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Author Topic: Blood Goddess (f/f, ff/m, snuff)  (Read 357 times)

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Blood Goddess (f/f, ff/m, snuff)
« on: September 21, 2020, 02:09:56 AM »
Miya pulled her lips away from Natalya's and gazed lovingly into her big green eyes before slowly pulling the dress off the Ukrainian brunette's shoulders. Natalya hadn't bothered with underwear and stood stark naked as the fabric pooled around her feet. Miya stared in wonder, as hypnotized by Natalya's beauty as she had been the first time they'd made love, then kissed and licked her way down Natalya's petite body until she knelt between her legs.

   Miya planted only a single kiss on Natalya's shaved, glistening sex before the Ukrainian woman stepped away, her attention now occupied by the ball-gagged man tied to their bed. He was a muscular guy with a tanned complexion and long black hair framing a chiseled face. Miya and Natalya had seduced him at a gym far, far and then roofied him; it turns out that kidnapping people is unbelievably easy if you're a sexy woman. He'd been watching their foreplay with obvious enthusiasm; if he cared about the circumstances of his arrival he didn't show it. The drugs probably didn't help.

   Miya began pulling off her own clothes while Natalya ran her hands over the man's muscular chest.

   "Do you want some of this?" Natalya whispered to him. He nodded vigorously. "Then don't say a word." She undid the ballgag. The guy was practically drooling but lay there silently, obediently as the brunette climbed on top of his face.

   Miya, clothes now in a neat pile on the floor, took a look at the man's other end. He was shaved and well-endowed, just the way she liked. The Asian woman lathered her hand in lube and then rubbed it on the waiting cock until it shone. She straddled him and groaned in pleasure as she slid down his pole. She didn't bother with a condom; she was on birth control and they'd used a home STD kit on him earlier.

    The man responded to the envelopment with a series of powerful thrusts that almost toppled Miya off. Yes, he knew what he was doing. As ecstacy filled her mind she began to dig her nails into him, then withdrew as she imagined Natalya beating her to death after getting her clit cut off. She forced down her sadistic urges and settled for lightly slapping his nipples instead.

   She opened her eyes and turned her attention from the man to her lover grinding into his face. Miya grabbed a fistful of her brown hair and gently pulled her back. Natalya's exquisite face was distorted with pleasure as the guy's experienced tongue lapped at her clit. Miya gave her tits a couple affectionate squeezes before focusing on herself again, grinding against the man's pelvis and playing with her nipples.

   Miya was a woman blessed with easy orgasms and it wasn't long before she felt her coming up. Her breathe caught in her throat and her limbs went limp as electricity pulsated through her body. She held onto it for as long as she could but it soon passed. She collapsed onto the man's torso, panting and tingling, as he continued to thrust. Soon she felt a familiar warmth inside her as he filled her up. Miya loved that feeling.

   She climbed off of him and went to go grab a tissue and some Viagra. When she returned, mostly cleaned up, Natalya climbed off his face, stuck a pillow under his ass, and began grinding against his pelvis.

   "Get him ready," she panted.

   Miya grabbed a pill and a water bottle. She'd heard men couldn't control their erections, and she reckoned it was true, but she wasn't about to spend half the day wrestling some limp dick to life.

   The poured some water into his mouth and he happily lapped it up. He was obviously still completely hazed from the drugs they'd given him. He looked at Miya with a kind of innocent love, like a dog. It actually made her a bit uncomfortable.

   "Getting sentimental?" Natalya laughed.

   "Calm down, I'm doing it," Miya replied. She plopped the pill in his mouth and chased it down with water. Already his dick was ready for another round. She patted his cheek. "Hope you're ready for more, stud."

   "Nice," Natalya muttered, guiding his dick inside. She began grinding against his cock, one hand playing with her nipples and the other rubbing her clit.

   Miya watched her in awe. Sometimes she had a hard time believing that the girl she'd met in grade school had matured into such a beautiful, lusciously curved vixen. Natalya's face alone was something that men would kill each other over, with her big green eyes and delicate lips, all framed by perfect brown hair - but for it to come attached to such a lovely, svelte body was almost too much. Miya watched her fuck their "boyfriend," entranced by the bouncing motion of her perfect breasts.

