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Title: Family Business (Archon and FoeChristina)
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I was young, when my mother went away.  My father told me, she went to heaven.  I asked when she was coming back.  He tried to be a good father and mother, being a single parent.  It was after his death, a few days after his funeral, I found  out about what happened.  My father’s business partner had scammed him and disappeared with our families life savings.  I was always a good student and had gotten a well paying job.  A few years later, I learned the man who stole our money, stole something else, my chance for revenge.  But luck seemed to smile on me.  I learned his daughter, Amelia, had moved into the house down the street.  She was a beautiful woman, blonde hair and the prettiest blue eyes.    I had a plan.  I never had want for a girlfriend.  I used my good looks before.  I made a dish and made my way four doors down.  I rang the doorbell. 
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I looked up from the desk I was working at when the doorbell rang. I had just recently moved into this house and I wondered who on earth could be at the door. I looked through the peephole and noticed a very good looking, decent, young man standing on my stoop. He seemed to be holding some kind food dish. He looked like a neighbour come to say hello. I put on a smile and opened the door.

"Hi!" I said brightly. "What can I do for you?"
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I smiled my most disarming smile. 
   “Hi there, I’m Jason, I live a few doors down and I saw the moving van here yesterday and I thought I would bring this over and, we’ll, welcome to the neighbourhood,”  I had wondered what to say on the way over and it kind of fell out. She smiled her beautiful smile.  I took an opportunity to enjoy it next time I saw her, she wouldn’t be smiling much, which was a shame, such a beautiful smile.  I extended my right hand, my left hand balancing the dish.  She reached out to take mine.  I wanted to grab her then, I choose not to.  For one thing, it was the middle of the afternoon.  We were expecting blizzard tonight, so tomorrow might be better.
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I shook his hand and felt the cold.

"That is so nice of you. Thank you so much. Would you like to come in for a few minutes and get out of the cold?" He seemed like such a nice gentleman. A nice neighbour come to greet me as I just moved into the neighbourhood. I took the dish he offered and moved away from the front door and into the kitchen expecting Jason to follow me. I led the way into a bright yellow kitchen and placed the dish on the small island in the middle of the room. I turned around and smiled at the tall man behind me. My long blonde hair was bouncing around in a ponytail and it swung over my shoulder as I looked up at Jason.

"So Jason What are your plans for tonight?"
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My plans for tonight? Manipulate my way into your life tomorrow kidnap and torture you for what your dad did to my family.
   “No real plans, I have a project to do tomorrow,” I said smiling.  The bitch probably thought I was just smiling and being friendly. My eyes roved up and down her form.  She was very attractive.I doubt Amelia was aware of what her father had done.  I mattered little.  She was her father’s daughter, after all.  Outside a very light, gentle snowfall had begun. 
   “Looks like you moved in just in time.  Why move in February?”  I asked.  I knew it was just a matter of moving across town for downsizing, but I didn’t want her to know I knew who she was.  Even if she knew, who I was, my identity would be inconsequential.  It’s extremely unlikely that her father proclaimed that he cheated and scammed his partners, at the dinner table.  Did she know?   It was unlikely.  Besides, it was almost 20 years ago.
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I shrugged my shoulders at his question of moving in February.
 "I needed to downsize. So it just worked out that this is when I moved. Kind of sucked but at least I got in before the blizzard." I frowned and looked over at the desk in the living room. When I was packing in my old house I had come across one box of my Father's papers. I had missed these papers when cleaning up my Father's estate and now I had to go through them. However, they were making absolutely no sense to me. They seemed to have something to do with a business deal about twenty years ago but....the end result wasn't equitable. I frowned harder thinking again about those papers. If I didn't KNOW that my Father was a good, decent man I would have thought that those papers told a tail of my Father being a cheat. But of course that was impossible. I shook my head slightly and payed attention to my new guest.
 "Actually I hate to be rude, but I was in the middle of a project myself when you came over. Could we reschedule this for another time?" Amelia smiled at Jason and led the way to her front door.
