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Author Topic: Snuff Out the Candles [Contest Entry]  (Read 463 times)

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Snuff Out the Candles [Contest Entry]
« on: January 12, 2020, 10:27:22 PM »
I have to admit that in my lurking I got a few ideas, and the style of this story was definitely inspired by the work of the lovely @mollymolotov666 who shows us just how important and sexy audio can be! After working on The Livestream and focusing so heavily on visuals, I thought maybe it was time for a more auditory-style experience...

Snuff Out the Candles

[The tape is a well-worn one, one that has clearly traded hands many times over the years. After all, there's only so much good material to go around, and as the authorities crack down online it gets harder and harder for some people to get their fix. But there are still those generous types who share their collections, who so kindly work to ensure everyone can get what they need even now. You've been lucky enough to be the recipient of such generosity. A soft hum begins as the cassette whirs into motion.]

“Oh, daddy, she’s perfect!”

[Bare feet dragged across a rubber mat. Muffled squeaks and whimpers. Footsteps, the click of high heels. A low, masculine chuckle.]

“Nothing but the best for my babygirl on her special day.”

“And I can do anything I want to her?”

“Anything at all.”

[Another squeal. Harsh, wet breathing through a hole-studded ball gag.]

“Her tits are so sensitive! Did I cry like that when you first got me, daddy?”

“You did, my little slut. But you’ve gotten so much more obedient, so much more appreciative. It’s only fair I show a little appreciation back, don’t you think?”

[A whimper becomes a moan, then a high-pitched giggle follows. A wet slap, then another, then three more in quick succession as the moans become higher and sharper.]

“She’s wet, too. Thank you, daddy. I’m going to have so much fun.”

[A protesting whine, then another series of sharp slaps, punctuated by muffled screams. A brief period of silence, soft sobbing.]

“She’s such a whiny baby. I want to really hurt her, daddy. Can I, please? Can I break her?”

“So long as you clean up your mess, and let me have my fun, too.”

[The crying grows sharper, and sounds of a struggle ensue. Grunting, gagged shrieks. A heavy, fleshy thud. Footsteps, the creaking and clanging of chains. A buckling sound, once, twice, three times.]

“Can I pretty please use your big whip, daddy? And the clamps? Please?”

“Just for tonight.”

“Thank you, daddy!”

[A tuneless, cheery humming. The sound of a drawer being opened. Metal clinking. A little grunt of exertion, more footsteps.]

“I’m going to play the same game with her you play with me, daddy. But I bet she won’t be nearly as good at it as me.”

“I’m sure you’re right, babygirl. I’ll take a seat and watch the show. Be careful with that whip, hm?”

“Yes, daddy, I promise.”

[Chains softly jingling, a low moan. Then sharper hitches of breath, a rattle from the chains. Giggling. The sound repeats, heightening in intensity with a quiet creak of metal and ending in cries and whimpers. Another squeak, another little cry. Another. Another. It goes on for perhaps a full five minutes.]

“I even put clamps on her pussy, daddy, and all over her tits. Nice and tight, just like you do for me. Do you like it, daddy?”

“Of course I do, babygirl. The question is, do you?”

“I love it. I love how scared she looks. She doesn’t even know what it’s like to be really scared. Is that why you play with me, daddy? Do I look like her like that?”

“Part of the reason.”

[A giggle.]

“But I’m prettier!”

“Yes, slut, you are. Now, show me how good your aim is.”

[Silence, then a swoosh and crack in the air. A high-pitched scream whistled through a gag. Delighted laughter, the crash of metal to a concrete floor.]

“Look, I got two at once!”

“Let’s count how many strokes it takes to get them all off of her.”

[Another crack, another scream. Chains rattle, metal clanks.]


[Another. The scream goes higher still, longer in duration.]


[The scream dissolves into sobbing.]


[The sobbing becomes anguished.]

“Four – look, daddy, I got the one off her tit! Oh, it’s so red and torn up, just like mine. Daddy, I’m so horny. I want to play.”

“Finish with her, first, babygirl. One thing at a time.”


[Further sobbing, growing breathless between screams.]

“And six – aw, I didn’t get that one…”

“Try again, slut. Right between her legs with the tip. Rip it off.”

