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Author Topic: Cop Girl Rape Limericks  (Read 289 times)

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Cop Girl Rape Limericks
« on: July 12, 2021, 04:26:30 AM »
As a decoy the cop girl was prancing.
The rapist was drawn to her dancing.
A fault in her alarm
Meant he came to no harm
And her arsehole was second for lancing.

The policewoman fought the race riot.
Her buttocks were something to spy at.
The white and the black
Made peace for her crack
And the Muslims adjusted their diet.

On the thug the policewoman’s gaining.
Her buttocks are asking for caning.
When she’s got her deserts,
She’s entered in spurts
And she’s in for a bit of retraining.

The Indian cop wins the chase.
Her buttocks are garnished with lace.
I get her backside out
And fuck all her pride out
With rape aggravated by race.

The cop found the man was upskirting.
Her arse was soon scarlet and hurting.
His cunt-shots he posted
Online and he boasted,
“Here’s one of me up her arse, spurting.”

The policewoman jumps on the Transit.
Her arse and her tits are much fancied.
So we turn up a track
And we hammer her crack
And right up her arse the boss plants it.

The police girl gives chase, silly chick.
Her panties are easy to nick.
Her arse is soon burning
To please the discerning
And her arsehole is plugged by her stick.

Cop girl and jihadi have fought.
Her place in the world she is taught.
Her cunt is a capture
That gives him much rapture.
By his boss in Iraq she is bought.

The pretty cop checked through the box.
The gangsters felt joy in their cocks.
They’ve sold arse and cunt
And the things on her front
And her panties, her bra and her socks.

The cop girl ran in, so I glassed her
And joyfully cunted and arsed her.
Her face is still crap,
But her arse gets the strap
And she kneels to get head from her master.

The cop says to her boss, “You are bent!”
So he savours her cunt’s fishy scent;
Then he and the gang
Have a wonderful bang;
Then she’s sold to be fucked in a tent.

The hot young police girl ran faster,
But the stupid bitch got what she asked for.
Her panties were pocketed,
Tight cunt and cock socketed
And the dealer five times a day arsed her.

The courageous cop fought like a demon,
But got a keen, lecherous team on.
Her panties were history,
Her cunt was no mystery,
Stuffed full of the Black brothers’ semen.

The cop girl had limitless bravery,
So was fun being tortured for slavery.
The Nigerian who paid for her
Felt his penis was made for her
And found her cunt pleasantly flavoury.

The Indian cop fights with the bandit.
“Let go of my bottom! Unhand it!”
Her rape is deserved,
For her arse is well-curved;
And her cunt? Let us salt it and sand it.

The cop girl brought the thug to the ground.
Alas, by a brick she was downed,
For the thug had a friend
And they buggered her end
And for the slave market she’s bound.

The police girl had got very near,
But I bottled the bitch with a leer.
Her panties were pink
And her cunt had a stink
And I shoved all her crap up her rear.

The cop chases the foul pimp and dealer.
He clubs her to strip her and feel her.
No cock is erecter –
He’ll rape and inject her
And as his new whore he’ll reveal her.

The paedo is grabbed on the hunt.
The cop bitch has quite a tight cunt.
He prefers them unripe,
But he’s not one to gripe
And he fucks the slut top, back and front.

The black cop is bright. She’s on the fast track.
The white gangster thug gives her an arse whack.
He beats her for pleasure
And rapes her at leisure
And now she’s tied up in a vast sack.

The cop girl has such a big rump!
I just have to squeeze the fat lump.
Her protests are querulous
And peevish and perilous.
That arse just deserves a good hump.

The policewoman fought with great pluck
And was good for a vigorous fuck.
Then her fibreglass baton
Went up where she sat on
And with a strong glue it was stuck.

A cop girl’s grabbed hold of the steering!
Her tits get some squeezing and leering.
Some speed we attain
And her feet leave a stain.
They’re rubbed off, but her cunt is endearing.

The cop girl burst in on the paedophiles,
But the fat one cried, “Free range cunt! Get her, Miles!”
She was stripped, she was thrashed
And her arsehole was mashed
And she learnt, as a slave, they had mellow smiles.

The cop girl had made several arrests,
Then a crossbow bolt went through her breasts.
Then pain, horror and shock
From a mad gangster’s cock,
Then a fuck slave. Good. Cop girls are pests.

“That police bitch is being a nuisance.
It surely is timely to screw sense
Into the young slut
Up her cunt, up her butt
And like connoisseurs, savour a few scents.”

We’re raping a cop slut, a Brit,
Up her arse, down her throat, in her slit,
In her eyes, on her tits
And wherever it fits,
Including the bitch’s armpit.

The policewoman fought with us masterfully,
But we beat her and stripped her and arsed her fully.
After rape, at our leisure,
We sought a new pleasure
And bunged up her fuck-holes with plaster fully.

A policewoman clung to the aerial.
Said the Boss, “Hello, sweetie. We’ll share your hole.”
So on that best of Mondays
We tore off her undies
And hammered her tight and her hairy hole.

The black policewoman’s struggles were vigorous.
I’ve not seen a slag with a bigger arse!
She naturally lost
And the bitch paid the cost
Up her cunt, down her throat, up her (snigger) arse.

The policewoman’s stacked in a cage.
She provoked the Big Boss’ cold rage,
Saying to him, “You’re nicked!”,
So she rightly got bricked.
They have cunts, but these bitches aren’t sage.


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