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Author Topic: The Taking of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  (Read 357 times)

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The Taking of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
« on: November 29, 2021, 05:53:33 PM »
I wrote this a while ago for deviantart, then for ravishu. I guess it's a little more of a bondage story than a rape story, but there's definitely some of each. Hope you enjoy!


"Police are still investigating the disappearance of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who seemingly vanished late Friday night. The New York representative was last seen entering her residence in the Bronx at about 10:00 PM, and has not been seen since. Police are collaborating with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to hunt for the missing Congresswoman, so far to no avail."

Ronnie wasn't normally the type of person to sit down and pay close attention to the news. The way he saw it, it was a whole lot of crap to worry about, stories about how the world is falling to pieces and how he was getting screwed over. But tonight, he paid close attention. Ever since the election of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Congress, he had kept a more watchful eye on politics. Who would have thought that such a pretty little lady would be his own congressional representative? Well, not at the moment, at least. Ronnie was currently taking a break from the bustle of city life, and was taking a much needed vacation in the Adirondacks, in the cabin his father had left him. It was a nice place, rustic charm without any neighbors for a couple miles around. You might call it total solitude.

It was at that moment that Ronnie's peace and quiet was disturbed by the sounds of scuffling in the basement.

Sighing, he lifted himself out of his chair and began the descent into the dank cellar. It had laid unused for years, and god only knows what kind of pests had made a home down there. There was an unpleasant mildew smell, and it was pitch black, leading Ronnie to watch his step as he descended the stairs, groping for the light switch at the bottom. Finally, he found it and turned it on, showing him the situation at hand.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sat on the cold concrete floor with her back to the wall, disheveled looking in a slightly torn dark blue skirtsuit, with her feet bare. Heavy iron manacles clasped around her wrists and kept her tethered to the wall by chains about a foot long. A pair of her own long black socks was crammed between her ruby red lips and held in place with a white cloth. She was writhing in place, struggling in vain against her bonds. She glared up at Ronnie with a look of defiance and anger, fire in her eyes as she let out a muffled grunt into her tight gag.

It hadn't been too hard to get to her, Ronnie thought as he watched her squirm. Posing as the maintenance man to her apartment building, he had gained access to the main circuit breaker, and cut the power to the building. In the confusion that followed, he had crept up the fire escape, picked the lock on her door, and slipped inside, hiding inside her front closet. It didn't take long for Alexandria to get home, slightly out of breath from having to take the stairs. She kicked off her heels and turned the corner, anticipating a night of relaxation. As she strolled past the closet, Ronnie leaped out, wrapping a meaty arm around her neck. He wished that he could have seen the way her eyes seemed to bulge out of her skull as she felt him. She began kicking frantically, trying to claw at Ronnie's arm. The most noise she could manage was a thin squawk, nowhere near loud enough to be heard. She felt the sharp prick of a needle jabbing into her thigh, and before she knew it, she had lost consciousness.

Not taking any chances, Ronnie had bound her there, bringing along a duffel bag full of materials, supported by his role as the phony maintenance man. Turning her over, (and not missing the chance to admire her pert rear), he tied her wrists with duct tape, and taking off her long black socks, slick with sweat after a day on her feet, he stuffed them into her mouth, tying it off with a rag. He loaded her limp body into the duffel bag, and went back down the fire escape to where his car awaited him. Into the trunk she went, and it was off to the cabin. It had taken about 4 hours to get there, but Ronnie was in no rush. The drug he had used had put her out like a light, and it had taken her quite a while to come to. Alexandria had still been unconscious when he had taken her inside and shackled her to the wall. Waiting for her to wake up was the hardest part, but Ronnie wanted her to be fully awake when he started having some fun with her. And around 2 in the afternoon, that time had come.

Returning for the moment to his present surroundings, Ronnie saw what the source of her distress seemed to be. A fat grey rat was sniffing at her legs, getting ever closer. The captive congresswoman scooched herself as best as she could, which wasn't very far, and let out a squeal of disgust. Ronnie laughed and picked up the rat, which squirmed in his hand.

"Is a big girl like you really afraid of a little thing like this?" he chuckled, taunting holding it directly in front of her face. Alexandria jerked her head away with a grunt. He tossed the rat across the room, where it landed hard and scurried away, Ronnie squatted down in front of his prisoner and took her chin in his hand, forcing her to meet his gaze. Her dark eyes simmered with loathing.

"Now I bet you probably think that this is all about politics. That I'm some conservative wackjob who thinks you're on a mission to destroy traditional American values, or something like that. Let me assure you, that's not what's happening here. Hell, I actually find myself agreeing with you more often than not."

