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  1. Who is your favorite Star Trek Captain?
  2. Tumblr to Ban Adult Content
  3. Random Message Thread
  4. Fallout 4
  5. Unpopular opinion:
  6. I gave you Rep
  7. So...What are You Wearing?
  8. What are YOU listening to?
  9. chat members...needed to keep chat alive..encourage others too..all chat.RC memb
  10. Being inactive?
  11. Let Me Be The First..........
  12. What's your sign?
  13. What were you really like in high school?
  14. What's cooking?
  15. Personality Test
  16. Don't take baby sheep from mamna
  17. getting members back to chat at RC
  18. bringing chat back to RC
  19. What MOVIE did you see last?
  20. A random fact about you
  21. Heard in the Shout Box / Chat Room
  22. So Can We Talk About Anti-Semitism Now?
  23. What is your favorite crossover?
  24. What TV show are you addicted to?
  25. The "What the ACTUAL FUCK?!" thread
  26. For the Love of Words... Poetry, Prose and Quotes.
  27. Most bizarre thing you've shagged?
  28. Birthday Wishes for the RC
  29. how do you (or did you) handle when your kids asked for their first tattoos
  30. Do you believe in the paranormal?
  31. Which RC Member would you meet in real life?
  32. Old wives tales
  33. When Should You Alert the Mods/Admins
  34. 6 Online Trolls Who Are (Almost) Too Creepy For Words
  35. Band Names to End All Band Names!
  36. What TV show did you last see
  37. Time travel does not make sense without space travel
  38. Any plans for today?
  39. Artists - I need your help
  40. What's your favorite drink
  41. Anyone know what's happened to
  42. Your favorite movie scenes
  43. Random just-had-sex thread
  44. Too Many Me Toos
  45. Reason so few peeps use the chat now?
  46. Your First Time
  47. Are Most Western Millenial Woman Sluts?
  48. Rape Cage Theme Song
  49. Millennial anti theft device
  50. Nothing else matters
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