   The two had made fast friends in school, bonding over their shared immigrant background (Miya from China, Natalya from Ukraine) and a mutual apathy for everyone else. They'd fucked each other for the first time freshman year, but they'd truly consummated their relationship sophomore year when they'd drugged and tied up their all-star quarterback. The icing on the cake was pouring beer down his gullet until he was black-out drunk, and then setting him loose on his stupid blonde cheerleader girlfriend. The resulting video had been enough to turn him into a loyal boy toy. There was a close call when the girlfriend walked in on him banging Miya in the girls' locker room and broke up with him on the spot - Miya had gotten knocked out for the slip-up, but when she woke up the poor boy was sobbing. She gave him a blowjob out of pity.

   But that was years ago, and now Miya and Natalya had graduated. Natalya had landed a lucrative modeling contract nearly the day she turned 18, but Miya had found that Asian women weren't in vogue, no matter how beautiful they were, and couldn't afford to move with her. This would be their last night together, and they'd planned something special to cement their love.

   She watched mournfully as Natalya climaxed. The brunette climbed off the guy and joined Miya on the floor. They lay in each others' arms, the man on the bed temporarily forgotten. After a couple moments Natalya got up and untied the man, then rebound him with his arms behind his back and one of his legs tethered to a heavy dresser that they'd filled with rocks. He had some room to move around, but not much. She sat back down with Miya and the two cuddled until the man started to shake out of his drug-induced stupor.

   "This isn't really my thing," he muttered groggily, finally seeming to notice his bondage. He stood up and took a few steps, testing his restraints. He looked at the women with clear interest and smiled. "But if this is what you ladies want..."

   Miya glared at him with contempt. He'd been drugged, tied up, raped, and fed a possibly lethal amount of Viagra, and all he could think of was how he could stick his dick in her. Fucking slut.

   She walked over and kicked him in the balls, hard. He yelped in pain and doubled over. She grabbed his hair and spit in his face.

   "Nobody told you to talk, you fucking whore," Miya hissed. She dug her nails across his foreheard. Blood dripped down his face.

   "What the fuck..." he moaned. He looked at Natalya. A knife glistened in her hand. "Oh, come on, what is this?"

   The Ukrainian girl smiled. "Just do what we say and you'll be fine, okay?" She looked at Miya. "Miya, I think you're being awful unkind to him. We just want some fun, right?"

   Miya pulled him to his feet. The blood was dripping into his eyes and he'd clenched them shut. She wiped the blood away.

   "Open your eyes," she said. He opened them. He looked like he wanted to kick her, he was big enough that it would probably hurt, but the knife was keeping him at bay. "Do you think I'm beautiful?"

   "Yes," he said.

   "Tell me you want to eat my pussy."

   His eyes were fixed on the knife, until the blood dripped back down and blinded him again. He didn't say anything. Miya pressed against him, feeling his pecs against her chest and his dick against her pelvis, while she felt around behind him until she found his hand. She took his left pinky and pushed it back until it snapped. He screamed and she slapped him.

   "GOD FUCK STOP!" he howled. Tears streamed down his face.

   "I told you what I want," Miya said.

   "I want - I want to eat your pussy! Fuck!"

   "Good boy." She pulled him over to the bed and sat down, guiding his face between her legs. He prodded his tongue inside her, somehow managing to miss the target zone. Miya rolled her eyes. "Jesus Christ. Natalya, this guy doesn't know what a clit is."

   "Oh?" The Ukrainian was gathering another length of rope. "He was fine earlier. But if he's no fun I guess we can just kill him."

   "No! Wait!" the man said hurredly. Suddenly he remembered how to eat a woman out.

   "Oh. Fuck," Miya moaned as fireworks went off between her legs. She grabbed his hair and pulled. "Yeeessssssssss."

   "Feeling better?" Natalya winked. She'd tied his other leg to another dresser prepared for such; now he was securely stuck on his knees. She kissed her ecstatic partner deeply before quietly slipping on a strap-on and lining up with the man's asshole. She thrusted.