Alexandria took deep breaths, trying to steady herself, unsure of what her captor meant, but she knew it couldn't be good.

"Whenever I saw you on TV, I just couldn't believe such a pretty young thing was getting into politics. You really are one nice piece of ass." This was followed by a garbled string of obscenities from the tightly gagged representative, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

"I knew I had to have you all to myself," Ronnie said, his voice laced with longing. "And now I've got you. I think you and I are gonna have a lot of fun, little lady. What do you think about that?"

Reaching behind her head, he untied the white cloth around her mouth, and pulled out the socks, damp with saliva. Alexandria coughed, her mouth having not had a drop of water in 18 hours. She glared up at Ronnie, trying to sound as imposing as she could, given the circumstances.

"Listen, you fucking creep, I don't know who you think you are, but you don't own me. I'm not gonna be your slave, and if you don't turn yourself in ri-"

Ronnie cut her off by engulfing her mouth in a kiss, forcing his tongue between her lips while his hand grasped the back of her head. Stunned, Alexandria tried wriggling away from invasion of her body, but his grip and the chains on her wrists held her fast. She moaned in discomfort, his heavy breath wafting into her nostrils.

Just when she thought she would suffocate, he pulled back, savoring the shellshocked expression on her face.

"You don't have much of a choice, honey. If you want to make things as easy as possible, I suggest you do what I say."

As she started to protest once more, Ronnie cut her off with a hard slap to the face. Taking the opportunity, he reached under her skirt, much to her horror, and pulled off her white panties. She stared at him with disgust, especially when he moved them towards her face.

"Open wide, baby."

Alexandria clenched her teeth tightly together, taking her last stand to preserve her dignity. But Ronnie simply pinched her nose shut, and try as she might, she soon had to gasp for air, and he crammed her underpants inside her mouth, tying them in place with the white cloth. They had accumulated quite a bit of sweat throughout her long ride in Ronnie's trunk, and the taste was sour. She let out a groan of disgust, and began thrashing against the chains, while Ronnie watched eagerly.

"I can see you haven't quite accepted the situation. That's fine. I'm gonna give you a couple hours to think about things. When dinnertime rolls around, I'll see if you're a little more receptive. If you want something to eat anytime in the next couple days, I'd suggest not pissing me off too much. Sweet dreams, pumpkins. Don't let the rats bite!"

Chuckling to himself, Ronnie shut off the light before going back up the stairs, leaving his helpless captive in total darkness.


When the cellar door closed, plunging Alexandria into total darkness, she tried to stave off the panic she felt. When her captor had told her of his lust for her, not to mention the way he looked at her with hunger in his eyes, she knew that she was in real trouble. If he had had more clear-cut motives, if he had wanted money or political retribution, she would at least be able to tell what kind of man he was. But this, this chilled her to her bones. She didn't know what he planned to do with her, but she knew it wouldn't be good.

Breathing rapidly, as best as she could with her own dirty panties in her mouth, she tried to steady herself and take stock of the situation. She was chained up in some creep's basement, with her own panties in her mouth, in pitch darkness. Not a great start, overall. She had in fact only woken up a few minutes before Ronnie had come downstairs to introduce himself. She slowly came to in total darkness, with the feeling of cold iron around her wrists and a hard concrete floor below her. Her first instinct had been to scream, but all that came out was heavily muffled mewling. She pulled against her chains, but they held fast, and with the bonds only a foot away from the wall, her attempt to stand up resulted in her falling hard on her rear.

As Alexandria took in the severity of her situation, the sound of a creature scurrying and squeaking towards her broke her out of her panicked thought. She could feel something small rubbing against her leg, and in the dark, her panic took over. She began frantically struggling, trying to move as far away as she could, and at that moment, her captor had come to visit. Now, alone again, she frantically struggled and writhed, hoping against all odds that there was some weakness in her chains. To her dismay, after 2 hours of attempting to escape, they held fast, and all her struggling resulted in nothing but red, chafed wrists.

Exhausted, she slumped down, dreading whatever was coming next. Her underwear left a foul taste in her mouth, made all the worse by the sweating she had done while unconscious in Ronnie's trunk. She groaned softly, thinking of the humiliation and fear she had felt as he reached up her skirt to her most sensitive area and pulled her panties right off of her. And just as he had told her, she was feeling the pains of hunger in her stomach. Sooner or later he would have to feed her, she told herself. After all, if this freak really is obsessed with her, what use would she be to him dead? Small comfort, she thought grimly.

Sure enough, he soon came back downstairs to his prisoner, two bowls in his hands. Alexandria looked, and saw with horror that one bowl was filled with water, the other with dry dog food. Staring up at him, she tried to give him her most defiant look, but she could barely contain her fear and wariness.

