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Author Topic: Sadie's Ride in the Elevator  (Read 268 times)

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Sadie's Ride in the Elevator
« on: November 07, 2020, 04:13:59 PM »
Sadie’s Ride in the Elevator

“Mrs. Weston?”

Sadie jumped and nearly screamed. She hadn’t notice anyone else in the hallway, focused on giving herself one last check in the hallway’s floor to ceiling mirror. She half turned and saw a lanky teenager waving at her.

Something seemed familiar about him but he wasn’t her neighbour on the penthouse floor. A circle of beautiful elven looking script decorated his ill-fitted T-shirt. She tensed slightly as he stepped closer, bright lighting revealing his groggy eyes and oily sheen. “Hi, are you Anna and Greg’s guest?”

His brows furrowed. “It’s me Mrs. Weston. Matty.”

“Oh my God, Matty!”

Sadie went in for a hug. Her eyes barely cleared his shoulders and he smelt like sour sweat. She felt him stiffen at her tight embrace. She bent her head back to get a better look at him and noticed his face quickly turning pink. She let him go, nearly laughing, her mind struggling to resolve her memory of a baby faced ten year old and this awkward young man. She thought about the years since she last saw him. “So, how are you? You must be in… second year University by now?”

“It’s been ok,” he shrugged, looking down. “Sorry, I must look pretty bad right now. My dad just woke me up and I’m still a bit jetlagged. Something about an urgent package that couldn’t wait.”

He met her eyes for a second, “I’ve really wanted to see you though.” His face turned into a panicked look and pink hue deepened to crimson. “I, I mean glad I bumped into you. To… so I can thank you for taking care of me when I was younger.”

Sadie was flattered that she could still make a younger man fluster. That just doesn’t happen anymore. She’s become a mom, constantly running after her young kids in the playground and home.

Matty used to stay with them for weeks at a time in her twenties when Anna’s rare form of lupus forced her neighbour to go down to the US for treatment. Sadie and Ian gladly took in Matty, keen to form closer bonds with his well connected parents. And also using the opportunity to see if they were genuinely ready to become parents.

Now, grown up like this, he kind of reminded her of her nerdy guy friends from high school. She thought about lunches and weekends spent sharing love for fantasy books and made up worlds. Memories of drunken flings with them in basements bubbled up. Sadie forced the thoughts away. This is Matty! “So, when did you get back from Geneva?”

“Tuesday. Thought I’d help my parents with their move.”

“That’s so sweet of you! It’ll be sad to see you guys leave though, you’re like family. I just hope my new neighbours are ok.”

“Mom said they were an older couple,” he paused. “Actually, what are you doing here Mrs. Weston? I thought you were renting out your unit these days?”

Her fingers combed back a lock of hair that fell, “I moved back about a year ago. Ian… I mean Mr. Weston and I…  we’ve split. So it’s just Sadie now.”


Soft beeps got louder and elevator doors opened. A feminine voice chimed “Penthouse”.

Matty gestured, “ladies first.”

Stepping in, Sadie caught him staring at her butt in the elevator mirror. She wiggled a bit for him and saw unbridled desire in the reflection. She felt a smile on her face. She’d always been proud of her perky bum but she’d also spent a lot of effort lately trying to get close to her pre baby body. Not that anyone noticed. Turning around inside, she just managed to catch his eyes darting back up. “Always the gentleman,” she said innocently. It was quiet enough to hear him swallow.

Sadie felt his eyes on her and soaked in the young man’s attention. This was just the ego boost she needed before her big date. Dean was a mentor at work and they’d always shared an electric tension. He stayed just on the border of being respectful during her marriage and right after her divorce but they’ve made up for lost time since. They haven’t gone the whole way yet but she was going to let them today.

All week, his teasing DMs had left her feeling buzzed with arousal and she had decided on leaving her apartment without panties under her flirty, white mini sundress. She had felt so stupid in the hallway, at least ten years too old for it and afraid of looking desperate, but Matty now made her feel…. so right. The feeling of danger knowing that only thin fabric stood between Matty’s hunger and her nakedness was intoxicating.

