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Author Topic: Part Three: Hiding in Her house; it's Showtime.  (Read 561 times)

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Part Three: Hiding in Her house; it's Showtime.
« on: September 23, 2017, 02:09:00 AM »
 :naughty: if you haven't read part one and part two and like build up in stories then you should read those first before reading Part Three. As always rape is a criminal offense and wrong. I do not condone or encourage. Role play with consenting partners please and thank you.

Chapter One.

Despite her horrible date Meredith woke early and quickly changed into loose legged black cotton pants, a sports bra and tank top. Not bothering with panties since she would come home and work out some more in the room that used to be her back porch. She had converted it into an exercise room when she moved in a few years back. She attached her phone to ear buds, made sure she had her keys and stepped outside into the early morning fog. Her long blond hair was pulled up into a messy pony tail before she began stretching. Tony's car was still in her driveway although that was nothing unusual. Typically he left around ten in the morning when he watched the kids the night before.

Finished stretching, she began walking; quickening her pace as music blasted through the ear buds until she reached a steady jog.

Tony watched from the slit between curtains in Alex's room knowing her routine. She would jog for 45 minutes to an hour then come home and dance in her exercise room. He had snuck and watched her a few times. He had found her pole dancing a few times. An erotic exercise that built up strength all over. She was very flexible which only made him want her more. Running out to his car, he popped the trunk and grabbed an old ski mask and black clothes. He didn't want her to recognize him in any way. Shutting his trunk he ran back inside and up to the guest room where he changed clothes then waited until he heard hear come in with his cock hardening from the anticipation.

Meredith slowed her pace as she made her way back to her house fifty minutes later. Turning her music off, she unlocked the front door making sure to lock it back behind her. Grabbing a water bottle from the fridge she headed to her exercise room. Knowing the music wouldn't bother Tony; she pushed play and cranked the volume up to her personal playlist. A mix of what she considered stripper tunes. Songs she could move to when exercising on her stripper pole.

Tony heard the music and grinned pulling on his ski mask. "Showtime bitch. I'll teach you to stiff me for giving up an evening to watch your kids." he snorted silently walking downstairs to the first level of the house. Since she barely batted an eye at him, Tony planned on giving her the best fuck she'd ever had. Once she had came on his cock a few times he would then reveal himself to her as long as he could tell she wasn't faking it. Maybe. He wasn't about to go to jail for taking what was his in the first place and sometimes ... sometimes a woman snitched. He had a plan for that as well. Threatening her kids.

Meredith was jamming out to the music as she began her erotic workout. She even had her eyes closed as she spun around on the pole and danced. Holding certain positions to build up strength. Just as she slid down with her back to the door she felt hands grab her hair hard. Jerking her back into the rock solid chest of a broad shouldered male who towered over her. She let out a blood chilling scream that was cut off by another hand clamping down over her mouth and nose.

"Shut your fucking mouth, bitch!" a voice whispered in her ear as she struggled to balance on her feet. She moved again trying to breath. The man was blocking her from being able to draw in fresh air. Hell no! Meredith thought. Not in my house will she be attacked. Her self defense classes she had taken a few years back came to mind and she lifted her leg up. Stomping hard on her attacker's toe. She then yanked trying to elbow him hard enough to release his death grip on her.

Tony laughed in her ear lowly to keep her from recognizing his voice. "Steel toed boots little girl. Good thing you had shoes on." He reached around with his other hand beginning to squeeze her tits. "Mmmm Daddy likes little girls with big tits. Are your nipples big, too?" he whispered in her ear blowing hot breath on her neck. Meredith squeaked beginning to gasp and choke for air.

"I'm taking my hand away so you can breath. I like warm forgiving pussy. Not ramming my cock into a cold stiff dead fish. If you scream, bitch ... You'll find out just how hard Daddy can blister your sexy ass." he whispered.

Meredith's mind raced. Tony was still there. He was upstairs sleeping. She would rather her ass blistered than have this guy rape her. He continued fondling her breast as he pulled away his other hand. She sucked air into her lungs refusing to cry for the bastard. He slid his hand the wide arm hole of her tank top touching her bare sweaty skin as he pushed his fingers underneath her sportsbra.

"Mmmmmm dollface. Your nipples are amazingly perfect for having two kids." she heard him whisper. It didn't register then he'd called her dollface. What did register was the fact that he knew she had two kids.

