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  1. How would you handle catching your child masturbating?
  2. Nothing else matters
  3. Any plans for today?
  4. The Last Time I Masturbated
  5. What is your least favourite word?
  6. Most bizarre thing you've shagged?
  7. Your First Time
  8. I gave you Rep
  9. Random Message Thread
  10. What's cooking?
  11. What's your favorite drink
  12. What are YOU listening to?
  13. Rape Cage Theme Song
  14. For the Love of Words... Poetry, Prose and Quotes.
  15. What TV show are you addicted to?
  16. Which RC Member would you meet in real life?
  17. Porn - how do you handle it? (11 Questions)
  18. What are you drinking?
  19. A random fact about you
  20. So...What are You Wearing?
  21. Webcam models?
  22. The "What the ACTUAL FUCK?!" thread
  23. What TV show did you last see
  24. Recent Maple Syrup Talk
  25. basic catch up
  27. What MOVIE did you see last?
  28. "Rough porn is more popular among women than men."
  29. Southern Accents
  30. What do I name my wifi router?
  31. Nothing Compares
  32. Marvel cinematic universe
  33. Finally know why Marge stays with Homer
  34. Too Many Me Toos
  35. Woman says she cut off boyfriend's penis because he leaked sex tape
  36. Tell us a good/bad thing that happened to you today.
  37. Let's say you were going to be in a porno....
  38. Who do you look like?
  39. The Sex Survey
  40. Public Sex
  41. What's your favorite and least favorite thing about your appearance?
  42. Game Of Thrones [spoilers possible]
  43. Gingers
  44. What were you really like in high school?
  45. Louisiana Prison Escapee Kidnaps, Kills Assistant Warden's Teen Stepdaughter
  46. The Things We Do For Lust
  47. Gender reassignment in progress.
  48. What's your masturbatorial technique?
  49. You Know You're A Kinky Aussie When...
  50. Support Your Local Writers!
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