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The Magnet
« on: November 09, 2020, 02:58:24 AM »
The Magnet

A police girl’s walking down the street
With bouncy buttocks on her beat;
The stupid slut has been too nosy
And soon those buttocks will be rosy.

She’s crossed the Boss who runs the gang,
So soon her cunt will get a bang.
His trusted son has been arrested,
So of her clothes she’ll be divested.

She’s stopped the theft, she’s stopped the rape
(for rape the slut’s an ideal shape);
She’s shrugged off threats, she’s fought corruption,
So she deserves a rough abduction.

She’s brave and fit, of high ideals,
But beating will produce some squeals.
She’s diligent, sincere and clever,
So now her arse will feel some leather.

Her mind is fine, her heart is sweet;
Her plump behind looks good to eat;
She’s young and lithe; her face is pretty;
She’s much admired in rump and titty.

Her arse is big, her arse is round,
It sticks out far in rubbery mound;
Her tits, though firm, are made to wobble
For lecherous men to squeeze and gobble.

Her arse exerts magnetic force
(its size resembles elk or horse).
It is a veritable magnet
Without the slightest droop or sag in it.

Behind her walk two ruthless thugs
(One shoots or knifes; the other mugs);
They watch her arse in all its bulges
And in dark thoughts each man indulges.

Up draws a white, unlettered van
And cruelly smiles each following man.
Our cop is asked for some directions;
The thugs have stiff and thick erections.

They come upon the clueless maid
Who of no danger is afraid.
They grab her suddenly and thump her
And one remarks, “This prize is bumper!”

Inside the van she’s swiftly stuffed;
With her own handcuffs she is cuffed;
They put her hat back on and gag her.
How boldly they contrived to bag her!

Two in the front, two in the back;
The rear thugs grope the bitch’s crack;
She twitches and she weakly gurgles.
No more she’ll catch the man who burgles.

No more in rape she’ll interfere
With angry face and fatty rear;
No more she’ll stop the cruel extortion.
They squeeze and slap her hinder portion.

To a large house the van has come.
They unload tit and cunt and bum.
Her character is denigrated
And then from gag she’s liberated.

Over a shoulder she is slung:
At front, the thing that makes her dung;
At rear, her face – and brain so little;
At front, I said, her fragrant shit-hole.

Unto the Boss she’s neatly brought,
Who says, “I like the slut you’ve caught!
Now, bitch, admit you were mistaken
(Before by panties you’re forsaken)

To arrogantly arrest my son.
He’s coming now to join the fun!
She says, “I strive to do my duty.”
He slaps what Yanks would name her booty.

He stares at it with lustful greed.
“Now strip the bitch, but do not speed.
I want to see her shame and horror
When she gets what we’ve set up for her.

For rape she abundantly deserves
For her impertinence and curves;
She’ll get in spades what’s coming to her
When all my men line up to screw her.”

The thugs who stood around and laughed
And groped her fore and groped her aft
Begin with lecherous hands to strip her,
Knowing the Boss will want to whip her.

She cries, “In this you can’t succeed:
Rescue will come and I’ll be freed!
Stop doing what is most illegal!”
Her arse is big, her arse is regal.

The Boss Man laughs. “You’ve got no friend.
Each male cop would have you bend;
The girls are of your buttocks jealous,
Or so they’ve been quite keen to tell us.”

Her crisp white shirt is roughly ripped;
Her belt is from her trousers slipped;
Down to her ankles drop her trousers.
The Boss says, “Lads, this must arouse us!”

By pale pink bra her breasts are cupped;
Its pulling off is quite abrupt.
In panties pink her buttocks quiver
(Though outside them’s a goodly sliver).

Her boots are taken from her feet:
Apricot-hued, her socks are sweet.
Now, crouching like a Praying Mantis,
The Boss says, “Don’t remove her panties.

That pleasure’s for my son reserved,
To bare where she’s most richly curved.
Then sweetly will descend her panties
And she’ll be speared, as by Ashantis!”

His son’s arrived with shouts of lust
For cop-girl’s cunt and cop-girl’s bust.
“Who wants her raped?” There are no antis
And so he rips away her panties.

What do they chiefly crowd to view?
You do not know? I’ll give a clue:
It was concealed in her panties
For Wordsworth’s pen, or maybe Dante’s.

You think they crowd to see her cunt?
Well, some have gathered at her front.
But more are at her rear view clustered
And for her arse is manly lust hard.

Her panties are passed round and sniffed,
For they clung close to girlish rift.
Since odours have been softly leaking,
Of cop girl’s cunt they’re strongly reeking.

The son grins evilly and leers
As he inspects her rear of rears.
“Slag bitch, were you not thick and witless
To nick me, asking to be titless?”

