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Red's Playground / Re: Boobs In Motion
« Last post by JakeK2355 on Today at 03:10:35 AM »


One-on-One Roleplays / Re: The Winter King's Decision (Derick & Myth)
« Last post by Myth on Today at 03:08:15 AM »
She wiggles under him, alternating between trying to reach his mouth or hand more. Her moans are short and breathy in response as his lips move across her breasts and up to her neck and to her lips. She kisses him in return, it's clumsy but clearly shows her desire. She uses her hand in his hair to keep his lips against hers, exploring with her tongue.

As she feels the fabric of the pants fading, she goes back to touching him now that his shaft is bare. She takes him in her hand, stroking along his length.
General Discussion (Non-Fantasy) / Re: Random Message Thread
« Last post by Mr Nice Guy on Today at 01:43:37 AM »
@Mr Nice Guy  I have never dressed up as a Rocky Horror character! :'(
I don't even know who I'd be. lol

Also-- is Wolverhampton the name of a town?? Because that's a damn awesome town name lmfao
Sounds so English :P

Oh yes, Wolverhampton is in the midlands of England-I’d regale you with all kinds of interesting facts about it...but I don’t know many! The 1970s rock band Slade come from there! And they have a good air show down there each year.

@MamaMeadow and @Ingenue perhaps everyone should dress up as a Rocky Horror and post their pics on here. Purely for reasons of homage of course... :evil:
General Discussion (Non-Fantasy) / Re: What's cooking?
« Last post by cosmicwitch on Today at 01:16:58 AM »
This happens when I put all the oriental goodies I find in the pantry together- kombu (it's seaweed), black moss, shiitake mushrooms, black cloud fungus, lotus nuts- and add a little oyster sauce, a tiny splash of soy sauce, a drizzle of sesame oil and chicken breast.

It's light but filling and delicious with so many different textures. I made enough to pack for my lunch through Wednesday, too  :cool:

in case some high school drama club or church group wants to put it on
"Sexual Slavery: the Musical"

Wh-where is this church

asking for a friend
General Discussion (Non-Fantasy) / Re: Random Message Thread
« Last post by Ingenue on Today at 12:36:37 AM »
Wait, it's possible to make a kinkier Frank N Furter than canon? :shocked:
General Discussion (Non-Fantasy) / Re: Gender reassignment in progress.
« Last post by Ingenue on Today at 12:34:06 AM »
Yay! Welcome to the sane half of the populace. :*
Pictures / Re: Superheroines
« Last post by JakeK2355 on Today at 12:15:57 AM »

Sincerely hoping I didn't fuck this up!

Giant/Harmless/Breath... Cindy's Freedom,4136.0.html
Rape Fantasy Stories / Cindy's Freedom [Contest Entry: Giant/Harmless/Breath]
« Last post by -M on March 17, 2018, 11:55:26 PM »
          Cindy, too excited about the new day to sleep another wink, awoke before the sun.  After four years of college and over a year of saving every extra dime she made at her new job, tomorrow would be the start of her first vacation in over five years; her last one being a family vacation to the Grand Canyon her senior year in high school.  She had longed to go on spring break with her girlfriends in college but her parents, as pious as they were, refused to let her go; insisting that getting drunk on a beach was no place for a young lady.  She knew they were right but still longed for the freedom of being far from home.  At 22 years old it took all she had to convince her parents to let her go on the cruise but eventually they caved.  After all, as a good Christian parents,  meeting a good Christian man and starting a family was what they wanted for their daughter and, truth be told, that was all she wanted; if for no other reason than to get out from underneath their thumb.  Not that she didn't hold her own beliefs in fact her purity ring, having long ago out grown it, still hung  on her gold chain next to the crucifix that her father had given her for her 18th birthday, but what she wanted more than anything was freedom. 

