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Title: A Test Of Gradual Destruction [Contest Entry]
Post by: EssenceofRed on May 19, 2015, 07:12:13 PM
The man wakes up with a start. Confused. Unsure of where he is, and surprised by the young woman sitting opposite him against the wall, not 20 feet away.

"Hannah?!" Frantic and starting to get up, he wonders where they are and why they are both there.

"Who are you?? Why am I here?? Stay away from me!! Stay over there!!"

The moment she speaks, he knows it's not his daughter, but it's uncanny how similar they look. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, same body type, both around 20. The woman seems terrified, her knees bundled up to her chest, held there by her arms.

"Okay," he says with his hands up, trying to show in the most sincere way that he doesn't mean to scare her. "I don't know what's going on either, but I promise I will get us out."

He's an honest family man with three adult children, the girl and two sons a little older than her. The likeness of this woman to his daughter, his precious baby girl, has brought out the paternal protective side in him almost immediately. As he stands up to look around, she curls herself in even smaller, nervous and trembling.

The room is completely white with long florescent lights above. White walls, white ceiling, white floor, with the exception of a 3" wide blue stripe that spans the width of the room, about 10 feet out from where the young woman is sitting. The ceilings seem surprisingly high for what feels like a basement, and in one of the corners behind him is a small black video camera. There are no light switches and no windows. Only a locked door that blends into the wall and a white phone, both on his side of the blue line.

"Where are you from?", he asks her, attempting to calm her down, but she doesn't respond. "Do we know each other?" Again, no response. "Do you know how you got here?"

"I… I… was having a drink with this guy I met at the coffee shop yesterday…", shaking her head in disbelief, "He must have slipped something in my drink. I don't remember anything. He seemed nice and smart… I was on a date…" Completely distraught, she continues in a scared voice, "I don't remember how I got here. I was just here and you were lying over there… I've never seen you before."

As he looks at her, it's obvious now she was on a date: her hair and make-up made to impress. She looks very put together in her dark, tight jeans, gold open toe heels, and a pretty cream lace top with a gold ribbon tied daintily around her small waist. She's positively gorgeous, even with the black rings under her eyes where her make-up must have smudged from crying.

"I'm not going to hurt you, I promise." He sits down against the wall as far from her as possible, making an effort to show her he's telling the truth. "I guess for now, we wait." He smiles at her reassuringly, trying to mask his concern for their situation, wanting to keep her calm.

Not 20 minutes later, the phone rings, and the man answers. "Good evening, Mr. Johnson." The voice is deep and distorted, the way it is when someone is trying to hide their identity. "You must do what I say and you will live. Listen carefully and do not speak. The rules are, she cannot cross the blue line or else she's dead, but you may walk anywhere. I will call with each instruction, and you must get her to do what I say, any way that you can, BUT at no time can any part of your body touch hers. If you complete the tasks I give you, you will go home. Tell the girl her rule and I will call you back."

"Who was that? Was that him? When are we leaving?" She's firing questions at the man before he can get a word out.

Calmly, he begins in a voice as if talking to a scared little girl, "He said we will get to go home if we do what he says. The main rule for you is, you must stay boxed in your area. If you cross the blue line, he will kill you." She looks back at the man blankly, the color drained from her face. "And I promise I won't do anything to make you cross that line. You just need to do what I tell you to do. That's it."

Just then the lights in the room go out, and it is pitch black. The woman screams, but the man can still hear something happening. When the lights go back on, there is a pile of tools on his side of the blue line, and the phone rings.

"Make the girl stand up. She hasn't used the bathroom for hours. I want to see her get dirty. You have 10 minutes to make her piss her pants. You may use any of the implements to make her do what you need her to do."

The man looks closer at the pile: a gun, some rope, a whip, a dildo, something that looks like it vibrates, a chain flogger, a plug of some sort, a wispy cane, a leather crop, and a bat. Half of the things, he's never seen in person before. He wouldn't even know what to do with all of them. How is he suppose to use any of these things on this poor girl?

"You need to stand up." As she does, he explains and reminds her that if they want to get out of here, she must do what he says. The worry in her eyes tells him she knows he's about to tell her to do something she won't want to do. "He wants you to… pee your pants."

"That's ABSURD! I will do no such thing!"

"You have 10 minutes to do this. Listen. Our lives are at stake here. You have to do this."


