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Author Topic: I Eat Out My Wife's Cunt  (Read 213 times)

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I Eat Out My Wife's Cunt
« on: October 30, 2020, 07:28:16 AM »
      We'd been living together for over 40 years.  The first five years of fucking were pretty good.  Although, at the beginning, I always had a hard time cumming in her cunt to finish off the fuck.  Usually she would have to jerk me off, which was not one of her favorite activities.  She only sucked me once and said she didn't like the taste of my cock in her mouth.  She has never tasted my cum.  One time I held my cock tight as I was fucking her to make sure I had an orgasm inside of her.  I shot my load deep into her cunt and that was the one time I got her pregnant.  She got an abortion because we weren't married yet.  Over many years of marriage--especially the last 25, we never fucked.  I don't know how many years its been since she last let me into her love crack.
     So with that long history of sexual frustration, I decided to drug my wife and do as much as I could to her sexually without raising too much suspicion.  She always has a couple of glasses of wine in the evening and then its off to bed.  I waited for a Friday night when I know she is use to getting a little drunk anyway and I slipped some extra knockout sleeping powder into her wine.  Sure enough, she got quite happily drunk and was slurring her words as she wobbled up the stairs to our bedroom.  She barely got into her sleeping attire of shorts and a t-shirt before passing out under the covers.  I waited 20 more minutes to be safe.
     I walked into our darkened bedroom and stripped.  I wanted to be completely naked as I sexually attacked my wife.
She was snoring lightly with her mouth partially open.  I quietly pulled back the covers, down to her waist.  I bent down and pulled up her sleep t-shirt to reveal my wife's slightly sagging tits.  I always loved touching them.  I reached out and fondled them now, playing with her flattened nipples.  She was out like a light and continued to snore, so I took a tit at a time in my mouth.  I sucked on my wife's nipples, getting them to slowly rise and become more erect in my mouth.  I pulled away and admired my work. My wife's knockers were looking a little more sexy now as they hung just down to the beginning of her little pot belly. 
     My wife has grown a little fat over the last five years.  I really don't mind.  In fact, I kind of enjoy looking at her expanded belly and flab.  It can be kind of a turn on.  Well, I 've waited for this moment long enough.  I pull back the bed covers to my wife's feet and ever so carefully yank down her shorts to her knees.  I gaze at my wife's red bushy cunt.  I have seen it thousands of times as she is changing her clothes, taking a shower or getting ready to take a piss with the bathroom door open.  But now, this time, it's different.  I get to inspect my wife's pussy up close and personal.  She never let me eat her out, the one time I did, I was extremely drunk and don't remember it.  It was a violent event. I had slugged her in the face to make sure she would open my legs for me.  But that was in the past now.
    I put my face down close to her hairy mound.  With my tongue, I start to lick the corse, red cunt hairs spread across her crotch.  I lap and lick and chew on her pubes.  Enjoying the smell of her cunt that is filling my nostrils.  I slip lower and start to lap at her pussy lips hidden behind her hairy bush.  Slowly her cunt, my wife's cunt opens for me.  I flick and roll my tongue inside her opening.  I taste the walls of her cunt.  I find her clit and suck on it to make it become hard and swollen.  I take a glance up at her face.  She is still gone.  I return to my wife's hairy hole and fully enjoy eating away at it.  I spread her cunt lips with my fingers and push my tongue way in.  She is becoming aroused and I enjoy her wetness on my tongue.  I freely lap and nibble the insides of her pink cunt flesh that is now being opened to me.
     After a while, I re-position my naked body so that my rigid cock is lying across the swollen crack of her hairy cunt.  I don't want to fuck my wife because I'm afraid that will wake her.  And then it's game over.  Instead, I methodically slap my cock against her cunt as a sign that this will not be the last time I have some fun with my wife this way.  I can't help myself.  I jerk my swollen cock off until I feel warm cum erupts over my thumb and fingers.  I do not wipe it on my wife
because I do not want to let any clues behind.  Wow, this was good.
    I re-adjust my wife's sleeping clothes, put the covers back where they were and get ready to go to sleep, too.  In the morning, my wife tells me she got a good night's sleep.   Oh yes, I'll be back for more!   


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