   She came down the stairs with a smile to greet her parents and found them sitting at the dining room table; her mothers' eyes were soft and tear filled as her dad beckoned her to sit at the table

     "Sit down Cindy this will only take a minute.  Your mother and I want to talk to you before you go. I know you have to get to work but this won't take long."  Cindy had to keep from rolling her eyes when she heard the concern in his voice "Now we want to go over this with you one more time. What are you going to do young lady?"

   She immediately repeated the conditions of her leaving like a well-rehearsed mantra "I'm going to text you as soon as I leave work to let you know I've started my trip.  I'm going to check in with you every two hours on the drive down to the cruise pickup.  If I stop for any reason I'll call you and let you know.  I'll call you when I board the ship and check in with you every morning, before I go to bed, and sometime in the middle of the afternoon."

   "AND???' prompted her father

   "And no drinking, drugs, or sharing my bed," as if she would EVER do that "and if anyone makes me feel uncomfortable or comes on to strong I report it to the staff immediately." She cocked her head to the side to help convey her annoyance at having to go over this again.

   "Honey I know your tired of going over this but please believe me the world can be a scary place.  Most people are good but not everyone can be trusted.  We just want to keep you safe," to safe thought Cindy, "Now we've already put your bags in your car and don’t forget to eat before you head down, and if you get tired on the drive make sure to pull over, and if…" 

   "Dad I got it," Cindy interrupted, " I promise!  It's only two weeks and I'll be home okay!" She noticed the tears building up behind her father's eyes and softened her tone "It's okay dad I'll be home before you know it and I know you're scared but you don’t need to be dad, really.  Who knows maybe I'll meet your future son in law?" she added for their benefit "now give me a hug I'm going to be late for work."

   Her mother, openly sobbing, and father wrapped her in a steel embrace, "We love you honey.  You come home to us safe you hear."

   "I will, I promise."  She hugged her parents fiercely "You two worry too much."  She walked out the door to her car and with a backwards glance, waved to her parents, both still crying in the doorway.


           Cindy walked into the office and was immediately greeted by Kelly who looked genuinely surprised to see her.  How Kelly ended up her best friend in the office was still a mystery to Cindy.  In fact they were as different as two people could be.  Cindy was petite with milk and honey skin, blond curls, and timid nature.  Too timid she thought.  Perhaps that’s why she gravitated to Kelly?  Kelly with her statuesque figure and vivacious personality was an easy person for someone like Cindy to admire but despite the admiration Cindy knew that she could never be like Kelly.  Kelly was a free spirit and much more liberal in her personal life than Cindy would… COULD… ever allow herself to be.  This was something about Cindy that Kelly found both endearing and amusing and Kelly enjoyed being able to make Cindy blush on a daily basis.

   "Girl what are you doin' here!  Shouldn't you be home with the vacation flu," Kelly laughed as they walked back to her desk "I swear girl, you are too good for your own good." 

   Cindy just laughed "Vacations all well and good but I'd like to have a job when I get back.  You know how Mr. Wilson feels about calling off.  He won't even stay home when he's sick."

   "Girl you wouldn't get fired!  All you gotta do is go back to his office, unzip his pants, get down on your knees and let him know how sorry you are about being late. Grab his dick and then take your mouth…" 

    Cindy spat out her coffee "Ewww stop. That’s disgusting!"  Cindy could feel the flush of scarlet on her face, "If that's what it would take to call off then I'd rather work!"

   Having already filled her "making Cindy blush quota for the day" they were well into their discussion about Cindy's vacation plans when Cindy noticed that Kelly seemed distracted by someone or something in the office.  Following her gaze Cindy noticed it was set on Leonard, the new mail clerk. 

   "Why are you staring at Leonard?  You two start dating or something?"  Cindy knew this was unlikely but felt the need to ask. 

   "No girl they need to fire him." for a second Cindy though Kelly was joking but then noticed the intensity in her face, "I'm telling you there's something not right about that guy.  I don't know what it is but girl I'm telling you that man is dangerous!"  Alas, their friendship was clear to Cindy.  Kelly was as paranoid as her father.

