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Author Topic: About Moderators (want to be one?)  (Read 982 times)

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About Moderators (want to be one?)
« on: June 23, 2014, 09:09:28 PM »

Many in the Rape Fantasy community have complained about the heavy-handed and abusive moderation on other boards in the Rape Fantasy genre. For instance, some owners/admins have thought it amusing to use personal information guests entered only during sign-up to spam or blackmail them. (Yes, really.) Some are just wannabe-dominants who get off on indiscriminately ordering guests around as though they were submissives. I've done (and am doing) my best to avoid those types and select trustworthy moderators who will enforce "The Rules" with a light, fair hand and a RESPECTFUL demeanor.

In short, if you are an abusive sort who cannot separate fantasy from reality, do not apply.

The rest of you: please feel free to apply as a moderator and contribute to keeping our board clutter-free and enjoyable for all. Note especially that you will NOT be asked to settle disputes between members; members are advised first and foremost to handle people that annoy them using the "Ignore Member" feature.


There are three groups of Moderators (from most powerful to least): Admins, Global Moderators, and Moderators. Different groups can see:
  • Your email address. Admins and Global Moderators can see your email address. You can choose to hide your email address from Moderators and other members (check "Allow users to email me" under Profile > Account Settings).
  • Your IP address. Moderators can see your IP address only on the boards they moderate. Admins and Global Moderators can see all IP addresses. If law enforcement subpoenas us for your IP address(es), we will turn this information over as required by law.
If you suspect any Moderator or Global Moderator of abusing your personal information, write the site admin at the address at the bottom of this page under "Contacts". Abuse by staff will not be tolerated.
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