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Author Topic: A Guest of the Ghetto Boys (With bonus chapter!)  (Read 401 times)

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A Guest of the Ghetto Boys (With bonus chapter!)
« on: September 14, 2021, 05:07:34 PM »
A Guest of the Ghetto Boys
By Roxxon

(Some of you might have read this story elsewhere before but I added a bonus chapter at the end so it's still worth checking out!)

Lilly Pemberton was uncharacteristically nervous as she walked through the cramped tube station towards her destination. She usually exuded an aura of unbreakable confidence, and with good reason, she was head girl at her elite public school, she had received multiple accolades for her charity work and was well loved as the captain of the school hockey team. But despite these achievement's she couldn't help but feel dread as she passed the busy city commuters who, in typical London fashion, paid no attention to her. Today was the day that would determine the path her whole future would take, it was the day of her entrance interview at University Collage London and she knew that if she failed she would never be able to look her father in the eye again. Everything she had done up to this point in her life had been to make him proud and she knew that if she could follow in his footsteps and study law at UCL like him then he would show her the respect she had always craved. Failing this interview would mean a fate worse than death; attending her backup school St Andrews! Lilly would do anything to keep that from happening.

What didn’t help her mood was the fact she had followed her mother’s advice and dressed more promiscuously than she was used to. Lilly would usually wear a sensible business skirt just below the knee but her mother had insisted she needed to show off her long well muscled legs so it was now sitting just below the soft curve of her lower arse giving the world a good view of her toned thighs.Her promiscuous ankle strap heels would draw a lot of attention from the interview board. Though not only the type she wanted. Her white blouse was also a couple of sizes too small so it strained against her chest and showed the ample curve of her bosom.

To try and show a bit more modesty she buttoned up her suit jacket but buttons strained precariously against the sheer mass of her chest. At least her hair was sensible with the blond locks straightened and cut into a shoulder length bob that framed her enchanting face and drew attention to her piercing blue eyes.

Lilly had definitely taken after her mother in terms of beauty. Her mother had been a much lusted after glamour model in her youth and had married her wealthy father who was 20 years her senior to get a life of easy luxury. But Lilly even eclipsed her mum in terms of looks. Standing at 182cm with the perfect hourglass figure and heavy breasts that stood high and proud on her chest which, when combined with her angelic face and shimmering golden hair made her the very image of femininity. She had been called a goddess on more than one occasion and even though she was only eighteen men would fall over themselves to get her attention willing to give her anything she wanted for just a moment of her time, Lilly hated it.

She had no desire to be a trophy wife like her mother or live off her looks like some cheap whore. She had more to offer the world than her gorgeous body and would work however hard it took to be treated seriously.

She emerged from the underground to a typical overcast London morning. Though she usually loved the lively thrum of the crowds today it only added to her anxiety as it seemed to carry an odd undercurrent of menace. As she moved through the busy streets two men caught her eye, they were not the typical sort you would see in the better parts of Westminster. The older one seemed to be in his fifties and his black skin was a mess of faded tattoos and gruesome scars exposed by the dirty crumpled vest he was wearing. The other one was younger, maybe only a teenager, and had most of his face obscured by a hoddie and baseball cap but was clearly black as well. The older one looked away as she approached but the younger one seemed to fix his gaze on her in an unsettling way. Lilly was sure they were gang members although growing up in the leafy suburbs of Richmond she had never seen a gang member in the flesh before, still they fit the profile for everything she thought a gangsta would be. She chastised herself for racial profiling and tried to push the two men from her mind, after all a girl like her dressed as she was is bound to attract some attention.

It was as she passed into a quiet side street with her head full of University interview questions and dreams of her ambitious future that Lilly felt the black fabric slip over her head and strong hands grip her from behind. Before she could react a second layer of fabric was wrapped around her body and two sets of arms hefted her onto a hard metal surface. Hearing the slam of the doors Lilly realised she must be in the back of a van, her fears were confirmed when the rumbling of a diesel engine began and she felt the force of acceleration.

“Fuck me man dat was gassed! Just grabbed the little sket right off the yard” Came a younger voice from the front of the van.

“Will you shut the fuck up already!? Its bad nuff I need to have yo punk ass on dis job but keep it down when the bitch can hear us” this voice was older and gruffer, it clearly belonged to a man of violence.
“Take it easy roadman I’ll make sure the little slag don’t hear nuffin important.” the younger man said.

“Well if her daddy does what he’s suppose to then it won’t be a problem." He said as his eyes darkened and Turned to Lilly. "Though I’m hoping he’ll need some persuading, give me an excuse to show what the ghetto boys do to little rich girls” Lilly's stomach started to turn as she heard the sinister tone In the older man's voice as she began to understand his intentions towards her.

Today would definitely be the day that decided the path young Lilly Pemberton’s life would take; but it would be a dark road she could never have expected.


Lilly had no way of knowing how long she lay in the dark in the back of that van for. She had tried to scream but under the heavy hood and thick fabric her voice came out as only a dull murmur. After what may have only been minutes or hours the old van drew to a stop and hands dragged her weak form outside. Lilly again struggled against the strong hands of her captors but was only rewarded by being roughly shoved into a solid wall.

“Listen here skank you’ve got two choices; either you can be a good little girl do what we say and we can treat you nice or you can act like a stuck up little bitch and my mate will rough you up until you do what your told anyway. You got that” the man pressed her into the wall as he spoke until Lilly could barely breathe.

Lilly gasped as the hood was removed and she saw she was standing in a dank car park. She tried to gather her bearings but she had no idea where she was or what these men wanted. She suspected who they were from their voices but it was confirmed when she saw the faces of the two men, it was the gang members she had seen earlier. This had clearly been a targeted attack which made Lilly’s heart sink.