   "Leonard…. dangerous…seriously?" Cindy laughed and looked over at Leonard.   At almost 7 feet tall with a large build Cindy could see how Kelly might find him a little physically intimidating but to say that he's dangerous?  Leonard in his oversized cotton button up, black framed black glasses, and friendly smile looked anything but dangerous.  Since he was hired a couple months ago he and Cindy had talked quite a few times and she'd always found him charming; maybe a little shy and awkward, kind of like herself, but still sweet. He'd always seemed so understanding when she spoke to him, venting her frustrations about her overprotective father, and was quick to congratulate her when she told him that her parents were letting her go on the cruise… after all he was the one that gave her the idea. "I've talked to Leonard a few times and he seems sweet to me.  I think he's kind of cute"

               Kelly whipped her head around and stared at her friend in disbelief "You need to say away from him Cindy!  I'm telling you he's not right.  Just looking at him makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up," Cindy watched as an involuntary shiver ran up her friends' spine.

   "You need to relax," chuckled Cindy "you're starting to sound like my dad."

   "Fine then don’t believe me but I'm telling you there's something off about Leo…owww"
   At Leonards' approach Cindy had delivered an abrupt kick to her friends' ankle "Shhh! He's going to hear you!"
   "Hey Cindy, so today's the big day huh? I bet you can't wait to get outta here!  I know I can't" he said with smile and in a laughing way, a way that made Cindy feel like there was an inside joke she wasn't getting.  Flipping through the mail on his cart he pulled out a stack for Cindy, Kelly apparently had none, "That’s quite a stack for just one day.  Imagine how much will be waiting for you when you get back," he said handing her the stack "I guess I'll see you later."

   Leonard walked away to finish his rounds but turned back to wave a Cindy, which of course made her blush, and she happily waved back "See.  He's harmless!" Cindy turned looking at Kelly.

   Kelly, staring after Leonard with the same fierce gaze, simply said "No. He's not" and went back to her desk.
   After that awkward start to the day Cindy was surprised at how fast the day flew by.  She was sure that the day was going to drag but 5 O'clock came in no time.  After clocking out she hugged Kelly goodbye and practically bounced as she walked onto the elevator and then out to the parking garage but was surprised when she didn't see her car.  She walked up and down the row several times.  She could have sworn she parked in C5 but her car was nowhere to be seen.  She laughed at herself a little when she realized that she was probably just so excited about today that she parked in the wrong spot.  She was standing there smiling at herself trying to narrow down her search; she definitely did not want to have to search the entire parking garage, when an SUV pulled up beside her and rolled down its' window.  It was Leonard.

   "Leonard thank god, you didn't happen to pass my car on the way down did you?"  Leonard had told her once that he always parked on the top level because it was empty and he didn't want his car to get scratched.

   "No I haven't noticed it.  You probably just parked it on a lower level.  Get in and I'll help you find it" he offered helpfully, "I'm sure it couldn't have gotten far on its own."  He laughed at his own joke as Cindy climbed into the car.  They had barely begun to creep through the rows when Leonard started speaking "Now that I've got you here there's something I've always been meaning to ask you, a couple of things actually." 

     Cindy immediately became anxious, the butterflies filling her stomach, she'd imagined Leonard asking her out before and she thought he was cute, In fact with his black hair and emerald green eyes if he were to dress better and get rid of those glasses she thought he would be spectacularly attractive, but she did find his size a little overwhelming.  Looking at his shy smile she replied "Sure you can ask me anything."

   "What is that ring that you're always wearing on your necklace?"

   Cindy instantly blushed, knowing that as soon as she answered the question Leonard would know everything about her sexual history, more precisely her lack of one.  "It's my purity ring.  I uh… well…," she tried to explain, feeling too awkward to form a coherent sentence.

   "It's okay, I understand.  It's just so rare to see one these days that I was curious about it that’s all."  He gave her a comforting smile "Which brings me to my next question how do you feel about me… I mean do you think we could go out sometime?"

