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Author Topic: A Treastise on Dragons and Virgins  (Read 1003 times)

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A Treastise on Dragons and Virgins
« on: November 29, 2019, 12:13:55 PM »
A Treatise on Dragons and Virgins

This thought has perplexed me for quite some time. Why Do Dragons want virgins as one of their tributes of choice.Of all the things we offer to Dragons as tribute, it is this often requested detail that far to often give Dragons a bad name. I mean what King, or Chieftain, or Elder wants to give up their Daughter, to be Eaten or worse by some massive creature that could only hurt her, and most certainly does not bode well for the Virgin being offered. This is most certainly not true.

So the first aspect of this wrong doing, is that Dragons Eat these poor innocent women. If Dragons wanted a meal out of their tribute, they would certains demand half the lands cattle, or if they did have a taste for flesh, that would simply choose some large house wife, who has grown large from bearing many children. Yet when have you ever heard of a Dragon demanding that? Of course you have not.

Now an argument can be made, that does indeed have some merit. Of course King’s daughter keep themselves cleaner, and bath more frequently than that of a common peasant, and would make a far more satisfying meal. Yet most Princesses, or Elf Maidens have so little flesh or their bones, that this idea alone is rather far fetched. True, some Royalty tend to be pumper, and would thusly provide a satisfying meal. Yet my own research would lead to something far more long lasting than a single meal.

To get to my point, first I have to point out a bit of the obvious, and I hope not to offend any Dragon that might read this work of mine. Dragons like alot of their lesser brethren, Lizards, such as snakes and other more common reptiles, smell through their tongue. Knowing this, then it would make sense that the Dragon’s sense of taste and sense of smell are closely linked.

Of course this goes back to making her a more delectable meal of course, but you are forgetting something. Why would virginity, make a better meal? Now I challenge you, to use your minds for a change, to think of a single action, where taste, smell and virginity would all be connected. Don’t think to hard, the answer is quite obvious.

Oral sex of course. Having Dragon blood myself, and I can attest to some of my own claims as well. A Dragon’s sense of taste and smell are refined, and certain tastes are quite stronger than others. A Dragon can most certainly tell, if a Virgin is actually a Virgin, as they will be able to taste and smell the taste of any other partner souring and altering her taste and smell. Now obviously, this could suggest that their might be Dragons who have different sexual persuasion, who like their women with a taste of man. Yet to this day, I have yet to have heard the story of a Dragon demanding royal consorts, but perhaps Dragons are bound by the same social stigma we all our, for that I do not know.  I am not about to hunt down Dragons in their lairs, to inquire to them about their gender preferences, and wether they happen to be bisexual or not.

In truth, the Kings and Queens that are aware of this have their daughter prepare for their offering, they will bathe with select herbs and scents. Making sure to wash the appropriate regions of their bodies.

This treatment, aids to her taste and scent from the Dragon’s perspective. Indeed why eat her, when a Dragon can return multiple times, an experience a delightful taste that has been carefully crafted for him. The Virgin, will have been taught the correct blend to be able continually bath in it while in the presence of a Dragon. Indeed, it can be quite beneficial arrangements to both parties.The young maiden, can learn the pleasure of a Dragon tongue, and perhaps the only death that would be possible, would be simply if the Dragon refused to stop, and the girls heart failing from bring brought to a state of pleasure more times than it could manage. Yet an elder Dragon, could have several maidens in his lair, each eager to please her Dragon host, because these women will lack for nothing, as we all know Dragon Lairs compete with King for their wealth, and Dragons are hardly lacking in culture and do know how to properly treat their tributes. This would also explain why there are so many Dragon Half breeds out there. Human, Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, each have their Nobility, and younger Dragons are indeed prone to going farther. After all most Dragon Clans are headed by Matriarchies, and she guards her daughters well. Only the strongest, and eldest get the chance to take a Dragon as his mate, and the rest must satisfy their desires elsewhere.

Yet the Breeding habits of Dragons, is to be left for another work.

Kethis, Dragon Hearted Mage and Dragon Blooded Sorceror. 
Please check my request thread if your interested. All my ideas will be posted here:,1635.msg93060.html

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Re: A Treastise on Dragons and Virgins
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2019, 04:39:27 PM »
Interesting approach, but could it just be that dragons are more human than assumed. After all who wants to eat spoilt meat.

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Re: A Treastise on Dragons and Virgins
« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2019, 01:29:46 AM »
I enjoyed this treatise, it was quite educational. I wouldn’t mind learning more on the vast subject of dragon kind as I find them truly fascinating.  :nerd:
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