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna let you starve. I'm sure you must be hungry by now, aren't you? You've been chewing on those panties for long enough, but that's not gonna fill you up. No, you need some real food. Whaddaya say, sweetheart?"

A string of muffled grunts were her only response. The usual business, a mixture of threats and curses, but not quite as cocksure of herself as she had been a few hours ago. Ronnie just chuckled.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you it's rude to talk with your mouth full? Here, let me get that for you." He pulled the white cloth down, and pulled out her saliva soaked panties. The fettered politician looked at him, at first not saying anything. He wordlessly gestured to the bowls of food and water before her, as if expecting her to chow down. Finally, she spoke, in a quavering but biting voice.

"I don't care how hungry I get, you can't make me eat this. You know you can't win, just end this right now. Let me go, and they might go easy on you. If this goes on, it'll only get worse for you."

Ronnie stared at her for a moment, impressed by the guts on her. He gingerly grabbed her under the chin, looking into her piercing gaze. For a moment she feared he would force a kiss on her again, but he stayed where he was.

"You don't want my hospitality? That's alright with me. Sooner or later, you'll want it. I've got all the time in the world. Do you?"

Before she could respond, he reached into his pocket, and pulled out some contraption that made the poor congresswoman's eyes bulge with outrage and disbelief. It was a panel attached to two leather straps, from which protruded a long, phallic piece of rubber. Ronnie crammed it deep inside her mouth, causing her to gag and wheeze at this unexpected invasion, he buckled it behind her head, tightening it in place.

"I'll give you the night to think about it. In the morning, we'll see how you're feeling. And pretty soon, we can have some real fun." He gave her a pat on the cheek and ascended the stairs, leaving her alone once again.

Alexandria tried struggling some more, but she knew it was futile. The gag invading her mouth forced her to fight against the urge to choke, and she just barely kept her gag reflex under control. She laid down on the solid floor, hoping to get some rest and clear her head a bit. Obviously, she thought, she must have been noticed missing by now, and that the authorities would be searching the entire city from top to bottom for her. A missing congresswoman would surely require the police's immediate attention, and they'd have a lead on her trail in no time!

Or so she desperately tried to tell herself, trying to stifle the terror building up inside of her. Had she known that she was hundreds of miles outside of New York City, in a cabin as remote as can be, with no trace left behind. Sure, the police had seen the signs of a struggle in her apartment, but with no eyewitnesses and no concrete evidence of the perpetrator, they had nothing to go on.

The helpless Alexandria tried to let sleep take her, but there was one nagging issue: she hadn't used the bathroom in almost 24 hours. She needed to go, bad. At first she tried holding it, hoping that Ronnie would return soon and let her use a toilet, but his remark about "giving her the night to think" about her situation didn't give her much hope. She bucked and squirmed, trying to pretend she was anywhere else, but soon enough she was left with no choice. Shutting her eyes and trying to hide her embarrassment, she let her bladder release, feeling the warm trickle down her skirt.

And it was there that she finally fell into an exhausted sleep, in a puddle of her own urine, her face beet red with shame.


The congresswoman was awakened by the sensation of a hard slap across her face. Grumbling softly, her eyes flickered open to see Ronnie standing before her, once again holding the bowls of dog food and water. He wore a malevolent grin that chilled Alexandria to the bone.

"Smells like you had a rough night, bitch. Maybe I should have left a bucket or something down here for you to piss in, but it's not like you could even reach it if I did. If you're a good girl, maybe I'll let you use a toilet. If not, there's plenty of trees outside for miles around for you to use, like a little doggy. Would you like that?"

This took Alexandria by surprise. Trees for miles around? Was she no longer in the city? Her heart sank at this prospect. She could be halfway around the world, she feared, and no one would even know. She tried to steady herself, but breathing was made complicated by the rubber phallus intruding into her throat. Her stomach burned with the pangs of hunger, and she mewled into her gag pleadingly, hoping that Ronnie would let her speak.

"If I take that gag out, are you gonna be nice and quiet? You must be hungry, right?" Swallowing her pride, Alexandria nodded, trying her suppress her desire to make a show of force and go on some sort of hunger strike, as if she were a martyr behind bars for some political crime, instead of being chained up in a basement, stinking of her own urine, being forced to fellate a rubber gag.

