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Title: A Good Investment (Part 1)
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She was done. She hated this marriage so much. She hated how just one little accident could make her 'unlovable' and a 'failure.' Was she a failure? Scarlett stared at her reflection critically. She was a beautiful voluptuous woman with dark red hair that fell in waves down her slender back. Scarlett was a beautiful married woman. A beautiful failure of a married woman.

Scarlett was just twenty five when she was in the car accident, killing the baby inside of her and forever ruining her chances of having any other children. That accident was not her fault-no....it was the fault of that drunk idiot. Maybe it was her fault in a way. Maybe if she had gotten her chauffeur instead of driving alone that night, she wouldn't be in this predicament.  If she had known her husband would turn his back on her and ignore her when something this terrible happened then maybe she wouldn't have married him.

As the beautiful redhead put on her lipstick, she glanced at her husband who walked into the room with his new Armani suit. "Its time. This dinner is important for my company to grow. So don't you fucking embarrass me. " He told her, not even looking at her. "Of course Honey." Scarlett replied, just how a perfectly rich submissive wife should.

Scarlett slid into the limousine after her husband, making sure to sit as far away from him as possible. "Alright Lukas, Go to the Marriott." Her husband told the driver. "Yes Sir." Came the reply. Scarlett glanced at the voice and saw that it was a new driver. She studied him, seeing that he was a handsome young man. Probably in his twenty's.

The drive was silent. And Scarlett fumed. It had been five years since that accident and her husband suddenly dived into his company. She had to grieve alone, and that was extremely painful for her. Before all of this, they were so in love, he spoiled her rotten, their nights were filled with passion and love. He spent as much time with her as possible. But all of that changed when the accident happened. She was of no more use to him, except to attract and entertain his business partners. And honestly, Scarlett missed being loved, she missed the closeness. She was lonely, yet she never cheated on her husband. That was the type of wife she was. Submissive and faithful.

When the ride stopped and she heard the driver say "We are here," and got out of the car as soon as the door opened. She forced a smile on her face, smiing at the different cameras that flashed her way. Then she started to walk inside only to be yanked back. Her husband smiled and put his arm around her waist, pretending that he was the doting husband. Scarlett almost snorted aloud when she heard the "oh, isn't he such a fine man?" Or a "such a beautiful couple."

Scarlett kept up with the farce until they were inside. Then she pulled away, unable to stand being near to him. His touch was fake, he touched her like she had the plague. Scarlett smiled and played the good social wife who adored her husband and followed him and his new partners to a private dining room.

"Strip Scarlett." The redhead had been so busy seething inwardly that she hadn't heard the command until she felt a stinging slap across her cheek. Scarlett gasped in surprise, stumbling back and stared at her husband. "What?" She asked, sounding shocked DId she hear him right? He wanted her to strip in front of these fat rich good for nothing assholes?"

"Scarlett. Were you not paying attention? I told you to not embarrass me?" Demanded the man who she  loved - no, USED TO Love. Her husband sat down, "You see Scarlett, you fucking failed in giving me a child- a heir to my fortune. And on top of that, you can't give me any more children. And I wasn't about to divorce you but I need your money to grow my company. So anyways, I realized that you were a freeloader, not doing shit to contribute to my business. I was planning to stage you a another accident until I realized that you set up your money so that upon your death, your money would be given to a fucking charity." Spat the man she once loved. " Anyways, I decided that I would make you useful. You are my wife which means you are my property- a investment. And a requirement of a good businessman is to share some of his investments. Granted, you are a failed investment.....but I am sure we can redeem you."

'What!" Scarlett's eyes scanned at the men sitting at the table and then at her husband. "Absolutely not!" Scarlett snapped. Then she spun on her heels and began walking to the door. Before she could step out of the room, two very large men grabbed her by her elbows and dragged her back over to her husband. Her husband stood up from where he was sitting and grabbed her neck. "Aw....little Scarlett, so stubborn and so spirited..." He sneered. Then he slowly began to tug on her gown by the neckline. "What the fuck! This is not funny! Fucking stop this shit!" Scarlett yelled, struggling between the two men, trying to get free. Her screams of rage became louder when she heard the rip of her dress. "Shut up you bitch!" He snapped as he backhanded her. Scarlett's head jerked to the side with a soft whimper, her screams of rage stopping instantly. Wordlessly, the two strong goons dragged her to the table and forced her to bend over on the oak table. They held her arms, a hand on her shoulder blades, holding her down as she kicked and yelled out in fury.

"Scream all you want love, this room is sound proof." Told her husband as he slowly walked over to her, taking some things from his briefcase. Scarlett heard the click of the case and strained to see what it was. But unfortunately, the men didn't allow it.  "I have always wanted to do this to you my dear firecracker, I always wanted to hear your screams, I always wanted to see you in fucking pain." Scarlett could hear her husband speak. When she realized what he meant, she began to tense.

But she was too late.


Scarlett jerked in pain, her mouth wide as she screamed. The sting of the whip hurt like hell. Along with the mortification of being manhandled and forced to strip of her dress and be in her underwear and bra. The whip came down on her ass and on her back nonstop. Oh the pain, Scarlett screamed and sobbed at the abuse.

 When he finially stopped, she cried in relief. "Oh don't cry in relief yet, there is still more to come...." WHispered her husband bending over her as he yanked her panties off.

(I am not very good at writing, so I apologize for the mistakes. Part two will come soon)