   Cindy remembered Kelly's' Warning just hours earlier, and knew that Kelly truly believed what she was saying, but looking at his kind face and remembering all of the supportive understanding talks she'd had with Leonard over the last couple of months she instantly replied  "Leonard, I would love for us to go out when I get back."  Kelly was going to freak when she called her later and told her about this she smiled to herself.

   Leonard started laughing and then turned and smiled at Cindy.  There was something off about this smile thought Cindy.  This was not the same warm smile she was accustomed to seeing but more of a smirk and then she looked up at his eyes and instantly felt she same shiver that had come over Kelly earlier, there was something wrong, very wrong, she had to get out of here "Sure, when you get back…" 

   Before she had time to react Cindy heard a crackling noise and started to convulse as every muscle in her body was overcome with a violent, ripping sensation that sent her eyes rolling into the back of her head.  The darkness overtaking her.


                Cindy awoke and for a second she imagined she heard the sound of her parents downstairs cooking breakfast and waited for the familiar smell of  bacon and coffee mixed with the lilac that drifted in through her bedroom window in the spring time, but just for a second.  She opened her eyes nervously and looked in horror at the room around her, the strange implements and stainless steel surfaces bore no resemblance to the luxuries of home.  Cindy had no idea what the instruments surrounding her were used for, or why there were buckets of water placed next to the various stations, but she knew she had get out of here.  She tried to get up only to find herself bound to the table.  She heard him laughing as she struggled to free herself.  Instantly she froze, her eyes searching the room for the source of his laughter, and found him in the corner standing shirtless in a pair of blue jeans, his face with the same smirk and look in his eyes that had sent her fear into overdrive.  This was not the Leonard that she knew.  As with the "Good Guy" façade that he had worn so well gone were the glasses and the false timidity.  The man standing before her was all confidence.  She tensed as he began to walk over to him and for the first time she was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the man standing in front of her.  Those oversized shirts he was so famous for wearing gave no hint as to his true physique.  The sheer musculature of this man would make any woman of her size nervous and as he came closer she noticed that he was covered in tattoos. Not tribal or words but something else…. It wasn't until he was close enough to touch her that she realized each of them was a portrait of a different woman.  There had to be at least 20 of them.  He reached out to touch her and she began to buck wildly…

         "STOP!" instantly she froze "I'm only going to tell you this once before we start.  Give Up.  Don't fight me.  Let go of hope.  No one is looking for you, No one is going to come looking for you"
   He took out the knife and started to cut the buttons of her blouse and her stomach churned.  She couldn't stop herself from struggling.   "My parents will come looking for me! As soon as I don't check in my dad's going to call the police and they'll come looking for me. If you let me go now I swear I won't tell anyone… I promise!"

   "But you will check in," he laughed, "Every 2 hours until tomorrow morning when you send a sobbing text to your parents telling them that you're sorry you lied to them but you never intended to come back.  That you're ready to be out on your own and… how was it you put it…. Out from under their thumb?  If you said that to a perfect stranger I'm willing to bet you've said it to them once or twice also. Isn't that right?"  Cindy fought back the tears as he kept speaking "and when they show that text to the police, who are going to find your car parked at a Greyhound bus stop by the way," he laughed at the surprise in her eyes while cutting the button off of her jeans "everyone, your parent's included will assume you left willingly.  Now stop struggling, this knife is awful sharp and accidents do happen."

   Cindy wept.  He was right.  She'd said that very thing to her dad several times and when he read that text he would believe it.  He would sob and be heartbroken but he would believe it.  She watched as he slowly and meticulously cut off her clothing.  Savoring every cut of the fabric, enjoying every involuntary flinch that came as the knife rubbed against her skin.  Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, she was down to her bra and panties.

