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Emma Stone: Wedding Night Nightmare.
« on: July 19, 2021, 04:20:29 AM »
Wedding Night Nightmare. Starring Emma Stone

By Fear The Wrench.

Emma felt her heart pound as Dave carried her to the bedroom. It wouldn’t be the first time they’d made love, far from it, but it would be the first time they had as husband and wife. Her wedding had been mere hours ago, and Emma was a vision of bridal beauty. She wore elbow length white silk gloves that fit her arms tightly, her long copper hair tied back in an elegant French braid. Her dress hugged her curves tightly, and bared her back and shoulders with a bodice that pushed her B-cup breasts up and presented an enticing cleavage. Her look was topped off with silver high heels, a strand of pearls around her elegant swan throat, and professionally done, moisture and smear resistant makeup.

She had specified that last touch, both in anticipation of sweating in the summer heat, and of…. later moisture and mess. Dave opened the door, preparing to set her down on the bed, and froze. Standing next to Emma’s makeup table, hew jewelry box open on it behind him was a large ,dark-skinned man standing in the middle of the bedroom, staring at them, an axe handle clutched in his hand. Dave practically threw Emma down behind him and lunged at the intruder.

But the man was faster. The hickory tool handle cracked down on Dave’s head, and he crumpled to the floor in a heap. The man raised his weapon again, and Emma jumped between the two of them, cradling her husband’s head in her arms, putting her body between him and the burglar. “STOP! DON’T!!!” she screamed, staring up at the burglar desperately. The large man held the stick aloft, but didn’t swing. “Holy shit. You’re Emma Fuckin’ Stone. The little slut from Easy A!” he said, looking at the deep cleavage of her wedding gown.

Emma felt her skin crawl. She knew that look. And she had a bad feeling about where this was going. “Yes, I am. This is my husband, we just got married…. please…. don’t hurt us… just… leave, okay? We won’t tell anybody, I know times are hard, it’s okay, we can replace the things, just… please take it and get out.” she begged, nodding to the jewelry box he had been rummaging through. She was honest about that much, she knew a lot of people were out of work, and needed money. If the man wanted money in exchange for not hurting her and her husband, it was no major issue.

“I will.” he said “But… you know, I don’t think dat’s all I want anymore.” he looked her up and down greedily, imagining peeling her out of her dress. He reached down and grabbed her by the wrist, pulling her upright. “I think I wanna hurt a white boy, real bad, in fact…” he said.

Emma shook her head, eyes wide. “Please, don’t! What do you want? I’ll get it for you, Just don’t hurt him!!!” she pleaded. The large man looked at her again. He had planned on killing the man, then raping Emma regardless…. but she looked especially enticing in her bridal dress and jewelry…. “Anything I want?” he asked. Emma knew where this was going, she had fended off her share of predatory producers in her time, and she recognized his tone of voice. She looked at Dave, out cold and helpless, and felt shame wash over her for what she was about to do.

“Anything you want.” she said, her face blushing. “I…. think I know what you might want…” she added, looking away from him in humiliation. “My name is Tyreeq. You gonna be my bitch now, Emma.” He said, pulling off his mask.

Emma sighed in resignation. She had known. “You understand me? You gonna be my little white bitch now, right?” he asked, running a hand down her back. Emma nodded “Yes….” she replied, shaking. “Good girl.” Tyreeq said, patting her cheek. “Get your fine ass on the bed, I’m gonna tie up your Ex here, and then we gonna have a little party.”

Emma went to the bed, and sat on the edge of it, watching the large, ugly man tie Dave to a chair and stuff a sock from the drawers into his mouth. Satisfied that he wasn’t going anywhere, Tyreeq threw the axe handle to the side, and began to undress. Emma flinched with every article he removed. The man was hideous, flabby and hairy with a terrible stench and a sheen of greasy sweat covering his ebony skin. She could see a huge bulge through his dirty underwear, and it grew larger by the second. “Can’t believe it…. I get to make Emma Stone my little white cum-slut!” he said, looking at her and drooling openly. He motioned for the gorgeous redhead to stand up.

She rose and let his large, dark hands turn her around. He unzipped her dress slowly, letting it pool around her feet. Emma looked away in shame. She wasn’t wearing a bra. A black hand cupped a handful of her ivory titflesh, and played with it a bit. “Mmm…. nice little titties on you, girl.” He said, smelling her hair. Emma blushed in shame, she had gone bare-breasted for Dave, intending to let him have easy access to her bust. Tyreeq’s approval humiliated her.