She saw the two men for the first time. The older one had a frighteningly stern face which was made more threatening by the criss-cross of gang tattoos that ran across the dark weathered skin. In her short privileged life, she had never known someone so terrifying.

“I said you got that, bitch!” He applied even more pressure to her back until Lilly could barely breathe.

“Y…Yeah, Yeah I hear you. Just tell me what you want.” She wheezed.

“Good. Now come on, we’ve got to get you settled in to your new home.”

The rough black man dragged his captive into a filthy stairwell. Lilly wrinkled her nose as the stench of piss and shit hit her. Wherever she was it was a far cry from the wealthy boroughs she was used to. The housing block seemed deserted and she saw no one who would be willing to help her, the few people she saw retreated at the sight of them. Who ever these men were the rest of the tower block was afraid of them.

They shoved her into a grimy council flat and she was shoved onto a filthy bed that reeked of male sweat and semen. The older man was now pinning her onto the bed with his heavy black body and Lilly felt the uncomfortable hardness of the organ between his legs pressing into her.

“No please not that, not with you I can’t” she cried

“What, think your too good to get fucked by a n****r? I was only gonna tie your hands up but if that’s how you feel maybe I should give you a good dicking you fucking racist” He chuckled as he tied her hands to the head board.

“NO its not that, it’s just…” Lilly considered hiding the truth but she believed that there was goodness and mercy in everyone even a thug like this. “I’m a virgin, I need my first time to be with someone who loves me.”

Her words did not have the desired response. The old man’s face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.

“Well fuck now I’ve got to have you. How’s a fine young bitch like you not had twenty dicks up inside her yet.” He said with uncontained excitement.

  Between attending an all-girls school and her studies Lilly had had little time for the opposite sex. Many boys at her charity fundraisers had tried to start a relationship but she had turned them all down as she was waiting for a better option. Maybe her standards were too high but she knew a girl with prospects like hers couldn't settle for second best when it came to choosing a partner.  Saving herself for the perfect guy had not paid off however as it looked like this monstrous old gang banger would be the first to have the coveted young lady.

“Bet a girl like you was just waiting for a real man to open you up. All those pussy white boys too limp dicked to seal the deal huh? Yeah, a ho dressed like that is just asking for old Billy to make you his woman” He ran his hands up and down Lilly’s tender body and she saw that the bulge in his trousers was buckling against his fly eager to be used against this innocent white virgin.

“Hey roadman I know she is proper peng but ain’t we supposed to be calling her daddy to say we got her?” The old man clearly did not appreciate the kid’s interruption and shot him a death stare. He had been planning to get inside this bitch for weeks; ever since he found out she was the daughter of the judge presiding on his crew members court case. Two of the ghetto boys has been busted for selling dope and it looked like  Lilly's father was going to send them down for a long time.
All of his instincts were telling him to mate with this sexy white teen right now but he figured waiting a few minutes more wouldn't hurt, he even had an idea to make her daddy suffer almost as much as she would.

Reluctantly the horny black buck pulled himself off the helpless schoolgirl and retrieved her phone before dialling the number listed as ‘Dad’.

“Hello darling, How was the interview? They seem to let anyone in nowadays so I’m sure even you’ll manage it” Lilly’s father said cheerfully.

“Yo mister Pemberton. Fraid yo little girl is a little tied up at the moment but how bout you and me have a little chat.”

“Who is this? Why do you have my daughters phone?” Mr Pemberton's voice went cold at the sound of low-class strangers voice.

“You see your Lordship, I’m trying to rectify one of those, what you call… Miscarriages of justice. Now you’ve got a couple guys from the Ghetto Boys gang and what your gonna do is throw out the court case you understand.” the black man said coolly.

“I will do nothing of the sort! Do you realise you are blackmailing a high court judge? When I find you, which I will you are going down for a long time.” the judge bellowed.

“Huh, I wuz hoping you’d say that. You see I got yo little girl here with me and I'm thinkin we gonna have a whole lot of fun together." He said, his voice oozing with contempt.

"I don't know who you think you are but I deal with scum like you every day. If you think threatening my reputation is enough for me to betray my principles you are very much mistaken." Lilley's father added with cool indignation.

"Is that so? Well, this 'scum' is gonna be the first one to split your daughters cunt. Hey Lilly babe why don’t you describe what I’m doing to you so daddy dearest can hear.” He put the phone on speaker and climbed on Lilly’s helpless body once again.

“Dad help he’s…Oh god he’s pulling down my pants” she cried as he pulled the lacy underwear off with one hand and threw it to the floor. He then undid his fly and his black manhood erupted out like an angry serpent.

The black cock was the most terrifying thing that young Lilly had ever seen in her short life. Not only was it long and thick but the prominent veins on the side gave it a sinister appearance and the eye seemed to stare at her menacingly. This was not a tool for making love, it was a weapon made to conquer a woman’s body and fill her with its master's dominant seed.

“Tell your daddy what the cock that’s going to destroy you looks like” he ordered

At first, Lilly could only stare in horrified silence but when her kidnapper pulled out a switchblade she was brought back to reality.

“I…It it’s huge! So big!. It’s a monster! Please, daddy, give him what he wants I’ll never survive that thing.” Lilly was hysterical now. She had thought her self stronger than this but in the face of such force, she was nothing but a scared little girl.

