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Author Topic: Jacks Christmas Present  (Read 80 times)

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Jacks Christmas Present
« on: December 23, 2019, 02:28:58 PM »
He is early 20s, we have worked in the same building for a couple of years, and it has been a very slowly developing thing.
 But I have told him absolutely everything, he is the only person I have shared everything with in real life.
all my dirty thoughts, fantasies, and experiences, all of it.
 He is rather short at 5foot 5inch.
 He trains at the gym and I guess does some roids.
He has the body of a Greek god, and   :drool:  the cock of the devil himself   :drool:
 It's just awesome, it's BIG and it’s so fucking HARD, it curves upwards, and the head is much larger than it should be, it's like it has been carved from granite.
 Scared the shit out of me the first time I saw it, but oh what a  :fuck: he certainly doesn't hold back.

 I don't know how Jack knows her, and I'm not allowed to ask, she seems to me to be one of those professional doms. I think he paid her.
First met her  November 2018.
 She is very elegant, tall, dresses very feminine, and speaks with a very posh plumb English accent.
 But she uses words from the very depths of the gutter.
 I have to call her: "Lady J" or "Miss"
 Jack first introduced her to me in a crowded bar, and she kept touching me as she spoke to me, I mean she would brush my shoulder with the back of her hand, or hold my hip firmly, stroke my face.
 She told me that she has rules that I must learn.
In her words... “You will never cross your legs in my presence sitting or standing.
                       When you sit in front of me you will leave a gap between your knees.
                       When you stand you will leave a gap between your feet” ( she kicked my feet apart as she spoke )
                       “You will never look me in the eyes, unless I am eating or fucking your cunt.”
                       “you will learn more as we go..... D’you understand..... Bitch?”
 me flustered: "Yes Miss"
 She gave me a room key and said in a loud voice: " I'll be along to deal with you very soon"

When she got to the room, that night, she climbed all over me for 2 hours, I came in bucket loads, she was so good, so firm, dominant, and so passionate.
 I was exhausted when she finally finished with me.

Boys will be Boys...

Jack gave me an old style (non smart) mobile phone, when we first kind of decided something was happening between us, it took a long time to get to that point and then we just slowly got more and more sexual, with our texting and later chatting.
  I have, as I said,  shared all my stories with him, and he knows all my darkest thoughts, fantasies and experiences.

He now works at a different office since March, and now our contact is only through this phone or at our ‘naughty’ meetings arranged by text.
 He arranged last Saturday with me, about a month before, and as the day approached he started to add directions and orders for me to follow.
 I met him at a bar where he gave me the key card for a room in hotel just yards away from the bar, the meeting in the bar was just literally that, him handing me the key, winking, smiling, and telling me the room number.

On the bed was a Christmas wrapped gift, and an envelope, containing a printed letter. The envelope instructed me to open the gift first.

Inside the wrapped box, was a schoolgirl’s uniform, and a note that said:
“ Wear only the contents of this box, along with your own shoes, and dress before you read the letter.”

 The uniform was:
 A very short blue pleated skirt.
 A white silk blouse.
 A blue tie with gold diagonal stripes.
 A white satin suspender belt.
White stockings.
And white satin crotchless panties.

 I looked and felt like some kind of school whore, the skirt didn’t even cover the tops of the stockings and my erect bra- less nipples where clearly visible through the blouse.
  As I ‘admired’ my reflection I was extremely nervous at the thought of what was going to happen. I’ve never really done this kind of role-play thing before.

 The letter read:
 “You are in the headmistresses’ private quarters, you have been summoned there to answer for and most likely be punished for slapping a younger boy across the face, and leaving a scratch on his cheek.
 You will claim that he groped your arse.
 The boy’s parents have demanded that the school deals with you in the appropriate manner, and that they are satisfied with your apologies to their son.
 The headmistress will be there to deal with you at 6pm. (Make sure the door is open)”

At exactly 6pm Lady J walked through the door.
 I gasped, as my nipples stood to attention and my tummy fluttered.
A rush of blood hit my clitoris hard, and I felt my whole body blush.
 Her presence stirred memories that excited every sexual nerve in my body.

 She strutted across the room and removed her long grey mac, to reveal tight black leather trousers, and black leather corset.
I kept my gaze down, and feet apart, as I knew I must.

“Why did you slap this boy?”

