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John and Shelby in Paradise
« on: November 28, 2020, 05:44:54 PM »
This is of course a fantasy I would never condone such actions.

It's a spin-off story from Just some guys having fun 2.

John and Shelby sat at a table on the patio of one of the hotel restaurants. There were four hotels with another under Construction all in a row on the west side of the island. As they sipped their after dinner drinks they watched the sun sink into the ocean. They had been on the island almost a year, in that time they had moved into their two bedroom house that sat on the east side of the island. As part of the property, It had a cabana behind it. The property was 1 1/2 acres in size and had a small private beach a few yards away from the house. There was a dock that had a boat tied to it that John and Shelby had bought so they could go out on the water.

After a few months their darker urges started to emerge, what with cruise ships stopping by now and then. There was a parade of potential victims and then there was the anticipation of the annual influx a college students for spring break. Although Shelby felt the need too, she convinced John that they needed to have, if not a foolproof way then certainly a very safe way to satisfy their urges. To that end they worked for almost ninety days to convert the small Cabana into a dungeon. They outfitted it with everything they could think of that they would need then looked for a guest to entertain.

 Once a month, the past two months, they went out and found a target of opportunity which they kept blindfolded for the duration of the rape and abuse they inflicted on them. And after cleaning them up, they released them on the other side of the island. Though there was a lot of outrage an alarm John and Shelby's felt secure because they left no trail for the police. Or so they thought.

Their evening was interrupted when a gentleman sat down at their table. "Pardon the interruption but we need to talk.?"

"Who the hell are you?"

"Oh forgive me my name yes, Robertson Lafond but my friends call me Robbie."

"Well mr. Lafond what's on your mind?"

"Are you enjoying your time you're on the island?"

"Yes, what's it to you?"

"Nothing, it's your extracurricular activities that concern me. I'm well aware of what you are interests are." Looked at the Thunderstruck couple and smiled "There's nothing that goes on, on this island, that I don't know about."

"Why then aren't the police with you?"

"Because I have a business proposition for you and I suggest you think carefully before you answer me. I have no problem with what you do but by discarding the merchandise so quickly it's a waste. You can continue with your interest as long as you turn over the merchandise to me relatively unharmed."

"What's in it for us?"

"Money, there's a great deal of money to be made. The better the merchandise the more money you receive and life will go on as it is. If you refuse then there is the police. But I tell you while this is a beautiful Island it is a corrupt Island, everybody has their hand out."

"So we can do what we want with impunity?"

"As long as you don't get too carried away."

The deal was struck, John and Shelby found themselves involved in human trafficking.

Twenty year old, Gabriella Russo laid out on the chaise, took one last look at the ocean, put her hands over her head, stretched her body and with her hands still on top of her head relaxed and closed her eyes.

John watched her from a distance, her dark brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail, sunglasses hid part of her face but nevertheless he could tell she was quite cute with a really nice body. Although she needed to get some sun, she was almost unnervingly white. John his lips, walked in front of her and started to take pictures of her. "Excuse me."

Startled, Gabriella opened her eyes, all she saw was a black silhouette of a man because the sun was behind him. She put her hand up "What what is it?"

"Excuse me miss but have you ever considered being a model?" John said as he sat down on the chaise lounge beside her.

"Yea right good joke."

"No." John told her, handing her a fake business card, then he felt a woman standing near him.

"Get a load of this Mom this guy thinks I can be a model."

Ava Russo looked the man over "What kind of scam are you running?"

"No scam ma'am it's a legitimate offer, if you don't believe me you can talk to my associate sitting on the patio right over there."

"Oh hell mom what's to lose."

"I indulge you too much Gabby but let's go."

John waited as they packed up their belongings and then he walked them down the beach to the patio where Shelby was sitting. Shelby regaled the mother and daughter with stories about the modeling business. If they were interested they could take a few pictures of Gabriella and send them to the home office. Soon enough Gabriella  signed a form saying that the pictures taken would not be made public without her consent.

As they were driving out of town Ava asked where they were going "We believe a more natural setting would be better."

In an isolated location, mother and daughter found themselves laying on their stomachs with their hands behind their backs. As they were cuffed hand and foot Ava said "Please I have money lots of money."

"I'm sure you do." John said as he wedged a red rubber ball into her mouth and buckled it behind her head. The two helpless women we're loaded into the trunk of the rented car.

Ava sat in a chair ungagged but still cuffed hand and foot and watched the man who kidnapped her and her daughter circle around her. She cringed when she felt his hands on her shoulders "What do do you want?"

John walked back in front of her and looked her over. Out of curiosity  he looked at her driver's license, she was forty six.  She was pretty but not beautiful her brown almost auburn hair fell on her shoulders. Though she still had her bikini top and her sarong on, the lusciousness of her body made his cock twitch in anticipation. "What I want is for you to get down on your knees."

"No please not that."

John pulled her to her knees "You want Gabriella to pay?"

Ava looked where John pointed "God no." she gasped. Gabriella was hanging by her wrists still gagged, wearing her bikini top and her denim shorts "Don't you can't."

John touched her lips with his cock when she jerked back "You need to think about her."

Sickened, Ava wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock and then swirling her tongue took it into her mouth. She felt pressure on her head then gagged as it entered her throat "Choke on it." Ava started to panic, she couldn't breathe, when he pulled back she coughed a stream of spit that splattered on to her breasts and soaked her bikini top. After long minutes of having her face fucked, Ava felt his s grip tightened on her head then she was forced to swallow his cum.