“Keep going” the man ordered

“He’s grabbing my hips now and…and... Oh god... I can feel him just outside me. Nooo, not like this, he’s opening me up. Not like this please not like this. Daddy please help me!” The confident and stylish Head Girl was now reduced to a blubbering mess as the tip of the black penis sat just outside the entrance of her virgin channel.

“If you think this disgusting presentation is enough to get me to violate my principles then you are sorely mistaken. My career would be in ruins if it was known I'd released hoodlums because of some petty threats.” said the judge with finality.

"Please daddy I won't survive this. I'm your daughter how can you let him rape me?!" She shrieked in desperation. Her fathers only response was silence.

“ I guess your reputation is worth more than your daughter’s innocence, huh. Don’t worry the Ghetto Boy will take real good care of her, I bet she’ll be the most popular girl on the estate by the end of the week. I’ll keep you updated on how many black cocks she’s had, and remember; if you want it to stop just drop the case Better hurry though, the ghetto boys don't play nice when it comes to sweet white bitches.” With that, he smashed the phone into the floor and turned to look at the kid who was dumbstruck by the scene.

“Hey kid you should film this, I’m sure Mr Pemberton will want a record of his only daughter losing her virginity to a big black gangsta.” the youth fumbled with his phone and began recording. Lilly blushed with shame at the idea that there would be a permanent reminder of her violation. She would never be able to look her father in the eye if he saw it.

“Get ready sweetheart. I’m gonna make you a woman now.”

With one virile thrust, the black thug tore into the gorgeous young school girl. In that instance, he ripped away her identity as an innocent virgin girl and made her into a fucked woman tainted by rape.

Lilly cried out, both at the pain of her violation and at the shame of her lost virginity. From now on this brute would always be her first and no other man could take that honour away from him.

“Yeah ain’t nuffin in the world like white virgin pussy. You ain’t never gonna be a tight as this, when I’m done little dick white boys won’t be able to feel a thing when they fuck you.” A look of bliss had spread over the rapist's face and his voice was thick with lust as he took his pleasure.

 “Hope your daddy is watching this, he could learn a thing or two about how black men fuck. Rich whites like him love to put n****rs away coz they know we give white women what they can’t” said the rapist smugly.

After a few minutes of brutal rape Lilly was sure that she had taken the black cock up to the hilt but as she looked down she was shocked to see the vile member was only halfway into her abused body. With every brutal onslaught her pussy accepted more and more of the black meat, the poor schoolgirl had not thought it possible that her young body could take so much cock but it seemed eager to accept her violator's member as it lubricated itself allowing her rapist further entry to her body.

“Hey kid get this bitches shirt off, tit’s like hers deserve to be seen and keep that camera recording! I don’t want her daddy to miss a minute of this.” He growled.

Timidly the teenager approached the bed with the camera focusing on the thick shaft pistoning violently into Lilly’s tight vagina. As he fumbled with the buttons on her blouse he looked into her sweet blue eyes which were filled with tears. Lilly was sure she could see a look of shame and sympathy briefly cross the teenager's face but he continued with his task regardless. After the first few buttons had been undone the sheer mass of her breasts was enough to burst open the tight blouse and send buttons flying around the room.

“Looks like your tits can’t wait to be free, I knew your body wanted me.” Laughed the old criminal.

As the kid pulled away the lacy white bra he exposed the enormous mounds of young white tit flesh to the two men’s eager gaze. The kid’s eyes became fixated on the large creamy breasts which jerked and jiggled with each violent thrust that Lilly received.

“Yeah bet they don’t have tits like this in the Ends huh kid. Rich folk love to keep all the good pussy for themselves. Go on have some fun with them. Ladies love when you play with their tits; isn’t that right my little slut.” Lilly was so delirious with pain she could only let out a faint gasp.

Reluctantly at first, the teenager began to run his hands along the woman’s smooth breasts and as his confidence grew he teased the nipples and even took the ripe tit flesh in his mouth.

Lilly looked down at her violation and saw she had finally taken the entire length of her rapist’s cock. His pelvis was now grinding into hers and his mess of dark pubes was enveloping her soft blonde pussy hairs.

“Damn! This little whore took the whole thing on her first time! Just goes to show what you are really made for you little slut. Hope your ready for a real fucking now bitch because I ain’t stopping till I put a baby in you.” With that, he lifted her supple legs over his shoulders and started thrusting into her at a wild pace. He moved at with such force that Lilly’s head was repeatedly rammed into the bed frame.

Lilly felt no pleasure from her first time only shame and agony. She was forced to watch as a stranger took his sick enjoyment from her body and hear his gasps and moans as he relished deflowering her. His sweat was dripping off his ugly body into her now, she tasted the saltiness as it dripped in her mouth and marked her with his scent.

She had thought she was meant for more than this, she was supposed to graduate secondary school with the highest honours then attend a prestigious law school before becoming a well-respected barrister or solicitor. When she finally lost her virginity it was supposed to be to someone who loved and respected her as a person and not someone who viewed her as a piece of meat to be debased or a way to spite her father. All her ambition and keen intellect felt worthless now as her only value came from the pleasure a man could take from her body. She wondered if she would get pregnant? Her period was over two weeks ago and she was likely at her most fertile point, her lover's balls were huge like his cock so he was likely very virile. Maybe that was her new purpose? To be bred by whoever was strong enough to take her and to spread the genes of the most dominant and brutal men.

Still, something stopped her on this train of thought. It was not in her nature to be passive or to be broken by rapist scum like this. Her father may have failed to protect her but she could still survive. It may seem hopeless now but when the time was right she would make her break for freedom or die trying.