Ronnie reached behind her head and unbuckled the gag, slowly sliding it out of her mouth. Saliva dripped off of it as it came out, and Alexandria stretched her aching jaw, grateful to finally have some small degree of freedom. She looked down at the food and water bowls expectantly, reluctantly willing eat whatever it took to survive and keep her captor from hurting her too bad. "I'll...fine. I'll eat it. Please." She almost hated herself upon hearing the words come out of her mouth, in her hoarse, dry voice.

But to her despair, Ronnie shook his head patronizingly. "No, you had your chance to take the easy way last night. Now if you want food, you're gonna have to do a little something for me."

Horrified, Alexandria watched as Ronnie stood up, unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his fly, exposing himself to her.

"I promised that I'd give you something to eat, didn't I? Open wide, honey."

Alexandria stared in numb shock, finally speaking in a sputtering, outraged, frantic tone. "No! Y-y-you can't make me do this! I won't do it, I won't!" She thrashed in her chains, kicking her legs out wildly.

Ronnie didn't say a word. He reached into his pocket and took out a short, yet wickedly sharp hooked blade. Alexandria's blood ran cold, but her didn't hurt her.  He put the tip of the blade at the top of her shirt, between her breasts, and carefully cut her clothes away, all the way down to the bottom of her skirt. She sat naked before him, shivering from the cold and the terror she felt.

"You know what you have to do. And if I feel any teeth, this is going straight across your throat. Got a nice plot out in the back where I can dump you."

She took a breath to steady herself, and hesitantly leaned forward, taking him in her mouth about halfway. She gagged at the taste, and tried to back away, but he held her head fast. "I can't be the one to do all the heavy lifting, girl, so start putting some work into it.

Alexandria slowly moved her lips up and down, squeezing her eyes shut and desperately pretending she was anywhere else. Tears welled up in her eyes at her degradation, as Ronnie's grunts of delight indicated her progress. He reached down to her chest, causing her to moan miserable as he kneaded her heavy breasts, cruelly digging his fingers in.

Soon enough, he began thrusting back against the bob of her head. She knew it wouldn't be long before he finished, and mentally braced herself for what was to come. Her gag reflex activated her thrust harder, and her gurgles and animal-like grunts only fueled his desire.

Ronnie was on Cloud Nine. From the moment he had seen the beautiful congresswoman's face on the news, he had dreamed of having her all to himself, and here she was, completely at his mercy with his cock in her mouth. Truth be told, she wasn't much of a good cocksucker, he thought, but then again, most girls wouldn't be too eager if you held a knife to their throat. So he compensated by using her face like a cunt, thrusting into her warm wet mouth.

With a load groan, he came hard, flooding the inside of her mouth with the unmistakable bitter, salty taste of cum. She coughed and gagged, but her slapped his hand over her mouth and held the blade just below her ear. "Swallow. If a single drop falls out, you're gonna be licking it off the concrete. Then I might take your tongue out for good measure. So if I were you, I'd do what I said."

She forced herself to choke down his load, knowing she had no other choice. She sagged in her chains, crying softly to herself. Ronnie couldn't help but think that she didn't look quite as dignified and proud as she did on TV. A man of his word, he put the food and water dishes in front of her, but out of reach of her hands. "Eat up. I'll be back soon, and then we can get you out for some fresh air and sunshine. You'd like that, wouldn't you? We'll have a fun time." Zipping his fly, he left the cellar, leaving her alone.

Too famished to wait any longer Alexandria lowered her face to the dog food. The food was dry and tasted foul, but she needed desperately to wash the taste of him out of her mouth. She felt violated, knowing now that she was totally helpless to prevent her captor from doing whatever he pleased to her. For now, she just wanted to survive. So there she sat, chained up, naked on the concrete floor, eating dog food out of a bowl with her face. She was ungagged, and could try screaming, but deep down she knew it was no use. She almost resigned herself to her fate, but there was still a shred of hope and grim determination in her. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would try to survive whatever he had planned, the thoughts of what he could have in store making her shudder.

But for now, survival was key. So she dipped her face back into the bowl of kibble, and as the tears rolled down her face, she ate her breakfast.


"Come on bitch, shake a leg! You can go faster than that. Or did you want the whip again?"

The afternoon sun beat down heavily on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and her skin was slick with sweat and she hobbled her way through the massive mud pit into which she had been forced. With her arms and legs bound in a folded-inward position, she was forced to move awkwardly, on her elbows and knees, with her butt sticking in the air, much to her chagrin, and her captor's delight. At the moment she was being forced to march through the mud, with a bit of "convincing" from Ronnie and a heavy bullwhip that he had taken from the cabin.