   Miya's pleasure was suddenly cut off by a sharp pain in her pussy.

   "What the FUCK?!" she screamed. She kneed him in the face, and he toppled back awkwardly, legs bound. "You fucking BIT me?!"

   "You fucking bitch!" he yelled, "She stuck something in me!"

   Miya slammed her fist into his jaw. "You fucking bit me! You think you can fucking bite me and call me a fucking bitch? Who the FUCK do you think you are?" She tore chunks of flesh off with her nails, she pounded him in the face.

   "I'm sorry!" he screamed.

   Miya didn't hear him. She would have killed him if Natalya hadn't pulled her off.

   Tears of rage flooded down Miya's face while her friend soothed her. "He fucking bit me," she muttered.

   "Shhhhhh." Natalya held the Asian girl to her breasts, stroking her black hair. Her chest always had the effect of cheering Miya up; they were perky, perfectly shaped, and capped by the cutest nipples Miya had ever seen. Soon she was happy and ready for more.

   Miya stroked herself while she got back in position. The man was definitely in bad shape. His face was bruised and swollen, and his chest was covered in torn flesh and bloody claw marks. At least he didn't look to have many teeth left.

   "Not gonna be so bitey now, huh?" she snarled, pulling his head back to her pussy. "You know what to do."

   He resumed rather listlessly, but enough adrenaline was flowing through Miya that pretty much anything felt good. He started sobbing loudly and openly when Natalya pushed her strap on back into his ass.

   Miya grabbed his hair as she came. When she was finished she idly noted that she'd pulled the tufts of hair out during the climax. Oh well. She laid her head on the pillow, toying with her hair as her girlfriend pegged the poor guy.

   "STOOOOP!" he sobbed. "PLLEEEEAAAASE!" Natalya slapped his ass in response.

   Miya laid there until she heard Natalya orgasm. She always made the cute choke-sob sound when she came, it was fantastic. She pulled the blood-stained strap on out of the man, pulled it off, and tossed it away.

   "Aww, see, he likes getting ass-fucked," Natalya smirked, referencing the white fluid pooling on the floor beneath the man. He man sobbed louder, shaking his head. Natalya grabbed the knife and put the blade to his ass.

   "Noooooooooooo," he cried.

   "Say, 'thank you for letting me eat your pussy, Miya,'" Natalya said.

   "Thank you... for letting me eat you pussy... Miya."

   "And say, 'thank you for fucking my ass, Natalya."

   It took him a minute to choke the words out, but the Ukrainian pushing the knife in a bit helped him along.    "THANKYOUFORFUCKINGMYASSNATALY A."

   Natalya patted him on the cheek and stood up. "You're welcome. Let's go eat, Maya."


   Natalya pointed at a tile in the center of the kitchen. "Stand there," she ordered.

   Miya obeyed. Natalya pulled her wrists behind her and ran her hands down her body. Miya was tall and curvy for an Asian girl, and Natalya knew how to play with every inch of her.

   Miya's eyes shot open as she felt metal around her wrists and a clicking sound. She tried to pull her hands back but they were stuck. Handcuffs.

   "Natalya?" she asked nervously.

   "Shhh," Natalya whispered. She kissed the hollow in Miya's neck and gently massaged her breasts. "You like this?"

   Miya relaxed. It wasn't that bad, actually. "Yes," she moaned.

   Natalya lead her over to the couch. She laid down and pulled Miya on top of her. She slid one hand between the Asian's legs and used the other to play with her tits. Miya exhaled contentedly.

   "You know what you have to do, right?" Natalya asked.

   "About - oh," Miya frowned. "I've been thinking, this cabin isn't cheap."

   "My parents own the cabin. It's not your problem."

   "Can't we just let him go? Or keep him?"

   "You were pretty eager to kill him earlier, love," the brunette cooed, "I had to stop you from tearing him to pieces. Don't tell me you've suddenly found morals."

   "That was different. This is, I don't know, it feels wrong."

   "I see," Natalya nodded. She began pumping her fingers into Miya's slit. Her other hand moved up to her throat. "I just thought you were more serious. About us."