He sniffs and leers with chuckle and grunt
As he inspects her pretty cunt.
“Thick pig, now kneel and beg for mercy
Or I’ll scalp your fucking curly fur, see?”

Although the girl is keen and brave,
She sees such cruelty in Dave,
Tears burst in floods and drown her bravery
As she foresees her lecherous slavery.

The Boss says now, “She must be bent!”
He sniffs her cunt and arse-hole scent
And her big arse is contemplated
And for a thrashing it is fated.

Young Dave, with will to do her harm,
Spanks her fat bottom with his palm
And she responds with squeals and screeches
And gets it in most sensitive reaches.

Her arse is sore, her arse is red;
Then the Boss brings his belt instead
And on her arse he keenly plies it
And boils, grills or roasts or fries it.

She screams and moves with quiver and twitch
As the Boss justly beats the bitch;
The gangsters celebrate her anguish
And boil with just and manly bang wish. 

He says to her, “Now, fat-arsed cow –
Do you still want to arrest us now?”
Mere moans and sobs provide no answer.
How altered is this haughty prancer!

“Now answer me, you stupid bitch,
Or be found headless in a ditch!”
She knows that she’s enslaved and bested.
“I no more want you all arrested.

Let me go home, oh mighty Boss.
No trouble will come from PC Ross.”
He pats her rump, he tweaks her nipple,
Causing her buttock-flesh to ripple.

“It seems perverse a cop to strip
If I don’t give the bitch the whip!”
“Please no, please no, I am defeated.
Please, no more beating where I’m seated!”

“Shut up, foul slut! You make me sick.
Your fucking head deserves a brick.”
Says Dave, “Please, Dad, just let me top her –
Only my second dead girl copper!”

“Please no – I am too young to die!
Just let me sob and wail and cry!”
Their money man, a Bangladeshi,
Shouts, “Let her have it where she’s fleshy!”

His good advice has great impact.
The whip will strike just where she’s cracked.
Men listen to advice financial.
They’ll see her whipped – yes, every man shall!

Her arse is big, her arse is broad,
Her arse is red and deeply scored.
At every cut the slut is shrieking
And out her pretty cunt is peeking!

The Boss has smiled a wolfish smile.
His thoughts are wonderfully vile.
The cop slut’s cunt is now his target.
He has her legs spread to enlarge it.

O noble Boss – just let it rip!
So on her cunt descends the whip.
Her screams are like a lion-torn antelope;
Her arse is like a painted cantaloupe.

She cries, “No more! Please leave my cunt!”
Compassionate, he goes round the front
And whips her tits, to general laugher.
Now – is it time for them to shaft her?

Once more the dreadful whip shall cut
And whips the face of shitty slut;
And now her cunt receives some sucking.
Best do that first and then the fucking.

Now who shall have the honour and luck
To give the bitch’s cunt first fuck?
Surely, it’s their distinguished leader
Who shall be first to breach and seed her?

But no! He points to youthful Dave,
Who shall be first to rape the slave!
So he, below her mound of Venus,
Inserts his long and thickened penis.

To this young Dave has much aspired.
By sweet revenge the youth is fired,
But also by the joys of fucking
As he is pumping, she is bucking.

How wonderful the female cunt
Invaded by a penis blunt!
How glorious the fearless rapist
Who gives his shaking prey fist!

When fucking of her cunt’s complete,
He fucks the tunnel in her seat:
He soon defeats her weak resistance
And up her arse he goes some distance.

His dad is next into the breach.
Her arse is like a juicy peach.
Her cunt gives him a clever massage
And manly seed goes up her passage.

Her arse-hole too is hotly humped
And all his semen’s in her dumped
And all who follow him in thuggery
Engage in joyful rape and buggery.

She no more hides her spots obscene
And in them ram all seventeen;
When every manly thug has had her,
They are all glad, but Dave is gladder.

The sorry slut, all in a heap,
Is free to quiver and to weep.
The thugs drink beer, the Boss, Chianti,
While Dave still sniffs her bra and panty.

The Boss has rammed her I.D. card
Right up her cunt – and rammed it hard.
Bold Dave, inspired by thoughts subliminal,
Cries, “Nick me now, for I’m a criminal!”

A message goes out from the Boss,
“I’ve got a slave that you may toss.
She is a cop – and here’s a photo.
Click on this link and you can go to

The site where you may place your bid.”
So many, many people did
And bids were high to astronomical.
Meanwhile, the bitch’s moans were comical.

So Russian gangsters, Saudi Sheikhs
And Red Chinese uncoiled their snakes
And sinister and cunning Mexicans
Bid to enlarge their flocks of sexy cunts.

At last, one bid was just so high,
The others gave up with a sigh.
Our slut is sold to her superior,
A general in far Nigeria.

She’s kept on collar and on chain
And gets a fuck and gets the cane
Until he holds a feast for cousins
And she is roast and served to dozens.


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