[A high-pitched, agonized wail. Laughter, both male and female.]

“Aw, I almost got it! It’s dangling right off – she’s got such fat little pussy lips…”

“One more should do it.”

[A final crack resounds. The shrill scream cuts off suddenly, chains rattling, then going quiet.]

“She passed out! I hope I wasn’t this weak for you when you first got me, daddy. I hope I was better.”

“You were tougher, my slut. That’s why you’re still mine.”

“Look how swollen up she is. Can I wake her up please, daddy? I know how. I know how to really hurt her.”

“Tell me.”

[Inaudible whispers. Footsteps, more drawers opening and closing. The click of buckles and rattle of chains, the scrape of a piece of furniture being moved.]

“I think that will work fine.”

“I think so too, daddy. I love this bench. I love when you tie me on it like this and whip my stomach so hard I couldn’t breathe, or fucked me and bruised up my tits.”

“I love it just as much, babygirl, I promise. You have the needles?”

“And the [Brand Name Hot Sauce]!”

[Shrill giggling. A soft moan. A glug of fluid. Silence for several seconds, then a sudden gasp for air, released in a scream.]

“How many do you think I can fit in her nipples, daddy?”

“Why don’t you try and see how many?”

[Screams, the scrape of furniture and thumping sounds of a struggle. The wails soften, then punctuate in quick succession – two, three and four times.]

“Aw, they’re all shiny now! So pretty. Such a pretty toy. Thank you so much, daddy.”

“You deserve it, little slut. It’s your day, after all.”

[The screams soften, resigned, sobbing. A shift of movement, then they heighten again.]

“I bet I can fit at least six in her clit.”

[Sobbing, hysterical protests. Giggling, silence for several moments. A high-pitched wail then blows out the audio for a full twenty-seven seconds.]

“Look how much she squirms when I move them around! Look at her eyes, they’re so white. She’s so pink and scared and helpless. I love it, daddy. I love doing this to her with you like you do to me. I want to break her now, daddy, please? With my big toys.”

“If that’s what you want…”

[Haggard sobbing, once muffled, becomes clear with a wet pop. Footsteps. The humming has taken on the tune of ‘Happy Birthday’. Drawers opening and shutting, buckles being fastened.]

“Do you think I can make her take it all, daddy? I’ve never gotten past twelve inches.”

“I bet you can force every inch into her, slut. I’ll fuck her throat while you do, hm?”

“Yes, please, yes, daddy! Please, break my new toy with me. She deserves it. She’s so weak and stupid and whiny. I want to show her what it’s really like.”

“Come here, then.”

[A giggle. The rough, empty sobs turn into whines and whimpers once more.]

“You may begin.”

[The cry pitches higher, then goes muffled, replaced by wet gagging.]

“Do you think I can make her take both at once? If I aim it right and push, really hard…”

[A grunt of exertion, a muffled whine.]

“God, it’s so big. She’s so tiny. I’m really going to break her, aren’t I, daddy? Is it okay for me to break my new toy?”

“You use her however you want today, my slut. There’ll be others.”

[A grunt, then a growl.]

“She’s too tiny! They won’t go in.”

“Why don’t you use the sauce as lube?”

“Ooh, good idea! Thank you, daddy!”

[A protesting whine, muffled suddenly by a wet gagging. The glug of fluid out of a bottle. Breathing grows faster, accompanied by sighs and moans. The wet clucking comes in sharper intervals, interrupted by gasps for breath.]

“Look, daddy! I’m only six inches in, but I can see it – god, I can see the bump in her tummy, up and down.”

“Good girl. You’re fucking her hard, aren’t you?”

“I can feel – god, daddy, it’s so good – I can feel the resistance, the inside of her pussy. Her ass, too. It’s so tight.”

“You can break it, slut. Just like I broke you.”

“God, yes, daddy, please… can I turn my toys on? I want to feel it. I want to come while I break her.”

“Yes, slut, you may.”

[A low-pitched humming. A long sigh. Wet slaps, the gagging cries becoming more desperate.]

“Is she tight, daddy? Is her throat nice and tight like mine?”

“Yes, but don’t stop. Keep fucking her hard, hurt her. Make her tighter for me.”