"Mm mm pplleeaassee ..." she breathed trying to remain calm finding her voice trying to push fear and panic down. If she lost it, Meredith had no idea what would happen.  She heard the man snort and mimic her.
"I only want to make you feel good little girl." she heard him whisper in her ear. His breath on skin gave her a sick bottomless feeling in the pit of her stomach. She wasn't about to just give him her body. Even if it meant He killed her. She felt him push his other hand down her cotton pants. "You were waiting for me. You want this, don't you?" he asked when he discovered she had no panties on. Swallowing she took a deep breath.

"TOONNYY!" she screamed at the top of her lungs jerking forward away from the man. She spun around quickly preparing to fight him. She would not go down without a fight.

"Awww now see Tony can't come to help you, bitch. He's a ... little ... busy." the man told her. Her heart sank hearing him. "What hh-have you done with Tony?" she asked quickly glancing around to see what age could use as a weapon.

"No worries, love. Tony is alive." he snickered still disguising his voice. He couldn't believe she had no idea he was Tony. He could rape her and she wouldn't be able to point him out period. Tony's cock hardened some of at the thought of raping her untouched pussy. She had to be as tight as a virgin again. He took a step in her direction.

"Stay away from me!" Meredith warned him backing up. She glanced over at the other end of the sunroom wishing now she hadn't moved the door when she enclosed the porch.

"Bitch, you don't get to tell me what to do." Tony growled moving towards her more. He was getting tired of blue balls. He lunged for her but Meredith darted around him running into her house. Tony sprinted after her. She was close to the front door. He reached for her again and missed.

Meredith hit the front door fumbling with trembling hands to unlock it. She had turned the deadbolt and opened it only for the chain to catch the door. A hand gripped her blond hair pulling her head back. She screamed out in pain as she was pulled back from the door. Her body bent backwards some as he fisted her hair with one hand and grabbed her slender neck with the other; dragging her over to the couch. "I'm done playing, bitch." he growled pushing her over the back of the couch. Meredith continued fighting him as he began to pull her pants down. She kicked her legs out as much as she could until he spread them with his legs. Yanking her pants down all the way he bit her ass cheek causing her to scream out. She heard him laugh. "That didn't even draw blood." he said as pain shot through her body from a powerful smack to her bare ass cheek. Meredith screamed out again as he smacked her other cheek. Pressing down on her back with his free hand, he moved his grip from her hair to her neck. Tightening his fingers around her neck; Tony yanked her up to his chest.
"Listen here you little bitch. You try getting away and i swear this will be so painful you won't walk for two months. And believe me when i say this, i don't want to hurt you." he growled in her ear before licking then sucking on her earlobe. He then slid his tongue down the side of her neck just before beginning to suck hard on her skin. He was hurting her.
"Ooowwweee!" Meredith cried out trying to pull away. Wrapping his other arm around her, Tony positioned his cock close to her spread legs.

Meredith felt the mushroom head of his cock against her pussy and she began to tremble just from the thickness alone. She had no idea how big her attacker really was but could tell just by this he was much more endowed than Jack.
"Please ... Don't do this!" Meredith begged beginning to now panic. He bent her over just a tiny bit. Still gripping her neck, he pulled his other arm from around her and grabbed his cock. "Mmmm dollface. I've wanted you for so long." he growled closing his eyes as he rubbed the tip of his cock on her entrance. He felt her getting a little wet and laughed. "Awww ... Mama, you are enjoying this." he teased gently finding her tight pussy hole and pushing his cock in only an inch. "Last chance. You can choose to continue fighting me or sit back on my cock willingly. One will get you a nicer fun time, the other will make you scream in pain. Which is it?" he asked pulling out and pushing only his mushroom head in a few times while waiting.

Meredith struggled some more as his grip tightened around her neck. His voice sounded familiar but she couldn't place it. Fear for hers and Tony's lives was in full swing now. But she would not give in.

"Never. You want my pussy, you'll have to take it by force, you coward!" she hissed. His grip tightened even more. "Suit yourself, bitch." he calmly said and without warning he shoved his cock deep into her pussy hard. Meredith let out a wheezing scream from the pain of being ripped dryly. He slowly pulled out keeping just his mushroom head in then slammed into her again moaning loudly. "Fuck! Your pussy is tight!" Tony moaned as he repeated his movements a few times.

