t make much of a gag, but it muffled her voice sufficiently. I managed to get the silk stockings of her legs as well, and used them to tie her hands above her head to the bed frame, and used the second to make sure she would not spit out my makeshift gag.

Having secured her in this fashion, I began moving the the hem of her skirts upwards this was a wedding night after all. I was looking forward to see the fine fleece of blonde locks adorning her mons.  Imagine my surprise, as I found the spot devoid of any hair, she had shaved her sex bald, like a common whore. I told her this, looking in her tear stained face, the makeup running down her face, as I called her a whore, a skank and a slut. While I did this my fingers were busy exploring the the treasures  that lay behind the full and pulsing flesh of her labia, those lips that I had liked so often, the tiny bud of her clitoris always eager to respond to the slightest oral stimulation. But this time I would have more, my fingers invaded the very tight channel of her vagina, which was utterly dry, but they also felt the thin membrane sealing the entrance.
At that point I decided that I had waited for years for this moment, and that was long enough. I dropped my pants, and released the boner that had been ready for action, the moment I had entered the room. Ella’s eyes widened with a terror I didn’t understand, she was intimately familiar with my cock, it had been after all in her mouth and ass before, it had lain nestled between the pearly white flesh of her breasts many times. She began to struggle with all her force, little as it was, as the tip began parting her labia. Her struggles increased even further as the head had entered her. My plan had been to slowly ease into her and take care of her virginity as gentle as possible, but her continued resistance drove me over the edge. So I just dropped my whole weight downwards, let me tell you something, plunging into a dry virginal pussy is quite uncomfortable, Ella must have felt the same as a piercing howl escaped her mouth despite the gag. While entering this way is uncomfortable, it still felt great being finally in full possession of her body, going were no man has gone before. I began to fuck her in earnest now, with something in her beginning to lubricate making my movements easier. It was pure delight feeling my pubic bone smashing against hers on each stroke, my balls slapping her ass every time. And with every thrust only a single thought rushed through my mind “mine”
I should have known it would not take long for me to come, her pussy was just to tight and I had been celibate for a week to build up a proper load for her. So when I finally came, it wasn’t so much an ejaculation, but it felt like an eruption, spraying her insides with my seed over and over again.

After I was finally spent I withdrew from her, seeing my deflated cock emerging from her battered hole. More than a trickle of sperm mixed with blood seeped out of her freshly opened pussy, staining the pristine white of her dress.
I felt that my cock shouldn’t be fouled by this mess and tried to decide were to clean it. A look into her eyes told me that putting it into her mouth would be a great way to loose it. Wiping my dick on her hair or her dress was an appealing idea, very appealing indeed as I began feeling it to harden again. Ultimately it was the regained hardness, that made me decide on a different course. I straddled her sitting on her belly and laid my semi rigid cock between her breasts. Using my hands to push the fleshy globes together I was immediately filled with memories of many happy times I had been here before. My dick remembered apparently as well, because while I was rubbing it between those marvelous mounds, it became fully hard again. I fucked her tits for several minutes before I felt the need for another discharge, grabbing Ella by the hair I managed to get her face in place just in time for the first burst of sperm to hit her on the nose almost making it to the eye. She squeezed them firmly shut as more and more of my cum covered her angelic features.

When I was finished I wiped my dick along her cheeks and got off the bed leaving her in a ripped cum and blood stained wedding dress with my cum on her face in in her womb. I dressed and left the room, stepping about the lifeless form of Kevin who lay on the floor still wearing his wedding suit. How I had hated that little prick, seducing my Ella away from me. He was the reason she had dumped me 2 years ago, he had what was mine by right, and then had the gall to invite me to their wedding, since I was such a good friend of Ella’s. His face had been priceless when he had opened the door and saw me holding a crowbar. After the third or fourth hit, he had stopped moving.

Only that morning Ella had vowed to be faithful till death did part them. Damn fulfilling two vows in one night, that girl knew how to keep her word.

The end

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Re: Vows [Winner of November/December 2019]
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2020, 02:50:46 PM »
Excellent story, @Shocker. A very good cap to the stories of 2019. You are very deserving of the win. Congratulations.
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