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I nodded, realizing I had been invited in, but now I was standing here in her kitchen carrying on a conversation holding her up from, whatever the hell it was was she was doing. 
   “I’m sorry,” I said by way of apology.  By this time tomorrow, I’d have her.  Whether at my house or her own, she would be at my mercy… and she wouldn’t get any.  I had an idea.
   “Why don’t you come to my place for dinner, if you need to take a break.”  I  watched her beautiful, kissable lips.  The lips that would soon enough, be wrapped around my cock, while her blue eyes stared into mine.  I could see that she was considering my offer.  If I established a façade of friendship with her before I took her she would feel the same betrayal.  Give it a few weeks and take her then. 
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I shook my head at his apology.
 "Please you have nothing to apologize for." I told him. My fingers entwined among themselves as I thought about Jason's offer. He seemed like a very nice young man and it had been a long time since I had had a nice dinner with nice man. Finally I nodded my head in agreement.
 "I'd love to come over to your house for dinner." I told him. He smiled at me in response. He had a lovely smile. It creased his face and crinkled his deep green eyes. "What time would you like me to be there?"
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I fished my phone out of my pocket. 
   “What about a bit before 7?”  I asked.  I wanted her badly.  Not just as retribution but also because she might be amazing in the sack.  Maybe I could convince her to stay, fuck her brains out, torture her then, blow her brains out.  No, death was too good for the daughter of the man, who drove my mother to suicide, who’d caused us too live with my mother’s family.  My grandfather was a Vietnam vet, tough as nails, demanding perfection.  It was brutal and this bitch’s father, was the reason.  I smiled. 
   “That’ll keep, I’ll make something else,” I said, referring to the dish I’d brought over, earlier.  As I walked away, I could feel her eyes on me, till I stepped onto the side walk out of her line of sight.  As I walked along the three houses between hers and mine, I began to formulate a plan.  If she stayed the night, I could tie her up while she slept.  If she didn’t I would slip something into her food and tie her up while she slept.  No, I couldn’t wait a few more weeks. 
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I watched Jason leave the house and walk towards his own. I was looking forward to our...I guess I could call it a date, tonight. I would need the break from the papers that I was going through. At five o'clock I stopped working and went to begin getting ready. I took a shower, washed my long, blonde hair and shaved my legs and armpits. Once I was done with the shower I took the time to slather my body with some lightly lavender scented lotion. Then I blow dried my hair until it was flowing gently down my back. Once I was finished with my preparations I dressed in a nice black dress and walked over to Jason's house with a bottle of wine.

I knocked on the front door and smiled at Jason as he opened the front door and offered my bottle of wine.
 "I hope that whatever we're having goes well with red wine. It's all I had to bring." 
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I don’t know whether or not it was the prospect of taking her dress off under the façade of passion, or stripping her as she’s introduced to my riding crop, but seeing her smile and in that dress she was stunning in, made my slumbering cock awaken in sadistic glee.
   “Of course, please, come in,” I said taking the bottle of wine from her hands.  Amelia had been extremely young when her father betrayed my father, my family.
   “The food isn’t quite ready for a few minutes,” I said, retrieving two wine glasses.  I poured each of us, a glass.  I took a sip. 
   “So what do you do for a living?  I saw a writing desk in the living room on the landing behind the kitchen.  Are you a writer?”  She opened her mouth to respond, when the oven timer beeped.  I rose an, using an oven mitt, removed the dish from the oven.  I delivered two plates of steaming food to the table, putting a plate in front of her and sitting across from her.  I smiled gently her.  She smiled back.  If she only knew that the smile was the thought of her on her knees servicing me under the table.  For now I had to play the part.  So I asked her, again what she did for a living.
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I shook my head at the question.
 "I wish I was a writer. I'm just an insurance agent right now. I'm trying to go through some papers I found when I was moving. They're the last of my father's estate. But I don't really understand them at all." I tried some of the food that was placed in front of me. "Oh my goodness this is delicious. Where did you learn to cook?" I blinked my big blue eyes up at my host and licked my lips. Myself, I had never learned to cook so I appreciated it whenever I found it in others.