Meredith fought the urge to cry. She didn't want to give him any kind of satisfaction. What was it she told her kids? Think of your happy place and you can fly there in your dreams like Peter Pan. Her babies were her happy place and right now she was hugely relieved their dad picked them up last night. She continued concentrating on her babies while he forced his cock balls deep inside her pussy. He had her pressed against the couch with her arms behind her back. One hand gripping her forearm as he used her body as leverage to push and pull as he slid in and out of her. His other hand squeezed her neck enough to know if she tried fighting him he would choke her.

"Ohh fuck! Bitch. Your pussy feels great!" Tony moaned loudly as she began to swell around his shaft. He could tell he was turning her on. "Too bad you chose to fight more instead of embracing the best sex ever." he growled through gritted teeth as he felt himself getting ready to explode. He released his grip on her neck and grabbed her hips as he slammed his cock deeper and faster.

Meredith sensing he was going to cum, began pleading with him.
"Please don't cum in me. Please don't. I won't fight you anymore!" she began crying. Tony fucked her pussy harder moaning louder. "Shut up, bitch and take daddy's cock. You had your chance to have a say so. Now you don't." he groaned going harder. He was going to cum. Tony felt his balls tighten, his cock was growing even harder. "Ohh fuck! Meredith!" he yelled pushing her over the couch. He bent over top of her as he thrusted deeper into her pussy.

Meredith grunted trying to breath from his weight pinning her down. She refused to admit her attacker's dick was causing her to swell. She wished he would just cum already and end the rape. Her wish was granted. She felt him slow as he pumped hard once and then a few more times as his hot thick cum shot deep inside her. He pulled out of her panting hard as he laughed. "Damn, your walls were tight. You sure you had two kids?" he smacked her ass again then pulled her back up intoa standing position. "Go clean your pussy. And don't think of doing anything stupid. I've got your cell phone and someone is watching the house your kids are at will get a phone call to take them out. Gunshot to the back of their tiny little heads." Tony poked the back of Meredith's head making a explosion sound with his mouth. "You understand, bitch?" he raised his voice. Meredith whimpered. "Y-yesss." she quivered. He released his grip and pushed her towards the bathroom.

"Good. Go clean your pussy and you better rub it raw. Get all the cum out, bitch." he growled. Tony watched her nod as she trembled from fear all over. He waited until she was in the shower before going into the kitchen and grabbing a bottle of water from her fridge. He didn't hear Meredith sneak out of the bathroom. Only when he turned around seeing her with something in her hand it was to late. Meredith swung the object hard busting him in the head. Glass shattered everywhere as he fell to the ground. She screamed running for the door.  This time she pulled the chain off first.

Tony was quick though. He recovered and darted after her. Grabbing her hair just as she yanked the door open and was starting to leave the house. He yanked her back so hard she dropped to the floor crying. He slammed the door shut and jumped down on top of her half naked body.

"What the fuck is your problem? My cock not good enough for you, bitch!" he yelled in her face. Meredith screamed trying to fight him off. His cock was hardening again from her underneath him. "I'm done playing nice." he yelled in her face. Tony felt blood trickle down the side of his face under his ski mask at that moment. Grabbing her by the neck her stood up and pulled her to her feet.

It was then Meredith realized who her attacker was. Her heart pounded against her chest as the realization hit her harder than the rape itself did. "Tony!" she gasped trying to breath.

He heard his name and stopped. "About time you realized who i was, Meredith." he said arrogantly. He pulled the ski mask off and winked at her. "Surprised?" he asked pushing her against the wall and loosening his grip on her neck. He didn't want to kill her.

Meredith nodded her head shaking. Tears rolled down her face as she watched him with her brown eyes like a caged animal. "Did you even get in the shower like i asked you, you stupid cunt?" Tony growled. He slammed his hand on the wall next to her when she didn't answer. "No! No i didn't!" she sobbed finding her voice. He kissed her then. Pushing his tongue into her mouth. She fought to move her head away but he grabbed her hair; holding her head still. "Fuck it." he said breaking the kiss. He lifted her up; tossing her over his shoulder. Carrying Meredith to the bathroom where he pushed open the shower curtain. "I was trying to be nice and give you privacy, Meredith." he barked dropping her into the shower. Meredith yelled from the icy water spraying out on her. "Bitch, is that cold?" he asked "oh fucking well. Clean your ass! Now!" he ordered her. Sitting on the counter He pulled out a cigarette and lit it up.

