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Author Topic: Submissives/littles/pets/ect, how did you figure out how you identify?  (Read 245 times)

Offline Kuriosity

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Hello, fellow subbies!  :laugh2:

I've been thinking a bit lately about being a submissive, both as the title itself and also the sort of categories within it, like 'littles' and 'pets.' I guess I'm curious how people came to the conclusion of who and what they were, why they feel inclined to those titles, what it's like?

I only know that I'm submissive, and lately figuring out that I may have just a liiiittle bit of a brat in me. It's funny, because in everyday life IRL I hate rudeness, but with my boyfriend I'll get sassy and rude every so often, immature. I don't know exactly why - I guess it seems funny in the moment to rebel a bit, and because it feels good to be taken in hand, reminded who's in charge.

Maybe it's the same reason I like, in rape fantasy, putting up some degree of fight and trying hard to be optimistic and vitriolic, just trying not to be broken spiritually. I like the idea of being tamed, I guess.

So! What about the rest of y'all? Subbies, unite and tell your stories! We'll light a campfire and roast marshmallows to keep the dominants and rapists away.  :D

Offline deadlynightshade

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I am very much a submissive. I like most aspects of being told what to do, though like you, I do tend to be a bit bratty to try to get the kind of reaction I am looking for. I very much don't want any control in the bedroom, I want him to have complete control.

Offline olderguyhere4u

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It would be great to reignite this thread ... I'd love to read some discussions of this ... the labels are restrictive I think ... I mean what is the diff. between a kitten and a baby girl (for instance). I for one can see a distinction between a little girl and a baby girl ... I'm wondering what others think?

Offline chelle91

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I'm a brat, sub, and a kitten( in some ways) for me it's my mood. I tend to be a brat in a playful way and I want my guy to work a little. Once he "puts me in my place" I go submissive. Then afterwards I act like a kitten in the sense of I need my cuddles and I purr after an orgasm( idk my body just does it). I figured out my " identity" through the years. Just by being into bdsm. I think it just comes with play
Just try to put me in my place. I DARE you.


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