“Oh yes…Oh yes that good…UGH…get ready bitch I’m about to fill you up.” He moaned with pleasure as he approached his peak. “Looks like your gonna be a Grandpappy sooner than you thought Mr Pemberton. Gonna put a baby in your baby girl. Gonna give you a grandson as black as night” the camera zoomed into his face as he delivered his speech then focused on the cunt where his seed would be delivered.

Finally, a deep groan escaped from the old black rapist as he grabbed Lilly’s hips and drove it her with a thrust that rammed her into the headboard one more time. Vast quantities of black baby batter flooded where no man’s seed had gone before. With an age-old instinct the schoolgirl’s body began squeezing and massaging the invading cock, trying to extract every last drop of life-giving seed.

Despite the young woman’s wishes her body was eager to ensure this non-consensual union of a gorgeous 18-year-old rich schoolgirl and an ugly old black gang member, bore fruit.

Finishing inside of his new lover had taken the last of the older man’s strength. He collapsed next to Lilly and took several minutes to catch his breath.

“You did good kid. Make sure that video is sent to judge Pemberton then have some fun with the girl, her cunt is mine but use her any other way you want. After a fucking like that I don’t imagine she has much fight left in her.”

As the older man left; the kid approached the beautiful woman he had the freedom to do almost anything he wanted with.

“I know old Billie merked you good but I’ll be better I promise. I bet a nice girl like you gives great head.”
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Re: A Guest of the Ghetto Boys (N/C Inter)
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2021, 05:09:03 PM »
A wicked smile crept across Marshall’s face as he examined his prize. She was the kind of girl that teenage boys like him fantasised about but would never have a shot with in real life. She had the alluring body of a page 3 model but with a touch of dignity and class that made her seem redefined and unattainable. Her expensive clothes were dishevelled and her lightly bronzed skin was slick with sweat, both her own and that of the man who had thoroughly fucked her. Marshall thought he should feel disgusted at seeing a young woman in this state but instead, he found himself incredibly turned on.

To Marshall’s shame he had never had sex before (despite what he told all his friends) but looking at the gorgeous half-naked teenager lying helpless before him he knew it would be worth the wait. His mother told him that joining a gang was only going to get him killed but if he kept getting choice young cunt like this then it would be worth it.

“Well get on with it! Suck my cock…uh…bitch”. Marshall said unconvincingly trying to sound tough.

“But…my hands are tied? How could I reach.” Lilly said gesturing to the plastic ties that held her wrists to the headboard.

“Yeah I knew that! Erm just give me a second to think” Marshall had been told not to let their prisoner loose but looking at her sensual lips he knew he couldn't resist getting his first blow job from this high-class beauty. He finally came up with a plan and grabbed the baseball bat they kept under the bed.

“Listen you slag, I’m gonna cut you loose and you gonna give me the best-dammed blowjob you’ve ever given. If you try anything I’m gonna shove the whole of this bat up your ass. Ya feel me? Said Marshall.

“Well I’ve never given a blowjob, you’ll be my first, but if you don’t hurt me I’ll promise you'll enjoy it, sir.” Lilly said coyly.

‘Her first’ Marshall liked the sound of that and the way she called him sir in her fancy accent just him feel wild. Any doubts he had were driven from his mind. He lay the baseball bat down casually against the bed and reached for his knife.

After gently cutting the ties from her slender wrists Marshall sat on the old bed and allowed Lilly to kneel before him. His heart rate was through the roof as Lilly locked eyes with him as she slowly undid the buckle on his trousers, her mascara had run from the tears she had shed but her pure blue eyes still shone brightly as she looked at the latest man to ravish her.

Marshall had always been proud of his cock, he thought it must be well above average. But after seeing the monster that old Billy had unleashed and pounded into Lilly’s virgin cunt his; own member suddenly felt underwhelming. That just made him even more determined to show this girl what he could do.
Marshall admired the motion of Lilly’s massive breasts as she leant towards his cock. The heavy orbs swung rhythmically under their own weight with her every movement. Marshall knew he had to get his cock between them sometime soon.

“Ahhh Ohhh FUCK YEAH! You feel so good bitch” Marshall cried in ecstasy as Lilly’s inexperienced mouth wrapped around his cock.

For a time the only sound in the gritty bedroom was the soft slurping of Lilly’s mouth as she did her best to massage the young gangster’s cock with her tongue. Marshall wished this moment could go on forever but he felt his orgasm fast approaching. He gripped her soft and silky hair tightly to ensure his lover couldn't pull away as he reached his first climax with a woman. Marshall roared as he exploded into his woman’s mouth. A surprised Lilly tried to pull away but Marshall’s grip was too strong. Her attempts to swallow the load were futile as her cheeks bulged with semen before coughing it out again.

“Fuck bitch that was amazing! You must be a natural cock sucker. Still, I bet it ain’t hard to enjoy a fine piece of black cock like this” He boasted.

Marshall admired his handiwork as he wiped his cock clean with Lilly’s expensive black jacket. Here was a rich bitch who would usually never give him the time of day bet here she was, on her knees with her tits hanging out and a black man’s seed running down her chin. He took a picture of the broken white girl and came up with an idea to clear the last traces of his virginity.

“Hey this is a real nice photo of you slut, I bet if I shared this with the rest of the ghetto boys then half the hood will be down here to link with you. They’ll merk you up something bad.” His words had the desired effect and Lilly began to quiver in fear at the idea of a mass of black men gang-banging her helpless young body.

“Or you could get up here and ride me, show me what that fresh pussy can do” He added with a smirk.

“But isn’t that older man said you couldn’t go between my legs. Isn’t he in charge?” She said

“Yeah well he ain’t here is he?! Your gonna fuck me like your life depends on it and tell no one bout it, else every nigga in Peckham is gonna have a piece of you.” He commanded.