He ran his greasy hands down her body to her hips and nearly ripped his briefs from the size of his erection. She was wearing a tight, white thong that left almost nothing to the imagination. “MMM! Damn girl! You got a real nice ass! So good of you to give it to me!” he said, grabbing a handful of it and squeezing. “Mng…” Emma flinched at his rough handling. She was used to being treated gently, but this man was clearly not interested in treating her that way. He drew back his hand, and a loud slap echoed through the room.

Emma jumped and yelped in pain, a red handprint glowing on her porcelain rump. He drew back again and slapped her other asscheek. Emma tried to ignore his abuse, not giving him the satisfaction of seeing her despair, and reached for the top of a lacy white sheer stocking. “No no….” he said, slapping her hand away. “You leave on the gloves, the jewelry, the stockings, and the heels. You MY bride now, gonna look like it when I fuck you!” he said, kissing her neck and shoving her to the bed.

Tyreeq was almost ready to dispense with the foreplay and get to the fucking. “Take them panties off, Emma. Gimme them.” he said, holding out a large hand. Emma did as she was told, aching her back and sliding the white underwear down her sleek legs, then offering them up to her soon to be rapist. He took them and sniffed them deeply, licking the crotch. “Ooooh, that’s nice… Never had a white girl before, you gonna be my first one. You better make it good for me, or I just gonna crack both your skulls!” he said, tossing her panties onto the pile of his clothes. “And I got a bride fetish, too. I likes me a nice bride, and especially a white ginger one.” he continued, pulling down his underwear.

Emma screamed. His cock was utterly terrifying. It was dark and emitted a horrible stink like old fish, it was uncut, and a bit thicker her wrist, emerging from a briar of thick black pubes that looked like they hadn’t been washed in months. Emma stared at the massive, stinking, rock hard prick and backed up on the bed slightly. “You think you’re screaming now? Just wait till you get my blacksnake up your, Easy A.” he said, stepping forward. Tyreeq enjoyed her terror, he had raped women before, and the fear, the humiliation, the shame, that’s what got him off the most. In his neighborhood, he had always fucked Asian women, they always looked down their noses at him, so he had made a point of “shaming” them by forcing them to fuck a black man.

But his first white woman would be his celebrity crush. The woman he had jacked off pints of jizz to while watching her movies. Emma Stone. He was going to enjoy this.

A muffled groan came from behind him. Tyreeq turned his head and smirked “Just in time, you get to watch your… well, she WAS your bitch, she MY bitch now, take her first BBC.” he said turning back to Emma, crawling onto bed with her. Dave stared in revulsion at the man,  a huge, fat, ugly pig who was naked on top of his beautiful wife. He pulled angrily at the ropes holding him, but it was useless. He couldn’t get out of the chair, let alone save Emma.

“All I had to do was tell her I was gonna bust your head, and she got real nice, she gonna do EVERYTHING for me….” he said, stroking some of Emma’s copper hair. She closed her eyes, a tear running down her cheek. She smelled Tyreeq’s stench, assaulting her senses. He stank of unwashed body odor and the same fishy odor of his crotch. “Everything, right?” He asked Emma, patting her cheek.

“Y-Yes, everything you want…. I’m…. your bitch.” she said, her husky voice quivering. “My little white bitch.” he corrected. “Your little white bitch…..” she repeated after him. “We gonna fuck, she gonna ride me, prone bone, anal, blowjobs, ball-sucking, silk glove hand jobs…..” Tyreeq said, drool running onto her naked chest as it dripped off his chin. He slapped his heavy cock against her flat belly, judging how deep he’d be inside her when he stuffed her.

He’d be deep.

His flabby hands spread Emma’s legs wide, and he mounted her, positioning his huge rod at her tight pink pussy lips. He wrapped Emma’s braid around his fist, and before she could react, pulled her into a deep, wet, sloppy kiss. Emma gagged, he tasted like cheap booze, bad breath, and cheap cigarettes. His tongue tangled with hers, and the wet smacking of the forced Frenching session mixed with Dave’s muffled roars of outrage as he watched this vile man assault his angelic bride.

Emma didn’t fight. She was afraid that if she did, Dave would be killed, and Tyreeq would rape her anyways. Instead, she focused on trying to just let him have what he wanted, in hopes he’d show mercy. She let him kiss her, gagging on his breath and offering no resistance as he forced her to make out with him. Emma already knew the rapes would be painful, and that she would be forced into repulsive sexual acts with him…. but she would do her best to endure it, and provide him the pleasure he sought.

She had no choice. It was her chastity, her dignity, and her decency, or the life of her husband. She felt the hideous man break the kiss, and took the chance to turn and lock eyes with Dave. She mouthed the words “I’m sorry, forgive me.” to him, tears in her beautiful blue eyes. Dave was in tears, but nodded. He knew she had no choice. But he also didn’t want to watch the abuse she would have heaped onto her.

