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Title: Story Tags, Fetishes/Limits List
Post by: Addie on October 30, 2014, 09:34:31 AM
Please tag your stories CONSISTENTLY like the samples below so visitors can find their interests easily. (And please reserve tags for stories only!) Using obscure tags could make your story difficult to find, so use POPULAR TAGS (http://www.rapecage.com/forum/index.php?action=tags)! (http://www.rapecage.com/forum/index.php?action=tags) The Tags field is just under the subject line when you're composing a story, and you can still add tags individually after you've posted. When tagging your stories, separate terms using commas (but no spaces after the commas!). You can also use these terms in compiling your preferences (and hard and soft limits) on your forum profile.

Some common rape fantasy themes are in RED below. At this time please note that stories focusing on bestiality (animals) or pedophilia (children under 18) are NOT ALLOWED.

MF (1 male & 1 female)
FF (2 females)
FFF (3 or more females)
MM (2 males)
MMF (2 males & 1 female)
Solo (Masturbation) / Threesome / Gangbang / Gang Rape
DP (Double Penetration), TP (Triple Penetration)
Wife, Husband, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Twins, Cousins, Grand, Uncle, Niece, Aunt, Nephew, etc.
Teen / Mature
Boss / Employee
Doctor / Patient
Policeman or Interrogator / Prisoner
Teacher / Student
Angel / Demon

SEXUAL ORIENTATIONS that are not the usual heterosexual:
Cross Dressing
Intersex (hermaphrodite is out-of-date term)

BDSM-RELATED (consensual roleplay):

BDSM (bondage, domination, submission/sadism, masochism)
Dom / Sub / Switch (willing to play both Dom and Sub)
Top / Bottom
Master / Slave
Maledom / Femdom
Ageplay (Daddy Dom, Little Girl, Brat, Adult Baby)
Bloodplay / Knifeplay (Cutting)
Gender Play (playing role of opposite sex)
Bondage (Immobilization, Suspension, Mummification)
Impact Play (Spanking, Caning, Flogging, Whipping, Paddling)
Medical Play
Pet Play (Petgirl, Puppygirl, Ponyboy, Kittygirl, etc.)
Sensory Deprivation
Sex Toys (Blindfold, Gag, Collar, Buttplug, Dildo, Strap-on (Pegging), Vibrator, Nipple Clamps, Clothespins, Cage, Chastity Device, Fucking Machine)

Abduction (kidnapping, alien)
Anal (anilingus)
Anonymous Sex (clubbing, glory holes, one-night stands)
BBW (big beautiful woman)
Blackmail / Coercion
Breast Binding / Breast Torture
Bukkake (multiple men cumming on a woman)
CBT (cock and ball torture)
Celebrity / Fanfic
Clothing (Leather, Suit, PVC, Uniform, Panties, etc.)
Creampie (ejaculating inside the vagina or anus)
Cuckold (spouse forced to watch partner have sex with someone else)
Cunnilingus (mouth to pussy)
Doggy Style
Face Slapping
Face Sitting
Foot Worship / High Heels / Boots
Hair Pulling
Humiliation (Verbal, Public)
Imprisonment (durance, confinement)
Intoxication (Drunk, Drugged)
Masochism (aroused by receiving pain)
Male Pregnancy
Oral (Blowjob)
Orgasm Control / Orgasm Denial
Pantyhose (stockings, tights)
Rape (Stranger, Date , Acquaintance, Prison, Non-Consent [NC])
Sadism (aroused by inflicting pain)
Uncut (uncircumcised)


* - Common HARD LIMITS
Anal Stretching (Speculum, Size Queen)
Body Modification (Piercing, Tattoos, Amputation*, Saline Injection/Inflation, Branding)
Exhibitionism (flashing, exposing oneself to unwilling victims)
Extreme Violence* (anything past enough to keep a victim compliant, or serious harm to assailant)
Feminization* (for men, usually forced)
Fisting* (inserting fist into vagina or anus)
Food (feederism, feeding, eating)
Furniture (extreme objectification involving a sub serving as furniture)
Furry (roleplay in an anthropomorphic animal costume)
Hairy (usually women's legs or armpits)
Magical Beings (Vampire, Were / Werewolf, Demonic Possession)
Muscles (usually muscular women dominating men)
Necrophilia (dead people)
Plushie (stuffed animals)
Pregnancy / Impregnation / Lactation
Rimming* (tonguing the rim of the anus)
Scat* (feces) / A2M (ass to mouth)
Shaved (legs, genitals, scalp)
Size (size differential, like shrinking or growing; macrophilia or microphilia)
Snuff* (includes death of victim)
Sounding (inserting objects into the urethra)
Swapping Partners (Swinging)
Tentacle Sex
Transformation (transforming into something else, i.e. an animal, a robot, etc.)
Vore (physically eating someone or being eaten)
Voyeur (secretly watching someone)
Watersports* (Enema, Urination, Catheter)


Dark Alley
Home Invasion
Car, Truck, Van, etc.
Office, University, Church, etc.
Title: Re: Topic Descriptions, Tags
Post by: Carlosdevil on October 31, 2014, 01:55:10 PM
Very helpful, thanks Addie.