“OK but…what if the old man hears us?”

“He’s out like a light after that fucking he gave you. Now are you gonna use that cunt or do I have to get the bat?” He threatened.

“NO…Please, I’ll be a good girl just don’t use the bat.” She pleaded.

Marshall grinned as the hot young school girl meekly climbed onto the bed with him and spread her knees on either side of him. His black cock was already hard again and was impatient to enter a cunt for the first time. Lilly slid the black skirt up her firm and tanned thighs exposing her lightly haired slit to further violation. Her vaginal walls had not yet re-tightened from Billy raping her so Marshall’s dick entered without any resistance. It only took a moment for the whole thing to be gripped within her body.

He gripped dug his fingers into the wide hips of his new bitch and helped her pleasure him. Every time she would thrust he let out a new guttural moan. The image of this rich white bitch being forced to ride a waster like him was driving Marshall wild, he worried he would never get a fuck better than this in his life. He took another photo as she was mid-thrust, he couldn’t wait to show his friends the woman he had fucked. She was ten times better than even the fittest girls in his inner-city comprehensive school and he was getting to fuck her without any protection. He thought about keeping her even after her dad had let the other ghetto boys off the hook. Old Billy was probably planning to do that anyway but he was unlikely to share her around when he did, the selfish bastard. She might even become Marshall’s girlfriend willingly if it meant avoiding what Old Billie had in store for her.

“Ahhh get ready Lilly girl I’m cumming” He cried as he felt the familiar hum in his balls began.

“Wait. Wait! If you cum in me the other guy will know what you did. Just…Just let me finish you with my tit’s I’ve seen you looking at them” She said suddenly

Before Marshall could react she was on the floor again this time wrapping her huge breasts around the dark-skinned member. He started to protest the sudden change but stopped when he felt the soft tit flesh envelop him and bring him to climax. He lent back and closed his eyes as his semen shot freely over Lilly’s body.

“Wow, every part of your body is made for fucking you should do this for a livin…”

The last thing Marshall saw was a heavy baseball bat being swung at speed towards his head by an angry young woman. After that, there was only darkness.


It had taken all of Lilly’s willpower not to scratch and spit at the young thug after he had released her hands. Instead, she had to play the part of the docile victim until she could find the right opportunity to strike back. It had made her skin crawl as she was forced to climb on top of her abuser and ride him like a willing whore, but still, it had made the rapist drop his guard. He had abandoned the baseball bat and as he was spewing his seed she struck. She had not been made Capitan of her school hockey team for nothing and as the boy was coming out of his post-orgasmic daze she hit him with a powerful backswing hit. She was rewarded with a satisfying crack as the bat made contact and knocked him out cold.

She knew she had only moments to catch her breath. Her clothes were torn and she was covered in rapists seed with even more inside her which would be ruthlessly hunting for an egg to pollinate. Her main obstacle now was the older gang member waiting outside, supposedly he was sleeping but it was a big risk to take. Knowing she had no other choice she grabbed the phone and switchblade from the young man and stepped outside.

The man who stole her virginity was sleeping in an old armchair between her and the door to freedom. Lilly was very tempted to take the knife and ram it into the sleeping man’s neck. The only thing that stopped her was the belief in the legal system, she knew one-day justice would be done. She crept across the room and let the sleeping rapist lay.

As her fingers wrapped around the rusty door handle and freedom was in her reach she felt powerful hands wrap around her just as she had that morning. This time though she was ready. She jammed the switchblade into her attacker's arm and twisted.

“Ahhh, you fucking bitch! You’ll pay for that! I’ll fuck you up so bad you’ll wish I’d killed you!” He screamed in a mad rage.

Lilly didn’t respond. Instead, she pushed back with both her muscular legs and knocked her assailant backwards loosening his grip. He fell and struck his head on a table, the force was enough to daze him and Lilly used the opportunity to throw open the door and escape.

“I still own you slut!” she heard him cry as she fled down the hallway.

He tried to give chase but as he tried to stand he lost his balance immediately and crashed back to the floor.

Despite the pain of her sexual assault Lilly was able to run at speed through the old tower block and make her way to freedom. Peckham may be used to strange things but the sight of a beautiful and half-naked woman covered in blood and semen running through the streets is enough to arouse suspicion. After a few minutes of wandering the grim council estate, the police finally arrived. The covered her with a blanket and took her in for questioning. As she sat in the back of the police car and shivered she thought she would be free from those monsters forever. Regrettably, for Lilly, the monsters would be staining her life for a long time to come.

Her father warned her that pursuing charges against the ghetto boys gang members would only bring more trouble on them, not to mention the embarrassment he would face if his colleagues heard his daughter had been used for sex by common criminals. Nonetheless, Lilly was insistent on seeing her rapists brought to justice. It wasn’t hard to find them after all. Lilly had heard their names and they were well know members of the Ghetto boys gang. The older one was William ‘Billy’ Freeman and he had already spent several years in prison for drug and violent offences. The younger one was called Marshall Turner and was only 16, he was still recovering from his head injury.

It would be humiliating to have to re-live all that had been done to her but Lilly had faith in the law. The evidence would be overwhelming and the disgusting beast would be shoved behind bars with the rest of the criminal scum where it belonged.

As the trial approached another piece of incriminating evidence came to light, Lilly was pregnant with her rapist's bastard child. It seemed the old man’s seed was still very potent and Lillie’s womb had made fertile ground for it. She despised having a piece of him inside of her and arranged to have it aborted the day after the trial. Once that was done she could finally move on with her life.

