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Author Topic: How to use IGNORE feature (board feature)  (Read 2466 times)

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How to use IGNORE feature (board feature)
« on: June 23, 2014, 05:23:29 PM »
The IGNORE feature allows you to ignore Members who annoy you. Use this feature BEFORE resorting to reporting any posts or posters to the moderators! You may want to keep this info handy as you work by opening a new tab/window to work in.

To IGNORE someone on the forums:

1. Note the name of the Member you wish to Ignore.
2. Under the horizontal Main Menu up top, click on "Profile".
3. There is a secondary horizontal menu now below the main menu, consisting of "Profile Info", "Modify Profile", and "Actions". Hover your cursor over "Modify Profile" and a new drop-down menu appears. From that menu, hover your cursor over the bottom option reading "Buddies/Ignore List".  A submenu appears: "Edit buddies" and "Edit Ignore List". Click "Edit Ignore List".
4. In the section reading "Add to Ignore List", type in the name of the Member you wish to Ignore and click "Add".


ETA: You may now also "Ignore" people on the message board by clicking "Ignore" in the lower right hand corner of their post (next to "Report to Moderator". (I added a modification.  :thumbs: )

To IGNORE someone in the Chat Room:

To ignore messages submitted by a particular chatter, click on his/her name from the online list and then click Ignore. Messages from ignored chatters are still visible in history. Note that the Ignore feature in Chat is separate from the Ignore feature in the forums and must be re-enabled each time you enter the room. If someone is purposely disrupting the room or is posing a genuine danger to someone, you can request that any Admin or Moderator come in and boot them. A list of Admins, Global Moderators, and Moderators is at the bottom of every page of the forums.

To IGNORE a particular board on RC, like the Rage Cage (politics & religion):

First, we are NOT a political or religious board; those tend to be more homogeneous, so here you're going to encounter a wider, more diverse lot of viewpoints. But there's a reason political boards tend to become homogeneous echo chambers: because people don't tend to enjoy conflict. So with that said, if the Rage Cage annoys you, PUT THAT FORUM ON IGNORE AND DO NOT GO IN THERE!
To put a forum on Ignore:
Profile > Modify Profile > Ignore Boards Options > tick the boards you want to Ignore

Note that this is an incomplete and old modification to our board software, so topics from that forum may still show up in your "Show new replies to your posts" or "View the most recent posts on the forum" lists, so watch to ensure you don't blunder in there by mistake.
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