Tyreeq spit on Emma’s ruby lips, chucking to himself as he pressed their bellies together. “Now you MINE!” he said, shoving his hips forward roughly. Emma arched her back “AAAAGH!” she cried out in pain, feeling the fat, black head of the cock part her dry pussy-lips. Her rapist was far, far larger than any of her past lovers, and she was utterly unprepared to a penetration, no, an IMPALEMENT of this size and girth. “OOOH SHIT…. you tight as fuck, little hoe!” Tyreeq moaned, clearly satisfied with the fit of his new victim. He grabbed her wide hips and gave another hard thrust, driving several more inches of his foot-long prick between her firm pussy lips. He grunted in pleasure, enjoying the tight fit of his new bitch. He licked her from chin to temple, leaving a slimy trail of spit on her pretty face as he continued to bore his way into her tight gash. Tyreeq kissed her neck and cheek, drooling on her. She felt his sweaty, hairy gut press against her flat belly, and gasped in pain when he grabbed her ass and gave another heavy thrust, slamming the tip of his cock into her uterus.

Emma put her gloved hands on his greasy, hairy chest. “Wait…. please… it’s…. it’s too big, just let me get wet or lube you, then you can-“ A dark hand closed around her throat. “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” He growled, thrust hard against her tightly clenched womb. “You MY bitch, you do what I want WHEN I want! I’m gonna fuck your belly open, you little white slut!” He yelled, squeezing her neck. Emma’s hands when to her throat, pulling at his fingers in vain. She couldn’t breathe! She coughed several times as he strangled her, and continued to batter at the entrance to her womb. To her endless shame, Emma not only began to feel lightheaded, but she felt her cunt begin to lubricate for her rapist, trying to ease his insistent passage. She oddly didn’t feel herself getting off, but she was getting wet, at least wet enough…

Tyreeq lifted up and slammed down. Emma’s mouth opened in a silent scream, and she felt his tongue slide between her lips. Her face was growing red now, and she felt the head of his prick force her womb open, and begin it’s slow drilling into her cervix. Emma began to shake, her muscles spasming, spots in her vision. “I’m….. gonna die….” she thought, feeling her pussy shamefully respond to both the big cock up it, and, she supposed, the choking. Her red face began to turn blue, and her eyes slowly began to close…..

A rush of oxygen filled her lungs as Tyreeq let go of her elegant throat. “That’s more like it! You wet for me, you little cracker whore!” He said, feeling her juices dripping onto his shaft. “You love big black dick, I knew you would!” he said, settling on top of her. Emma turned away in humiliation, she wasn’t turned on, but the choking seemed to have gotten her soaking wet for her attacker. “You should be glad I’m taking her. Emma’s a real slut, she loves her new hubby more than the old one!” He taunted Dave, slapping Emma across the face. She felt like a whore.

The ugly burglar grabbed her small tits and laughed. “Gonna give you a black baby for your honeymoon, white girl!” he said, settling into long, slow, powerful thrusts. He’d pull out until he was almost out of her body, then slam back into her as hard as he could, slapping his dark, greasy flab against her clean, ivory flesh. Emma let out a throaty wail of pain every time. Despite the lubrication her body forced upon her, his was still simply too big for her, and her cervix was too tight for his shaft… but the head of his freakish penis was bruising the back of her womb with every thrust all the same. The entire bed shook, and the wet slap of flesh of flesh echoed through the bedroom. Emma could barely take a breath under Tyreeq’s bulk, and every gulp of air she did manage was tainted by his horrid stink. Ever so often, he would grab her hair and pull her face to face. He’d kiss her, and make her kiss him.

Emma endured as best she could. It was torture of the highest order, her pussy stretched to breaking point, the stench of her hideous rapist, being kissed, spit on, and choked. He lowered his head to her chest and began to suckle on her pink nipples, chewing and sucking them as she squirmed and cried. He squeezed and groped her tits and ass, jiggling the womanly flesh lustfully. “Your tits taste great, girl, and you’re so fucking soft….” Tyreeq moaned, licking her breasts and ringing her nipples with his teeth marks. She felt him thrusting harder and faster, and her cries of pain picked up in pace to match his thrusts.

