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One-on-One Roleplays / Re: The Drop Out (Derick and Smirkin)
« Last post by Derick on Today at 11:47:40 AM »
He grins, “Good your a smart girl, it will cost me some money to get you back into school, but you will work that debt off. I’m basically paying your tuition again, so its not small amount of money. On top of that I’m going to be offering you regular meals while you live here. So you will pay me back for feeding you, on your back. So once a day, I get to take you whenever I want, of course I will give you a small break during heavy assignments or exams. That will cover your food. You tuition will be covered by additional actions, additional times per day, and possibly special requests on top of any time you actually offer, or take the initiative.”

“And now” he steps closer to her, “It is time to take what is due to me for the day.”
Stories / Re: The Cruise:Seven Days and Nights of Submission
« Last post by rapist4roleplay on Today at 11:40:06 AM »
 The next morning, as Chrissy wakes up, she rolls over onto her back.  She feels some pain in her ass and let's out a pained "Ooohh".  She begins to remember what happened last night as she reaches behind her to give her ass a rub.  First she thinks about the horror of actually being raped, but, the good feelings she felt take over her mind.  She smiles as she remembers how intense her orgasm was from taking it in the ass and continues rubbing it as she lays back down for a moment.  She then pops up, going to the shower and gets herself ready for the day, excited by the thought of what might happen to her.

 After getting dressed, Chrissy heads up to the buffet for a hearty breakfast.  As she passes her fellow passengers on the way, she looks at every man carefully to see if they give her any unusual looks.  She still isn't sure who came into her room last night.  She's hoping it was Eric, but, her curiosity is getting the better of her.

 She makes her way to the buffet and gets her tray, starting at the back of the line.  She continues to look at men as they pass her headed towards their tables.  So far, nobody has looked at her in any way other than to say "good morning".  She starts to put food on her plate, famished from the activity she endured last night.

 Eric had made it to the buffet earlier and was sitting enjoying his breakfast, keeping an eye out for Chrissy.  As she's waiting for an omelet to be made for her, he spies her.  He pushes his plate away and walks up behind her.  She gives her instructions to the man behind the line preparing her omelet and doesn't notice Eric coming.  Eric leans in and whispers in her ear.  "I hope you're not too sore from the rape."  He says.  Chrissy, hearing him and her mouth drops open.  She turns to see the mystery man.  When she realizes it is in fact Eric, she smiles.  "So, it was you."  She whispers back.  Eric nods as he grabs some more food.

 When Chrissy has her plate ready, Eric escorts her back to his table and offers.  Chrissy sits across from him and asks.  "What about your friend?  Isn't he joining you?"  Eric shakes his head.  "No, the princess doesn't want to mix with the commoners this morning.  He got room service."  He jokes with his explanation.  Chrissy smiles as she realizes she has some bonus time with Eric. 

 As they both finish breakfast, Eric tells Chrissy that Richard is going to the spa and will probably be there for several hours.  Chrissy understands the implication of that statement.  Eric is wants to have some more fun with her.  They leave the buffet together and go straight to Chrissy's room.  As Eric shuts and locks the door behind him, he turns on the "Do Not Disturb" sign to make sure the room steward won't disturb them.  He turns to Chrissy.  "Strip!"  He demands.  She immediately removes the tank top she had only been wearing for about an hour.  She didn't put on a bra, so her perky tits were right out there for Eric to gaze at.  As he moved closer to her, she removed her shorts, showing Eric that she hadn't put on any panties either.  Her shaved snatch was almost glowing in front of him as Chrissy's pussy was already damp and glistening.

 Eric walked up to Chrissy, reaching out and lightly pinching her left nipple.  Chrissy winced a bit in surprise, but her nipple hardened at his touch.  "Take my cock out."  Was Eric's next order.  To which, Chrissy happily did, reaching down and sliding his shorts down, allowing his semi hard cock to spring out to her view.  Knowing that her job was to service him, she wrapped her right hand around his shaft and began tugging on it up and down firmly.  "Does daddy like?"  She asked in a sweet voice, seeking his approval.  Eric, no longer stone faced, gives her a smile and a nod. 

 Chrissy knows that a handjob was not why Eric came back to the room and had her undress.  She drops to her knees in front of him and gently licks the head of his cock before looking up at him with a coy smile.  Eric stared down at the obedient younger woman with a look of excitement as his cock sprung in her hand that she was still stroking him with.  Chrissy went back to licking the head of her master's cock, teasing it with her tongue as she kept eye contact with him. Eric put both of his hands on the back of Chrissy's head and started pushing down on it a little.  As her mouth came in contact with her hand, she let her hand drop, allowing Eric to fuck her mouth as he saw fit.