“Yes, yesyes…”

[The grunts become breathier, deeper gasps between. The slapping intensifies, as does the pitched squeals and wet gasps for breath.]

“I can feel her breaking, daddy, I can feel her opening up for me – “

“That’s right, straighten out her insides. Right up into her colon.”

“Yes, daddy, fuck, I wanna break her. Right into her pussy and ass – look, I can’t even pull all the way out anymore, it’s too tight! Daddy, look at her squirm! I bet she loves it.”

“Keep wrecking her, babygirl.”

“I’m at twelve inches, daddy. This is when it really hurts so good, for me. As much as I can take.”

“You’re breaking past her cervix. Breaking her wide open, just like I did you. What a good girl you are, giving her the same treatment.”

“I wanna give her more, daddy, please?”

“Good, every inch.”

[The slapping grows faster, harder. Screams are cut off just as they begin to pitch with wet, desperate gasps and sucking. The rattle of chains and scrape of furniture becomes louder, the struggle harder.]

“Fifteen – god, sixteen, yes, daddy, I’m gonna give it all to her, force it all in…”

“That’s it, my slut, keep going. Turn up the toys.”

[The low buzz becomes higher pitched, the squealing hysterical before it is silenced by clucking and gagging again.]

“Fuck, god, yes, yes, daddy – she’s so full, look at her tummy, look at the bump, I can see my cock tearing her up inside!”

“Good, break her. Make her scream around me.”

“Yes, daddy, thank you, daddy, yes…god, look at the needles in her titties bounce…”

“Grind up against her cunt, too. Push the needles in.”

[Desperate, anguished screams squeezed out around gagging. Higher moans and sighs, laughter.]

“Fuck, fuck, yes, daddydaddydaddy, please, I wanna come, I wanna come stuffed up inside her…”

“Hold it. What do you want to do with your new toy, babygirl? We could still give her a chance. Clean her up, douse the hot sauce. Let her heal. You could have a playmate.”


[Enthusiastic, begging squeals.]

“She’s your toy, my slut. Your choice. She’s choking around my cock. She’ll suffocate on it if I don’t let her breathe soon. She’ll prolapse if you keep fucking her. We could take her like that, you could fuck her until she dies. Or, you could keep her and play again later. Your choice, babygirl.”

[A drawn out moan, furious slapping. The gagging screams soften, become whines, become brief flickers of wetly sucking for air before it is forcefully expelled with each slap.]

Fuck her.”

[The sound of sex peaks. A struggle can be heard once more, fiercer than ever, slowly dying off. High-pitched moans of pleasure, bucking, lower, masculine growls. The moans become a scream, tapering off into a purr, the masculine sharpening before ceasing. A rocking, the clink of chains gentling until it stops entirely. Laughter from both parties.]

"Thank you so much for my present, daddy."

"You're very welcome. I think it fits, don't you?"


“What do you do with the candles on your birthday cake, babygirl?”

“You blow them out – oh, I get it! Oh, daddy, you’re so wonderful."

[A wet, sucking sound, tight suction pulled free. A dripping. All crying and screaming has ceased.]

 Thank you, daddy.”

“Happy birthday, babygirl.”
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Re: Snuff Out the Candles [Contest Entry]
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2020, 12:13:49 AM »
This is pure art.
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Re: Snuff Out the Candles [Contest Entry]
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2020, 03:39:48 PM »
@mollymolotov666  Thank you so much!  :x And thank you again for inspiring it - I would never have thought of erotic audio, but you've really mastered the art of it. I love the choking/whimpers you do in some of them, especially, and the immersive sound effects like movement and car doors slamming, things like that.

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Re: Snuff Out the Candles [Contest Entry]
« Reply #3 on: January 13, 2020, 10:14:45 PM »
Thank you! I put a lot of work into the immersion experience of my audios. Your comments mean so much to me.
When I'm good, I'm good, but when I'm bad, I'm better...

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Re: Snuff Out the Candles [Contest Entry]
« Reply #4 on: January 13, 2020, 10:22:27 PM »
@mollymolotov666 Well, it's obvious you put a lot of work and focus on quality into them!  :x I'm just sorry I didn't comment earlier - I've been kind of in and out lately, half-dipping my toes back in. I look forward to hearing more in the future!


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