The woman has always been a good girl. An A student. A rule follower. Peeing her pants - in front of a stranger no less! -  is a non negotiable. They go back and forth for about 8 minutes, when finally, at his last straw, the man picks up a gun, the one thing he has experience with, something he knows he can scare the shit out of her while still having control and keeping her safe. He crosses the line and moves quickly at her. Her eyes are huge, "What are you doing?!" Without touching her, he has her pinned against the wall. His left hand touching the wall and his right, pointing the gun at her head. Her eyes well up with tears as he begins to yell at her, his body only inches from hers, "You fucking piss your pants right now or else I'll shoot you myself. I am not dying over this!!"

At that moment he begins to hear a faint rush of liquid as her face turns bright red. He lowers the gun from her head and backs away to get a better look at what is happening. She covers her face with her hands as if hiding will make it less embarrassing. He drops the gun on the other side of the blue line and watches as the dark spot between her legs grows down one side. As she finishes, she drops her hands and looks at him, tears starting to fall, "Happy?"

"You did good. I'm sorry I pointed the gun at you. I had to do it."

The phone rings again, "Make her strip and then put her clothes and shoes on your side of the blue line."

"Hey! What kind of sick game - -", he shouts into the phone as the line goes dead.

The man turns and looks at the woman empathetically. She tilts her head, knowing what he's about to say is not going to be good.

"He wants you to take off all of your clothes, including your shoes. Everything."

Shaking her head no in disbelief. "Why??"

"Listen, you could be my daughter. You remind me of her. I promise you, I won't even notice that you're naked. I will do my best not to make you uncomfortable. You can trust me."

They argue, but he knows he doesn't want to use a weapon for this. He needs to earn her trust in case the tasks get worse. It's the only way they will get to leave.

The phone rings. "It's taking too long. You have two minutes."

Turning to her again, his voice a little more stern than before, "You have to do this. For you. For me. For my family. It's right now."

She looks up at the ceiling, not able to make eye contact with the man, knowing there's at least one other sicko watching her from a camera, she works off her heels with one finger and tosses them toward the man. Next her jeans, awkwardly bent over, pulling out one leg at a time. She unties the gold bow at her waist, pulls the top over her head, and pauses, standing in front of him in only her white lace panties and bra.

"It's ok, honey, you can do this. You have to do this."

She turns around to face the wall as she takes the rest of her undergarments off. He can see her perfect ass, and finds himself looking forward to her turning around. When she does, he tries to look like he's not staring. Her skin is flawless. She looks so innocent and vulnerable, her body, taught and perfect. Her breasts full, but perky, with her nipples the prettiest shade of pink. Her skin is like porcelain; hairless and so smooth, surprisingly between her legs, too! The man has heard of this trend, but has never seen it. Even though she reminds him of his daughter, he feels his cock twitch in his pants, and quickly diverts his eyes before moving all of her clothes to his side of the line as instructed.
The man goes to the phone and picks it up midway through the first ring. "Very nice. Very good work getting her to strip without the threat of one of my instruments. I'll have a special prize for you when we're finished. Now. Have her suck that dildo while keeping eye contact with you. Tell her to take it deep."

He turns back to her, "You need to get on your knees in front of me, and while keeping eye contact, you must suck the dildo as if it is mine, taking it nice and deep." Wait. He realizes he just added to the the task and wonders what on Earth he just did! He's a happily married man, for God's sake! "Look, we're both in this together. Remember that. I don't want to make you do these things just as much as you don't want to do them.

Horror is written across her face as she just stands there, looking at him, her hands covering her breasts while he tries to pass her the dildo. "No! This is enough! I've already been humiliated! You're not the one who had to pee his pants or strip naked in front of who knows how many people!"

Frustrated that she flat out said no when she knows full well that they will be killed if she doesn't do what she's told, and trying to ignore the way the rejection felt like a personal hit, he walks with purpose to the pile and picks up a bat. She wouldn't even pretend to suck his dick?

"Now listen here, Hannah!"

Her stomach drops hearing that name. What is going on in his head? Didn't he say Hannah was his daughter?? He didn't even notice the mistake in his words.

He extends his arm and touches the end of the bat to her chest, giving her a nudge as he continues, "You will do this because you have no choice. Stop being so selfish, and pretend to suck my DICK!" With that, he swings and purposely misses her head, hitting the wall just next to her, trying to scare her into doing what he needs her to do.

"Get on your knees, please, dear," his words are polite, but his face looks angry.

She slowly drops to the floor, reaching for the dildo next to her while keeping eye contact. Shaking a little from being yelled at, and for the first time since he woke up, feeling a little scared of him, too. He places them so that the camera can get a good view of the both of them. She looks up at the man with big, innocent eyes. He imagines her as a young and inexperienced girl, and fantasizes about him showing her how to suck his big dick for the first time.