The elevator fell abruptly and lights went dark. It gave a final lurch and jerked to a stop. Despite her wedge heels, Sadie lost her footing, her hands just slipping past decorative handrails. The heel of her right palm slammed first into the marble floor first and she yelled from the pain bursting from her wrist.

“Mrs. Weston? Sadie?”

“I’m here Matty. Down on the floor”.

Sitting beside her, his searching hands brushed her long dark hair out of place, “are you hurt?”

“Yeah. I think I’ll be ok,” she nursed her wrist.

Twenty minutes passed in near silence as they waited for rescuers, air becoming increasingly warm. Sadie slouched on the floor, letting the hem of her dress ride up slightly. The pain was finally fading. Through the intercom, the concierge told them an accident had shut down power to the elevators and they’ve already called for help.

Her hands fished out her phone from her small clutch and its screen’s bright light lit the space. No reception bars. Dean would be downstairs at any moment. She felt her head getting heavy and neck muscles tightening. It wasn’t fair! For nearly two months, she’d taken care of Nathan and Elizabeth while Ian was in Brazil to work on a new project. He was only back in town for a day before his next job.

She must’ve cried out in frustration because Matty leaned closer, dipping his head and craning up to see her face better. “Mrs. Weston? Is everything ok?” His head moved back when she nodded but stayed oddly close to her. She became aware he was looking down her dress. Not in full control, like watching a movie, she felt herself tilting her head back to give Matty a better view. She felt her lips wanting to turn up at his quiet groan.

Sirens suddenly rang in the dark, deafening in the small space. Now what?

Matty started to scream.

Oh my God, his panic attacks. His mom had always blamed his sensitivity to loud sounds on her using a prenatal auditory device. And their building’s false fire alarms (ugh, Airbnb partygoers!) had made things worse as he grew up. It mustn’t have gone away.
She reached out to him, feeling his hands tightly clasped over his ears. He was curled up tight upon himself and was shaking hard. Placing a hand gently at the back of his neck, she pulled him towards her. Just like when Matty was young, Sadie held his head lightly against her chest. Still facing down, his yells quieted into soft grunts in her arms but he still trembled rather severely.

Gradually, she became aware of one of his knuckles strumming a quickly hardening nipple. She tried to ignore it but her dress in between him and her nub made the feeling intense. The insistent tingle spread, at first only to the rest of her left breast but slowly radiated out. The sensations went deeper as it grew, reaching out to her limbs and sending throbbing pulses between her thighs. The waves kept coming and she shut her eyes, biting her lower lip. It was getting hard to keep her arms in place but she fought to keep Matty’s shivering hand exactly where it was. Her knees rose up when her legs started to rub against each other.

A booming voice made her freeze and she let go of Matty’s head in her fright, teasing knuckles gone from her breast. “May I have your attention, this is the concierge. A fire alarm has been activated but is a false alarm. Repeat this is a false alarm.”

The ear-piercing siren stopped, replaced by a dim light in the corner.

The intercom popped. “Hello, elevator 3, sorry for that. We’ve turned off the siren and managed to turn on an emergency light in there. We’re still trying to get through to the fire department. Remember to press the ‘speak’ button if you need anything.” It popped silent.

Matty tested the stillness, his arms slowly dropping away. His right hand grazed her sensitive nipple again as he did so, and she tried to keep her gasp quiet. His hair brushed her face lightly when he sat up. His musky smell hung in the air. He looked at her oddly in the dim light. Guilt? No, something else.

She gave him a weak smile, still trying to center herself, “Hey, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’ll always here for you Matty.”

She misread him.

Sadie saw his eyes sneak another peek down where she sat, drawn by something. Her eyes followed and she just saw her crotch peeking over the hem of her dress. Horrified, her hands shot out and pulled it down, tight fists holding the fabric taut. From his angle, Matty must have seen everything when she was trying to get off. She felt heat on her face and she focused on the floor, not ready to face Matty.

The moment lingered. They sat painfully close and she could feel his breaths on her cheeks.