John hovered over her and watched her choke and wretch. Then he pulled her to her feet and ripped her bikini top and sarong off. He forced her over to a padded sawhorse where he quickly cuffed her ankles, spreading her legs. After freeing her arms, he made her reach for the floor, bending her over, then he cuffed her wrists to anchors in the floor. He gave her bikini bottom covered ass a swat "Welcome to the rest of your life."

Ava watched him start to leave "My baby you can't leave her like that." She watched him walk over and grab the control and then she screamed as her daughter was raised further off the floor. Being her ankles were anchored she was stretched until her arms were almost pulled out of their sockets.

John walked over in front of Ava, pulled her head back by her and slapped her face "Don't you ever tell me what to do."

"NO NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Ava screamed as the door closed.

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Re: John and Shelby in Paradise
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2020, 06:01:03 PM »
I have the strong feeling John and Shelby are not going to live happily ever after.

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Re: John and Shelby in Paradise
« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2020, 12:06:24 PM »
When Shelby entered the room she was greeted by Ava's frantic begging. Without saying a word she walked over picked up a flogger and as she removed  Ava's bikini bottom and lightly pulled he leather strands across her ass, Ava's begging intensified.

"No don't please why are you doing this to us please because I have money please let us go.......Swish WHACK!
"AAAAAAEEEEEEE!" Shelby swung her arm WHACK! "PLEASE" WHACK! She'll be paused "Bitch you're going to count and say thank you every time or I'll whip you till you're raw." WHACK!


"One thank you mistress." WHACK!


Shelby flogged Ava until her ass and the back of her thighs were bright red and Ava was blubbering incoherently. Then she walked around in front of her, put her hand under her chin "Keep your eyes open." Crying and frightened half out of her mind she watched Shelby take off her clothes and put on and eight inch strap-on dildo.

Ava screamed "WAIT WAIT NO!" When she felt Shelby's hands on her rump. "NO PLEASE GOD NO!"

Shelby turned on the Bullet Vibrator and slipped it into the pocket of strap-on and then she gripped Ava's cheeks and forced the bulbous head of the rubber cock through her anal ring. "AAAAAAEEEEEEE!" Shelby pushed it in deeper "TAKE IT OUT!  GOD  PLEASE!"

"Accept it slut." Fully embedded Shelby starting to fuck the helpless screaming woman. Minutes later Shelby had a shattering orgasm and continued to rape Ava. Shelby watched John enter the room and walk in front of Ava. He grabbed the sides of her head and looked at her stunned face. Tears were running out of her eyes and her mouth was open. John slipped his cock into her mouth and even though he didn't think she could hear him "No teeth bitch." Soon John and Shelby had a rhythm. They pushed Ava back and forth between them raping her mouth and ass. After she had her third orgasm Shelby pull out of Ava's bleeding bottom and watched her husband continue to fuck her face.

Gabriella screamed and wept at the sight of what was being done to her mother and with the fear of what they were going to do to her.

"Give to her, she loves it." John didn't need Shelby's encouragement, he started to jackhammer poor Ava's throat "GOOOOD YESSSS!" He started to come and short stroked her face for a few seconds, froze and emptied his balls into her mouth and throat. "Terrific outstanding!" John gasped as he walked away while Ava coughed a flood of spit and jizz on to the floor. Once again they left the room.

While they were alone Ava tried to comfort Gabriella "It's going to be okay." she lied "We'll get through it together stay strong."

All too soon Ava watched the door open, whimpering she watched the man and woman walk in. Shelby walked over to the counter and stood by while John walked behind Ava. "Not again." John heard when he put his hands on Avis hips."GUHUH!" grunted Ava when her dry pussy was speared. John raped her for a minute then he pulled his cock out and looked at Shelby.

"What's the matter John?"

"This bitch needs some motivation." Shelby turned on soldering iron and waited until smoke trailed off the tip. When John remounted Ava and started to rape her again Shelby walked over and with the soldering iron in front of Ava's terrified eyes. "Fuck him." She looked at John, he shook his head,  she touched Avis shoulder with a soldering iron. There was a shattering scream. Shelby looked at John, he nodded his head "That tightened her up."

"That's good baby." Shelby showed Ava soldering iron "Start fucking."

Ava started moving her hips in time with John, he would thrust in she would push back, she wept bitterly, she was forced to fuck her rapist.

John's grunting and Ava's tortured sobs filled the room. As he started to orgasm he leaned over Ava, grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her up. He put his other hand under her chin and bent her head to the side. He heard her her weekly beg "Please." John gave her head a twist CRACK! Ava Russo's life ended. He released her head and stepped back.

"What the fuck, what's the matter with you John?" Jesus."

"Oh hell, no great loss she was a lousy screw anyway."

Gabriella's throat was raw from screaming, silently she watched, crying, as her mother's dead body was wrapped and tied in a sheet.

"Come on Shel."

"Just a minute." She grabbed the control box and lowered Gabriella until her feet were flat on the floor and her knees bent. When she heard a groan of relief she went over and picked up one end of Ava's dead body. They carried her out of the room and down to their boat. They went an hour out into the ocean and after John tethered Ava's feet to a cement block they threw her into the ocean. They spent the rest of the evening in silence drinking until they were both dead drunk, trying to forget the line they had just crossed.

The sun woke them from their drunken stupor. Back to the Island they went, walking to their house Shelby looked at the cabana "What about her?"

"She'll keep let's get some sleep."

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