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Midnight Exam
« on: December 19, 2021, 08:47:35 PM »
Plot. On her way home from a late shift at the Cedar Rapids Police Department, Officer Jessica Ferrin stops by for an exam from a doctor who unbeknownst to her likes examining and dominating her female patients under hypnosis.

Work of fiction.

Leland Meyer Health Clinic

Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

June 14th, 2023

12:00 AM

Doctor Jasmine Foxx was sitting in her tiny office bored out of her mind waiting for her patient to arrive. Her boss made her stay way past her shift to accommodate this person. Needless to say, she was a very unhappy person but at least she had her bubble gum to keep her company.

A few seconds later, she blew and popped another pink bubble when her phone finally rang. She quickly picked it up.

“Dr. Foxx speaking.”

“Hello, Doctor, I am Officer Jessica Ferrin from the Cedar Rapids Police Department. I am here for my physical and I am at the door in the back.”

“I will be right there.”

After hanging up, Foxx grabbed the small purple spray bottle which contained her special spray. Unbeknownst to her colleagues, she had a love for hypnotizing her patients, and the thought of having a policewoman under her control just transformed her boring night into an exciting one.

Foxx ran to the back door and unlocked it then told Officer Ferrin she was cleared to enter. The moment Ferrin entered, Foxx was very pleased with what she saw. A white redheaded woman standing five foot eleven like her but appeared to be a bit on the exhausted side.

“Did you have a long shift?”

“Yes, Doctor. I tried to request an earlier shift but-,”

Dr. Foxx pulled out her spray bottle and cut Officer Ferrin off with a quick burst of spray to her nostrils then put the bottle back into her pocket and moved to wrap her arm around Ferrin and whisper into her ear.

“Listen to my voice and repeat after me, Officer Ferrin. I am the doctor, and you are the patient.”

“You are the doctor and I am the patient.”

“For the duration of this exam, you are fully subjected to my will.”

“For the duration of this exam, I am fully subjected to your will.”

“You will give me your full cooperation.”

“I will give you my full cooperation.”

“Good. Now march.”

Dr. Foxx marched Ferrin twelve feet down the hall then forced her to make a left into room 307 and shut the door behind her.

“Take off your boots and your socks,” Foxx ordered.

Officer Ferrin reached down and swiftly undid her boots and yanked pulled them off. After setting them aside, she removed her socks and awaited Dr. Foxx’s next instructions. Foxx grabbed her face with her right hand before speaking again.

“Now I am going to strip you of your gear and your uniform. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Dr.”

Foxx pulled apart the Velcro seal on the front of the vest which exposed the rest of the zipper then pulled the zipper down and pushed the vest off of Ferrin’s shoulders. Next, she knelt down and unlatched her equipment belt which also had her gun holster and taser attached to it then pulled it from the loops and dropped it on top of the vest.

Opting to save Officer Ferrin’s blouse and undershirt for lasts, Dr. Foxx swiftly undid the button and zipper on her pants and smiled lustfully as she pulled them down and off and was rewarded with the sight of her smooth looking legs and green panties. Eager to see if officer Ferrin was wearing a matching bra, Dr. Foxx stood up made short work on the buttons of Ferrin’s blouse. After pushing it from her shoulders and removing her white undershirt, she smiled at the sight of her green bra and juicy cleavage between the cups.

“Since you’re already standing up, I’m going to start this exam with your rectal temp. Bend over with your hands on your knees and stick that booty out.”

After Officer Ferrin assumed the position, Dr. Foxx gave her a firm smack on the ass before heading over to the drawer to grab the thermometer and a jar of Vaseline. After a quick dip to get the thermometer lubricated, she went back over to Ferrin and knelt down behind her.

“Now let’s see how hot this bottom is,” Dr. Foxx said then used her left hand to yank Ferrin’s panties to the left and shoved the thermometer into her bottom. Ferrin grunted a little as Foxx twisted it around a couple of times before letting it sit in place a wait for the beep. Foxx smiled a hummed a tune as she took in the sight of Officer Ferrin’s partially exposed ass and pussy.

Eventually, the thermometer started beeping and Foxx pulled it out to check the result.

“Oooh, ninety-seven point five degrees. Now march your ass over to that scale so I can check your height and weight. Chop chop.”

Ferrin started walking towards the scale, but Dr. Foxx didn’t feel like she was moving fast enough. To motivate her, Foxx smacked and squeezed her ass a half dozen times until she picked up the pace and was finally on the scale. After confirming her height and weight, Foxx told her to go sit on the table.

After she was seated, the first order of business was the blood pressure check. Dr. Foxx rolled a mobile Sphygmomanometer over to the table and told Officer Ferrin to stick her arm out so she could wrap the bandage part around it. She squeezed the pump a few times, Dr. Foxx got a positive reading and removed the bandage then rolled the machine back into the corner.

A few seconds later, she returned with a penlight in hand and shined right into Officer Ferrin’s eyes. Satisfied that everything was okay with both of them. Foxx told Ferrin to open her mouth and took a quick peek there. After that, she gave Ferrin’s ears and nose the once-over with the otoscope and nasal speculum.