 Eric's cock was getting harder in her mouth as he moved her head up and down.  Chrissy had been wet since hearing him whisper in her ear at the buffet, but, the control he was taking, making her take his hardening cock deeper, had her vaginal canal flooded with her juices.  Chrissy couldn't help but put her hand down to her hard clit and rub it, causing her to moan on his cock.  The vibrations from her moans shot through Eric's cock like a lightning bolt.  His cock got rock hard as he started fucking her mouth harder and faster.  Chrissy could taste Eric's precum as he got more aroused.  She concentrated on sucking hard each time his rod was pulled back and allowed him to ram as deep into her throat as he wanted.  She was hoping to satisfy him with her mouth.  She yearned for the taste of his hot, salty seed.  The head of Eric's cock was starting to pulsate and Chrissy knew what was to follow.  She dipped two fingers into her wet cunt and started fucking it in the same manner her mouth was taking his cock.  Soon, her juices were flowing out of her, over her fingers and onto the floor in a mind blowing orgasm from the joy she was providing him.  Eric followed as Chrissy moaned hard on him.  The muffled moans sent him over the edge.  "Ooooooooooh ffuuuucck."  He groaned through gritted teeth as he shot his hot spunk into her mouth and throat.

 After cumming for the first time of the day, Eric looked down at Chrissy who was milking the remaining drops of semen out of his cock.  He released her head.  "Mmmmmmmmmmm, I wanna give you a treat now."  He said with the raise of his eye brows.  Chrissy released his cock from her mouth reluctantly, but was excited at the prospect of his cryptic offer.  "Lay down on the bed and spread your legs."  He instructed.  Chrissy moved quickly, doing as she was told.  Eric smiled, pleased at her eagerness to please him.

 Eric crawled onto the bed between Chrissy's legs.  His head hovered over her saturated pussy as he smiled up at her.  He lowered his head slowly, still looking up at her with a smile remaining in his eyes.  His tongue poked out and made contact with the stiff nub that was her clit.  He licked it up and down before circling it with the tip of his tongue.  Chrissy's back arched off the bed at the sensation as she restrained herself from reaching down and pushing on his head.  This was the first time his mouth had been at her genital region and he clearly knew what he was doing with his tongue.  He kept looking up at her as his tongue traveled down along her pussy lips, seeing the pleasure on Chrissy's face.  His tongue dove in between her lips as he pushed his tongue into her as far as he could.  He moaned as he could taste the orgasm still inside the walls of her snatch.  Chrissy jumped a bit and let out a pleasure filled moan.  "Oooooooooh...... daddy, your tongue feels sooooooo good inside me."  She moaned out.

 Eric began flicking his tongue in and out of her wet pussy as he began rubbing her clit with his thumb. The feeling was edging Chrissy ever closer to another orgasm so quickly.  She could feel it coming on rapidly.  "Oooooooooh daddy, you're gonna make me......cuuuuuuuuuummmm."  She groaned, almost there.  Eric didn't stop.  Another orgasm was what he was striving for.  He wanted to make her want him all the time.  He wanted her to feel empty without his presence.  He pushed his tongue in as deep as he could, swirling it around inside her.  Chrissy couldn't hold back any longer as she let her body release, drooling her juices all over his tongue and onto the bed.  "Ooooooooooooooohhhh gooooooooooooooooooood  yyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeessssssss sss."  She almost screamed as she experienced her second orgasm of the day.

 Eric didn't stop at this though.  His tongue slid out of Chrissy's exploding cunt and licked her clit again.  This time, he pushed two fingers into her pussy, rubbing them hard against the upper wall of her snatch.  Chrissy was surprised at the attention he was giving her.  "I've already cum twice to his once, what is this man doing to me?"  She thought as she lay there, enjoying it.  As the thought ran through her mind, she was hit with another,  almost violent, orgasm. Then another and another and another.  Eric's tongue and fingers kept working Chrissy over. 

After about the eighth orgasm, Eric finally pulled away, looking up at Chrissy's exhausted, yet, pleasure filled face.  Chrissy lay there, trying to regain her senses as Eric moved up on the bed, laying next to her.  "So, do ya think it's gonna be a good day?"  He asked with a smug grin.  Panting, trying to catch her breath, Chrissy looked over.  "Uh....yeah."  Was all she could get out with a slight chuckle.