When he had come into the dank cellar a few hours after giving her her breakfast (and making use of her mouth, she shuddered to recall), he had treated her more leniently than before. Unchaining her from the wall, he had locked a leather collar around her neck, bringing a bright flush of humiliation to her cheeks, but she knew better than to try and fight back. Ronnie was a tall man, and thickly built, and could have easily overpowered her if she tried to run or fight. The past day of abuse, degradation, and near-starvation had sapped most of the fight out of her, and left her too exhausted to put up much resistance. Attaching a chain leash to the collar, he led her up the stairs, as she was still fully nude.

Once upstairs, in the fully furnished cavern, he granted her the privilege of using the bathroom (keeping an eye on her the whole time, to her embarrassment), and giving her a glass of water. She knew not to let her guard down, though. She saw the way he eyed her hungrily, the way his hands grabbed and prodded her body. As long as she was his captive, Alexandria knew that there was no safety to be found here. After he had let her drink her water, he took out his hookbladed knife once again, the mere threat of it enough to keep his prisoner in line. "Get on the floor. Face down." Alexandria bitterly did as she was told, knowing what he could do.

Taking out a coil of thin white rope, he forced her forearms inward, binding them to her upper arms, and did the same with her legs, forcing her to balance on her elbows and knees, quite the uncomfortable position. Gathering up her courage, Alexandria looked her captor in the eye (no easy task, given her position), and tried to reason with him.

"Look, we can help you. If you let me go and turn yourself in, you can get the help you need. You're clearly not well, and you could really benefit fr-wait no, just list-nngh!" Her speech was cut short, as Ronnie forced a dental gag into her mouth, spreading her jaw wide open and limiting her speech to garbled moans. He chuckled at her impotence.

"You really think I'm crazy, do you? Some monster who can't control what he's doing. Well let me tell you, I'm feeling more human than ever. What's more natural than lust? When I see a girl like you, I just gotta have her. And here we are. I got what I wanted. Now come on, it's time for some outdoor time. You'd like to get some fresh air, wouldn't you?"

She stared at him in shock, alarmed by how callous and lacking in remorse he seemed to be, compounded with his animal-like desires for her, desires he had taken out on her helpless body just a few hours before when he brought her food.

"Oh, almost forgot. Just one more little accessory." Taking out a small instrument with two hooks attached to a cord, he placed the hooks into her nostrils and tied the cord off at the end of her long dark hair, forcing her nose into a distorted pig shape. Ronnie laughed, and she rocked helplessly from side to side, trying to dislodge this implement. "There. Now you're a true little piggy. And what do piggies do? They roll around in the mud."


Which brought Alexandria to her current predicament, trying to keep her head above the mud puddle as she was forced around the yard at the point of a whip. Her bare buttocks were striped with thin red lines, the result of the resistance she had put up as Ronnie began giving her commands. She had stubbornly refused to do his bidding at first, but the whip had taken the fight out of her, one painful lash and shriek of distress at a time. And so, with grumbling obedience, she slowly tottered through the mudpit in the backyard of the cabin, fresh from a morning rain.

The mere sight of her surroundings disheartened her. She knew now that she certainly wasn't still in the city, which would make any search for her much harder. No one would even have any idea that she had left the city, much less hundreds of miles away deep in the wilderness. She had eyed the edge of the hill the cabin was situated on, trying to see if there were any signs of civilization around, but Ronnie quickly dashed her hopes.

"If you're gonna try to leave, I won't stop you. Of course, there's nothing but trees for miles around, and I don't think you'll get too far trussed up like that. You're welcome to try, though. Just don't expect much."

Knowing there was nothing she could do, Alexandria was forced to submit to Ronnie's humiliating games in the mud, mostly consisting of making her hobble around and squeal like a pig whenever he wished. She had been very hesitant to debase herself in this way, but Ronnie had come up to her and gently placed the tip of the whip against her exposed vulva, provoking a squeak of fear from the congresswoman. "Either you do what I say, or we see if I can hit a bullseye. Now squeal for me, piggy."

Alexandria squealed and snorted frantically, the hooks in her nose providing quite the comical sight. Ronnie laughed as she crawled through the stinking mud, grunting and groaning helplessly. The sun beat down heavily on her, and the air was thick and humid, causing her to sweat profusely. The mud clung to her as it dried, leaving patches of raw, chafed skin. Her body was plagued with mosquito bites that itched and burned, adding to her misery. At times he would force her to shake her rear end from side to side while he grinned and watched with lust, sometimes delivering a hard smack to her upturned cheeks.

After forcing her to undergo this treatment for over an hour, Ronnie finally dragged her out of the mud by the leash, and left her on the grass, exhausted and sore. He attached a length of hose to a faucet on the side of the cabin, and before Alexandria could react, a freezing cold spray of water was directed at her. She howled in protest as the icy water washed away the mud on her body, but left her shivering and sopping wet. Ignoring her protests, Ronnie forced her inside, where she finally collapsed in exhaustion onto her side on the floor of the living room.