She saw the man who had defiled her on the day of the pre-trial hearing. He hadn't even bothered to wear a suit and looked just like the violent thug she knew he was. He grinned lewdly when he saw her and Lilly's stomach rolled in disgust.

Billy sat smugly for his whole day in court even as the prosecution presented the enormous amount of evidence before the judge. The witnesses who had seen him take Lilly off the street, the fact he owned the van used in the kidnapping, CCTV footage of him dragging his victim into his council flat, none of it seemed to phase him. He was visibly aroused as Lilly was forced to describe what he had done to her in shameful detail and he even laughed when she admitted she was pregnant and that the DNA evidence showed he was the father. Finally, the humiliating video of the rape was shown to the whole court, Lilly noticed many of the men watching seemed to be enjoying watching the beautiful teenager being sexually assaulted but she knew all the shame would be worth it to see justice was done. That was until the judge said something that shattered her whole world once again.

“After careful deliberation, it is the decision of me and this court to not peruse prosecution against Mr Freeman as we find there is insubstantial evidence that he has committed any crime. Mr Freeman, I apologise on behalf of the legal system for wasting your time, you are free to go.”

With that, Billy winked in Lilly’s direction and walked out of the court a free man.

Lilly stood there in a daze. How could this have happened, there was a mountain of evidence for his crimes. Did the judge really believe that an 18-year-old private school girl had walked into a Peckham council estate and given her virginity to a loathsome old criminal? Much less that she would choose to father his child.

She left the courthouse and tried desperately to understand what was happening. her head was spinning and she could barely breathe but as she tried to catch her breath the man who had destroyed her innocence approached her.

“Hope you had a good time in there bitch I know I did. Nothing like having a young slut go into detail about how you gave her a good fucking” Old Billy beamed as he spoke.

“H…How did this happen, what did you do?” Lilly asked in desperation

“I didn’t do nufin. Now I do happen to know the judge on the case has a couple of young daughters and maybe a few of my boys are keeping them company till the trial is over but who knows. I’m sure they’ll go back to their daddy almost as good as new” He smirked in glee.

Lilly couldn’t believe it, she had put her faith in the legal system and it had failed her. Worse still, two more girls had suffered the same fate as her at the hands of the ghetto boys so their father would drop the case against Billy.

“I know a few friends of mine who are real eager to see that video we made together, it makes a great recruitment tool for the gang. I’ll send you a copy if you want? Maybe our kid can watch it when he’s older and see how he got made.”

“N…no it won’t, I’m not keeping it” She stammered.

“Well you need parental consent if you want an abortion and you better believe I’m suing for my parental rights to that kid we made. Don’t try denying it either because you got up on the stand and swore under oath that it was me who put it in you .”

He was right. In the eyes of the court, Lilly had given her virgin body to him willingly and everything that had been done to her was consensual. This meant he had full rights as the father of their child including the right to prevent abortion or adoption. She had held back tears until now but began openly weeping.

“Yep I bet you gonna give me a fine nigga boy and he’s gonna be a future member of the Ghetto boys I’ll make sure of that” as the old gang member began slowly rubbing her belly Lilly gave no resistance, after all, what more could he do to her now. He had taken everything from her; her virginity, her reputation, her faith in the law, her relationship with her father and now he had stolen her future by forcing her to bear his child.

Lilly tried to fight in the courts as the months went on and her belly grew with a black rapist’s baby but every appeal was denied. Old Billy would be the legal father of her baby. He was even allowed to join her for medical check-ups and let everyone know that he was the one who had put a black baby in her sexy young body.

Rumours spread quickly around the elite public school as Lilly's swollen belly became too large to hide. There was much speculation about which lucky guy had fucked and impregnated the beautiful head girl. That was until Billy turned up at the school gates with half a dozen ghetto boys and loudly asked where his knocked-up ho was. After that, the whole school knew Lilly had been boffed and bred by an urban gangsta. She never showed her face at school after that day.

Billy was drunkenly shouting insults at Lilly in the delivery room as she pushed out his huge black son. Somehow the child had even darker skin than his father and when Lilly held her child it was like looking into a carbon copy of her rapists face. She looked for any trace of her own family’s features in her son but found none, It seemed Old Billie’s genes had completely dominated her white bloodline. Billy leered and made crude comments as his greedy son suckled at Lilly’s large swollen breasts. The once so confident Lilly turned away in shame as the nurses sneered with contempt as they judged her poor choice in baby daddy.

Lilly was shaking as Billy signed his name next to hers on their sons' birth certificate. It was permanent and legally binding proof that she had been bred by a lowlife gangster over three times her age. As an added humiliation her son would take Billie's last name denoting her baby as a member of his fathers vile family.

She had been forced to give up on her dreams of being a successful career woman to fulfil her new duties as a single teen mother to an illegitimate child. Her father refused to share their home with a child of rape so Lilly was forced to move into a shabby neighbourhood to raise her and Billy’s half-black son. Her wealthy friends all abandoned her and she was made to take a part-time job in a shop to make ends meet.

Despite Lilly’s best efforts her son grew to idolized his rapist father and by the age of 12 he was already running with the gangs. By the age of 18 he was in prison for rape. He had inherited his father's passion for young white girls and had been caught after raping a couple of students from Lilly's old school. In the end, it had only taken a single day to destroy Lilly’s once-bright future and for all her talents she had been helpless to stop it.

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Re: A Guest of the Ghetto Boys (N/C Inter)
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(Bonus Chapter)

The six months since she had forced her rapist's child out of her womb had been the hardest of Lilly's life. She had been forced to move into a council flat after her parents had kicked her out and she was claiming government benefits just to get by.

