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Author Topic: [Draft] Kidnapping Paige  (Read 43 times)

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[Draft] Kidnapping Paige
« on: November 21, 2020, 03:36:58 AM »
     I peeked into my quarry's bedroom window. There she was, sprawled across her bed in her light green PJs, snoring gently. I quietly opened her window, which she always left unlocked, and entered her room. Her family had no security system on the upstairs windows, but I didn't want to risk waking them.

     I made my way over to Paige's bed. She was sleeping on her back, which made my job slightly harder, with her light brown hair spilled across her pillow. I took out the bag I had for her and placed my hands inside it, holding the gag. I waited for her to breathe out, then slipped it over her head and stuffed the gag into her mouth.

     She quickly stirred awake, but I was too fast for her. I quickly latched the gag behind her head, then rolled her over and mounted her from behind as she began thrashing wildly. By the time her dark green eyes would have blinked open, she was face down with the bag down to her shoulders. I brought her arms out in front of her and bound her wrists with two quick twists of an elastic band. She tried to cry for help, but all she could do was mumble through the gag stuffed down her mouth and the thick bag over her head. Her heels thumped harmlessly against my back, which actually felt kinda nice. She probably made about as much noise as her dog does in its sleep.

      I brought her hands back down to under her belly and pulled the bag down to her feet. Then I gave them a playful tickle, she writhed an tried to squeal, and tied it off. I slung her over my shoulder and took a look around her room. She had been busy studying for finals for the fall of her senior year, so really I was doing her a favor, if you ask me. Then I made my way over to the window.

     As far as I could tell, no one had heard what had just happened. I stepped back onto her roof and slid the window shut. Then I rappelled down the side of her house, which was hard with Paige squirming around, it's a miracle I didn't drop her to her death. I shook my grappling hook loose and picked it up. I walked over to the blue sedan, which was parked under a steet light that was out. I carefully laid her in the trunk and drove away using the sedan's electric mode so I wouldn't wake anyone up.

     I pulled over into an abandoned parking lot about 10 miles down the road next to my ACTUAL car. I used a fake license plate, but if someone saw me I didn't want the make and model of my car sent out to everyone in the state. I lifted Paige out of my decoy. She was still whimpering and trying to free herself. Then I set her down in the trunk of my real sedan and untied the bag.

     Her feet poked out and scissored at me, as I had expected. I smiled warmly. She still hadn't accepted that she was mine, and she would rather kick like a baby than lie there with dignity. It was utterly adorable. I gently moved her left ankle over to the loop of rope I had prepared for it and secured it, then I repeated with the right ankle. Paige continued to wiggle around, now thrusting with her knees, maybe hoping that I would lower my head to just the right height for her. I could hear her cries for help slowly morphing into sobs.

     I reached into the bag up to her waist. Guessing what I was up to, she grabbed her pajama bottoms with her bound hands that were turning pale, but I easily yanked them loose. In a final act of denial, she kicked out her knees, trying to keep the waistband from fitting over her legs, but a quick tickling of her crotch taught her why that was a bad idea. Her sobbing became bawling. She didn't know that I wasn't up to anything right now, this was just a quick inspection.

     I pulled the PJs down past Paige's knees, and as I expected she wasn't wearing panties. There she was, exposed, vulnerable, and at my mercy. She took very good care of herself, as I would expect from a narcissist who posted house tour videos to Youtube. Her groin was very recently shaven, maybe even waxed. I quickly turned on a flashlight to look for tan lines, but I couldn't find any. Now she was moaning like I was already fucking her. She tried to keep her legs shut, but I rested a hand on each knee and made them come apart. Her teeny cunt bloomed open for me. From what I could see, despite her denial, she was enjoying this.

     I considered sticking a finger or two inside of her right then and there, but I had work to do. I grabbed the adult diaper I had brought for her and strapped it on her, I was NOT going to let her piss in my trunk. Then I pulled her PJs back up. Her breathing calmed slightly, now she was more confused than anything else. If she tried to ask me a question I couldn't hear it. I massaged her crotch, fealing the crease of her cunt through the two layers, and she tried to growl, but she could only let out a soft moan. I saw that her hands were starting to turn blue, so I switched the band around them for a looser one, despite her attempts to hit me in the process, and patted her shoulder in response. I could tell she was breathing just fine from her constant protests, so I freed her ankles, tied the bag around them once again, and shut the trunk.

     I drove all night because my house was hundreds of miles away. It would be too suspicious to snatch a girl in my city, right? I finally pulled into my garage in the morning and shut the door behind me. The hard part was over, now it was time for the reward. I opened the trapdoor and the one below it to get to my basement. I had the room soundproofed a few years ago for "guitar practice." You have to keep up appearances, you know? I scooped the bundled girl out of my trunk and brought her downstairs. She was still trying to hit me through the bag, but she didn't have that much energy anymore.

     The room was small and cozy, for me anyway, not for my guest. There was a bed in one corner and next to it a cross to bind my prisoner to. On the other side there were some buckets for a makeshift bathroom. Behind the ladder there was some spare soap and stuff and enough oats to last the girl a few weeks. She did say on her Youtube channel she liked ponies. Now she'll get to eat like a horse.

     I put Paige on the floor and locked the doors behind me, then I picked her up, untied the bag and started tying her to the cross. She started kicking at me again, so I knocked her over and caught her just before she landed flat on her face. That got her to stop. When I was done with her feet I lifted the bag over her head.

     Her face was covered in tears and snot, and I could smell that she had pissed her diaper. I lifted her bound hands above her head, and secured them to a hook. She kept struggling, but only 'cause she knew she had to. Her emerald eyes begged at me, but I couldn't decide what they were begging for. I could see that she would have a beautiful face and body once it was clean.

     "Hello Paige," her eyes darted at the sound of her name. "There's no point in screaming, this room is soundproof, understand?" I said. She nodded and whimpered. I gently removed her gag and she screamed so hard it hurt my ears. I stood there waiting for a few seconds, then I twisted her nipple through her shirt. She screamed higher pitched at first but then quickly stopped and cried. "Now now, we don't want to make your life more difficult than it already is," I taunted her. She tried to spit on me but it fell right down to her shirt. I smiled.

     "I'm sure you know what's going to happen next. There are two ways we can do this. Right now you are filthy. I can strip you down right here, wipe you clean, and fuck you," I started to pull down the waistband of her PJ bottoms.

     "No!" Paige cried as she writhed around

     "Or, I can untie you, leave for a few hours, and trust you to wash yourself off. Then fuck you when I get back." I slid my hand up her shirt and tickled her armpit. She shivered. "But if you betray that trust," I put my hand against the crotch of her PJs so her piss-soaked diaper rubbed against her cunt. She closed her eyes in shame, "your punishment will be worse than anything you've been through so far."

     She started to cry some more. "So, can I trust you?" I asked.

     She stared at the ground. "Yes," she said with a sob.

     "One more thing." I gently lifted her chin. "You call me Master now. So, can I trust you, Paige?"

     She looked into my eyes somberly, still crying. "Yes, Master."
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