   "Nice!  Very Nice!" He said gazing down appreciatively at her pale skin and pink cotton bra and panties "Now let's see what you've been hiding under all those clothes shall we?"  Three strategic flicks of the knife and her breasts were exposed.  She cried harder as the chill and the air coupled with the cold steal underneath her caused her nipples to harden.  She instinctively tried to cover herself, and sobbed louder as she realized her bindings made this impossible. He licked his lips and trailed the knife down her stomach to her panties, which he removed with the same swift flick of the blade.  Laughing as he took her all in.  "You really are a virgin aren't you?" he asked delighted "No one giving it away would let this," he said tugging on her pubic hair, "get so out of control.  Before we get started we're going to have to get that taken care of… Closeness is key after all."  He dropped a glittery, amused wink then walked over to another table and came back with something Cindy immediately recognized.  It was a wax pot.  This freak could not be serious!  "Now I'm going to have to adjust your legs to a higher strap to get this done so I need you to be a good girl and behave okay?"  Cindy looked at the straps on the table and immediately realized what position she would be in once he moved her.  Spread eagle with her privacy exposed for him to take in with those cold emerald eyes, to touch, to… oh my god.  No. He had one of her legs undone so she started kicking franticly.  At first he seemed to find it amusing, and then she made contact with his mouth.  She froze in fear when she saw the look on his face as he stared at her,  wiping the blood away from the corner of his mouth.  She was afraid he was going to kill her but instead he walked calmly to the other side of the room and grabbed something… what was it… focusing through the tears she saw that he had grabbed a couple pales of water. 

   "I tried to warn you but apparently you thought I was kidding." He started strapping her forehead to the table.

   "No! don't I'm sorry.  I won't do it again.  Please I'm sorry" she begged.  He started to cover her face with a towel as Cindy continued to beg, making no attempt to control her sobbing.

   "Oh I know you won't." She realized what the water was for once he began to pour it over the towel.  Cindy fought for air through the wet fabric as the water dripped through, filling her throat, choking her.  Panicked and unable to move her hands she longed to reach up and remove the towel. Air, she just needed some air, but suddenly her hands stopped struggling.  The darkness once more having overtaken her.

    Seeing her struggles cease Leonard removed the towel, adjusted her legs, and proceeded to wax her until smooth.  That was always when they struggled; he thought laughing to himself.  He'd done this many times and without fail as soon as the first limb is released they fight… every time… and he looked forward to it.  Watching them struggle to breath, knowing they feared it was the end, and knowing what he had in store for them once they awake.  He looked at her pussy, admiring his handiwork, and felt the familiar twitch in pants. It was beautiful.  Rosy pink and so tight he doubted he could get in pinky in there without tearing it… but he wanted to tear it… oh how badly he wanted to tear it… virgins were so hard to find these days.  But that part was no fun for him while they out cold.  No he wouldn't penetrate her while she was passed out but he wanted to taste her.   Her pussy was so pure that even spread it remained closed, like it was trying to protect itself from unwanted intrusions, spreading her lips apart he leaned in and had his first lick…  she was delicious!   Slowly and deliberately he licked her clit until even unconscious she moaned in pleasure, her clit becoming engorged and her pussy moist.  He could see the muscles in her pussy clenching, throbbing, and begging to be brought to climax…. So he stopped.  Knowing that when she woke up, her being a virgin, she would not understand.  She wouldn't understand the tightness in her stomach or the hungry throbbing of her pussy and what it means.  That its aching to be filled.  He smiled to himself and looked at the clock.  It wouldn't be much longer now.  Then the real fun could begin.


          Cindy awoke, hoping it was a nightmare, but all it took was the moisture in her hair and the burning in her throat for her to realize that it wasn't.  She looked down to see that she had been adjusted, her privacy now completely exposed and hairless, and that Leonard was sitting on a chair between her legs admiring the view.

   "Welcome Back.  How are you feeling?" he asked with what seemed like genuine curiosity.

   "I'm scared… and… I don’t feel right… I just…"  he blew on her privacy and she flinched, not because it hurt, but because the sensation was overwhelming.  She felt a trickle of moisture run down from her privacy and pool against her bottom.  "I'm embarrassed," she cried "I… I… I think I just peed on your table… don't be mad at me" at this reply he laughed a laugh of genuine amusement as he stood to speak.