Meredith didn't understand why but she began to wash up with him watching her. Her movements were chopped and jerky as she was now filled with fear and adrenalin. She pulled her wet tank top and sportsbra off throwing them at Tony. He growled but didn't move from his perch as he continued watching and smoking.

As she washed she saw out of the corner of her eyes Tony take his cock out and began stroking it. "Getting hard again, dollface." he said grinning wickedly. She finished washing and turned the water off.

Tony dropped his cigarette in thr toilet and flushed. Handing her a towel, he helped her out of the tub. "Your bedroom. Now." he ordered her. Meredith dried off then wrapped the towel around her before walking to her room.

Once inside her room the door slammed shut behind her. "Tony ... Please don't do this." she pleaded with him. He pulled the towel from her. "Too late, dollface. Get on the bed on your back. Daddy wants to make you feel good." he shoved her towards her bed.

Meredith caught herself and climbed up on her bed. She laid on her back as Tony walked to one side and tied her wrist with her own pantyhose to her headboard and then walked to the other side to tie her other wrist. His cock hard and swinging as he walked. Looking at her now restrained. He pulled his black shirt off then pulled his pants down the test of the way. "You fight me in any way and I'll hurt you so bad you'll never want to fuck another man on your own." he warned climbing on her bed between her legs. Meredith nodded though she couldn't relax her legs enough to let him fully see her. He smacked her pussy hard. "Open your legs, Meredith." he demanded as she cried out in pain. Spreading her legs for him He laid on his stomach with his face at her pussy. He inhaled deeply. "There you are. I've been waiting a long time to taste your pussy." he said licking through her slightly opened pussy lips. Meredith froze from a strange sensation. "Mmmm ... You liked that." Tony grinned. "I can see it in your eyes." he licked again this time taking his tongue from her clit down to her ass. He began to tongue her ass for a few minutes then went back up and r fucked her pussy with his tongue. He moved his hand and fingered her ass only massaging her anal hole with the tip of his finger.

Meredith squealed trying to fight the fact that her body liked his touch. She gasped a few times after holding her breath. She had never been touched by Jack or any man

Tony continued licking moving from her pussy entrance to her clit. He sucked gently on her little button moving his finger from her ass to her entrance. He began finger fucking her all the while flicking his tongue over and over on her clit.

"OHMIGOD!" Meredith gasped loudly as her body got ready to explode with pleasure. She lifted her ass up off the bed with her body betraying her. Beginning to fuck Tony's face. She was both disgusted and turned on at the same time. When the orgasm hit her; Meredith screamed loud as hot and cold air rushed over her body. Her ass bucked wildly into his face as she moved against the pantyhose restraining her arms. Her pussy juice squirted out into Tony's mouth as he moaned drinking her juice in.

"That's it, dollface. Cum hard for me." he laughed fucking her pussy hard with his fingers. "You going to behave? I'll untie you if you give in and fuck me? I just want to make you feel good." he asked sitting up on his knees. His cock ready for another round.

Coming down from the orgasm high Meredith whimpered shaking her head. "Let me go, you've had your fun. Please ... Tony... please let me go." she begged him weakly.

Tony squinted his eyes at her watching her still refuse to enjoy and turn this rape into a hot steamy sex fest. Stroking his cock he sneered at her. "Fine, bitch have it your way." he said angrily crawling up her body. He positioned himself at her swollen pussy lips and shoved into her hard. When she screamed out he wasn't sure if it was from pain or pleasure or both and he didn't care. He fucked her pussy hard. Sliding his shaft in and out. Biting her neck, pulling her head back by her blond hair and pinching her nipples. His cock was unforgiving and brutal on her pussy.

"Stop! Tony... Fucking Stop! You're hurting meeee!" Meredith yelled trying to move away; twisting as much as she could against her tied hands. But Tony continued. Ignoring her pleas. He slammed into her over and over.

"Oh fuck yes! Meredith ... You feel so good!" he moaned getting close to cumming again. Despite her cries, Tony could feel her pussy tighten around his shaft beginning to milk him. Just before he exploded he pulled out and sat on her chest. "Suck my dick! You bite me, you'll regret it." he barked at her with his jaw tightening. He held her nose shut as she had clamped her mouth shut. His other hand smacked her face hard. "Suck my dick, you fucking cunt!" he yelled holding her nose pinched. At last she couldn't hold her breath and gasped for air opening her mouth. He letgo of her nose; shoving his cock deep into her mouth. She choked, gagging on him.

