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Author Topic: Email Roleplay - Kinky Couple Performs Serial Abductions of College Girls  (Read 33 times)

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I propose an email-based roleplay in which a very naughty-minded couple (M and F) roams the country going from college town to college town, abducting a cute coed (F) during their visits, playing with her, then releasing her before moving on to their next abduction.

My kinks are:
  -> female edging/orgasm control with lots of petting, cunnilingus, and toys
  -> tickle-torture
  -> occasional spanking (with light implements only - riding crops, thin, plastic paddles, just enough for a crisp sting)
  -> abduction-fantasy (quite obviously)
  -> mind games
  -> age-gap (middle-aged abductor(s) on a hot college coed)

My limits are:
 - No gore, no death, no serious injury
 - No animals
 - No scat, no watersports
 - No incest

Message me if interested.


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