Looking away, she missed his hands moving towards her face. His palms firmly cradled her cheeks and made her turn towards him. Matty looked scared but determined. He moved in, and she felt his lips over hers. Sadie took in a deep breath from her nose and closed her eyes. The tips of their noses squished against each other in his inexperience. He was also mashing too hard but she let him continue. His hands moved again, one behind her head and the other travelling lower. This isn’t right. Stop him, stop him, Stop him. She kissed him back.

Matty’s youthful hunger was addicting and Sadie felt a warm glow everywhere. It’s been so long since she had this kind of attention. He pushed even harder, a dull pain at the back of her head, and they slid down against the wall.

His body ended up over hers on the floor, cool marble on her shoulders. Matty swung his legs and straddled her. His lips never left as he sucked clumsily. She felt his hands sliding under her spaghetti straps. He pulled them down her bare shoulders and brushed away the lace trimmed triangle fabric covering her breasts. She felt stale air on her nipples and the rush of excitement made her nubs even harder. He broke off their kiss and she saw him looking back down at her, his jaws completely slack. Sadie heard him gasp, “you’re so perfect.”

She didn’t know what to say. Sadie knew she could be pretty when she tried but had always felt like the attainable girl. She was never the curvy bombshell that had had men drooling. Under normal circumstances, she would also laugh at being put on a pedestal like this – God knows she wasn’t an angel – but his unsophisticated adoration struck a vulnerable nerve for some reason. “You really don’t have to say that Matty.”

“I mean it. I’ve dreamt about you for so long. What you look like. And I can’t believe how sweet you taste.”

She took a deep breath. This was crazy. She needed to be the adult. Let him down gently. “That’s just my lip balm honey. Now, let’s get back up. We really don’t want anyone catching us like this.” She pushed gently on his shoulders but his body didn’t budge. His legs tightened around hers, trapping her.

Matty’s eyes looked wild, his nostrils flared. She could feel him calculating his chances.

She tried again but he easily swatted her away. His wiry hands were surprisingly strong and were like vices around her forearms. He forced them above and pinned both wrists on the floor with one hand. He dipped his head towards her breasts, his curly hair tickling her neck. He nibbled and flicked her nipples with his tongue. She tried to keep still but couldn’t keep her hips from bucking against him and was shocked to feel Matty’s bare thighs against hers. He had pulled his shorts halfway down somehow without her noticing. He took his time and instinctively moved to the more sensitive nub. The pleasure came faster and sharper than before. Her body squirmed under him, the floor becoming slippery with her sweat. Her whimpers filled the space and her universe shrunk to just her and Matty.

She felt him starting to relax his legs at her sounds, testing her response. Feeling no resistance, he let go of her wrists but kept her ensnared between his legs. As he came back up to kiss her, his body came closer. She also felt his cock sliding up the valley between her thighs. She thrust out her chest and moaned, enjoying the friction as his body grazed her breasts.

One of his hands fumbled down below and Sadie felt his cock digging between her softly closed legs. His tip pressing persistently against her lower lips. She felt his hips pushing down, stabbing blindly, trying to find a way in her. The feeling took her out of the moment, her mind thrown back to high school again and those nervous first hook ups. She felt sorry for Matty’s look of embarrassment and she gave him another whimper, half-closing her eyes as she slid one of her hands down to help.

Her nails teased his balls and then wrapped around his blood hot shaft. He felt slightly smaller than Ian but was curved. Sadie slid him up and down in her lips as best she could, making him wet and trying to tease herself back in the mood. She pushed him just inside her and felt herself deliciously stretch around his crown. Matty needed little more encouragement and speared into her, hard. She cried out as a white hot burn shot up inside. Her eyes snapped shut as she winced. She felt him sliding out, readying for another stab, and her hands quickly grabbed his hips, managing to slow him just enough. He sunk deeper this time, the pain a little less. He paused and she looked to see what was wrong. He was looking down at here like she was a goddess, his mouth a large O. Her ego basked at his worship and she wanted him so much at that moment, “Fuck me, Matty.”