Tyreeq locked lips with her again, and gave a final, hard thrust. Emma closed her eyes, tears running down her cheeks. A thick, potent, sloppy load filled her tight pussy, flooding her womb, backfilling into her pussy, coating his thick black cock in slime. He pulled out of her with a moan of pleasure, and lifted off of her, roaring in victory. He had fucked Emma Stone and blown a massive load in her vice-tight, fertile cunt. And the night was still young, he looked at the nearby alarm clock, only 45 minutes had passed since he began his attack of the slender redhead.

“She mine now!” he said with a grin, palming one of her little tits. “I fucked her GOOD, she took my load, bet she never had one like dat from you, huh?” Tyreeq continued, mocking Dave as he groped and licked Emma’s supple body. He pulled her upright. “Come here bitch, give you new hubby some kisses, then I gonna try your pretty lips….”

Emma grunted in a mixture of disgust and resignation as the flabby man pulled her to him, hugging her into his hairy, sweaty body, licking her cheek. “I can’t believe how lucky I am!” he said, running he tongue over her jawline. “Your stupid bitch-boy left the basement door unlocked, and I gets to make you my wife!” he continued, licking her ruby red lips and pulling her into a deep, sloppy, noisy kiss. Emma let out a muffled sob as his tongue slithered down her throat. The room was silent save for the sounds of a forced make-out sessions and the beautiful redhead’s choked cries.

Tyreeq savored the taste of her mouth, shoving his tongue deep down her throat and licking everywhere it could reach. He enjoyed feeling her warm, soft body tremble against him, the choked sobs, the gagging as his spit ran onto her tongue. She belonged to him now, this was just him kissing his bride, as far as he was concerned. His cock grew hard, pushed against Emma’s belly as she groaned in disgust at the feeling of the slimy, foot-long organ rubbing her abs. He broke the kiss and pried her mouth open. “Drink my spit, white slut!” he ordered, hacking up a fat wad of spit and depositing it into her mouth.

The gorgeous actress shuddered, then gagged several times, but managed to toss the mucus to the back of her throat and gulp it down. Tyreeq smirked. “Thank me for your drink.” he said. Emma closed her eyes, humiliated beyond belief. The man was clearly taking steps to humiliate her on both a racial and sexual level. “Th-Thank you for letting me drink your spit.” she said. Tyreeq laughed and laid back on the bed. “I always wanted to make a white bitch worship me. Specially you!” he said, tugging her by her gloved wrist to lay next to him. “You gonna worship me with your tongue. Lick my pits, then suck that big black dick!” he ordered, watching her face contort in revulsion. “P-Please…. could I do something else for you? I…. it’s just…..” Emma trailed off, looking at his sweaty, fatty, unwashed, hair-covered body in disgust. Tyreeq took a nipple between his fingers and twisted. “You too good to lick a black man? Dat it? You a racist, Emma? I gonna have to kill your Ex if you’re a racist, and then I gonna have to pimp you out to all my friends. You racist?” he asked again, knowing she wasn’t, but that he had her under total control.

“N-No… I’m not.” she said, eyes downcast. “Then prove it, cunt. Worship my body, then suck my cock!” he repeated. Emma brushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear, and lowered her head to his right armpit. The smell made her eyes water, but she put out her tongue, and buried her face into the wiry, dirty mat of hair and grim.

She licked and licked, tasting sweat, BO, grease, male musk. It was overpowering, her eyes watered, her nose stung, her mouth tasted like body odor mixed with sour milk, but she licked and licked, feeling hairs catch in her clean white teeth, sobbing as the wet sounds of her making out with her rapists dirty pit filled the room. “Now the other one!” He ordered, slapping her ass. Emma sat up and coughed, barely able to keep her lunch down. “Slide over my body to get to it. Rub against me real sexy!” he ordered, enjoying his power over her.

Emma pressed her body to him, and looked up into his dark eyes, then slid her body over his flabby belly, and nestled her head into his left pit, repeating the humiliating “worship” he demanded of her. Tyreeq relished in it. A beautiful, rich, white ginger. The one he’d always jacked off to, and he got to make her his slave-bitch. He’d break her before this was over.

“You ever sucked n****r cock before, little slut? I bet you have! Bitch with a nice ass like yours knows how to give a good suck, I’m sure of it!” He taunted, indicating it was time for her to give him his bridal blowjob. Emma sat up, turned her head to the side, and spat some of the taste of his stinking pits out of her mouth. “No, I’ve never been with a black man.” Emma replied demurely. For all the shame heaped onto her, Emma’s poise was still somewhat intact. “That ain’t what I asked, bitch!” Tyreeq snarled, pulling her onto his lap. She sighed, dismayed at being forced to utter such language. “I have never sucked……” she trailed off, not wanted to say it.