Despite her relief at being out of the mud, Alexandria felt thoroughly humiliated. She couldn't believe how he had forced her to squeal and wave her ass for him, she didn't know how she could go on and stand up in front of Congress and do her job, with this image of herself permanently burned into her brain. Of course, this was even assuming that she was ever rescued or released. For now, she thought, she would bide her time and go along with his twisted games, if only to survive.

Ronnie made himself a cup of coffee, satisfied with the work of an afternoon well spent. He didn't keep to close of an eye on his prisoner at the moment, knowing that she was too tightly bound to go anywhere. Just think, he thought, he had gotten this proud congresswoman, who acted so dignified and powerful on TV, to shake her ass and snort like a pig, who knows what else he could get her to do? Well, not that she had much of a choice in whatever he could think of. The image of her shackled in his basement as he violated her mouth came to mind, and he grinned contentedly. He had bided his time long enough, he thought as he finished his coffee. Time for the main event.

Coming behind Alexandria in the living room, he scooped her up (eliciting a mild grunt of protest,) and carried her over his shoulder, giving her ass a nice squeeze along the way. Down the hallway they went, until they reached a cozy little chamber at the back of the cabin. The bedroom.

Ronnie tossed his captive onto the bed, making sure she landed on her elbows and knees, her pert rear sticking invitingly into the air. Alexandria's heart raced, fearing that he didn't intend what she thought he intended. And indeed, from behind her she heard the telltale signs of a zipper being pulled down, and his pants hitting the floor. She bellowed frantically into her gag, hoping that someone, anyone would hear her.

But as Ronnie climbed behind her, there was no savior for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

His hands squeezed her firm round butt, and she grimaced when she felt the tip of his cock rub against the lips of her womanhood. The tears were flowing freely from her eyes now, and she moaned frantically, making frantic muffled pleas for mercy as Ronnie prepared to thrust himself inside of her. Still gripping her ass, he slowly shoved his length into her pussy, and began pumping in and out with a groan of pleasure.

This was it, this is what he had been waiting for, he thought. Every time he watched her on TV, strutting around in those tight dresses with her huge breasts in his face, he knew that he wanted her in his bed. And here she was, trussed up like a pretty little package while he fucked her warm, tight pussyhole.

Alexandria, meanwhile, didn't see the situation as positively. She was bawling, overwhelmed by the pain and humiliation of her rape, hoping for an end to her nightmare. As his pace quickened behind her, she braced herself for his inevitable orgasm. But before he could cum inside of her, he pulled out, giving her a brief moment of respite.

"Don't think you're getting off that easy. You know, I've spent a lot of time thinking about that tight little butt of yours."

Alexandria let out a strangled shriek of fear and panic and wobbled back and forth in her bonds, fighting against all hope to avoid what she thought must be coming. But to Ronnie, all he saw was a pretty little lady shaking her ass like a whore for him, so he might as well take the opportunity. He spread her cheeks apart with his hands, exposing her tiny puckered asshole. Lubing up his member, he probed the inside of her opening with a finger, relishing in the tight feeling and her squeals of discomfort. He knew he couldn't wait any longer. As she sobbed and screamed, he forced himself inside her asshole, and with just a few more thrusts, shot his load deep inside.

Exhausted, she slumped forward, crying softly into the pillow. Her virgin ass dribbled blood and cum, and Ronnie gave her a gentle pat on the ass.

"Was that as good for you as it was for me?"


"2 weeks after the disappearance of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, NYPD detectives have officially called off the search, still not having found any evidence or clues at this time. A special election has been announced to fill her vacant seat in the House of Representatives."

The news was really starting to grow on Ronnie, at least when it specifically pertained to him. Alexandria took a vested interest too, but she normally wouldn't be allowed anywhere near the TV. Tonight was an exception, as Ronnie had her in the living room with him. She was on her knees in front of him as he sat on the sofa, hands bound behind her as she reluctantly bobbed her head up and down in his lap. It had become almost routine at this point, the blowjobs she was forced to give him were becoming just another part of her day. Upon hearing the news report that the police were no longer looking for her, she gave a moan of despair, the resulting vibrations of which elicited a grunt of satisfaction from her captor.