   "Natal-" Miya began to cough as the hand closed around her throat.

   "Am I just another fuck to you, Miya?" the Ukrainian hissed, "Is that it?"

   "Wait," Miya sputtered, "I - I'll do it."

   Immediately the hand let go and traveled back down to her breasts. Miya hacked and coughed as Natalya contentedly kissed her head and played with her body. She came.

   "Don't you ever say 'no' to me again," Natalya said sharply. She roughly shoved Miya off her and stood up.

   Miya crashed to the floor with a thud. Rage grew inside the Asian woman, until her eyes fell on Natalya again. Her shapely legs, her petite body, her perfect breasts. That brown hair and that excquisite face. And those deep, loving brown eyes.

   Hands still bound behind her back, she crawled over to the woman and kissed her legs.

   "I'm sorry," she whispered.


   "Please let me go," the man said. He'd calmed down considerably. "I won't tell anyone."

   "Oh, absolutely," Natalya said. "Just a few more things and we'll be done."

   Miya took the knife and hacked at the ropes around his legs. "Don't fight or I'll gut you like a fish, stud. You're almost there, don't ruin it now."

   The man stood up gingerly. Natalya flopped onto the bed, legs spread.

   "You know what she wants," Miya said, giving him a shove. He fell onto the bed and obediently climbed between Natalya's legs.

   "Good boy," Natalya purred. She looked at his member with approval. "Nice. A woman deserves a hard cock when she graces a man with her body." She reached down and guided the cock inside her. "Fuck me like you mean it, guy. But you cum in me and you'll be eating your jizz out of me."

   The man did. He took out all his pain and rage on the brunette, fucking her like he was trying to throatfuck her from the inside. Natalya's eyes rolled back and she pulled him to her chest.
   Miya climbed up behind the man, knife still in his hand. He jerked as she poked it into him.

   "Hold still or I might cut your spine," she warned. He cried out in pain but didn't fight as she carved W-H-O-R-E into his back. She grabbed his phone, unlocked it with his face, and took a photo of it, then held it in front of his face. "You think I have a future in tattoos?"

   He just groaned in a combination of dismay and unwanted pleasure. The tears were starting to flow again. He fucked Natalya harder.

   "You know," the brunette gasped out, "You never told us your name."

   "Mike Johnson," he grunted. "I own a business. Listen, I can do a lot for you girls-"

   "Shut the fuck up. Nobody cares." Miya had put the knife down and was running her hands across his abs. Mike felt good. He fucked good. He was probably good at a lot of stuff. Why couldn't they have kept him around? She bit into his shoulder until she drew blood. He even tasted good. She picked up his phone and went through it.

   "Oooh, Natalya, looks like Mike's engaged!"

   "Congragulations," the brunette panted.

   "Where's your ring, Mike?" Miya said, nibbling his ear, "Your fiance know you're off picking up teenagers in bars? Think we should send her a picture of us? Think she'll be happy to know what a fucking whore you are, Mike?"

   "Oh god," he cried, "Please don't."

   "Shut the FUCK UP!" Miya screamed. "You thought, you fucking thought, that you could just be a greedy slut for fun your whole life? Well, you picked the wrong day to slut around, huh? Answer me."

   "Yeeees," he sobbed.

   "It's okay, Mike," Miya said. She picked up the knife and slit his throat open. She must have only nicked his artery, because blood literally sprayed out of him like in the movies. Natalya screamed and then laughed as the red fluid sprayed over her. Mike gurgled for a minute, eyes wide in pain and fear, still fucking Natalya out of instinct, before he collapsed sideways onto the floor. Natalya pushed him off and stood up.

    The man's corpse twitched on the floor.

   Miya climbed off the bed. She stared at Natalya, transfixed. The woman was covered in blood. It died her hair red, it covered her face so thoroughly that the white of her eyes almost seemed to glow. Droplets swelled at low points, her chin, her nose, her lips, her erect nipples, the undersides of her breasts. It ran into the crevice of her navel, covering her sex, running down her legs. She was a goddess. Miya's goddess.

    The blood-covered woman stepped forward and embraced her.

    "I love you," she whispered.   


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