Although she tried to love her child every time she looked at his wide nose, full lips and jet black skin she was reminded that he was the product of rape. Even just going out for a stroll with him filled her with shame as she was forced to advertise that she was now a single teen mother who had been unable to stop a black thug from breeding her.

Lilly was sitting in her small dingy apartment staring blankly at the wall and thinking how her life had fallen apart when she heard a knock on her door. She had just gotten her son to sleep so she was unhappy with the interruption.

She got up and opened it to find Billy, her rapist, standing there with a bottle of vodka in one hand and a bag of weed in the other.

"Sup bitch, damn you still a fine piece of ass."

Lilly hated when Billy came to see his son, he would always leer at her and acted like he owned the place. And owned her.

"What are you doing here, I just got the baby to sleep I don't want you waking him up?"

"Mah missues is being a bitch. So figured I'd get in some family time with one of my brats" He barged in as he took a generous swig from the vodka bottle.

Lilly knew she had no choice but to let him in. The court order had given him unlimited visitation rights whenever he wanted.

Lilly was just wearing a tank top with gym shorts and Billy took a good long look at her teenage cleavage as he walked past her. Lilly tried to ignore his lewd gaze but couldn't help feeling ashamed that her body was so exposed. There was no point in her wearing bras since her greedy black son constantly demanded feeding.

Billy sat down on the sofa and began smoking his joint, filling her apartment with smoke. "So what's new with you? You found a white pussy to raise my kid yet?" he asked as he took a drag from the joint.

Lilly grimaced. Despite all of her charm and good looks, she had yet to find a boyfriend after her assault. When she had been pregnant the shame had been too much and afterwards any of the seemingly nice boys she had dated had ghosted her when she told them she had a six-month-old black baby at home.

"I've been raising our son on my own." She replied coldly.

"Oh yeah? You worried dem little white pricks ain't gonna satisfy after you got a taste o dis?" He grabbed his crotch as he leered at her.

It sickened her that the only cock she had ever experienced was from two ugly black gang members.

Billy slumped down on the couch and put his feet on the table. He looked Lilly up and down, taking in her hourglass figure and immaculate white skin.

"You're still a hot little bitch, you know? I know some brothas that'd pay good to get in a posh girls cunt."

"I'm not a whore Billy. Besides, I'm too busy raising your bastard. He cries all the time and I have to breastfeed him constantly, I barely get any sleep" She was on the verge of tears.

"Should have known you were gonna be a shit momma, white bitch like you don't know nuffin bout raising a n****r. Folk like you taught to hate black folk but now your life is all about raising one." Billy said with a sneer.  "I got an idea, maybe he needs a baby brother keep him company. How bout you make me another fine black son?"

Lilly felt her anger rising and she was about to snap back at Billy, she noticed his eyes were glazed over from the alcohol he had consumed.
"You're a thug, a rapist and a drug dealer." Lilly spat back angrily. "What do you know about being a good parent?!" She jabbed a finger in his direction.

Billy laughed. "You think I'm a bad father because I sell drugs? You're a stupid white girl who thinks she knows everything. You were just waitin' for a brotha like me to put a nigga in yo belly"

Lilly was shocked by his words.

"I never wanted a baby! I'm only nineteen, I had a future. You did this to me you bastard.  You ruined my life!" Lilly took a step towards him.

Billy stood up and grabbed her by the throat before she could react.

"I'll tell you what you are. A fucking slut. You got knocked up by a gangsta and now you're trying to act like it's my fault."

He lifted her off the floor and slammed her against the wall.

"You think I give a fuck about your baby? You're nothing but a slut who got knocked up by a nigga and now you're trying to act like you didnt love my dick in you?" Billy said in an evil tone.

Lilly couldn't breathe and she began to panic as Billy tightened his grip on her neck. She tried to push him away but he was too strong.

"I'll teach you a lesson, bitch. Only future you got now is getting fucked and pushin out brats."

Lilly felt his cock hardening through his trousers, the same cock that had raped away her virginity. Her blue eyes widened in fear and she struggled harder to get free but Billy just laughed."You white bitches all the same, blamin black folk for your problems. All you rich girls want n****r cock, an' all I did was give you what you really wanted." He kept her pinned to the wall with one hand while he groped her helpless young body with the other. "Now look at you, all weak and pathetic. I bet you've been crying yourself to sleep every night thinking about how much better you'd be if you hadn't given up your body for some worthless thug. Well guess you're a fucking whore and you'll always be one."

Billy shoved his hand down Lilly's top and pulled out her large swollen tits
They had always been huge and but after her rape and impregnation, they had grown even larger as they made milk to feed her rapist's son.

 He squeezed them roughly and then pinched her pink nipples between his dark fingers until she started to lactate.

"I'll tell you something else too. Our kid looks like me and I'm going to make sure he grows up to be a real man. Not some pussy-whipped little boy. I'll teach him to treat bitches like his daddy does."

Lilly was sobbing now as Billy continued to squeeze her breasts roughly. She could feel her nipples getting hard and she knew it would only take a few more minutes before he was going to rape her again.

He dragged Lilly into her bedroom where she and Billie's son was still sleeping in the corner.

The gangsta easily pinned the teenager to the mattress. Lilly couldn't believe this was happening, it was like the day her life was ruined all over again.

Billy pulled off her tank top and her enlarged teenage tits jiggled free. He began to suck on her large swollen nipples while he rubbed his cock against her belly.

"Fuck I missed these tits. Dey even bigger than last time" he said as she screamed and tried to cover her enormous chest with her arms, but that just gave Billy the chance to tear off her gym shorts and panties.