Just be aware I am nothing if not a non-conformist. I'm so non-conformist that the previous sentence was a triple negative.
Title: Re: Topic Descriptions, Tags
Post by: Ingenue on October 31, 2014, 07:38:09 PM
Good to know, Carlos. We won't neglect to forget to disregard the fact that nobody can deny that you're nothing if not a non-conformist. :bateyes:

I love love love tag features. Thank you, Addie! :love:
Title: Re: Topic Descriptions, Tags
Post by: Red Right Hand on January 26, 2015, 03:03:25 PM
For instance, a helpful description might be: "Black girl gets raped by a white gang"
And relevant tags might be: "Gang Bang" "MMMMF" "BM/WF" "interracial" "oral" "anal" "rape" "teen"

What's really on your mind? Hmmm?
Title: Re: Topic Descriptions, Tags
Post by: Red Right Hand on January 27, 2015, 04:56:00 PM
I don't mean to be a complainer or whiner, especially as a n00b here... However, I think most Admins want to know when something just doesn't work correctly.

I'm on Windows 8.1 using IE 11 (latest update). I've also disabled AdBlock Plus and all Tracking Protection lists for this site. Thank you for not having Ads, BTW!!! I think my AB+ slows the site down needlessly. Anyhow... That's my set up.

In Rape Fantasy Stories and also BDSM Stories; neither Descriptions nor Tags save on the original submission of a New Topic. I have to go back in and click "Modify" and resubmit those fields to get them to show. Also, I don't recall if I tried it on any other subforums here for sure, but I believe it is just broken for me board-wide.

Thanks for listening.
Title: Re: Topic Descriptions, Tags
Post by: Ingenue on January 27, 2015, 05:00:29 PM
I think I may actually have had this bug too. Chrome or Firefox, don't remember which, sorry.
Title: Re: Story Tags, Fetishes/Limits List
Post by: Addie on January 28, 2015, 05:17:55 PM
Red Right Hand & Ingenue,

I've tested the Tags function in IE 11, Chrome, and Firefox. They all work fine. Your problem may be that you're putting commas after each value. Tags must be listed like this:

scat,anal,electroplay,gang rape,puppygirl


scat, anal, electroplay, gang rape, puppygirl

Sorry, I'm not smart enough to change that mod so we have to work with what we have!

If you're still having problems, let me know.

(Also note that I modified the original post in this thread so it's waaaaay more detailed.)
Title: Re: Story Tags, Fetishes/Limits List
Post by: Red Right Hand on January 28, 2015, 06:35:28 PM
Thanks, Addie...

I see you've been busy. I hope you get some play time too!!!
Title: Re: Story Tags, Fetishes/Limits List
Post by: Ingenue on January 28, 2015, 07:50:55 PM

Title: Re: Story Tags, Fetishes/Limits List
Post by: EssenceofRed on July 03, 2015, 09:42:55 AM
I'm having trouble searching for stories with tags. When I do a search, only conversations, posts and threads come up. When I do an advanced search and outline stories only, the story comes up if and only if the word I'm searching for was mentioned in the content of the story. If I go here (http://www.rapecage.com/forum/index.php?action=tags), I can click on one of the given tags and it will give me a list of stories with those tags, but the word I'm looking for isn't on that list (and I know it exists). So where am I suppose to go to search specifically for story tags again?

Thanks :)

Title: Re: Story Tags, Fetishes/Limits List
Post by: RayPistonprowl on July 08, 2015, 04:25:18 PM
[member=10]EssenceofRed[/member] there's no feature that allows us to search specifically for story tags. :/ You just click on Tags in the horizontal main menu thingo and click on a tag that interests you, then everything with that tag will pop up in the results. I'd like to see a better way to do it but Addie's limited in programming knowledge so she can't write anything to do what we'd like. She can only modify existing program mods that were written by others.

[member=1]Addie[/member] did you look at that FanFics mod for SMF ? Wondering if that could be modified to fit the bill?
Title: Re: Story Tags, Fetishes/Limits List
Post by: francesco165 on November 19, 2015, 05:01:41 AM
Could it be possible to add the tagging to the roleplays, too ?

Like something about how much "violence" can be expected in it or if it is M/f, F/m and so on ?
Title: Re: Story Tags, Fetishes/Limits List
Post by: catcrazygirl77 on December 13, 2015, 04:46:28 PM
So glad to find this post! :D I am new to all of this ( BDSM/RF) and need all the help I can get lol