"You better swallow that vomit, bitch!" Tony yelled as he shoved his cock deep and out of her mouth. He felt her teeth a few times raking against his shaft and he moaned. He loved it a bit rough. "Ohhh fuck yes! Meredith! You suck Jack's dick this good?" he asked not really caring for the answer. He watched as tears fell from her face. He continued choking her with his cock. He yelled even louder as he exploded deep into her throat. "Drink my cum, dollface!" he shouted angrily fucking her mouth more.

When he finally pulled out of her mouth Meredith was crying uncontrollably gasping for air. Her head hurt from him pulling her hair. "You bastard!" she cried looking away from Tony. He grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him. "No, but now i will show you just what a bastard is." he pushed her head away and untied both of her hands.

Meredith sprang up clocking him with her fist. Grabbing her by her throat, Tony slammed her on the floor knocking the wind from her. "Stop fighting me!" he yelled in her face flipping her over onto her stomach. He pulled both her arms behind her and tied them together. "I'll give you credit, Meredith, you are a fighter for sure." he stood feeling the need to piss. Grabbing her throat, he lifted her up on her feet. "Need to piss?" he asked shoving her out into the hallway.

Meredith was shaking all over stumbling down the hall. She then caught a glimpse of her neighbor walking her dog. "HELLLPPPP!" she screamed breaking into a run away from Tony. "PLEASE!! I'M IN HERE! HELP MEEEEE!" she screamed as she ran. She was going to jump through her glass window. It was the only way she could get out with her hands tied behind her back. Just as she prepared to jump, Tony grabbed her hair. Pulling her back with such a force it knocked the wind out of her.

Angrily he flipped her over on her stomach. Without further warning he rammed his cock deep into her dry ass. Meredith screamed being blinded by pain. She twisted and jerked trying to get away from him but he was much stronger and determined. He smacked her face hard as he continued thrusting.

"This what you want, bitch? You like pain?" he yelled continuing to fuck her anal canal. Pulling in and out he noticed blood on his cock. It only made him go harder and faster. He ignored her crying and begging for him to stop. He giggled pulling her hair back towards him as he rammed hard, exploding into her ass. "Mmmm Meredith. Your body is so nice to me and my cock. That's what happens when you try and run. Next time I'll beat your fucking head in and leave you for dead." he hissed releasing her head and getting up.

Meredith pulled her body into a fetal position on the floor as she cried hysterically. Seeing her, Tony gently lifted her up and carried her into her bedroom. Laying her softly on her bed, he laid behind her spooning her. "I'm sorry, dollface. I don't want to hurt you. I'm in love with you. I only want us to be together." he told her stroking her hair sweetly. He began massaging her body. He wanted her to see just how gentle he could be. After a bit he untied her and continued making love to her skin with his hands.

At first Meredith cringed from his touch. Then as he continued she began to relax as he lulled her to sleep. Her mind playing tricks on her. Convincing her that maybe Tony wasn't such a monster after all. If she had only cooperated from the beginning maybe she wouldn't have felt pain at all.

"Okay, Tony. You win." she whispered. "Show me what it's like. Make love to me." she opened her brown eyes meeting his and smiled softly. He moved to lay next to her caressing her skin delicately. "You really want this?" he asked quietly.

Meredith nodded. "I really want you."
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Online role playing and story telling for me is a way to be creative and enjoy fantasies as much as possible.  You are invited to contact me if you would like to role play and are dominate. Tho i do prefer role playing on kik.

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Re: Part Three: Hiding in Her house; it's Showtime.
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2017, 08:31:53 PM »
😍😍😍😍 god I'm in awed by your story it's so awesome and I loved every part of it well done.... bravo bravo encore encore -hands clapping-

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Re: Part Three: Hiding in Her house; it's Showtime.
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2017, 12:35:27 AM »
Awwww thank you so much. Gonna make me blush. Lol
Online role playing and story telling for me is a way to be creative and enjoy fantasies as much as possible.  You are invited to contact me if you would like to role play and are dominate. Tho i do prefer role playing on kik.


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