I didn't know that Jason was planning on stripping me down tonight but I was not one for sleeping with men on the first date so my plans were to go straight home after dinner. I took another bite of the delicious dinner and then took a sip of the wine that I had brought over and waited for Jason's reply.
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Her beautiful blue eyes flicked up to my green eyes.  I smiled as I imagined those beautiful eyes looking up at me from her knees, my cock tapping the back of her throat. 
   “Insurance, really?  Me too.  Well, part time, part time writer too.”  That’s the most honest I was gonna be with her.  My eyes roamed up and down her form.  I couldn’t wait until she was naked and, as far as I’m concerned, where she belonged, on her knees before me.  As it turns out, we knew some of the same people in the industry.  The meal and conversation was good.  I turned up my charisma.  I didn’t think she was the kind of girl to sleep on the first date.  I had kind of hoped for the hard way.  I cleared the dishes. 
   “Can I get you a coffee, tea?”  I asked as I loaded the dishwasher and produced the dessert already on two plates.  I set one plate in front of her, making sure it was the one with the fast acting sedative in it. 
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 "I'd love a coffee" I replied to his question as I began to delicately dig into the dessert sitting in front of me. It was flaky and delicious. We had spent a lovely evening together and I was enjoying myself immensely. I couldn't believe that we knew some of the same people and we were in the same industry. It was a wonderful ice breaker.

I was about half-way through the dessert when I began to feel slightly drowsy. My eyelids were getting heavy. I blinked a few times and shook my head to clear it. I took a drink of coffee to wake myself up. What was wrong with me? It was too early to be tired.
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The reaction was almost immediate.  She shook her head as her eyelids quickly began to droop.  I smiled. 
   “That’s it bitch, fight it,” I growled.  I think she tried to call me a bastard, but it came out slurred.  She grabbed her phone out of her purse, but she was so weak, I just took it out of her hand with my right and pulled out of her chair and sent her sprawling with my left.  With her last bit of energy, she tried to get up.  I stepped on her head.  With a gasp of pain and a whimper, Amelia was out.  I dragged her down into the garage.  Steel beams ran across the ceiling.  I wrapped one end of a chain around her wrist I tossed it over two bars and the other end went around her other wrist.  Using a roll of duct tape I gagged her.  I set a baby monitor up near her.  Though gagged, she would struggle and try to yell, which would be enough for the monitor to pick up.  She would be out for hours and drowsy when she woke up.  I did some work as I waited for her to wake up, carrying the monitor around waiting for my beautiful captive to wake up.  Outside, the snow was beginning to fall.
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I heard Jason call me a bitch beneath my bewilderment and panic filled my body. I suddenly realized that I was in real danger.
 "Bastard!" My words were so slurred that even I didn't understand them. I tried to grab my phone out of my purse but he just easily took it out of my weakening grasp and then he sent me sprawling on the floor. I tried to stand but something kept me down. It hurt. I tried to cry out but I had no more strength. Darkness claimed me.

I awoke confused, my eyes blinking. Why was I standing? Why were my arms above my head? What was going on? Where was I? I started to struggle and noticed the tape around my mouth and the handcuffs around my hands. Confusion and panic filled me even more. I searched my memories for hints of my surrounds. The last thing I remembered was dinner with Jason. But surely HE wouldn't have done this to me. He was a nice, kind neighbour. Did something happen to Jason? I started to pull on my restraints. The chain made rattling noises against the steel beams.
