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Author Topic: New less "obvious" theme: RC-Anon  (Read 1637 times)

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New less "obvious" theme: RC-Anon
« on: March 24, 2015, 07:29:17 PM »
We've had requests to create a theme that makes it a little less obvious that you're looking at a rape fantasy site, and that hides nicely in another browser tab. To that end I created the "RC-Anon" theme. Differences between that and our default theme:
1) The logo up top reads "RC" instead of "RapeCage" and no longer has the adult site warning
2) The site name now reads "RC" instead of "RapeCage" so your tab shows less incriminating info  :uhoh:
3) The taskbar tab now reads "RC" instead of "RapeCage", less incriminating  :uhoh:
4) All avatars and signatures are disabled by default (you can re-enable them under Profile > Modify Profile > Look and Layout > uncheck "Don't show users' avatars" and "Don't show users' signatures")
5) Your own avatar no longer shows in the upper right user area section
6) Welcome blurb up top in the dotted box is gone

To enable the RC-Anon theme:
Profile > Modify Profile > Look and Layout > Under "Current Theme" select "change" then "RC-Anon" from the bottom of the list. You can preview it first.

Germanchick made this request, and you may post questions and comments in her thread here:,704.0.html
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