"Remember to go deep. He specifically said that."

She pushes the dildo deeper than she would normally take any boyfriend's cock, just to be on the safe side. She chokes and gags over the long, pink silicon dildo, making enough bubbly, thick saliva to make anyone think she could be a porn star herself. Tears streaming down the side of her face. The man can't help but lick his lips as he looks down at her, leaning on the bat like a cane. He gives her encouraging words, "You're doing good. That's a good girl," while trying to keep the bulge in his pants in check. 

After about 10 minutes of this, the phone rings. "I see you're improvising. That's fine. Very fine."  The man, not realizing quite to the extent at which he went his own way on that assignment, started to feel somewhat defensive, even guilty at how hot he thinks the girl is. "The question is, how far can she be pushed? How far is too far for you? Make her masturbate. She has to touch herself, fingers in pussy, for 5 minutes." The man begins to feel sick, knowing he just played into the voice's game on the last round. This time he can't allow any lust inch its way in and get out of control.

He picks up the long, thin switch looking implement. He's never used anything like it before, but figures it can't hurt that bad, looking as flimsy as it does. The woman is curled up in a ball and rocking on her heels, attempting to self sooth. The man wishes he could put his arm around her and hold her. Let her cry into his chest. Comfort her in some way, but the voice said he could not touch her. That was one of the rules he had to abide.

Crying and looking the other way, but feeling the man standing close to her, she mutters through her tears, "Please don't make me do anymore. I just want to go home."

"We both do. But this is the game we're in, and we have to finish it."

She releases an angry sigh of defeat.

"Come on. This next one is harder than the last, but you can do this." His words make him feel like he's on her side, even though deep down he's noticing it getting more and more difficult to push the crude and sexual thoughts about this poor girl out of his brain. "You need to lie down on your back and masturbate for five straight minutes."

She snaps her head up and looks at him in shock. Her beautiful blue eyes sparkling under a layer of tears. "NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT!" She instinctively stands up and backs away from the man.

"Yes, you have to."

"NO! I'm done!" She looks into the camera and continues, "Do you hear me, ASSHOLE?! I'M DONE!! I don't care what you do to us! I'm done being a pawn in your stupid game of human chess, just so you can get off!"

The man storms over to her as she's screaming and hits her on the front of her thighs. To his surprise, she crumples immediately from the pain. He hits her three more times as hard as he can on her back and begins to scream. "It doesn't matter if I kill you, you know. What matters is if I'm the one standing at the end of this sick, twisted game. You hear me?!" He hits her with the cane one more time before he notices the first dark red welt appear where he first hit her. He tosses the cane across the room as if it had turned to hot iron. He had no idea it was going to hurt her that badly, but before he can apologize to her, she rolls over and places her hand between her legs. Her head is pointed away from him, her eyes squeezed shut as she sobs in both pain and humiliation. In her mind, they are no longer on the same team. She just needs to get through the night so she can go home. In his mind, however, he keeps trying to shake the idea of his own daughter doing the same in her childhood bed, in the room next to his…

The ring startles him. It hasn't been five minutes. "Take the vibrator and help her."

"What? No!", the man yelled into the phone.

"Make her cum."

The man hangs up the phone and slowly turns around. She watches him intently and doesn't like the look on his face. As he picks up the vibrator, she knows exactly what he was just told to do.

She is not blind. She's been noticing all of the extra looks the man has given her, even the ones he thought he hid. She is getting increasingly uncomfortable being naked in the same room with him, and now HE has to make her cum? A forced orgasm. She is dying of embarrassment and would like nothing more than to crawl under a rock. It was bad enough she had to do all those other things. At least then, she was the one doing them, which gave her the feeling of having the slightest amount of control in the situation. Now she's about to lose everything, and she can feel it.

She slaps him once he's close enough, her vulnerability overflowing, wishing she was anywhere but here. At the sound of the hum, she covers her face. He lowers the head of the machine between her legs. Knowing she has no choice in the matter, she leaves them open for him. A sob escapes as soon as it touches her beautiful folds. He knows she's going to try to fight it from overtaking her body, so he turns it up close to high and presses it into her for a few seconds. Then releases. Back and forth, until he can start to hear and see her breath change. He didn't want to enjoy this, but he does. Biting his lip, letting his cock become semi hard, he turns it up all the way and holds it steady. Without warning, she screams out. Her back arches, her mouth opens, hands move to her body as if holding herself. For a brief moment, it gives him the most exhilarating feeling… until he remembers where they are. He turns off the vibrator. Her scent is in the air and he can hardly stand it. He looks down to see her lips glistening with her own sweet juices. He wants nothing more than to touch her.