Matty’s cock pulled out of her and he wound himself up. He was a quick learner and he filled her nicely with his next few gentle thrusts. His human firmness felt so good compared to lifeless silicone toys. She needed him to be rougher now and whined softly, “Faster, Matty.” Sadie felt the rhythm of his strokes build up. He was really inexperienced but she didn’t want him to stop. A rough tingly sensation grew as his cock massaged her deep inside. Slapping wet sounds and their grunts echoed in the elevator. She felt her body glow hot and throbbed as he went on. Her hands flew to her breasts, thumbs in teasing circles around both hard nubs, everything bringing her to a heady plateau. Matty was going at a frantic pace now and she saw he had his eyes closed tight, facing the ceiling. He was getting close.

“I can’t….  Oh God….  I’m not-,” he tried to pull out.

She grabbed his butt and pulled him in, “Cum inside. I’ll take care of problems.” She was also getting close to her orgasm and watched him through slits. His eyelids closed tighter and he let out a primal yell when he came. She felt him twitch inside. Heavy breathing. Her body still aching all over for release.

Matty had a panicked look when the haze lifted, “Sorry Mrs. Weston. You were pushing me in and then you said….  I’ll take full responsibility for what happened.”

Sadie snorted, laughing. Her fingers combing his hair, “Matty, I have an IUD.”

Matty looked confused, still catching his breath.

“You’re not going to get me pregnant.”

“I’d like to try.”

Matty came down for another forceful kiss. It was still clumsy but something changed. He was more sure of himself. And maybe of her. He shifted and freed her legs. Sadie felt his knee spreading her thighs and she realized his cock was still rock solid. Maybe he managed to recover so quickly because he was young but she basked in the thought that she made him hungry like this.

He teased her this time, leaving his helmeted crown of his cock just resting inside her, drawing out the wonderful stretch. His elbows landed by her shoulders, like two concrete pillars, and his forearms completed her cage. He grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled her head back. Sweet pain flared from her scalp. His other hand closed tightly over her mouth, the flesh on the side of his fingers slightly blocking her nose. She struggled a little to breathe. He slowly pushed, sliding easily in, and her body sent tingling throbs from the fullness. When he sunk in fully, his pelvis pressed her clit. She whimpered as he pulled back, her body needing his warm, hard flesh back. He placed his mouth beside her ear.

I’m going to fuck you raw now.”

That sent her mind racing and she pretended to struggle against him, testing his strength. She pushed up on his chest as hard as she could but he squeezed himself into her, restraining her and mashing the back of her hands against her breasts. He rammed inside and her body tensed as he drove deep, pain barely making through waves of building pleasure. He stuffed her again and again and built up to a pounding. She could feel his balls slapping at her cheeks with every thrust. Sadie’s fingers curled up as she felt her body climbing towards an orgasm, nails digging into Matty’s chest. He cried and pulled harder on her hair, the sting feeling delicious. “Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me.” He sped up and she wrapped her legs around him, trying to push him deeper. She held her breath, she was so close, just moments away from her crest. Her ankles locked behind him. Matty’s yell was long and she felt him twitch again, more prolonged almost like a small vibration. His hands relaxed off of her mouth, cool air rushing in her lungs. “No, no, no, don’t stop, don’t stop,” she begged. He tried, see-sawing, but he was getting limp inside and Matty finally stopped. He rested on his forearms while his body covered her. Sadie shook, the warm glow still there, all her muscles tense and crying out for release. Ugh!

The elevator lights flashed on and the elevator jerked, starting to descend again. Her mind first thought about the security camera. Sadie pushed on Matty panickily, “come on, you need to get off.” He pulled out of her sheepishly and picked himself off of her.

The intercom popped again, “Hello? We’ve got some power back on but we need to keep the elevator on slow descent. Sorry about that again. The fire department finally responded but we’re going to send them back. We’ll meet you at the lobby to make sure you’re both ok.”

By the time the elevator doors opened at the lobby, Sadie sighed at the mirror and gave up on her hair. Ugh, I’ll just blame it on the heat and stress. She turned around just in time to see Dean’s tallness rush in, arms wrapping around her protectively. She heard his worry, “are you ok, Sadie?” She nodded and nuzzled against him, still shaking, her body coursing with lust. She caught Matty’s eyes, half euphoric and half in longing.

