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Author Topic: I am heterosexual, but I am submissive to older short women.(True story)  (Read 587 times)

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I am strictly heterosexual 44 year old married woman. My husband and I have been married for 17 years and have a 16 year old daughter !, but recently I realized that I am totally submissive to older short masculine women. Three months ago i started online therapy  to get some help sorting out my shit. It is a video chatting/tele-therapy.I see my therapist through Skype.  We talk as much as I need.  It works really well. My therapist  suggested that i should write in the form of stories in details all the groping incidents here on online forum. She says that i should share my experiences, so they aren't bearing down on me. She says that I should write out everything that happened in the form of stories, all the things that made me angry, the things I had done wrong. She thinks that i need to share every single detail. My therapist says that writing is therapeutic  and knowing that i am  writing to an audience can be better knowing that i am being listened to. So i will give it a try. ..


About six months ago i attended this  workshop/class with a specific focus on developing self-awareness, self-confidence and self-efficacy for women over 40 to improve their professional and personal lives. The workshop was held at the out of town bed and breakfast. My husband drove me there. It was a two hour drive. I was wearing my long black fur coat, a red long sleeve satin blouse buttoned up to the top tucked into black satin pencil skirt, sheer lace hold up nylon stockings and 5 inch heels red shoes. I had full make up on.



We arrived there. I got out of the car. My husband was hungry, so he drove off in a hurry. I went inside. There were 13 women in their 40s and 50s mingling in this big living room waiting for it to start. I took my coat off and hung it on a coat hanger by the door.

 This skinny really short like 5 ft 2 ugly pale face creepy green eyes thin lips light brown haired with Chin-Length haircut masculine woman in her mid 50s walked up to me and said " Hi my name is Deb. You have a beautiful blouse. Wow. You are such a big woman. Standing next to you i look like a midget. The size difference between us is beyond comical. You are the tallest woman here. You are towering over everybody. Wow. Your breasts look absolutely huge, even with your blouse buttoned up to the top. They are vaulting off your chest and being seen from your side and even behind you i can still see your breasts. Your butt is big and heart-shaped also. You are much taller and bigger than any woman here. You are everything that these women here are not. You are a sophisticated, elegant, upper middle class, tall woman. I am just fascinated. " .

She was in flat shoes and i was on high heels, i am 5ft11 tall and that, coupled with being well built and well endowed , i was really like a giant standing beside this weird woman. Also all other women there were shorter than me. I was really towering.

She asked me" Wow. You are so shiny. Why are you so overdressed? You look so glammed up ".

" I like dressing well, and looking presentable. I ’d rather be wearing something i feel good in than look like i just rolled out of bed.I wear high heels every day too.All the time." I answered to her.

"People call me ugly alot of the times, and also make jokes about my looks. Ever since i was younger people always call me names. I think I'm ugly and you can tell me I'm beautiful but I won't believe it. There are so many odds against me but it doesn't change dealing with the feelings. And that's my problem. I'm so firm in my views and I don't know what to do. Since childhood I have suffered taunts about being ugly, short and masculine. I suffered the worst bullying in high school, It was torture. That is why i am here." she told me. Then she asked me "Why are you here? "..

I told her that i own a store and that i want to improve my business skills. Then i saw the facilitator. So i turned my back on this  small pale weird woman  Deb I walked over to the facilitator, introduced myself and started talking to her. As Deb passed behind me, she tapped my ass.  OMG! The feeling was so weird. The feeling of being touched by a stranger. The feeling of being so vulnerable. Soon after this every time Deb passed behind me, I would feel a touch here or there.  As I bent over the table slightly to register myself I immediately felt Deb's both hands caress my ass. Then just before I stood back up, a little slap on my butt. During all this I had not turned around. I was confused.

We all  went inside in this like dining room. I sat at the table and this short skinny old pale touchy feely woman Deb sat next to me on my left side. Then this facilitator woman  started talking. This facilitator woman tried to make us have a 'winner' mindset. She just kept rambling on and on in her pep talk that almost bordered on guilt tripping us for our laziness and satisfaction with mediocrity. She went full on drill seargent and called us unappreciative to life. It felt like a religious indoctrination session. So the facilitator continued talking. She told us to plan for long term goals. She just talked about how everyone can make it in life . So after like an hour the facilitator finally finished and asked us to talk about our main difficulties. The women were talking and discussing about their main difficulties.

This pale small touchy feely woman Deb got up to talk about her main difficulties, and she just placed her hand open palm on my left collar bone. Her discussion was so long, so she stood there talking with her right hand resting on my left collarbone. She sat back on the chair . Then i got up to discuss. I felt Deb's right hand run across my ass. Her hand moved up and down back and forth rubbing my ass. I did not know what to do, so i just kept talking. .

Then Deb removed her hand from my butt, but i felt her hand a few moments later,  below my knee, slightly below my skirt. It moved up and down rubbing me over my  stockings. Deb's right hand seemed to slowly and carefully be making its way up the back and inner parts of my left thigh. Her hand kept moving up. I  felt  flesh touching my skin. Her right hand was roaming my left inner thigh and her fingers threaten to invade my vagina. So i squeezed my legs together. Deb stopped  and removed her hand.  I finished my discussion. I sat on my chair.



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Interesting. Best of luck.


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