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Description: What are they? Why should readers and authors know about them?

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Author Topic: Story Tags  (Read 459 times)

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Story Tags
« on: March 06, 2015, 04:22:18 AM »
If you view the horizontal Main Menu up top you will see a button called "Tags". Tags are used by story authors to give you a quick way to find material that interests you. Click "Tags", then click any tags that interest you.

When you're posting a story, you may notice a field saying "Tags (Stories Only Please!)". It also appears when viewing the story post itself. Tags allow visitors to quickly find stories that interest them; they function similar to keywords. If a visitor clicks the "Tags" button up on our Main Menu up top, they can view a cloud of popular tags, and clicking on any term will take them to a list of stories that have been tagged with that term.

More about how to tag your story posts is here:,383.0.html
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