   "Now I'm going to tell you once more.  DO NOT FIGHT ME! Do you understand? Nod if you understand," she nodded "Let me explain the rules to you.  You can cry all you want…. I really don’t care… but you're NOT allowed to tell me no or tell me to stop.  I promise if you do that you will not like what happens next.  Do you understand me?"  Cindy looked at the remaining pales of water with terrified eyes and nodded.  "Excellent."

   His hands started trailing up her legs, Cindy clenched when he neared her privacy, but his hands kept moving up to her breasts.  He started to play with her already puckered nipples.  Cindy squirmed but remained silent, her head turned so he couldn't see her sobbing  as he pinched, sucked, and bit her nipples.  It didn't hurt but she wanted him to stop… needed him to stop.... the unfamiliar aching and throbbing she couldn't take much more of it… and then mercifully he stopped and the sensation faded.

   "How are you feeling?" he asked again "That wasn't so bad was it?" She shook her head no but what she really wanted to do was tell him to get off of her.  His hand began sliding down to her privacy and this time he stopped there.  She tried to wiggle away but he'd already spread it apart and started rubbing… oh my god the rubbing…  "Do you want me to stop?  You can answer Honestly Cindy."

   "Ye… Ye… Yes… I want you to stop," she cried, her head still turned away from him.

   "Wrong Answer Cindy." He stuck his fingers in her violently, shoving them in her so deep she screamed.

   "No… I meant no!  I'm sorry, don't stop"

   "That’s a good girl."  He pulled them back but then began to move them back and forth quickly. "Look at how wet you are ," he said with a grin "no you don’t want me to stop do you."  She felt the same unfamiliar sensation throbbing, aching, but and now it was building.  She cried, she was going to explode, she couldn't take much more of this, her privacy started to clench…. And then again he stopped.  Even after he removed his fingers she could feel her privacy pulsing.  Leonard smiled as he asked her, looking at his fingers, to open her mouth. Cindy wanted to vomit, she did not want to taste her own pee, but she knew what would happen if she said no… She opened her mouth and he placed his fingers, dripping wet, inside her mouth and said "Now suck them clean!"  Crying she obliged, surprised and thankful that whatever it was on his fingers didn't smell like pee.

    "I'm going to take off your straps now but you have to do exactly as I say. Okay?" again, all Cindy Could do was nod. After letting her up from the table he smiled "Now get on your knees!"  Cindy, too afraid to tell him no,  simply shook her head no while dropping to the floor to obey. Unzipping his pants with a smile Leonard released his manhood and Cindy gasped.  They were not supposed to get this big were they?  Looking at his member, completely engorged, covered in veins, with the tip shiny and throbbing Cindy was terrified.  "Now suck it!  I want you get it nice and wet for me,"  Cindy couldn't help herself she began to crawl away but as tall as he was he caught her in a single stride.  He grabbed her by the hair and wrapped a massive hand around her throat and forced himself inside her mouth. "I told you to suck my Dick Cindy!" She coughed, and gagged, each thrust finding its way deeper down her throat as her scalped burned and her lungs begged for air.  That’s when she tasted it… when she realized what he had just done inside of her mouth.  Leonard pulled his member out of her mouth and immediately, noticing that she wanted to vomit, covered her mouth and nose with his massive hands until she swallowed.

   Once again grabbing her by the hair, Leonard stood her up.  "Now get your ass on the table and spread your legs Cindy," sobbing Cindy hurried to obey as Leonard assumed his usual viewing positions at the bottom of the table "Now put your fingers in your pussy"  her chest heaving with dry sobs, having run out of tears, Cindy put to finger inside herself, "Now start moving them…. That’s good…" fingers moving inside her Cindy started to feel the tightness in her stomach.  She also noticed Leonard rubbing his member, coaxing it back to its former girth, "Now rub your clit with the other hand," seeing the confused look on her face as her other hand went searching. Leonard laughed happily as he placed her  fingers on her clit "Now rub Cindy, Move those fingers," he said still stroking himself, "oh yea look at that tight little pussy," almost taking on a will of their own Cindy's' fingers started to move faster and deeper as the ache in her privacy grew, she knew it was building and knew that she should stop but this feeling, it urged her forward.  Her eyes began to roll and the muscles in her calf started to twitch.