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I was sitting at my computer, when I heard the chains clinking and Amelia’s gagged yells through the baby monitor.  I smiled and stood.  She was in for a shock.  The sun had gone down long before dinner, but it was still hours before it would come up.  I grabbed my supplies and headed to my pretty little captive hanging from her wrists in the garage.  I had mounted emergency lights on the top of the wall facing her.  As I opened the door, I flicked the switch.  She winced as the light stung her eyes.  She blinked and as her eyes became accustomed to the bright light.  Her expression changed as she recognized me.  I think she thought for a few moments that I was there to rescue her.  When she saw what I carried, it dawned on her, I wasn’t there to rescue her.  I liked the way her feet didn’t quite touch the floor so she was on her toes.  I flicked the riding crop.  I don’t know if she was cursing or begging behind her gag.  I held the crop in front of her pretty face.  The confusion and fear in her eyes was delicious. 
   “Hello Amelia,” I said.  I ripped the tape off her lips. 
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I was so lost in confusion and fear that I didn't even notice another person in the room with me until the lights came on. And then they were so bright that they blinded me for a few minutes. They shone directly into my eyes and I had to blink away the dark spots that appeared in my vision rapidly so I could see clearly. Finally, FINALLY, I could see. AND WHO DID I SEE?? Jason! Relief filled me at first because I was so thankful that he wasn't hurt and now he could rescue me. Then I noticed the riding crop he carried and it, belatedly, dawned on me that HE might be the reason that I was tied up now. I tried to ask what the fuck he thought he was doing but I was still gagged. Then he ripped the tape off my lips. I let out a small scream as the tape ripped my skin.
 "Jason! What the FUCK do you think you are doing?" I exclaim to him. "Let me go this INSTANT." I rattle my chains once more. I'm standing on my toes and trying to sound authoritative. So far I had managed to keep the trembling from my body but fear was tracing throughout me. I knew that he had all the cards here.
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I smiled and playfully swatted her hip.  She yelped.  I know I didn’t hurt her, but I think she was surprised that I would actually hit her.  I placed my hand on her hip and gently, trailed it around her as I walked around her.  I took my place in front of her. 
   “That’s a very pretty dress, honey,” I said, “it’s a shame.”  I said as I picked up a step stool, and stepped up to next to her face.  I flicked my knife open and ran the flat of it, over her face, relishing the fear in her eyes.  “ I hope you like it,” I said as I began cutting it off, using a sawing motion, back and forth.  When I reached her hips, I stopped cutting, long enough to cut her bra and continued down.  A quick cut at her shoulders, and she was clad only in her panties.  I put the ladder away and walked behind her.  I held my arm up. 
   “Let me tell you a story, Amelia.” My arm fell and Amelia felt the first strike of the crop. 
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Disbelief filled me when Jason first hit me. Then fear. Fear was upgraded to terror when Jason brought out a knife but I felt some relief when all he did was cut off my dress. Not a lot of relief but I felt like I was going to survive for another minute at least. However, now I was standing in front of a maniac clad in nothing but my underwear. Then he told me he was going to tell me a story and I heard the whistling noise of the crop. Suddenly I felt a searing pain across my back and I screamed out. It hurt so much!! I could instantly feel a red welt rise up on my smooth white skin and tears rose in my eyes.
 "Please." I cried out. "Please you don't have to do this. You don't want to do this. Please just let me go." I rattled my chains and desperately tried to get free. But I was a captive at this monster's whim.
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A second strike, made Amelia moan and jerk in her chains. 
   “Once upon a time, there was a family.  They weren’t wealthy, but they were okay,” I said as I struck her again, “The father, and husband of the family and another gentleman, went into business together.”  I swung again each stroke of the crop made Amelia moan. The crop wouldn’t break her skin, but would cause welts.  “The business partner, disappeared with his partner’s money.”  Another strike.  Amelia’s back was beginning to be a mass of angry welts.  “The partner’s wife, committed suicide.  Her four year old found her and couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t wake up,” I said, wiping a tear from my eye and delivering two more strikes on Amelia’s back.  I think that’s when the pieces began to fall into place for her.  “The family was forced to move in, with the mother’s parents.  The grandfather was a vet and kept the house in a tight control.”  The frustration of that part of my life motivated me to deliver five strikes to Amelia.  Her head slumped forward and she was mewling in pain.  I set the crop aside and pulled the step ladder over to stand in front of her.  I stepped up on it, grabbed a handful of her hair and slapped her across the face and followed up, with a backhand.  She looked at me, pain, the only expression evident, on her pretty face.  I let go of her hair and undid the chains holding her in the air.  She was unable to stand because of the pain.  I had a bundle of rope.  I eased her wrists behind her and tied them there.  I pulled her ankles up, bending her knees and tying her ankles and wrists together.  In a hog tie.  My hand slid down into her panties and cupped her womanhood.  I withdrew, my hand and picked up the bound woman, making sure it hurt and lugged her back into the house.  The store room in the sub basement was empty.  I dropped her in.  I closed the door behind us. 
