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Author Topic: Loyalty (Part 2 Posted)  (Read 1617 times)


Loyalty (Part 2 Posted)
« on: May 30, 2015, 01:50:29 AM »

Part 1

[/size]We work in the same department at the firm, and after living together for three years he knows me well; gives me anything I want and need, entertains me, loves me in a subservient type of way that a man would care for his pregnant wife. But I'm not his wife, and I am surely not pregnant. Years of loving him caused me to become strangely attached; the deep smooth baritone of his voice was enough for me, the strong smell of maverick brilliance and I am absorbed in the irresistible pull of a man willing to take risks in every aspect of his life.
[/size]The drive home from the office was quiet; he sped down the freeway and I watched with cloudy, tear filled eyes as the sun dipped below the horizon which was dotted with towering skyscrapers dwarfed by distance.

Now, It was dark in the room and so my eyes adjusted, now I could truly see his looming figure. I couldn't hear him breathing but I could see the aggravated rise and fall of his shoulders, and after knowing him for so long I knew this was a sign of his anger. No, not anger... but rage. We didn't bother turning on the lights, the only thing I could see was a tall, broad silhouette. After walking into our flat, I heard the door close behind me. The sound made me want to bolt into my bedroom but he blocked my path, silent and terrifyingly, calmly he cornered me into the crook of the doorway and I felt his hands grasp my arms.

(Flashback to earlier)
"Come on now. Just stay a while, I doubt that he'd be too upset." Fredrick held out a crystal glass 3/4s full of brandy. I stared at the glass , squinting my eyes at him and taking it while thanking him, politely.

"I'm not so sure about drinking on a Tuesday night." I said sniffing the contents of the glass in my hand.

"Don't worry about it kid. Besides... this is business. We're working." He pointed to his desktop computer, "see? Still clocked in." Fredrick raised the glass towards me and I did the same, but watched him while he downed his portion in a single gulp, with a little effort too... " Uhh... This stuff really hits the spot."

He smoothed a pale hand through slick dark hair, his shirt collar loosened and a hand tucked in his pocket.

I continued to eye the glass, setting it down "You know, we should probably prepare for the discovery tomorrow. Ben would be upset if we aren't ready." I gave him a stern look of disapproval.

Fredrick snorted, "What do you see in him...." ---

"Let's not talk about my personal affairs, Fred" I interrupted before he could finish.

"Alright... Okay then." He held his arms up in a defensive gesture. "I'm only... it's just that you should of thought about that before you started dating a managing partner."

"I truly think that you're only saying that to get under my skin. You want to see what I'm like when I'm angry." I concluded, smoothing out my pencil skirt while unconsciously staring at my palm, lined with various pen markings and paper cuts.

Fredrick looked at me with an emotion I couldn't quite place before saying, "I'll be upset if you don't drink that." He nodded towards my forsaken glass of brandy. I shook my head and smiled before sighing, collecting my glass and taking a seat next to my colleague. I held the glass up in a toast.

"To being lazy and accomplishing nothing." I said. Fredrick smiled, pouring himself another glass.

"Cheers kid." We clinked glasses and I swallowed the burning liquid, making my eyes water. I coughed and gasped,

"Jesus.... Christ Hammond! The.... the actual FUCK is this stuff." I dropped the glass a little too heavily onto the desk he leaned on. "Fuck..." I cursed a few more times under my breath beofre wiping my burning lips with the tips of my fingers, attempting to soothe them.

"Hahah! It's actually something my grandfather whipped up in his trailer." He smiled and gave me three heavy pats on the back.
"It's good stuff; gets the job done.."

"If you're job is trying to murder me, YES! It fucking gets it done. Christ!" I'm gasping for air, my throat is pulsing, really stinging. I can not tell whether or not the burning just burns or if I'm actually loosing the lining of my insides. Not wanted to look frail and weak, I ignore the pain and slowly, trying to seem casual, walk to the chairs on the opposite side of the desk.

Kneeling onto the seat and grasping the armrest, I fight to regain my breath. Panic washes over me and my eyes dart quickly to Fredrick who is still leaning on his desk, watching me with a calm smile.

I collapse on to my knees next to the chair, my eyes trained on his, wide and asking for help because the words wont leave my mouth due to a lack of air. "Ha......aamon...... Help....." I grab my collar and pull on it hard, a button came loose in the process, clicking to the ground. "Freeed...."

He standing now, with the empty glass, still watching me he walks over and sets the glass on the ground next to my knees. He wipes a tear from my cheek with his sleeve and I am stunned, literally, my body unable to move other than the motion of my fingers clawing desperately at my neck. Air.... air I need air.

Fredrick comes closer, and I close my eyes and a few seconds later I feel trickle of another tear following the feeling of Fred's tongue, wet and hot on my cheek.
Another swipe of his tongue dragged from my jaw bone to eyebrow, another passing over the bridge of my nose to my ear...
_____________________________ _____________________________ ___________________________
Part 2

With every ounce of strength I pushed my palms outward, forcing him back a couple of inches before attempting to crawl away, my throat tightening with every movement. I didn't get very far. Fredrick watched me as I crawled, a small smile creeping onto his face, "You know, you should be out cold by now." He said before grasping my right ankle and sliding me back towards him with a clean tug.

