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I have to bring this thread back.

With a mere $ 1 million I could retire securely. I don't think my family would find out about my appearance in the video.

I would be satisfied with an appearance in the RGE (Rigid East or Lupus) video "Detention House 3" though I would enjoy expanding the plot a little bit, as described in brief below.

I have already spent (to use the Victorian phrase) so many times on this vid, on these three pretty girls restrained in such  terribly exposed positions, getting their round asses paddled bright red as the whimper and CRY!

One of my picky personal preferences is direct anal whipping, so I would desire to add that punishment to this video of  crimson buttcheeks squirming about under punishment even as they frame the lovely display of tight assholes. Perhaps I might follow with my penetration of the bumhole of one of those cute girls even if that scene ended on the cutting room floor (or, more likely, my private collection).

For the curious, I will send a link to the vid posted on line in response to a PM.
One-on-One Roleplays / Re: Trapped - Savage and rvplymates
« Last post by rvplymates on Today at 08:40:28 PM »
I was getting a bit nervous as you stared down at me not saying a word just holding my face so I could not move it.  I was surprised when suddenly you smiled at me after what seemed forever of silence.  I could not move my head to turn away from you because you continued to hold it in place.  I tensed even more as you stared into my eyes as you leaned toward me.  You lips found mine and straggly you used them to caress my lips before telling me, "I like fucking you. It only hurts because you try to prevent it."  I glared into your eyes as I told you, "Sex hurts for women, men always get the pleasure."
One-on-One Roleplays / Re: Anniversary (Rvplymates and Myself)
« Last post by rvplymates on Today at 08:29:10 PM »
I was relaxing underneath you feeling a strange feeling of relaxation almost like every inch of my body was at rest.  I felt something leaking out of my vagina but paid no attention to it as I enjoyed a feeling of peacefulness.  I looked at you as you shook your head and grinned and smiled at you.  I writhed with pleasure underneath you and than cried out in pain as you suddenly bit my neck before just nibbling on it.  I looked at you with a satisfied smile on my face as you began to speak, "good little slave.  Such a good little slave."  My smile disappeared as anger filled me.  I growled at you, "I am not a slave."
General Discussion (Non-Fantasy) / Re: What are YOU listening to?
« Last post by cosmicwitch on Today at 08:04:33 PM »

Never fails to make me grin and dance :cheer: :cool: :heart:
Rape Fantasy Discussion / Re: Forced to Strip
« Last post by Sexylaugh on Today at 07:38:07 PM »
@naughtyslut that’s pretty hot.
Rape Fantasy Stories / Re: Going for a Swim
« Last post by Sexylaugh on Today at 07:37:20 PM »
That’s pretty hot
One-on-One Roleplays / Re: Amnesia (with the savage)
« Last post by the savage on Today at 07:32:36 PM »
You screamed, a raw and wordless noise of pain.  it hit me, washed over me, and made me smile.  I like the noisee you made when you were in pain.  it is petty, but if you did not enjoy the suffering of others, you wont last long as a demon.  "If need be I will simply eat you.  See if that works.  Piece by piece.  Until there is nothing left.  Unless you surrender it to me.  Now."
One-on-One Roleplays / Re: Costume Party (teaseme69)
« Last post by the savage on Today at 07:26:28 PM »
I took my time.  Getting undressed at least.  Until then, I am playing this out.  Forcing more and more intimacy and time from the act.  I grinned, licking my lips and staring down at her, flicking occassionally to glance over at you.  Testing to see that your eyes are on me. And with a snarl, a sound of raw and primal need, I threw myself on her.  Inside her in an instant. Ripping deep, pumping away wildly, with a wicked grin on my face.  "DO you know if she had any lovers before your father.  I want to know if this is the first cock she has taken that isn't his."
One-on-One Roleplays / Re: You Reap What You Sew (with the savage)
« Last post by the savage on Today at 07:21:25 PM »
YOu worry about pregnancy. A strange thing to worry about.  as near as I can tell you happily fucked at least half a dozen guys last night, with no thought about pregnancy.  OR disease, or any of the other things that should have been in your head.  Instead it was just pleasure.  And now that it is pleasure again, you are squealling. Screaming, begging not to endure the consequences of your actions.  I grinned and ran my hand over your side. Feeling your flank, I moaned just a little bit  You felt so good, so perfect to touch.  I needed to do it more. MOre and more.  I am practically panting in anticipation as my cock kept hammering deep inside you. 
Bibliographies / Beater's stories
« Last post by Beater on Today at 06:54:52 PM »
Hopefully I can add a couple more tales to my collection

Warning! My stories include themes of torture and extreme abuse.

Filming and Filming vol. 2

" more."

She sobbed openly into the capture of the camera lenses that zoomed in for close ups of her tear soaked face. The heavy mascara that had been plastered around her eyes leaked down her cheeks in long black streaks and a string of snot dripped from her nose, hanging there like a yoyo as she snivelled and cried. That was what they wanted wasn't it? To see her in misery and pain. She had no doubt that some of the people who were watching were laughing at her. There must have been something really funny about her being senselessly tortured but she just couldn't understand the joke.

Tash instead, involuntarily found herself as the punchline of the gag again as she gave them what they wanted. Her head flicked back as she looked up to the sky and wailed a savage scream. Once again, it felt as if a lightning bolt had crashed down from the heavens to destroy her. Such terrible pain stole away the breath in her lungs as she screeched. Her knees buckled, her legs folded and cold sweat constricted around her with overstimulating fear.,2404.0.html

So Slowly

The pain she was going through was beyond unbearable and inhumane. It also showed no sign of ever fading away as the salt burrowed into her like if thousands of insects were feasting on her while a shotgun repeatedly fired pellets into her chest. She would have screamed some more if she could but her voice seemed to have long since disappeared in between loud pitiful sobs and violent gags as her body tried to throw up.

Please just let them kill me already. She thought to herself, not wanting to remain living if life was like this. Jodie was trapped in her own personal hell on earth and she just couldn't take anymore. The evil cruelty she was being subjected to was without reasoning and not a single shred of empathy was being shown to her. One of her masked torturers proceeded to wipe away one of her many tears and tasted it whilst putting out a lit cigarette on her nipple.,3877.0.html

Investigative Reporting

"I just want a blowjob, that's all."

The look of revulsion on Brooke's face turned him on almost as hard as her naked body. Soon after, he didn't know what he was he was saying.

"Really, are you that much of a fucking prude to not want to help that girl? All you need to do is crawl beneath my desk and suck me off. Are you really going to be a bitch and let that girl suffer because of you?"

His mean words made her flinch. Tears steamed down her face as she slowly bent over. On her hands and knees, she crawled over, not seductively like he imagined but more like a beaten dog. It worked either way as Andrew couldn't believe that she was actually going to do it. Brooke half disappeared underneath his desk, her curvy ass and model like legs, sticking out. Her head popped up inches from his lap, under the table.

"If I do this, do you promise to give me the video that you found?"

"Yeah, if you make it good.",4182.0.html
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