As the man gets up to answer the phone, the girl stays on the ground as if she's dead. She feels like she wants to die after the way her body betrayed her. "You're getting good at this game. We're almost done. On her knees, make her say, "I want you, daddy. I need you inside me."

The man hangs up the phone confidently. She can practically see him smiling behind his eyes. He's no messenger anymore. He's on the captor's side. She can see that, no matter how hard he tries to hide it.

"The voice says we're almost done." He's trying to sound kind, but to her it sounds condescending. "Get up on your knees again. You have to say, 'I want you, daddy. I need you inside me', like you really mean it.

She looks spent, but her eyes are alive with anger. Getting onto her knees, clenching her jaw, she looks straight through him.

"You need to say it. You have to!" Not to mention, he wants to hear it. It plays perfectly into his ego that's been growing with each task.

She crosses her arms, and he picks up the flogger with the chains. He has no idea what he's doing, but he knows this will hurt. He comes at her so fast she just falls into a ball and puts her arms over her head in protection. She has no doubt he plans to use it, and neither does he. It takes exactly two hits for her to comply.

"OK!! I'll do it!" He gives her room to get to her knees, which takes longer because of the pain she is in. Out of breath, with the flogger hanging from his hand, he motions her to continue.

Looking at him straight in the eyes, she replies, "I want you, daddy… Please…" She's wanting that to be enough, but the man waits expectantly. "I… I need you inside me." She refuses to think about what the next task will be. What this is all leading up to.

The phone rings for the last time. "Congratulations. Thank you for playing my game. You performed a critical role in the gradual destruction of this woman. Now the reward I promised: you may touch her any way you'd like without penalty. Do whatever you wish. No questions asked. No risk. You will never see her again."

The man turns to her with a smile and claps his hands together excitedly, "We're done!"

"That's it? No more?" Not that she wants more, but she finds it curious that the big finale was only getting her to say some words.

He sits next to her and gives her a big hug. Both of them seeming relieved and happy that they will get to go home soon. They completed the tasks they needed to do to stay alive…. except now she is very much aware of how naked she is, and how his hands have begun to roam to her sides as this hug is becoming awkwardly long. She starts to pull away as his hand travels to her breast. "Come here."

"No!," she screams in a panic. "What are you doing?"

He uses his body weight to gently push her to the ground. Kneeling between her legs so she can't even close them, they both know nobody is going to save her. He could do whatever he wanted. "It's ok, Hannah."

"But I'm not… GET OFF OF ME!!"

He pulls his slacks down just enough to expose himself. Already hard. She tries to kick, but it's pointless as he's already where he needs to be. He grabs both of her wrists in one hand and holds them down above her head, using the other to line himself up. He pushes himself inside her pretty, pink cunt, and it slides in so easily from the work he did two tasks prior. She's screaming feverishly, but he can't hear a thing; only feel. Once inside, he moans with each thrust. He doesn't remember sex ever feeling so good. Skin on skin. So tight. So pure. With the most stunning girl. Just like his little Hannah.

His free hand glides over her perfect body as she sobs hysterically beneath him. "Sh sh sh sh shhhhhhhh… You're doing so good. Just relax. Daddy loves you, sweet princess," he whispers in her ear as he moves his hand to cover her mouth. She is now more than certain he has lost his mind.

After only a few of the longest minutes of her life, he finishes after one huge push, and rolls off next to her. This was the best climax he's ever experienced. Truly. But his high only lasts a couple minutes before he realizes what he did. Who he has become. Looking at her curled up in the fetal position, crying uncontrollably, cringing away from him when he reaches out to comfort her. What did he do?? His body turns numb as it hits him. The game was still going and he fell for it. The test was not for her. It was for him, and he failed. Something he now has the task to live with for the rest of his life.
Title: Re: A Test Of Gradual Destruction
Post by: acidredux on May 20, 2015, 02:03:26 AM
Hi Red! :) Good to see you again! Nicely written and interesting. I like the humiliation and the surreal angle. I think I would have liked to see the guy punished more. He got away with a lot.
Title: Re: A Test Of Gradual Destruction
Post by: EssenceofRed on May 20, 2015, 07:18:46 AM
Thanks, Acid! Who says he wasn't punished more? ;)  Actually I had four different ending ideas, all of which did not end real great for the guy, but decided to leave it more open ended... plus I ran out of words. Perhaps after the contest, if I remember, I'll post the four endings for the reader to participate in one of those "choose your own ending" scenarios. :P