He watched me and I watched him as his eyes clouded over with a sultry expression, his eyebrows furrowed and knit, his jaw firmly set as he ran a curved hand along his erection, now visible through his slacks.

I scowled at him, twisting up my face in the most hateful expression I could muster. I am unable to move when my skirt is yanked over my hips in one swift jolt. Panic washes over me, and I find my self shaking my head from side to side, 'No.... No... No...' My lips moved but no sound came.

I could no longer see Fredrick, but only felt his warm breath against my thigh, slowly moving up until his nose pressed against my panties, the crown of his bridge kneading into my clit slowly. My mouth opened in a silent scream for help and my limbs began to tremble; I'm not sure if it was the spiked brandy or the nipping of my clit through my panties by Fred's teeth.

I must have been sobbing because Fredrick cooed softly, "Quiet baby..." and "Shh, it's all right". I listened to him trying to reassure me as his finger gently prodded at the tightly shut opening of my asshole while he pinched and twisted my swollen clit with his thumb and forefinger.

I manage a squeal, it echoed in the room and Fredrick pauses, apparently having heard something, looking petrified as he stares at me, "I told you to hush...." He says softly.

Just then, there was a knock on the door and then.... his voice, my fiance... "Hey Fredrick, open up, would you?" Another hard knock rattled the door. Fredrick began panicking, rushing over and planting a sweaty palm over my mouth while looking frantically all over the room.

"HUH, AH. JUST... JUST A SECOND. GIVE ME A COUPLE OF MINUTES.... Oh fuck.... fuck. " Fredrick dragged my limp body behind his desk after ripping off his tie and stuffing it into my mouth. He ran to the door and composed himself before opening a small crack.

On the other side, Benedict peered at Fredrick; without missing a beat he asked, "Where is Charley?" His deep voice rumbled off the walls of the office. Fredrick blinked, and without hesitation Benedict entered the room, standing in the center with his arms crossed, he stared at Fredrick when he spoke, " Have you seen my fiance?"

"Oh! Uh. I thought she left about an hour ago. Haven't seen her since." Fredrick ran one hand through his hair, and patted his hip with the other. He looked at his boss, an intimidating creature at 6'5'', staring hard at his short, curly mass of dark brown hair atop his head to keep from glancing at his desk, where his bosses incapacitated fiancé lay with her skirt pulled above her hips. His presence alone seemed to take up half of the now too small, too crowded office.

Benedict looked at him and there was a long silence before he spoke again, "You're preparing for the mitigation tomorrow?" Benedict asked as he walked over to the desk and picked up the empty glass that rested there, bringing it to his nose, lifting a brow and then setting it down.

"Yeah.. I huh. We, uh, Charley and I prepped a bit this afternoon as well. She could be downstairs, maybe taking a drag."

Benedict kneeled to pick up the second glass on the floor and placed it on the table, noticeably more gentle than the way he set down the first. He nodded at Fredrick's response, smiling brightly, abruptly. He approached the seemingly apprehensive man and patted him heavily on the shoulder. "Alright, good luck tomorrow then, Fred." He mumbled as he walked toward the door.

By this time, I'm almost faded away, my vision blurry and slowly being over come by blackness.

"Oh!" Benedict exclaimed, "I almost forgot.." He said walking briskly toward Fredrick. Benedict paused in front of Fredrick, as if to speak, but instead he grabbed his shoulders, taking Fred by surprise and with one swift motion slamming his face into the edge of the desk. And then a second time, this time there was a loud crunch, the sound of Fred's nose breaking and the shower of blood he left splattered on the low carpet. With a firm grip on Frederick's shoulders Benedict allowed him to wallow in pain, sinking with him to the ground; a look of mock sympathy in his eyes, Benedict fisted a ball of Frederick's hair into his palm before taking another fist and pulling back, pounding Fred's face in, rap after rap....

I woke up to the sound of clicking... a faint roar of traffic. I was sitting up-right in the passenger seat, I opened my eyes to see Benedict; his hair a little messy and a couple of small drops of blood dotting his forehead and left cheekbone. His eyes were hard, and his expression didn't change as he realized I awoke.

His arm reached to the side of my seat, toggling the recline button. The realization of what had happened earlier dawned on me when I saw this knuckles coated with dark red blotches. I knew it wasn't his blood. The tears welled up quickly, and I inhaled sharply when he slammed the door, the force of it rattling my entire body with anxiety. I watched his slow stroll over to the driver's side, I saw that his eyes never left mine, even as he stepped into the car.

The ignition roared and I could not contain my emotions any longer, "Did..... did you.." I began, the tears welling-up and spilling over,  and Ben smoothed my hair as we drove out of the parking deck. "Is.... he dead?... Did you kill him?" That was all I could think about... the life of the scum who drugged and attempted to rape me. I felt horrible that a life would end because of me.

Benedict, didn't smile, he did not talk or look at me,  he only sped down the byway........

FLASHBACK END---------------

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Re: Loyalty
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2015, 10:49:44 PM »
I agree... I want to know what happens. That first scary exposure is done. It gets easier from here. :)
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