   “Now, my beautiful little bitch, the fun begins.”
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I bit my lip and determined not to scream out with any more blows. The second strike hurt more and less at the same time. I gritted my teeth but a moan escaped my lips and I jerked in my chains. I listened to Jason's story as he mercilessly beat me. I felt a tear in my own eye at the thought of a four-year-old child finding his mother, after committing suicide. But the two strikes against my back quickly killed any thought of sympathy I had for Jason. I could also feel his angry and frustration at his Grandfather when he beat me harder and faster when talking about the years he lived with them. I slumped in my chains and cried softly. I refused to scream but my back was on fire. I only wanted this to stop. Then, just when I believed I could take no more, he stepped in front of me and slapped my face. A bitch slap first, just to humiliate me, just to put me in my place, then a backhand. I cried out softly and felt my lips tear against my teeth. Before I could re-orientate myself I felt my shackles let go and I fell to the ground on my knees. I leaned forwards but Jason pushed me down on my stomach and then eased my hands behind my back and tied me up. Hog tied. But when he touched my most intimate area I began to feel true fear, true terror.
 "No." I moaned. "Please. You got your revenge. Just let me go. I never did anything to you." But he was deaf to my pleas and he picked me up, painfully and carried me to another room in a...basement? And mocked me. I trembled in fear. Fun. The fun begins now? What fun did he want with me? Oh god. What did my father do to me. All those documents made sense now. All those contracts and papers. My father WAS a cheat. How could he do this? How could he leave me to deal with this? What was this maniac going to do to me? Was he going to kill me?
 "Please" I whispered again. "Just don't hurt me. I'm sorry."
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The storeroom was dark.  A single low wattage bulb hung from the ceiling.  My attention was focused on the trussed up beauty in front of me, ignoring her please’s for mercy.  She tried to shuffle backwards.  Being hogtied made it difficult.  I watched her, smiling sadistically.  I leaned over and grabbed her and pulled her back to in front of me.   I stepped over her, my feet on either side of her shoulders.  She glared up at me, equal parts fear, pain, and rage on her face.  I knelt, my cock on her lips. 
   “You know what I want.  If I even feel a tooth, I’ll take them out, one by one.  Open your damn mouth, bitch.  If I have to do it for you, you’ll be sorry,” I said drawing my knife.  I flicked it open near her eye.  Her lower lip quivered. 
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Jason pulled me around as if I were a rag doll. One that he didn't like very much. Terror filled my body once more as he flicked open that knife and pointed it at my eyes. I was too scared to even blink as I slowly opened my trembling lips. My arms and shoulders hurt from their position held behind my back and my neck was sore from holding my head up. But I was too scared now to lower my head even a little bit. Once my mouth was open Jason jammed his cock inside it, as deep as it could go. I gagged on it. It was so long and thick that I could barely breathe. I struggled in my bonds and gave small muffled whimpers. Tears filled my eyes and began to fall down my cheeks. I couldn't believe that my evening would end like this.
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I thrust into Amelia’s pretty mouth.  She choked and gagged at the invasion of her throat.  I grabbed her nose, crushing it and, at the same time, cutting off her ability to breath. 
   “Use your fucking tongue, useless bitch,” I snarled.  I let go of her nose, allowing her half a breath before plugging her nose again.  I kept the cruel sport going, careful not too choke her to death before I had my fun.  I was considering killing her but I had a lot of fun with her planned and didn’t want her dying on me too soon. 