Tyreeq slapped her across the face. “Fucking say it, you dirty hoe!” he ordered, smiling widely at the idea of making her use such vulgarity. Emma sighed. “…n****r cock before.” Tyreeq slapped her again. “You not allowed to say that word, Emma. You gotta make it up to me. Suck my dick!” he ordered. Emma clenched her fists, seeing the situation she was in.

Emma climbed down the bed and kneeled between his legs, looking at the large dark pole standing erect, waiting for her mouth’s service. She lowered herself, smelling his filthy crotch and wrinkling her nose in disgust at the slimy, cum-stained prick. She put out her little pink tongue and gave it a tentative lick, withdrawing immediately and gagging. “Kiss it, hoe.” he grunted.

Wetting her lips, Emma placed a light kiss on his foreskin, face distorting in disgust. He tasted horrible. The jizz itself was thick like glue and tasted of fish and male musk, the cock under it tasting even worse than his armpits had. She sucked gently of the skin, licking at it a bit before breaking off to gasp for fresh air. “Dis is shit. You better make it better for me, or I’m gonna get mad. Lick my fucking taint!” he growled, lifting his fat ass off the bed. Emma looked mortified, but the implied threat to Dave’s safety had her enthusiastic compliance. She buried her head between his fat thighs, inches from his unwashed, musky ass, and licked his goonch. Long, open-mouthed, slow licks.

Tyreeq laughed. “Look at her! You married dis nasty bitch! She licking my fucking taint clean, bet she tasting ass-sweat and dry jizz! She like a porn star!” he said, grabbing Emma’s head and grinding her face into his crotch. She gagged and sobbed, but licked and licked until he released her copper hair. “Suck my balls, White girl. Then you gonna swallow my sword!”

That wasn’t a question. He wasn’t asking her to give him oral sex anymore. Now it was just a statement. Emma knew she’d be deep throating him in a few minutes time. The gorgeous redhead brought her tongue to her rapist’s unwashed scrotum. Her face red with shame. Tyreeq let out a sigh of pleasure as Emma’s soft lips closed around his testicles and she suckled on them, rolling his hairy sac on her tongue. She gagged, he smelled horrible, and tasted even worse. “Does he ever bathe?” Emma thought to herself, wrinkling her nose. His sack was nearly as bad as his taint. She pulled back and the testicle left her mouth with a loud, wet pop. She began to tend to the other, taking the ping-pong ball sized lump into her mouth, feeling and tasting his coarse pubes as she sucked his scrote.

“Fuck yeah….” Tyreeq moaned, petting her coppery hair as she took care of his balls. “Dis the good shit. You ever suck his nuts, Emma?” he asked. The pretty actress looked up at him, and shook her head. Tyreeq twisted her braid slightly “Answer me with WORDS, white girl. And don’t stop sucking my balls.” he ordered. Emma let out an annoyed noise deep in her throat, but did as she was told. “Nhgo.” she said, through a mouthful of her rapist’s stinking crotch. “Hehehe, knew it.” Tyreeq said. “See? She my bitch now, you ain’t never had her do what I’m getting from her.” He pulled on Emma’s braid. “Suck my dick, bet you done dat a lot, right? Dats how you get in movies?” He asked.

The redhead pulled away from his nutsack and wiped her mouth, visibly gagging on the flavor of his ball-sweat. “I’ve never done it for a roll, you fucking pig!” Emma hissed, her pride, or what little was left of it, stung by Tyreeq’s remarks. Big mistake.

A large, black hand shot out and slapped her across the face. “Don’t you take a fucking tone with me, hoe!” He snarled at her. “You mine now. You wanna talk to me, you do it with respect, or I’m gonna bust his fuckin’ head, you hear me?” He yelled, shaking her by the hair. Emma nodded frantically, one gloved hand holding her stinging cheek. “Dat’s better. Now….. You ever suck cock to be in a movie, girl?” he asked.

Emma paused for a moment, then shook her head. “No… I’ve… never had sex to be in a movie.” She answered, keeping her eyes cast down, trying to look and act as demure and submissive as possible. “I hope you good at sucking cock, you good?” He asked, putting a hand on the back of her head and pulling her face towards the massive, dirty, uncut black shaft. “I…..I’ve never had any complaints….” Emma answered, clearly not enjoying this line of questioning, her face red with humiliation. Emma knew for a fact she was very good at giving head, she had been told as much by all of her boyfriends at one point or another. Between her gorgeous features, full, soft lips, and hypnotic blue-green eyes, Emma was well aware that she drove men wild when she serviced them, and that most every director or producer she met dreamed of being able to get her on her knees before them.