Although her hopes of rescue had grown increasingly slim throughout her captivity, the news report seemed like the final nail in the coffin to her. Ronnie relished in her misery at hearing the news, her groans of helplessness were music to his ears. He had enjoyed her company greatly for the past few weeks, slowly breaking her proud spirit down and finding new ways to torment her. And of course, he had made good use of her body as well, her current predicament a fine example. Alexandria sported an impressive array of bruises and welts, a reminder of the treatment she had endured. Before Ronnie had brought her into the living room to use her for his pleasure, she had been in the basement, helplessly strapped to a sybian vibrator for hours on end.

"I think you deserve a little reward for everything you've done for me, don't you agree?" he had grinned as he forced her onto the vibrator, her arms bound firmly behind her and her mouth spread open with a large cherry red ball gag. When he flipped the switch and the sybian hummed to life, the low moan that came from her throat was unlike any sound Ronnie had heard before. To him, it was perfection. This ice cold bitch would thaw a bit, whether she wanted it or not. For the next several hours, he relaxed in his living room, reading a book as Alexandria's guttural shrieks and pleas for mercy wafted up from the basement and filled the cabin. It wasn't a very diverse array of sounds, he thought, mostly just the same few variations on "please," and "oh god," and "I don't want to cum anymore, it hurts." What a crybaby!

Alexandria, meanwhile, had not seen her treatment in such a positive light. The constant rumbling of the vibrator beneath her, while physically pleasurable, made her feel deeply violated. Orgasm after orgasm was forcibly ripped from her as she bucked her hips helplessly and screamed for mercy, to no avail. By the time Ronnie came down and turned the machine off, she had lost count of how many times she had been forced to climax, and when he lifted her onto her feet, she collapsed in a heap on the hard floor, forcing him to carry her upstairs. When he plopped her down in front of his feet and unzipped his pants, she was too sore and exhausted to put up a fight, and meekly went to her task as he flipped on the TV.

She was brought back to the present by his sudden climax, flooding her mouth with his bitter load. She swallowed it down, knowing what could happen if she didn't. Around 4 days into her ordeal, she had spat at him in an impromptu show of defiance, and quickly came to regret it. After first giving her a few hard slaps to the face (resulting in a nasty black eye that had only recently faded), he had dragged her into the basement kicking and screaming by her hair, and tied a rope around her bound wrists behind her back, looping the rope over a beam in the ceiling. He tightened the rope to the point where her arms were pulled up painfully behind her in a brutal strappado position, to the point where she was forced to stand on her tiptoes. She begged for mercy, frantically apologizing for spitting at him, but her pleas fell on deaf ears as he tightened more rope around each of her pert breasts, making them balloon out and painfully cutting off the blood flow. After delivering a harsh whipping on her ass, leaving her with massive painful welts, he left her in this position all night. When the morning came, her arms were too sore to move, and her will had been broken, at least for the time being. The next day, she submitted to whatever he wished.

Satisfied with her oral performance, Ronnie pulled her up into his lap and stuffed a ball gag into her mouth, which she accepted with docility. He sat her down in his lap facing the TV, and absent-mindedly squeezed her chest with one hand, the other wrapped around her waist and pinning her in place. She squirmed and shifted uncomfortably, aware of the way his lingering erection poked into her backside. Trying to take her mind off of her uncomfortable situation, she focused her attention on the news report, hoping to glean any information about her predicament. From what they reported, it had been 2 weeks since she had disappeared, and they hadn't gotten any closer to finding her. Her heart sank at the news that her seat in the House of Representatives would be filled, and her groan of frustration was picked up by Ronnie, who took the opportunity to dig into his captive's displeasure.

"I guess you heard that they're filling your position. I can't really blame them, after all, you just up and left without any explanation, didn't you? That's what they've all been saying, that you couldn't stand the pressures of the job and you just ran off. Not to burst your bubble, but you've taken quite the hit in the public eye."

Alexandria was stunned at this thought. Surely the whole country couldn't believe that she had just abandoned her post without warning? If it wasn't believed that she had been taken against her will, then no one would look for her! She'd go down in history as a weak willed girl who cracked under pressure. She couldn't let it happen like that, she had to find some way to escape and prove herself! Just then, her train of thought was interrupted by a hard slap on the ass.

"So that's it then. Two lovely weeks spent together is enough for them to call the search off. Which means that our time here here is done." Alexandria gave a confused grunt, as he took her off his lap and placed her in front of him, looking her in the eye.

"I've had my fun with you, and believe me, the pleasure was all mine. You really are a fine little piece of ass," he chuckled, as Alexandria flushed bright red at the thought of how she had been violated day after day. But what did he mean that their time was done? She eyed him suspiciously, until the realization hit her and her blood ran cold.

No. There's no way he would do this, she thought. He was going to kill her. She began shaking frantically from side to side and moaning into her gag, as Ronnie laughed.