   “That’s a good look for you, between my knees, my cock in your mouth, whore.”  She reddened at the name I’d given her, deep shame, or anger.  Suddenly I felt the orgasm surface and begin rolling forward.  The blonde bitch felt it too.  I began using my knees to rock back and forth to increase my pleasure as well as her discomfort.  She moaned around me, causing pleasure to stir me more.  I exploded deep into her throat.  I kept my hand in her hair, holding her where she was, still impaling her pretty mouth.  She continued licking and lapping to clean me. Such a good girl.
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When Jason grabbed my nose I nearly panicked. But the terror of being at his mercy kept my control hanging by a single thread. He let me have a gasp of breath before plugging my nose again. He kept this up while using my mouth and throat to stroke his cock. I vaguely heard him order me to use my tongue and I desperately tried to please him. He had my life, literally, in the palm of his hand and I was doing everything I could to survive this encounter. My tongue swirled over the head of his cock every time he pulled it back and then down his shaft. I sucked hard as he entered my mouth trying to get him off as soon as possible. I heard him call me a whore and I closed my eyes in shame. Finally, when my neck, back and jaw were on fire, I felt his cock swell in my mouth and I knew he was finally getting close. I could feel him rocking harder against my throat and I moaned in agony. Then, all at once, I felt his cock explode in my mouth and I swallowed and licked and sucked as hard as I could. I was too terrified to stop. I would keep doing this until that cock left my mouth. Not that I had a choice. His hands were holding me against him hard regardless. I whimpered again.
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I kept myself inside Amelia for some time, though released her nose, as she used her expert tongue to clean me off.  When finally done, I simply removed myself and left, the door remained open but, if the hogtied bitch could get untied, she’d still have to get past me as it was the only way out.  I hoisted the big mirror hanging on the wall and carried it down the stairs.  I placed it against the wall and left for a few minutes.  I returned with a low bench.  Using my knife, I made short work of the ropes.  I soon had Amelia on her knees, leaning over the bench.  I knelt behind her and slammed into her cute ass.  She moaned in pain.  Smiling, I pulled on her hair forcing her to look at he own abuse in the mirror. 
   “Keep your eyes open, Amelia.  If I see them closed, I’ll use duct tape to keep your eyes open,” I threatened. 
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I laid on the floor with my head down, grateful for a few moments of relief. I watched Jason bring in a large mirror warily. Why did he want a mirror? He left again and then brought in a bench. I whimpered in fear once more as I realized that my ordeal was far from over. I held still as Jason cut the ropes from around my limbs and nearly cried as my muscles screamed at me from being held in one position for so long. Jason threw me over the bench, on my knees and before I could guess what was going on, he had forced his cock deep into my ass. Hot fiery pain flowed over my body and I moaned in distress. I felt him grab my hair and pull my head up to stare at myself in the mirror. He was standing over top of me like a victorious gladiator taking his spoils. I forced myself to watch as he slammed his cock into me again and again, my body rocked by the force of his thrusts, small whimpers dropping from my mouth with every thrust. 
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Her small whimpers were a most delicious sound.  I continue to ram her.  I wanted to hurt her.  Her father had hurt me, so I wanted to hurt her.  I looked up at her in the mirror.  Part of me, was  hoping that she would be looking away, or she would have her eyes closed.  She was, however watching her violation.  I don’t know how much she could see through her tears, but she was still watching.  I thought of grabbing a knife and cutting her throat, but I didn’t want this to end.  I wanted her to continue to suffer.  The violation continued on for a long time.  I didn’t expect to cum again so soon, so I pulled out and looked at her.  The spank made her cry out and jump a bit.  Had she closed her eyes?  Had she thought she could close her eyes since I wasn’t inside her anymore?  I leaned over and yanked her head up by the hair.
   “Where your eyes closed bitch?  I hope so, my knife is thirsty for your blood.”