Once again Lilly Pemberton was nude and at the mercy of a black rapist thug.

His hot thick lips started kissing her all over and making her skin crawl.  He had gripped her breasts so much she had started lactating and Billy smeared the fluid all over her tits.

Just like last time, her graceful ivory legs were forced apart and an ugly ebony thug climbed between them.

His evil looking snake looked the same as it did in her nightmares. Enormous and grotesque.

Lilly felt his huge black cock rubbing against her pussy and she knew what was coming next.

She had taken this revolting cock before and even after giving birth to Billy's son the walls of her cunt quickly remembered him and adapted to its shape, gripping it tightly and allowing it into the deepest part of her body. Unlike last time the thug could fully enter her with one or two thrusts.

Despite being such a beautiful young girl this loathsome cock was all her vagina knew and it was eager to please its familiar master.

He drove hard into her cunt and began thrusting in and out of her tight young body.

"Fuck you're so fucking hot, you know that?"Billy groaned as he pounded her.

Lilly cried out in pain as Billy's massive black cock stretched her pussy to its limits."Oh god, not again, please not again. Billy I can't take this again!" She begged.

Billy laughed as he continued to fuck her. It didn't matter how many times he had done this to her. She was his woman now and he could do whatever he wanted to her.

Billy moaned in pleasure again as he raped the gorgeous white teenager, loving the way her tits bounced up and down as she screamed in agony and the feeling of her young cunt squeezing his hard black cock. He looked down and saw her big round tits were covered in sweat and he smiled to himself."You're such a good fuck, Lilly. Your made to get fucked by niggas like me."

Lilly sobbed in shame and humiliation as she was forced to look up at him humping away inside of her, his sweat beading on his hairy black chest then dripping onto her face.

"You my bitch Lilly. Yo mine forever. I own this pussy and these tits." Billy said with a sneer. "I'm going to make you feel real good Lilly, I'm going to teach yo ass to love black dick. You'll never have another man touch your pussy again. I'l show you how much better it is when you're fucked by a real nigga."

Billy began to thrust harder and faster into her tight young body. He knew he was close now and he wanted to cum in her.

He grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her back against his cock as he slammed it deep inside her cunt.

"Yo ready to give my kid a brother? I know how good at gettin knocked up by n****r cum yo are." Billy laughed.

She tried to push him away but he just held her tighter. She screamed in pain as his cock tore through her insides.

She knew just how welcoming her body was to this ugly gangstas sludge. And just how dominant his black DNA was when mixed with hers.

Lilly wished she could fight him off be she was so tired, no matter how hard she fought she only made things worse for herself. Everyone had abandoned her, her family her friends, the law. She realised she would be at the mercy of men like Billy for the rest of her life.

Lilly Pemberton, after trying so hard, finally gave up. She laid back as Billy's black cockhead reached deep inside her and roared at his victory over the upper-class Englishwoman.

Billy was ready. He tensed his muscles and shoved his black python into the depths of his English maiden, his heavy African balls were filled with sperm eager to make new life in his victim's womb.

Finally, Billy moaned in pleasure as exploded in the posh girl's unprotected body. He felt the warm sticky fluid shooting deep in her young cunt. He had fucked a lot of hot white girls before but he never got tired of that feeling when he filled a girl up against her will.

"You're a real n****r lover, Lilly." Billy said with a smile. "I'm going to make sure you never forget that." He pulled out of her and a flood of cum left Lilly's abused cunt, staining her bedsheets.

"You better get that cunt cleaned up and ready coz we doing this again when I wake up." Billy smiled to himself and then he turned over and fell asleep in Lilly's bed, dead to the world.

She lay there next to him for a few minutes, the cum on her legs rapidly drying, and considered her options. She could report the rape but the result would be the same as last time, more public humiliation.

After she gathered her strength Lilly sat up and much to her surprise found her son standing up in his crib, his dark brown eyes fixed intently on her and his father. He must have seen the whole ordeal. And for some reason, he hadn't cried once.

The boy looked so innocent despite resembling his daddy so much.

She rolled off the bed, still nude, and kissed her son's kinky black hair.

Gathering her strength she took a shower. The hot water doing little to wash away the filth she felt on her. The water ran down her glorious tits, still sore from Billy's abuse. As she washed away the sweat and cum stains from her body Lilly thought about what kind of life she was going to lead. No longer was she the pure buxom, goddess she had been at her elite private school. She couldn't go to law school or have the glittering career she had wanted. She finally had to accept that her old life was over.

She had nothing and no one.

Except for her son.

She rubbed her flat belly, Billy's sperm was deep inside her and surely getting to work already. Lilly thought of the black-skinned infant, who was the only meaningful thing in her life. Maybe she should give him a baby brother or sister after all?

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Re: A Guest of the Ghetto Boys (With bonus chapter!)
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Yay! Roxxon's finally here! And you came in with one of your best! Even added a little more to it!

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Re: A Guest of the Ghetto Boys (With bonus chapter!)
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Hi Roxxon! Nice to see you here. Great writing and story, as always!  :angel:

This forum is sometimes very quiet and it can feel lonely. More writers are needed! A talented author like you will be a credit to this forum!
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Re: A Guest of the Ghetto Boys (With bonus chapter!)
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Love it Roxxon! What a perfect ending! This blonde goddess teenager becoming the old black man's fuck-whore! Your story is so full of arousing imagery that you are such a master at creating.

For example: The image of this rich white bitch being forced to ride a waster like him was driving Marshall wild, he worried he would never get a fuck better than this in his life.

I! That one sentence says SO much!   :fap: :fap: :fap:


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