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Author Topic: Waterproof Marker  (Read 303 times)

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Waterproof Marker
« on: April 08, 2020, 12:40:20 AM »
She’s cute and she’s perky and she’s barely 19.
She’s the only person on the planet who’s had fun with her bean.
She’s honest and she’s innocent, a little maraschino
She’s cheerful as a whiskey and she’s got a tan that’s cappuccino
She's sweet as amaretto and she's tasty as a scone
She's just the kind of little hottie that so throbs my fuckin' bone
She's twice as hot because she's innocent and looks so very young
She's perfect for a sex-fiend with a patient, gentle tongue
She's good-natured and she's trusting...such an easy girl to lure
She's just right for some panty-fondling, a finger makes her purrrr
She's perfect for a gentle-touch, turns her panties to a steamer
She's sensitive from head to toes, this girl's a tickle-screamer!
She's the kind of girl you worry about - so many Ted-fuckin'-Bundys
So I wrote this sexy ransom note upon her steamin' undies
Don't worry, I won't hurt her - that's not my form of recreation
But I do adore a bit of sexy tickle-torture-molestation...

(if you liked this poem, I'd like to request a story about a former crush of mine)
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