To be continued.......
@MamaMeadow I’ve never seen any of the Scream/Saw/Sleepy Hollow kind of movies.  I’ve never really been into horror stuff until recently when a friend got me into it.  But after your description of Scream, I think I’m definitely gonna be watching that one  :evil:
Games / Re: Your Rape Porn Movie
« Last post by Carlosdevil on Today at 11:09:54 AM »
RAPISTS: Carlosdevil, @Damnedsmiling @bjc1979 @CerealRapist @Shocker @davyg89 @flash713 @fod gooboo @WilliamDarked @Bra Snapper @Nightstalker
VICTIM: @Msangelaw4fun
DIRECTOR: Carlosdevil
TITLE: MILF Made Whore
Games / Re: Your Rape Porn Movie
« Last post by Carlosdevil on Today at 11:02:29 AM »
RAPISTS: The Entire Chelsea Football Team
VICTIM: @wetslut
DIRECTOR: Carlosdevil
TITLE: Lunch is Served
Games / Your Rape Porn Movie
« Last post by Carlosdevil on Today at 10:59:39 AM »
Who doesn't want to be a star? Well, here is your chance to cast and/or direct your own rape porn movie. Just name who stars as the rapist(s), the victim(s) and who is directing the thing. Also, give the title of your creation. Confused? Here's one to get you going. NOTE: You don't necessarily have to use RC members to act in your epic production. You may insert yourself into any roll you wish. You are not limited to one person per role.

RAPIST: Carlosdevil
VICTIM: @GermanChick
DIRECTOR: @DarkHorse
TITLE: The Parent-Teacher Conference

Got the picture? Well then!
One-on-One Roleplays / Re: For Charity (Derick and rvplymates)
« Last post by Derick on Today at 10:30:41 AM »
Grinning as she slides off back into her seat, he leaned over and kissed her. Within only a short time, the limo pulled into the school, and their would shortly be a crowd to see as she get out. He room assignment would be found out, her fees and tuition would be payed. Then he would finally along with the driver, would help carry her stuff to that room. “Well, now you start school. Good luck, and try to do a good job, I may be paying for it, but try not to waste my money. You won’t have to worry about extra money, I will provide a stipend for everything you’ve done for me per month. I’ll miss having you around, but this is something that I know you truly did want. I may still visit occasionally.” He grins and gives her one more, last kiss.
Rape Fantasy Discussion / Re: What kickstarted your fantasies today?
« Last post by Carlosdevil on Today at 10:24:32 AM »
A non-RC friend of mine is planning on going to a 50s Halloween party and she was showing me some of the costumes she's thinking of. Definitely got me started thinking of period rape...
One-on-One Roleplays / Re: A Christmas Present (Derick and rvplymates)
« Last post by Derick on Today at 10:21:05 AM »
He would not shown up for a good number of hours, as he head up to his bedroom and went to sleep, as he woke up, he knew he had a girl locked up in the basement. He would have to be cautious, the longer she was locked up the more people would be looking for her. He obviously didn’t want to get arrested for kidnapping her, nor did he want to kill her. He would head out to a restaurant and buy some breakfast, order more than he wanted to eat, as he brought the left over home. Then and only then did he go down to the basement and let himself into her room.

“Now we start your training” he says grinning, “That is if you want to actually eat. If you refuse to do what I want, you don’t get food and I won’t buy new food until you actually do what your told. So right now the food is hot and fresh, refuse and the food won’t be as nice later. So right now I want to see you play with yourself, rub yourself till your wet.”
General Discussion (Non-Fantasy) / Re: What MOVIE did you see last?
« Last post by MamaMeadow on Today at 09:58:48 AM »
@Stalk The Girls  yeah my co worker was just telling me that's a great film! :) gotta check it out now.

So, last night watching Scream was the first time I did so since I was, like, 9. lol
Been a looonnnggggg time.
Anyway, as a kid I never really grasped the plot--- it's fucking morbid as FUCK!!!!

Sidney's mom was found raped and murdered a year earlier, and it turns out HER BOYFRIEND DID IT WITH HIS FRIEND and spent that whole year eventually wearing her down enough to lose her virginity to him, JUST SO he could tell her "yeah I raped and killed your mom, and you just gave yourself to me."

Holy shit that movie is waaaayyyyyyy more rape-y than I ever thought and phew, it got my mind going.
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