“Because he assaulted me miss, he put his hand up my skirt”

“ I think that you should be willing to expect that, being as you are such a tease”
She went on:
“Don’t you like boys?”
Before I could answer, she went into this rant about how his father has been demanding satisfaction, and shouting at her down the phone, threatening her with solicitors, and the board of governors, if she didn’t deliver.

She more or less told me that I had:  “asked for it” and “Deserved it” and that “Boys will be boys,” And I needed to: “Learn my place”  :O

She opened her handbag and placed it on the floor beside a chair that she proceeded to sit on, and then demanded that I: “COME HERE “

 As I approached she grabbed my arm and yanked me across her lap, it was all a seamless very well practiced maneuver, I ended up face down ass up, receiving the first of many hard stinging smacks in what seemed like no more than a couple of seconds.

I had never been spanked before, at first it just felt silly, and I began to struggle to get up.
There was no way that I could get off of her lap, and believe me I tried.
After a while she stopped slapping, pulled my panties down to uncover me, then reached into her bag and took out a leather paddle thing.

It made very loud cracking sounds as she increased her force and tempo.

 My god it burned, it stung like hell, and over and over again on the same spots. I gave up kicking my legs eventually, and just took it, giving loud yelps with every hard thwack.
 She continued for such a long time, maybe it was the humiliation, maybe it was the burning sting spreading into me, I don’t know, I just wanted it to stop, but It was making me wet.
 After what seemed like an eternity she pulled my panties up, and just pushed me off of her lap.

 “STAND UP Bitch”

 I stood before her, sucking air through my gritted teeth, clutching my red-hot stinging arse, while hopping from one leg to the other.
She so obviously took great pleasure just watching me for a good few minutes, then said:
“You really are such a fucking tease”

She checked her phone, dropped it in her bag, and then launched herself out of the chair.
She rushed at me and took us both crashing backwards onto the bed; she went down on me and buried her tongue through the panties and straight into my wet cunt.
Within seconds I was coming, moaning and writhing while trying to keep my burning ass off of the bed.
She held me down, and continued doing those things that she does so well.
 I learned about pain and pleasure by the second orgasm, and she kept my heated sore cheeks hard against the bed, for the incredibly long earth shattering 3rd.

I was coming continually, endlessly, but it only seemed like a few minutes before I was standing before her again, this time legs trembling, heart pounding and head completely stunned.

 She twisted and pinched my nipples as she sternly told me what was going to happen next.

 “The Boy is coming here and you WILL apologize to him”
 “Do you understand you little tart?”

I mumbled and nodded an affirmative, never raising my gaze.
She put on her coat, and while we waited for the boy, she leisurely fingered me, and whispered in my ear:

“ My girls would love to have you.”
The knock at the door broke the awkward silence; she licked her fingers and let the boy into the room.
 “What do you have to say for yourself?”  The headmistress ordered a response from me.
I apologized to “the boy.” Jack

She asked him if he had touched me up? He said that he had, but only because I had made him hard, by teasing him.

 “Show me how you touched her?”

 Jack put his hand up my skirt and groped my ever so sore ass cheek,
 I had to stand there and take it.

The headmistress tutted, took hold of his hand and jammed it between my legs.
 “Are you hard now boy?”
 Jack replied: “Yes miss, she’s all wet”

As Lady J walked towards the door she said:
 “Yes I know, I think the whore likes it”

 “If I were you boy, I’d get that hard-on out and teach the little cunt a lesson she won’t forget”

 She closed the door quietly as she left us.
 I immediately tried to push past him and run after her.

The boy grabbed me, I fought with him, the struggle took us around the room like some kind of demented dance routine, crashing into walls and furniture, knocking her chair over, he was so strong and was never about to let me get away.
 No matter how hard I struggled, I ended up on my back, on the bed with him balls deep inside me,  :fuck: raping me, frantically knocking the wind out of me and teaching me a good hard lesson.

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Re: Jacks Christmas Present
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Re: Jacks Christmas Present
« Reply #2 on: December 24, 2019, 12:31:20 AM »

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Re: Jacks Christmas Present
« Reply #3 on: December 24, 2019, 01:35:11 AM »
Oh my gawd I loved your story!  :*
Love is a wolf that has never tasted blood.

- Matt Baker

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Re: Jacks Christmas Present
« Reply #4 on: December 31, 2019, 02:14:09 AM »
Oh my gawd I loved your story!  :*

 Always happy to hear that  :*


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