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Author Topic: Master List of Story Contest Entries  (Read 6415 times)

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Re: Master List of Story Contest Entries
« Reply #15 on: September 01, 2017, 12:27:51 PM »
Certified Story Contest Entries for September/October 2017:

The September/October 2017 Story Contest criteria:
     1)   No Word Count Limit (entrants may write to any length as they see fit)
     2)   A theme of Dominant/Vulnerable/Fantasy chosen by RC Member, EssenceofRed

This contest is currently open for voting:,3652.0.html


Clipped Wings by darkfantasygirl,3531.0.html

Flayed Behind the Magic Mirror by SoftGameHunter,3541.0.html

Jewel: In Denial by Red Right Hand,1467.0.html

Worshipper by cosmicwitch,3553.0.html

Incubus by Kuriosity,3566.0.html

The Obedience Contest by carnal,3543.0.html

Slave in the Palace of the Elves by kittyumbrass,3619.0.html

Nature vs Nurture by pantherx,3631.0.html

Genie in a Bottle by BiancaBlack,3637.o.html

The Courier, Pt. 3: The Door by RayPistonprowl,3638.0.html

The Perfect Woman by EssenceofRed,3643.0.html
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