Where all those men had failed, Tyreeq had succeeded. He felt like a king. Emma Stone had gone decades in Hollywood avoiding the beds of rich men….. only to be forcefully taken by a dirty black burglar like him! The gorgeous pale actress looked at bloated tip of his cock, and opened her mouth, letting a soft, warm breath wash over it. She saw it twitch. “Bring your A-game, or that asshole over there dies.” he reminded her, pulling her head closer. She could feel the heat coming off his rancid dick now. Taking a deep, shaking breath, Emma looked up and locked eyes with her abuser, and took the head into her mouth. Immediately, she tasted cum, sweat, stale dick cheese, and unwashed body odor. The pretty actress felt her entire body shudder in disgust, but kept her eyes fixed with those of Tyreeq. Her nimble tongue flicked out and peeled back his sticky foreskin in a deft, clearly experienced maneuver. He grunted in pleasure and let go of her head, staring down at her with a grin on his face. Emma sucked deeply on the head, probing at the piss-slit with her tongue. A shot of pre-cum sprayed out, and the redhead gagged. If it was any indication, his cum was going to taste even worse when he sprayed in her mouth. The thin pre-cum was slimy, musky, and bitter.

“Oh god…. if the pre-cum’s this bad….. ugh….his load will be like drinking sewage….” Emma thought, a tear running down her cheek. She was dreading when he came in her mouth. She already knew she’d be forced to swallow, she just knew it.

Emma gulped down the slippery musk, and took several more inches of his cock into her hot mouth. She felt her throat stretch as the head entered, and took a deep breath through her nose before forcing herself down. One of her silk clad hands rested on his hairy gut, the other cupped his bloated ballsack, wrapping his testicles in warm luxury. He groaned in pleasure, and looked into Emma’s beautiful blue-green eyes. She let out a sob, and gagged as she took the rest of his thick shaft. Her elegant throat bulged around his meat, and her pretty face was buried into his flabby, stinking crotch, his dirty pubic hair rubbing her face, her lips. The pretty actress tried to breathe through her nose to kill her gag reflex, a method she had practiced in the past…. only to get a nose-full of her “Lover’s” rancid stench, making her retch and her stomach flip.

“Awww. I think I’m too big for her!” Tyreeq gloated, holding her head down and grinding his hips into her face. Emma’s hands went to her neck, painfully stretched as it was. He slapped the back of her head. “YOU KEEP YO HANDS ON MY BALLS, EMMA!” he shouted. Tears ran down her cheeks, and her throat spasmed as she returned to giving him a silken ball-massage. “Fuck dat’s good… I think I see why you wanted to marry her now….” The hideous man said, grunting and moaning as he suffocated Emma Stone, the gorgeous hollywood bitch he had wanted to fuck for ages, with his fat dick. He took in the sight with pleasure: Her hair was mussed, strands sticking out of her braid, tears ran down her cheeks and filled her eyes, her ruby-red lips were stretched around his fat black shaft, and a hand clad in fine white silk gently stroked his egg-sized testicles like worry stones.

He slapped her lightly on the cheek. “Get sucking, loud and sloppy, and make sure you keep demanding eyes on me, I like dat.” he ordered, grinning down at her. Emma let out a small whimper, and did as she was told. She began to bob her head, up and down, sucking deeply. She took him to the base, her pretty face burying into his nasty pubes, then slurped her way back to the head, plunging her delicate pink tongue into his piss slit, opening her mouth to let him watch as she rolled the head of his rotten black cock on her tongue, licking under his foreskin, sucking on it, kissing the head and shaft. The whole time, she kept eye-contact with her depraved rapist, daring not let out any sounds beside gags, soft groans of humiliation, and the occasional small sob.

Even if she had permission to look at Dave…. she didn’t think she could. She could hear him crying. “Oh…..OH! FINISH IT YOU RICH GINGER SLUT!!!” Tyreeq roared, pulling her head until the tip of his cock rested on her tongue. “Don’t you fucking dare spit me out! You gonna swallow my load!” he snarled. “I knew it….” Emma thought bitterly, nodding slightly at him and sucking hard on the head, going wild with her tongue. “OOOOOOOOAGH!” he bellowed, his shaft jerking in her mouth. Emma tasted it immediately, and wanted to die.

Thick, chunky, sperm exploded onto her tongue, a massive, almost inhuman load filling her mouth. It tasted horrifying, bitter, musky, salty, and to her utter revulsion, a distinct flavor like that of spoiled seafood. The stench of it was so foul that it filed her sinuses and permeated her senses. “Get yo mouth off my unit and chew that shit!” he panted, sweat dripping off of him. Emma sucked the last of his stale, disgusting jizz into her mouth, and sat up, covering her mouth with her hand demurely. She chewed, feeling thick bubbles in her rapist’s seed pop against her teeth, greasy chunks break up. “God……. and this went into my pussy too….” she thought, a fear sparking in the back of her brain as she realized how potent the cum of her rapist truly must be. “Drink it, Emma.” she heard him order.

