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  1. No safeword?
  2. Music and bondage...
  3. This simple test will tell us (and you) how kinky you are...
  4. Favorite gag
  5. How active are you?
  6. Daddy, please
  7. german scene
  8. Frustratingly high pain tolerance, bruising, and damage.
  9. 24/7 Control
  10. Submissives/littles/pets/ect, how did you figure out how you identify?
  11. Your Kinklist Generator
  12. Pierced nipples
  13. Doms, what do YOU get out of it, emotionally?
  14. Pet names
  15. Orgasm on Command
  16. What is your favorite implement?
  17. Links for learning more about BDSM
  18. Wtf? A long list of sex acts just got banned in UK porn
  19. Orgasm Tricks
  20. Sub Punishment
  21. Online Domination/Submission
  22. Are you a Sadist?
  23. how to interest someone id bdsm and becoming a sub?
  24. Toys
  25. Where do you get your gear?
  26. Uncontrolled submission and rape
  27. Kittens and Littles
  28. Leading/Driving A Brat
  29. How do you know?
  30. Post orgasm torture?
  31. ABC suspension work
  32. A gem from RD: Good Dominance
  33. Training
  34. Violence and consent
  35. Everyday objects that can be used in BDSM sessions and RPs...
  36. When I Die and Go to Heaven
  37. Favourite Dominant Positions
  38. How to talk about fanasties?
  39. 50 shades - who's going?
  40. Bondage in Virtual world.
  41. Submission and Feminism - Some thoughts on the matter
  42. Finally
  43. Soooo
  44. Household Pain Levels
  45. continence angel is not so innocent but is very naive
  46. No bruises...?
  47. So you THINK you're a Dominant huh?
  48. Thoughts from a man that likes to 'hurt women'
  49. National Pet Day.....
  50. Furniture and know the kind....