   "Stop!" Leonard shouted as he moved forward and grabbed her by the hips "I got it from here," and rammed himself into her.  Cindy screamed and cried out in pain as his girth filled her but Leonard continued thrusting "God damn your pussy's tight"  slamming into her, unrelentingly, moving faster than Cindy though possible.  Then the explosion happened.  Her back arched and toes curled in an unfamiliar way… it was too much… the pain… the explosion and before Cindy couldn't stop herself she screamed:

   "No more… please god no more…. Don't touch it"  Shaking and sobbing Cindy forgot she had broken the rules until she saw his emerald eyes once again turn to steel.  He knew that she was surprised and overwhelmed….  Judging by the amount of her cum on his dick her physical reaction her first orgasm was a doozy,  but that was no excuse for breaking the rules.

   "Don't touch it?  Seriously, don't touch it!  I'll touch whatever I want"  He quickly stood her up and bent her over the table, pinning her arms behind her back with one hand "Maybe your right.  Maybe I shouldn't touch IT anymore"  he began rubbing her asshole with his free hand "Your pussy's tight but I bet this is so much tighter!"  Before Cindy could protest he shoved his member inside of her.  Cindy felt the rip and immediately screamed a blood curdling scream, every attempt to fight him, every attempt to clench her cheeks so that he couldn't go deeper just made it hurt worse and the more it hurt her, the more Leonard enjoyed it so Cindy succumbed.  She stopped fighting, stopped moving, but she couldn’t keep herself from crying .  Leonard continued to pound her violently until suddenly he gripped her hips, and with a growl, proceeded to fill her.

   After he released her, Cindy crumpled to the floor.  Unable to put any pressure on her bottom she curled onto her side, staring in disbelief as Leonard nonchalantly walked around the puddles of various fluids to get a towel and pale of water to clean himself up with. 

   Cindy mentally exhausted, her body aching from the violence of the assault, summoned her nerve and asked Leonard a question, "Are you going to kill me?"

   Leonard looked at Cindy, her lip quivering, and answered "Not on purpose," he joked "but accidents do happen."  Watching her body go rigid delighted him. "Cindy my job is to break you, not to kill you. After a few weeks once I've had my fill of you and you get more… compliant.  You'll be picked up by your new owner," like a stray at the pound thought Cindy, " and I’ll move on to my next assignment."

   "You're going to sell me…" Cindy whimpered.

   "Not sell you.  Train You.  You've already been bought."

   "Who bought me," demanded Cindy crying "who would pay you to do this to me?"

   She started sobbing and started to scurry backward as Leonard picked up a pail of water and headed toward her "Oh stop whining," he threw the rag in her face, "and get this place cleaned up.  You need to get some sleep.  We've got a lot to go over these next couple a weeks but I took it easy on you today.  Tomorrow we're going to do some group work and maybe if theirs time... some insruments.  Although you definitely won't be needing this anymore," he said ripping off her necklace and putting it in his pocket. 

   Cindy was about to begin pleading for it back when his phone started to ring.  Leonard answered and looked over at Cindy.  Try as she might she could not make out the other half of the conversation but listened intently as she scrubbed the floor:

   "No.  yea everything's going great.  We got here fine and I'm going to text her parents in the morning.  I'd  say 2 or 3 weeks and she'll be good to go.  Yeah, uh huh, oh delicious sir.  Hahaha yea so tight it'll strangle your cock.  Alright I'll be seeing your soon," he turned deliberately toward Cindy and dropped a wink, "Talk to you soon Mr. Wilson."

Cindy's Jaw dropped.
"Get this mess cleaned up by morning," Laughed Leonard as he walk out the door, leaving Cindy in the room crying as he locked the door behind him.

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