She swallowed, gagging, struggling to get and keep it down. Thick wads of his fishy sperm slid down her throat as she forced herself to guzzle it. She finished, and fell on her side, crying, and shaking. She hoped it was over, prayed it was over.

Tyreeq sat up, and she felt a slimy kiss on her bare back, and a sweaty hand on her right tit. “You sucked me GOOD, white girl. Love yo fucking mouth.” He said to her, licking between her shoulder blades. She shuddered. “P-Please…. I did everything you asked….. just…. just go and leave us alone….” she pleaded, sounding on the verge of being utterly ruined. She felt his hand leave her tit, and squeeze a handful of her tight, white ass.

“Nah, I ain’t done yet. I’m gonna give you something every white bitch needs in her life. Big black cock up her ivory butt!” Tyreeq said with a sadistic smile. Dave screamed into the gag, and Emma’s eyes snapped wide. “No… no no….please…. not that…. Can I do something else for you, please?” She begged, knowing the answer already. “Shut up, you little ginger fuckdoll!” he snarled, slapping her ass, and turning her on her belly. He took a long moment to savor the view of Emma’s body again. Her porcelain white, flawless back, her slender waist, and the wide flare of her hips and round, toned ass. He reached out and grabbed her cheeks with both hands, squeezing the firm, pale flesh until it bulged between his black fingers. “Hehehe….” he chuckled, drool running down his chin at the idea of fucking her perfect ass.

“Cross yo ankles bitch, it’ll make you tighter!” Tyreeq ordered, wrapping her braid around his fat fist. This was going to be a rough ride, and he knew getting into Emma’s tight, white ass wouldn’t be easy, but he would enjoy the effort, and he would enjoy her struggles. Her leg’s shaking, the gorgeous redhead crossed her ankles, her heart hammering in her chest. “Spread it open.” he said, slapping his thick cock against her stocking-clad thigh. Emma reached back and pried her cheeks apart, revealing her trembling, virgin asshole. Tyreeq spat on it, and Emma shuddered at the unfamiliar sensation. “Beg for dis.” He said, running his hands over her smooth back. Emma sobbed “P-Please fuck my ass…” she cried, her voice shaking. “Beg me to fuck yo white ass.” “F-Fuck me in my white ass….”

Tyreeq was loving this. He enjoyed her husky voice trembling with humiliation, fear, and revulsion. He leaned over her, and pressed his cock against her tightly clenched hole. “Bet you love dis, hoe.” he said, pressing forward. Emma’s mouth went open in a loud, agonized scream as the bloated head of her rapists cock took her anal virginity. The actress felt her sphincter stretch to the limit, clenching tightly around the intruding penis as the brute gave a bellow of victory. Emma bit the sheets, gritting her teeth in pain, her hands left her ass cheeks and dug into the mattress. Tyreeq hauled on her braid and thrust forward, drawing a wail of agony from his unwilling partner. He groaned at the tight fit, even his hardest thrust had only driven an inch further into her asshole. She was so tight it was almost painful for him as he yanked her coppery braid and stuffed more of his bloated dick into her tightest hole. “FUCK BITCH! YOU GOOD AND TIGHT, SHOULD HAVE BEEN AN ESCORT!!!” he shouted, one heavy hand pressing down on her pale back while the other hauled on her hair.

The savage cycle went for several minutes more. Tyreeq would pull on her braid with all his strength and shove Emma down into the bed while he slid another inch of his shaft into her, then he would savor the feeling, her spasms, her sobs and wails of pain as he sodomized her. Then he would grope a handful of tit, or slap her formerly cherry ass, and prepare for another savage thrust. Emma finally felt his belly press against her back, and his balls slap against her violated pussy. He let go of her hair, and instead planted a hand on her head to hold her down. “You got a great ass, white girl. I could get used to fucking tight white ass like this.” he moaned, kissing the back of her neck while his other hand snaked under her and clutched at her soft belly for support. “P-please….. stop…it hurts…..” Emma wheezed, barely able to speak from the pain.

