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Topic Board Author Position Average rating Total votes:
\ Board Info (READ FIRST!) Addie Administrator 4.73 15
pics that turn me on Pictures lysyn Ninja 5.00 10
Random Message Thread General Discussion (Non-Fantasy) Ella Regular Members 4.50 10
Last Post Wins! Games caughtbymoonlight Writer 4.50 10
Vignettes Rape Fantasy Stories Theauthor Regular Members 4.50 10
Word Association Games ViolateMeBaby Regular Members 4.40 10
Nothing To See [Winner of May/June 2016] Your RapeCage Story Contest Winners Smirkin Global Moderator 3.60 10
Battle of the Sexes! Games Surrender2U Regular Members 3.89 9
What kickstarted your fantasies today? Rape Fantasy Discussion Surrender2U Regular Members 4.50 8
The Girl From the Bar Rape Fantasy Stories vile8r1 Regular Members 4.50 8
Closing Time Rape Fantasy Stories vile8r1 Regular Members 4.50 8
The Chip-Toothed Grin Rape Fantasy Stories cosmicwitch Winning Author 3.88 8
Questions About Your Rape Fantasies Rape Fantasy Discussion Carlosdevil Writer 4.29 7
Rape Magnet Kylie (Animated Serial): Contact Tracing Ch. 8 Rape Fantasy Stories Kylie Regular Members 4.14 7
Keep a word, Drop a word Games ViolateMeBaby Regular Members 3.71 7
Julia Rape Fantasy Stories Kuriosity Winning Author 5.00 6
Man On Man! Pictures kittyumbrass Winning Author 5.00 6
Raped By Gangster Disciples Rape Fantasy Stories EssenceofRed Winning Author 4.83 6
I gave you Rep General Discussion (Non-Fantasy) Surrender2U Regular Members 4.67 6
Road Bred [Contest Entry] Rape Fantasy Stories pantherx Regular Members 4.33 6
You wake up in bed with the previous poster. What now? Games fallen saint Writer 4.80 5
Lily's Story Rape Fantasy Stories EssenceofRed Winning Author 4.80 5
Rollerblade Girl Rape Fantasy Stories Trickster Regular Members 4.60 5
The "What the ACTUAL FUCK?!" thread General Discussion (Non-Fantasy) RayPistonprowl Administrator 4.40 5
RapeCage Slave Auction! News & Events kittyumbrass Winning Author 4.40 5
Her Story [Contest Entry] Rape Fantasy Stories c-shots Writer 4.20 5
Say a movie title wrong Games acidredux Regular Members 4.20 5
I said "YES!" [Contest Entry] Rape Fantasy Stories kittyumbrass Winning Author 4.00 5
What was the last thing you put in your mouth? Games Surrender2U Regular Members 3.20 5
Sorority Life Rape Fantasy Stories Theauthor Regular Members 3.20 5

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