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Title: Shaved head submission/slavery
Post by: kittyumbrass on June 10, 2019, 10:17:11 PM
A lot of long-form fantasies I have seem to include this particular mark of a slave being totally dominated and marked as such (Nimue Allen's "The Agency" series may or may not play a part in that! But I had the fantasies before seeing those videos).

Wondered if anybody had thoughts/shared that fantasy?

(Thread inspired by finding the following picture and thinking it makes a pretty good avatar for me in that particular mode...)

Title: Re: Shaved head submission/slavery
Post by: Shocker on June 10, 2019, 10:49:51 PM
I think it’s a very extreme act, if done to oneself it can mean a multitude of things, but getting your head shaved by somebody else it’s a symbol of utter disregard for your choices. Making it a easily recognizable sign of controll and lack of power in others.
Title: Re: Shaved head submission/slavery
Post by: RayPistonprowl on June 11, 2019, 01:53:10 AM
This may not be the reply you expect, but bear with me.

One of my girl friends as a child suffered alopecia, totally bald! She was at turns self-conscious about her condition, and at the other extreme very capable of shrugging off the worst abuse. In her early teens she was still learning about human cruelty and facing it head-on. Obviously women were expected per religious and social tradition to have long hair, but she chose a short wig, and when some horrid boy ripped it off her head one day, she joyously proclaimed, "Thank god, that thing was making me hot!" Little did she know that her humorous resistance to juvenile cruelty made her all the more attractive to boys like me. We lost touch, but this was the imprint she made.

Fast forward to my twenties, thirties, *cough* wot-have-you..... :uhoh: and a mate or three wot suffered the gene that left him follicly challenged ( as opposed to me ), and perhaps one found their gender fluidity. My opinion is that masculinity isn't defined by a full head of hair, and neither is femininity. I admire a slave, no matter their genitalia, who embraces their flaws and hales a hearty FUCK-YOU to bullies. That is beauty and character.