“I’ll stop when I cum in yo asshole.” Tyreeq grunted, twisting her head to the side so he could spit in her face. He began to pound her ass as hard as he could. The entire bed shook with the force of his vicious assault, Emma’s cries of pain mixing with his bestial grunts of pleasure and the slap of flesh on flesh. His massive cock jerked her entire body back and forth as he sodomized his gorgeous captive. Emma’s cries grew weaker and weaker as her strength ebbed from her, driven out of her body by the torturous ass-rape she was enduring. Tyreeq pulled her hair out of the braid, and took it in his hand again, pulling her up onto all fours as she let out a shriek of pain, the weight of her upper body supported by her scarlet locks alone. Through it all, she kept her ankles crossed for him, and kept her ass clenched tight, hoping he’d finish and be done with her.

It took longer than she’d have liked. The brutal rapist was reaching his limit on stamina after 2 rapes, and he took frequent rests to catch his breath and slobber onto her bare back, kissing her between the shoulder blades, on the back of the neck, licking her back, spitting onto her face, slapping her ass and pulling on her little tits as she went limp and simply endured the agonizing assault. Finally, Tyreeq let her drop and pressed his full weight onto her, humping her tight ass with jerky, vicious speed. “Oh….OH….OH!!!! CUMMING IN DAT IVORY ASS!!!!” HE roared, sweat falling onto his victim like rain as he finished, going stiff and giving a thrust so hard that something in the bed under them gave a cracking sound in protest. Emma felt his searing, thick cum pour into her ass. “Ah…..ah……ugh…..” was the only reaction she gave, before falling to the bed, exhausted, in pain, and utterly defiled. Tyreeq rolled off of her. “Now DAT’S…….Dat’s how you use a girl like Emma.” He said, swatting her on the ass and looking at Dave with a smug grin. “She fuckin’ loved dat big black cock.” He taunted, looking at his handiwork: Emma’s asshole had clenched shut again quickly, but it was swollen red and sore, and a thick trickle of his sperm ran out of it.

“Now…… what…. do I do with you two?” He asked, looking at Emma appareciatively. “Could kill you.” Tyreeq said, looking at Dave. “But I don’t really see the point, you ain’t doing shit.” A dark hand groped the redhead’s curvy ass “I probably put enough jelly up her gash to give her a black baby if I just leave her with you….. but see, I dunno that I wants to leave her.” he continued, running his hand up her back. Emma went stiff at that. “I think…. I think I’ll take her, and her dress and all dat bridal shit….. and I’ll keep her, and make her my pretty white ginger bitch…..” he said, slapping her ass, hard. Emma wailed in despair. “P-please…. I did everything for you….. leave us alone!” she begged, barely able to croak out the words. “Yeah, you did. But I wants it every night, I gonna keep you, white hoe, you don’t get a say……”

He wrapped Emma in the blanket off the bed, and redressed himself. She was too sore and exhausted to move or offer anything beyond weak protests as he picked up her dress and veil, selected several pieces of lingerie and Jewelry, and heaved her over his shoulder. As he left, he kicked the chair Dave was tied to over. “Maybe if you lucky, I’ll upload some videos of me pile driving that tight white cunt!”


Emma gave a final roll of her hips, sneering in disgust at Tyreeq’s ugly, grinning face as his cock brushed against her flat belly. She had been here a year now, and still she had enough spirit to offer him some resistance. Nevertheless, she had just given him a strip tease out of her bridal dress, followed by a crude, if sensual, lap dance. She knew her place well enough to not refuse him too aggressively. A beating she had caught after spitting at him once had taught her that lesson.

She sank to her knees and swallowed his hideous, dirty cock.

The nightmare of her wedding night had never, would never, end for Emma.

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Re: Emma Stone: Wedding Night Nightmare.
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2021, 06:32:03 AM »
Emma stone more stories

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Re: Emma Stone: Wedding Night Nightmare.
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2021, 04:32:35 PM »
Dave stared in revulsion at the man,  a huge, fat, ugly pig who was naked on top of his beautiful wife.

The kind of classic stuff we've come to expect from you Fear!  This Emma rape is epic! Thanks for posting.

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Re: Emma Stone: Wedding Night Nightmare.
« Reply #3 on: July 20, 2021, 11:46:36 PM »
Thank you for the praise!

I'll be putting up more of my work soon.

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Re: Emma Stone: Wedding Night Nightmare.
« Reply #4 on: June 15, 2022, 03:02:14 PM »
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful 💕
- Katrina 💋

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Re: Emma Stone: Wedding Night Nightmare.
« Reply #5 on: July 23, 2022, 01:06:33 PM »
Wow just read this, you have a talent for writing my friend.

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Re: Emma Stone: Wedding Night Nightmare.
« Reply #6 on: July 23, 2022, 03:03:12 PM »
Wow just read this, you have a talent for writing my friend.

Thank you!  :D


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