"Don't worry, it's not what you think. If I wanted you dead, believe me, you'd be dead by now. But I'm not just gonna keep you here for the rest of your life. I've got obligations, a life of my own. This was a nice little vacation for me, but it's time that things get back to normal. So I'm gonna let you go. But on my terms. After all, what are you gonna do about it? You don't know my name, where we are, anything about me. There's nothing you can prove. Now it's time to say goodbye, honey." With that, he walked off into the kitchen, returning with a large hypodermic needle. She tried squirming away, but he plunged it into her thigh, quickly sending her into a deep sleep.

Ronnie picked up her limp, unconscious body, and wrapped her in a layer of duct tape, from the base of her neck to her ankles. He didn't have any concerns that she would wake up too early, the concoction he had used would last for hours. He had total control for this time. Retrieving the phallic shaped gag he had tormented her with near the beginning of her captivity, he shoved it down her throat, almost wishing that she were awake to squirm and gag on it, to his pleasure. Once she was tightly bound and gagged, he carried her out to his car, placing her inside the trunk, setting off for the long journey ahead.


When Alexandria came to, the first thing she noticed was that she had quite the lightheaded feeling. She also couldn't help but sway from side to side. It quickly became apparent to her that she was suspended upside down, her head about 5 feet away from a dirt floor. Dimly, she could tell that she was outdoors, and that the ground covered with dirt and grass. Ronnie came into her field of view and held her head steady with his hands.

"Good, you're finally awake. Let me give you a little rundown of the situation. As you can probably tell, this is what I'd call the middle of nowhere. Not another living soul around for miles. In a few minutes, I'm gonna bid you farewell, for good this time. Once I'm a good distance away, I'll place a little anonymous call to the news stations. Probably just Fox, to be honest. They're a bunch of liars and nutjobs, but I can't think of anyone better to be the ones to find you like this."

Alexandria shook from side to side impotently, grunting into the rubber gag invading her mouth. If those people found her like this, they'd have a field day! Lord knows how much they obsessed over her already, who knows what they'd air?

"Don't worry, I won't be using my own phone. Thankfully, you were kind enough to have yours in your jacket when I grabbed you from your apartment. Afterwards, I'll smash it and leave it in the woods. No one will ever know it was me. Have fun, sweetheart, you've got a few hours to think about the situation."

And with that, he departed, leaving Alexandria helplessly swaying and moaning.


On the nightly news, one of Fox's homogeneous army of pretty young blonde anchors prepared to deliver the story that the whole nation was waiting for. Flashing a smile, she began.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Our top story tonight: The missing Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has finally been discovered, two weeks after disappearing from her apartment in the Bronx. An anonymous call placed her in a forest in Upstate New York, where she discovered by Fox News associates following the anonymous caller's directions."

"Ocasio-Cortez was discovered in a very vulnerable state, her body wrapped in duct tape and hanging upside-down from a tree branch, and her mouth gagged with what appeared to be a large rubber phallus attached to a panel that was strapped around her head," the anchor said gleefully, relishing the opportunity to go into gruesome detail on the poor Congresswoman's ordeal.

"Furthermore, the congresswoman had urinated on herself, and given her precarious position, it had dripped down over her body, further increasing her woes. When responding to her rescuers, she made mention of repeated sexual assaults, but insisted that this information not be made public. In the interest of true investigative journalism, however, we have made the decision to give you the true, unedited facts." The anchor didn't even bother hiding her grin at making this information known.

"No information has been released on whether or not Ocasio-Cortez will seek to reclaim her congressional seat, but at this time, she is focused on recuperating from her captivity. Police have no further leads at this time, although Fox has obtained special evidence, photographs of the congresswoman being forced to give fellatio to an unidentified man. As we cannot show these photos on primetime news, we encourage all viewers to visit our website and see for themselves."

"I believe I speak for all Americans when I say Representative Ocasio-Cortez, we wish you all the best during this difficult time, and hope that these horrific events will never again happen to a woman of such character and beauty...because if you didn't have those traits, maybe you would have been safe!"

And with a winning smile, she moved onto the next topic.

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Re: The Taking of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2021, 09:56:55 AM »
At least it wasn't political, so she has nothing to whine about.
Yesterday I stopped a woman from being brutally raped. Turned out I was able to talk her into it after all.

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Re: The Taking of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2021, 12:46:37 PM »
I’m not fond if using real people for my stories, but I’m currently thinking of a story featuring aoc and tye gun toting hottie from Colorado. It might be a bonding moment for them to learn, that in the eyes of a rapist they are the same, a set of holes to be used.


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