Sometimes I think about "normal", everyday people who were in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and accidentally killed someone - maybe a kid ran out into the street without looking and there was no time to stop, maybe a train conductor could see the suicidal man on the tracks, but didn't have enough time to put on the breaks - and think, even if they weren't charged with anything, no jail time, no nothing, they still have to live with the fact that they took another human's life. I honestly don't know how I could continue living, knowing that about myself. Although rape isn't exactly the same thing as killing a person, here's a guy who would never hurt a fly, who asked this woman to trust him a couple times, who really wanted to take care of her, but his demons got the best of him in a scenario that he should never have been put into in the first place. Had he never been put there, he probably never would have had such dark thoughts about his daughter, and likely never would have ever raped anyone. For him, I imagine - if he lived - the psychological destruction would continue to spiral, making the rest of his life a complete and utter living hell.
Thanks again for commenting!  :*
Title: Re: A Test Of Gradual Destruction
Post by: acidredux on May 20, 2015, 10:44:26 AM
I think you're letting this guy off way too easy. The way I see it, this guy's fantasy was coming to life and he was loving it. The girl was the only victim. It's nothing like a kid running in front of your car. Did you see the Robert Altman film Short Cuts, based on the brilliant short stories of Raymond Carver, who also figures into Birdman? In Short Cuts there's a really sad and touching story about a woman (Lily Tomlin) who drives into a little boy riding a bicycle. It's so sad. But like I said, in my mind, nothing like your guy.
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Post by: Tragedy on May 20, 2015, 11:12:40 AM
Oh fuck me this was so great I'm not even going to try, lmao. I fapped hard my lovely friend, well done!
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Post by: lysyn on May 20, 2015, 04:23:17 PM
That was very nicely done, bbz.
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Post by: EssenceofRed on May 20, 2015, 07:46:35 PM
You guys are much too kind, thank you. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I tell ya, this month was definitely a challenge!! And Tragedy, you better post something!! *hands on hip*
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Great story I really love it. This contest thing is bringing the best out of already excellent authors.
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Post by: Tragedy on May 20, 2015, 11:06:10 PM
[member=10]EssenceofRed[/member] yes maam!
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Post by: stillcurios.andmarried on June 03, 2015, 05:11:25 PM
Wow fantastically written very intense!
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Post by: Red Right Hand on June 12, 2015, 01:17:11 PM
Very clever. The pacing and narration make it easy for the reader to tumble themselves right into the fantasy. Highly immersive.

If there were pages, they would be turned rapidly.

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Post by: FrodoKreuger on June 20, 2015, 08:15:35 PM
All right, now I'm annoyed at you, Red! I mean I'd pretty much decided who I was going to vote for until I read your piece! Seriously, do you have to be so good? And can I have a second vote since I now can't decide?
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I feel so dirty. :drool: :fap:
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Post by: Ingenue on July 02, 2015, 05:56:02 PM
You are delightfully evil, Red. :*
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Thank you, Ingy.  :blush:

And thank you to everyone else who commented above, too.  They are all such lovely compliments! :)
Title: Re: A Test Of Gradual Destruction
Post by: ccnyguy2 on March 24, 2016, 09:35:47 PM
wonderful story, so erotic. Loved the slow build up and you made it easy to picture her humiliation.
Title: Re: A Test Of Gradual Destruction
Post by: EssenceofRed on March 24, 2016, 10:45:38 PM
wonderful story, so erotic. Loved the slow build up and you made it easy to picture her humiliation.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! :)
Title: Re: A Test Of Gradual Destruction [Contest Entry]
Post by: Teaseme69 on January 02, 2017, 10:27:07 PM
Love, love, love.
Title: Re: A Test Of Gradual Destruction [Contest Entry]
Post by: EssenceofRed on January 02, 2017, 10:49:13 PM
Yay! Thanks [member=2187]Teaseme69[/member] :)

(This story is one of my favorites.)
Title: Re: A Test Of Gradual Destruction [Contest Entry]
Post by: Eigniu on October 10, 2017, 10:20:17 PM
I don't know how I missed this one until now. The mental mindgames (on both ends), the slow escalation. And you ccan't go wrong with forced orgasms. ;)

Title: Re: A Test Of Gradual Destruction [Contest Entry]
Post by: Littleprey on February 13, 2018, 08:44:45 PM
Wow, very fun to read.