The concierge was saying something but she couldn’t hear. Mad with lust, she barked at him, “I need to get back upstairs now.” He dug into his coat pocket and ordered the other elevator down with his special key. She pushed Dean forcefully inside before the doors fully opened.

“Wait, what did you forget that’s so important? We can still make our reservation.”

She pressed her body against him and looked up, eyes pleading. She reached for his hands and jammed them on her butt and he got the idea. He leaned in for a hungry kiss. Sadie felt Matty and likely of her herself leak out between her thighs.


Standing by the white marble concierge counter, Greg leaned over and watched Sadie and her beau making out in the elevator on the monitor. I can almost hear her moans. He was still rock hard and thinking about her silky white skin. He’d lusted after the girl since she moved in all those years ago and he’s going to miss her. His eyes leered at her butt and cute breasts. Her eyes were closed but he’s dreamt about them looking up at him so many times while she was speared on his cock underneath. Even after two kids, she was like a wet dream for him. He knew Matty felt the same way.

He tore his eyes away as he heard steps. Turning his shoulders, he saw Steve and Matty walking towards him. Matty’s strides were still unsteady and Greg tried not to smirk.

“Hey dad, what are you doing down here? Didn’t you wake me up to pick up that urgent all-important package?”

“Yeah, your present.”

“Steve said there wasn’t anything though.”

“That’s because I picked it up just now, right Steve?” he was tired and had no patience for stupidity. They had monitored Sadie’s front door video feed all morning. She had told him about her big date on Thursday. Not for the first time, he thanked the builders for the penthouse suites’ added security features.

The suited short man caught his annoyed tone right away, “Oh, sorry sir. Yes, that package. Yes.”

“Steve, I have envelopes on your desk. There are two. One’s for you and the other for the management office. I’ll know if you steal anything,” he said darkly.

Steve’s eyes glowed greedily and he rushed around the wide counter.

They walked away and he put his arms around his son’s thin shoulders. He glanced down at Matty, his son’s face beaming with a stupid smile but his eyes were still half asleep. He gave a loud yawn, “Dad, what’s the present? Must be small, I don’t see it.”

He looked ahead, guiding his son towards their building’s revolving front door. Warm light flooded through the whole glass façade. A smile grew on his face when he thought back to the security camera footage during the whole “power outage”. That was close though. He had to get Steve to turn on the fire alarm to get them together and Sadie’s boyfriend kept threatening to call for firefighters himself, forcing him to stop everything early. Ah well. When management gives him his copy of the recording, he’ll just add it to the rest of his videos of Sadie over the years. He licked his lips again when he thought about her bikini at the pool last year.

“It’s just something I thought would pick you up and make you a man. I know you’ve been having a tough time at boarding school and at University.”

Matty’s eyes lit up, “a Royal Oak?”

“Yes, Matty,” he sighed. “It’s a gaudy sports watch.”
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Re: Sadie's Ride in the Elevator
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2020, 05:00:53 PM »
You are an amazing writer!  The words are beautiful and you left us with surprises.  I hope we see more stories from you.

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Re: Sadie's Ride in the Elevator
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Very original, Little. I quite enjoyed this read.

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Re: Sadie's Ride in the Elevator
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Thank you Kylie, vile8r1, I've been a fan of your own wonderfully creative tales and getting feedback from both of you means a lot! 

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Re: Sadie's Ride in the Elevator
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Wow, I hardly ever venture to this section, but now I will if we're going to be graced with writing such as this.  The scenario you've masterfully constructed made me feel so dirty from reading it.

This is a wonderful sojourn from the typical hunt, defile, and seed fiction.  I can only imagine what other thoughts cross your mind.  +Rep to you!

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Re: Sadie's Ride in the Elevator
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 Very good story, I enjoyed it very much.

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Re: Sadie's Ride in the Elevator
« Reply #6 on: November 11, 2020, 09:16:12 PM »
I really appreciate your kind comments AlphaDog, Shocker! I kind of wrote Sadie's elevator ride last week while waiting on something for work overnight and it was my first completed story. Wasn't sure if everything worked so thank you. 
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