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  1. Would a true submissive laugh while with her Master?
  2. Having the tables turned
  3. Go for the ass?
  4. Describe your favorite rape scenario
  5. What kickstarted your fantasies today?
  6. How many of you men would actually rape if you knew you would not be caught?
  7. Who's on your rape list?
  8. Questions About Your Rape Fantasies
  9. What are you?
  10. Easy prey
  11. I'm home alone what would you do with me?
  12. Sexy mouths to wet the panties of scared little victims
  13. What are you called?
  14. What is it that makes you participate in rape fantasy
  15. Why are you the perfect victim/rapist?
  16. What is it that makes men want to take us against our will
  17. How did it all start?
  18. I wonder how it would be with a big black man once!
  19. Burning desire to get raped
  20. How would u do me and how bad?
  21. "I Want to Be Raped"
  22. Humiliation, Embarrassment and Forced Exhibitionism
  23. Is there anyone close to Toronto by any chance?
  24. Asylum Rape
  25. Fight or Submit?
  26. Our rape role play pics: The rape van!
  27. Staked
  28. Your Favorite Rape Locations
  29. A challenge to all rapists/kidnappers
  30. On Your Knees, Liberal Woman
  31. Guys: What would you do to a woman who thinks she can kick your ass?
  32. snuff rape :D
  33. Kidnapping scenarios
  34. Suggestions for me being raped?
  35. How would Emily Blunt react if someone tried to orally rape her?
  36. Are you a stalker?
  37. How to explain to your partner that you have a rape fantasy
  38. How Would You Classify Yourself
  39. Real Vs. Fantasy
  40. Ladies - yes or no?
  41. Humiliation by Word
  42. Superpowers for rape
  43. Masks?
  44. Pregnant?
  45. Forced Breeding/Pregnancy fantasy
  46. Indian MILF Rape
  47. My favorite fantasy of being kidnapped and raped
  48. Rape Types
  49. How long does a typical rape last?
  50. Rape sleeping beauty ❤️
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