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  1. Rape Types
  2. Sound Clips
  3. Nerd Fantasies
  4. I'm a guy but I have a fetish of being gangraped by gay men.
  5. how would u get me?
  6. What kickstarted your fantasies today?
  7. How did it all start?
  8. Who's on your rape list?
  9. Fapping to Facebook Pictures
  10. Virgin Victims
  11. Villains or Heroes
  12. Ladies. WWYD?
  13. Forcing victim's SO to watch/listen
  14. what r my personal rape fantasies?
  15. Balancing Your Rape Fantasies with Everyday Life
  16. "I Want to Be Raped"
  17. Thin line between fantasy play and reality
  18. Mainstream movies
  19. Time stop fantasies?
  20. Thought Experiment: How would society be different if rape was legal?
  21. Victim Suspended in Air
  22. Questions About Your Rape Fantasies
  23. Home Invasions
  24. The future of VR
  25. Surprise! Which common rape fantasies DON'T do it for you?
  26. Underwater Rape
  27. Fight or Submit?
  28. Father/Son
  29. Whispers
  30. Humiliation, Embarrassment and Forced Exhibitionism
  31. Fetishes and Fantasies Pt. 10
  32. Rape Fantasy = Cheating?
  33. incest rape fantasy
  34. Forced Breeding/Pregnancy fantasy
  35. Reasons to rape a victim or be raped
  36. Wives, Mothers or Daughters of a rival
  37. Raped Again Fantasies
  38. Gay rape fantasy I've wanted to try for years
  39. Third Person?
  40. Your Favorite Rape Locations
  41. Fantisizing about my wife being raped
  42. I'm obsessed with my chest
  43. To tie or not to tie?
  44. Japanese Rape Porn
  45. Sexy rapey dreams
  46. Talk Dirty To Me
  47. Forced Oral
  48. Pick Your Poison
  49. Crying During Rape Play
  50. Women who fantasize about friends rape

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