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  1. What kickstarted your fantasies today?
  2. Not a Trekkie but.....Holodeck rape!!!  
  3. Manga/hentai you know where the girls eyes become dull after/during the rape?
  4. Surprise! Which common rape fantasies DON'T do it for you?
  5. Nerd Fantasies
  6. I'm obsessed with my chest
  7. Forced to Strip
  8. Crying During Rape Play
  9. Reasons to rape a victim or be raped
  10. Women who fantasize about friends rape
  11. Your Favorite Rape Locations
  12. To tie or not to tie?
  13. Public rape audience
  14. My Rape Fantasy
  15. How long does a typical rape last?
  16. Questions About Your Rape Fantasies
  17. Moral Dilemma
  18. Do your rape fantasies focus on sex, degradation, violence, or all of the above?
  19. Pick Your Poison
  20. Halloween
  21. Blackmail
  22. Has anyone mentioned their fantasy to girlfriends?
  23. Triggering a rape
  24. Sexy rapey dreams
  25. Wet pussy or dry pussy?
  26. Physical Tortures
  27. Forced Oral
  28. He steals his treat, gives her what she really wants.
  29. Horror Rape
  30. Balancing Your Rape Fantasies with Everyday Life
  31. If you are going to keep your victim captive, how often do you let them wash?
  32. Forced Breeding/Pregnancy fantasy
  33. The Thrill of an Audience
  34. Humiliation
  35. Drugged
  36. Fantisizing about my wife being raped
  37. Sexually is it formed or genetic?
  38. "Landmine Goes Click"
  39. "I Want to Be Raped"
  40. Do you focus on any little details about your rape or your victim?
  41. My wife's dream
  42. Robbed and raped
  43. On Your Knees, Liberal Woman
  44. I want it
  45. Broken
  46. Whispers
  47. Charelston Sc freaks!
  48. "Rape Tags"
  49. Home Invasions
  50. Pleasure(less) Cruise