With those two exams completed, it was time for the fun to really begin. Dr. Foxx took her stethoscope and planted smack dab in the middle of Officer Ferrin’s cleavage.

“Breathe in and breathe out for me. Deeply.”

As Dr. Foxx’s ears were fixated on Ferrin’s breathing, her eyes were fixated on her breasts going up and down, up and down. Oh, how delicious they were looking in that bra.

After five more seconds of listening to her breathing from the front. Foxx placed the stethoscope behind her back and repeated the process of listening to her breathing while watching her patient's breasts going up and down, up and down.

After giving Officer Ferrins’s breathing a green checkmark in her head, Dr. Foxx dropped the stethoscope back around her neck and positioned herself behind Ferrin to start the breasts exam. Her first move was to make Ferrin lean forward and unsnap her bra. She confirmed her size was 40c by reading the label before pushing the bra from Ferrin’s shoulders to the floor.

“What a firm pair you got, Officer Ferrin,” Foxx said as she began juggling her breasts in her hands. “Firm and beautiful. Has anyone ever complimented you on your breasts?”

“Yes, Doctor.”


“My husband. My husband likes them a lot.”

“And so do I, Officer Ferrin,” Foxx replied as her fondling continued. “I like them so much, I’ve decided to add a special twist to this exam of these firm melons of yours. Damn, they feel so good,” Foxx lustfully whispered into Ferrin’s ear.

After tweaking toying with her nipples for a few more seconds to get them hard, Dr. Foxx repositioned herself in front of Officer Ferrin and tapped her breasts on the sides before taking the left nipple into her mouth.

Slurp, slurp, pop. Slurp, slurp, pop. Dr. Foxx repeated the sucking and popping process several times while fondling Ferrin’s right breast then shifted her mouth over to it while her left hand went to work on the previous one. Slurp, slurp, pop. Slurp, slurp, pop.

“Oh yes, these boobs are going to be orally examined for quite a while,” Dr. Foxx declared. Foxx was enjoying Ferrin’s breasts so much, it felt like an eternity had passed before she pushed Ferrin onto her back for the palpation of her stomach. First, she did it with her hands then followed up with the stethoscope.

“Deep breaths for me, baby. Deep breaths.”

Ferrin inhaled and exhaled as Foxx pressed down harder on her stomach. The sound of her breathing was like heaven to Foxx but not as heavenly as when she was sucking and fondling her breasts.

Speaking of which, Foxx decided to make Ferrin do something to make this belly exam a little more exciting.

“Officer Ferrin, rub your nipples for me.

“Yes, Doctor,” Ferrin meekly replied then started moving her hands over her breasts in an up and down fashion. Foxx could hear the tone of her breathing getting louder in her ears and was enjoying every second of it.

But the hypnosis would be wearing off soon so it was time for the final part of this exam.

“Stop and put your hands back at your sides,” Foxx ordered. Ferrin complied as Foxx traded her stethoscope for a stopwatch she pulled from her pocket. “Now we’re gonna see how long it takes to make you cum. Be advised you’ll be needing a new pair of panties in the morning.”

After that declaration, Foxx moved her right down Ferrin’s stomach and slipped right into her panties, and felt around until she found her pussy.

“How good am I touching you, Officer Ferrin?”

“You’re… You’re touching me real good. Oh my god, oh my god.”

“Does your husband make you feel as good down here as I am making you right now?”

“Oh yes, Yes he does.”

“Is there any chance I can do better?”

“Yes, Doctor,” Foxx continued fondling Ferrin’s pussy as she leaned over to suck her right breasts.

“How about now?”

“Yes, doctor… suck my boob again.”

Dr. Foxx wasted no time obliging as she intensified the fondling of Ferrin’s pussy. It was getting to the point where she could barely keep her legs still. Foxx was definitely going to book this woman for a follow-up so she could examine her some more.

“Are you ready to cum for me, Officer Ferrin?

“Yes, yes. Please let me cum, please let me cum.”

“You're almost there, sweetie. You are officially my favorite redheaded cop,” Foxx replied then boldly planted a kiss on Ferrin’s neck who in turn gasped loudly and released herself all over Foxx’s hand.

“You came very well, Officer,” Foxx said then withdrew her hand from Ferrin’s panties and took a second to admire the sight of her cum before licking it off and pressing the stop button.

“Four minutes and thirty-five seconds. Not bad and by the way, you taste like a green apple. Your panties may have something to do with that but anyway, I am now going to leave you to rest. You can get dressed and leave when you’re ready.”

After kissing her neck one more time, Dr. Foxx and turned and left with a satisfied smile on her face and was already looking forward to her next appointment with Officer Ferrin.

One hour later, Officer Ferrin recovered, got dressed, and proceeded to leave.

On her way out, Ferrin did notice feeling wet in her panties but also a little more chipper too.


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Re: Midnight Exam
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2021, 08:49:35 PM »
Very well written, got to love a thorough examination.

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Re: Midnight Exam
« Reply #2 on: June 12, 2022, 01:58:18 AM »
This was so perfect!!! I love you so much for writing it thank you. The story appealed to so many of my kinks it was amazing and made me feel so fucking good dude thank you 😫
- Katrina 💋


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